TRON: Legacy (Pro) (Stern, 2011)

TRON: Legacy (Pro)

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Game design: 8.172

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Other Aspects: 8.421

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38 days ago
Had the good fortune to pick up a heavily modded pro, so my review is based on all that good stuff. With a custom soundtrack rom, chrome hardware, and ramp lighting upgrades this is pretty hard to beat... this game makes me feel like I'm seeing Daft Punk at Twilo in the late 90's. If that sounds appealing to you then by all means go for it! I couldn't be happier and this will certainly join my privileged ranks of the "bolted to the floor" club.
52 days ago
Tron is fast, simple and lots of fun. Getting to SOS is kind of easy after you're used to it in a home environment, but portal is tough. Made it twice and finished times.

Play field art could be better, but since they're drawings anyway it's not bad. Bumper caps need help.

Need to add a lot to make this the "cooler" version of the game.

Arcade mod, light cycles, Eli ramps, shaker, cliffy, clear disc, rubbers, pinbits protectors. It's a lot.

It's the coolest looking game but prices are out of control for what it is.
55 days ago
My favorite pin.
57 days ago
Fun and themed really well to the movie.
85 days ago
The neon lights on the ramps pulled me in, but the weak gameplay couldn't hold me for long. The right flipper is almost useless, just good for a ramp and the loop shots on the upper left PF. The arcade scoop was placed about as well as a scoop can be, and the Disc multiball magna hole dead center is a neat shot. However, aside from a multitude of fairly easy to access multiballs, the game sort feels like it is missing something on the PF. On the one hand, the shots are fairly clean, but the TRON drops on the left are accidental shots and the craziness in the upper right PF reminds me of Tommy (not a good thing).

A decent game that feels just right on location but not in a collection.
3 months ago
Love the theme, love the soundtrack. The playfield art is "meh" but the rest of the art is great. The layout is alright and the ramps are pretty good, but the cheapness is palpable. Thankfully Stern has since stepped up their game.
3 months ago
One of the best Stern Pros, along with Met and ST. What an amazing game. Brilliant theme integration and incredible gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.
3 months ago
great music, but simple rules
4 months ago
Unfortunately these issues are beyond my liking, then the sound is poor and bad design
4 months ago
Based purely on looks, this (fully modded Pro) was my favorite machine of them all. I would still have it if the game was nearly as fun as it looked. It's just kinda bland shooting once you take away the music and light show.
4 months ago
Took me ages to track down a Tron. Got one HUO with all the bells and whistles. I'm like a kid at Christmas with it, it's my ultimate theme so can't say a bad word regarding it. Actually... Bloody lucky that my ultimate theme is such a visual delight, pumping soundtrack, many modes to stack and very fast. Top 10 and so happy to own it!
4 months ago
My wife loves this game. I've seen loads of people play it. People like the theme. And those pretty plastic ramps that glow. Etc. But the game is boring, in fact to me it is definition of boring. It doesn't feel like you are in the movie or for that matter like you are going anywhere. It has flow but only because of the same couple of easy shots that get old quickly.
6 months ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

Tron is one of those games that I really wanted to like. It's a story that is similar to my life (I'm a software developer). I love the theme but the table and me don't sync (tried fast and slow). Still, I don't mind playing.
6 months ago
This is one of the popular Stern tables that I just do not get. Every time I have to play it in league play I come away unimpressed but man, people love it. I do not know what to say except that it obviously is not for me.
6 months ago
I had played it before on location but finally Played a HUO pro with sub and eli ramp lights and all the other mods and it was Excellent!
8 months ago
4.5 years after buying it, Tron is still a "goto" game for me. I've done some mods over the years, but the game itself is wonderful. If I concentrate I can beat every mode in the game. However I can't beat them all in the same game. Light Cycle can be a total bitch to beat. But the mini wizard mode is perfect. In Sea Of Simulation (awarded at the scoop after starting but not completing all modes), you have a chance to finish every mode. However, drain and you start from only completed modes. I think it's perfect because of how the pressure increases. I always feel I can get to Portal, yet in 4.5 years I've only started it once. I swear I'll get it the next game...

One of Stern's best games. Simple to understand, but so hard to do.
10 months ago
Excellent game. Well integrated theme. Great mods available. Just a really fun game to play. It will be staying in my collection for a long time.
11 months ago
Amazing sound and music (Darft Punk), Looks great, bit the game play is just not it. Got bored really quick with TRON.
11 months ago
Quite a different looking and feeling game. I can't get into it heavily but will always play it when available for a couple of tries. Somehow it seems overrated to me as it appears to have a legendary status amongst some podcasters.
1 year ago
It is a looker and that is about it for me..... Fun to play, but just can't get into it.
1 year ago
1 year ago
I am not sure why this game is rated so high but that's my opinion...I play it a lot at the shore and every time I play it I realize I wouldn't pay to have it in my game room.
1 year ago
This game is fast and furious for sure. If you aren't a good player you are in trouble for sure with Tron. I just recently picked this game up so I am still trying to figure it out, but so far so good. There are some very challenging shots in this game and combo's that need to be made in order to pick up some big points. I like the disc idea and the animations that go with it. Overall this is a great game that demands you to be a even better player in the world of pinball.
1 year ago
just fun !!
1 year ago
I really don't see what all the fuss is over this game but to each their own.
There are 262 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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