TRON: Legacy (LE) (Stern, 2011)

TRON: Legacy (LE)

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Game design: 8.229

Artwork: 8.151

Sounds/Music: 8.377

Other Aspects: 8.553

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9 days ago
Tron is one killer fast game. I do prefer a modded pro to LE only because of the stand up targets on the pro.
43 days ago
Played it 20 times maybe at my friend who has this at home.
I can't get into it really. Simply not my cup of tea.
Don't like the DMD animations or the gameplay.
58 days ago
wow - has to be the brightest machine , thought ACDC was bright until this thing is sitting next to it. Great flow , great sound. Easiily a top machine
85 days ago
The one game I miss the most from my collection, Stern took everything they learnt from Ironman with the less is more with a killer visual and audio package approach put it on steroids and made Tron LE.
8 months ago
Tron is my favorite game, i like the theme and enjoy the machine. The LE version is beautiful with its integrated code managed ramp lights which enhance gameplay. The spinning disc adds to the theme as well as providing a degree of randomness that can keep you on your toes. Tron is a fun and fast...I don't see it leaving my collection anytime soon.
8 months ago
I think its a good representation of the films.
If your a fan of the films then its a must have.
Game is fun for awhile, a little repetitve, shots are clean and fairly easy to make.
The colors are bold and bright, the playfield is not too cluttered.
10 months ago
One of my favorite Stern.
11 months ago
very good and nice pinball !!
11 months ago
Let's start by saying I love the movie Tron. When I saw a video of this game, I thought it was going to be the best pinball machine I would ever play. Maybe my expectations ruined it for me. I think it is a nice pinball machine and I'd love to own one, but I didn't love playing it like I wanted to. I think the ramps need to be much more exciting to really expand on the light cycle theme. I love the LE version upgrades compared to the PRO in terms of the aesthetics of the machine, but the overall play is disappointing.
1 year ago
Like the pro but slightly better
1 year ago
A relatively easy pin but still a lot of fun to play. Looks great.
1 year ago
If there was a game of late that I wish I could rate higher, this would be it.

The game code was polished, and progression to "The Portal" ranks similar to "Valinor" on LOTR, but not anywhere near as hard to obtain.
OUTSTANDING lightshow and effects, especially with the lit ramps.
The rest of the toys, not so much.
Moving Recognizer, 3-Target Bash Gate, Spinning Disk, a Static Tron Game, and Light Cycles.
All pretty much "staples" of Stern now, in EVERY single one of their games in one fashion or another.
Not a single innovation in this title.
Yes, I know all this can be improved upon via modification (the amazing miniature TRON video game arcade cabinet with video screen and controls upgrade comes to mind), but this was supposed to be a LIMITED EDITION.
Screened cabinet artwork is superb.
Backbox art is excellent, especially with the 3D effects.
Playfield art is COMPLETELY terrible, AGAIN.
Taking Photoshop digitized people's faces and plastering them on a piece of wood is not art.
Shot indicators and progression can also be a little confusing at times.

Overall, a very fun game with excellent sound, flow, and ruleset marred by some cheap graphics and overused toys.
Stern could have done so much MORE with this license.
Even a "interactive" backglass would have been nice, which became an aftermarket purchase.
Instead they "lunchboxed" the license into something much more simple than the original design plan.
TRON fans would have been BLOWN AWAY if the original plan had stuck, unfortunately the game probably would have cost an EXTRA $2000 on the base price for an LE.

There continues to be too many hillbilly Stern fanboys with "Them ther Stern pinbals masheens r ust awsum, 10/10, Yep ser, thats fer shur!".
Guys please, for the love of God and all that is Holy, go play some other non Stern games first , before you tout each one of the ONLY three pinball machines you own in your collection as the "the most amazing thing since toilet paper". The ratings continue to get completely skewed as a result of inaccuracy. You might as well just drill a large hole in the coin door for "personal use".

Stern games are good (in most cases), but nearly ALL WMS/BLY games are better, with ONLY a few exceptions.
Spiderman is a better design, and yes, it used the SAME BASH TOY AND TARGET BANK!
Hint Hint: Anybody notice a pattern yet?
Local fanboys will not because they were not even around when the game was released.

FINAL NOTE: A Vault Edition might really bring this title to new heights if they fix the artwork (novel idea use the original movie...), and improve features back to the prototype game versions, including the LE features. It will piss current LE owners off something fierce though as the cries of "my game is worthless, wah"! resounds across PinSide. Pinball machine are not investments, and this would be helpful in bringing new collectors out of the clouds.
1 year ago
Very fun, the music and gameplay are great,the best stern whit Spiderman
1 year ago
i finally got to play the LE version. I had such high expectations only to be left flat. The theme does nothing for me, so the game play needed to be exceptional to keep my interest. It's OK but clearly a game I would skip over every time. You have to be a tron fan to get into this one.
1 year ago
Fast, fun and the best pin I own! I will keep it forever!
1 year ago
I can see why this is a top rated Stern game. Simple to understand and yet so much to do. I liked the premise of the movie but love the game for everything it has to offer.
1 year ago
Have an LE for several months now... Still an awesome game to play. Although it is not real deep, but that does got compensated for the bold action you get from it. Lightshow + sound are great! Put some extra mods in the LE to finalize the looks and it stands with head and shoulders above others in the line-up : )

Btw, A fully modded pro will never play and feel so complete as an LE.... Just FYI
1 year ago
I had this game for about 6 months in my collection. The only thing this has going for it is the theme and the music. I just couldn't get into it and couldn't wait to remove it from my collection. There are so many better games for the money out there. I also had the pro, and just could not believe what some guys were asking for their LE! I actually had mine with mods, etc. look better then an LE.
1 year ago
i love this machine so much. from the theme to the gameplay this machine is all good. this is my favourite stern machine.
2 years ago
B E S T G A M E E V E R M A D E. Ok, seriously - there are a couple of games that have deeper rules or more toys. But I KEEP COMING BACK TO PLAY MORE - it's just intoxicating. That freaking GEM shot is soooo tough...but not impossible. It's the ultimate theme - trumping all other themes. If you can have only *1* pinball - this is the one to own.
2 years ago
Tron is a good game with great music and callouts it has good dmd animations and good rules and the game is also very fast and has great flow and the strips of lights on the ramp are really cool looking but I don't like that the disc recognizer is so small also the light cycles are really small.
2 years ago
As the owner prev of a LE Tron and Pro I must say LE takes the cake sorry - you can mod the ears out of Pro Tron (wont cut the cheese)

Tron Le just offers more for the player

Drop Targets ,DP Multiball, Arcade Options

Yes the toys are there too
Moving recognizer, Light up color sync ramps, Flashers added in apron ETC

some argue that Pro is "just" as good - you know what its good and if you never played an LE youd be fine

but I bought Pro and loved it, heard about LE sold Pro and Got LE

then... People noticed ...hey this is better and guess what its the most expensive Stern in history to purchase

you do the math LE all the way
2 years ago
What can I say. It plays the same as my pro but looks nicer and has the awesome lighted ramps stock from the factory.
2 years ago
Fun game with some challenging shots. Dialing in Quorra and Gem from machine to machine is always a challenge for me. Helper wizard mode (Sea of Simulation) is a great idea. Wizard mode (The Portal) is challenging enough that it won't get reached often but not so hard as to allow only the top tier players to see it. This is a great balance IMO. Dots are the weakest aspect of the offering, some things seem like an afterthought.
2 years ago
Once again, one Tron pinball gets more than one slot on the top 100? I still don't understand why the LE and the Pro aren't the same ranking. One has cheapo ramps and the other has the ramps with the EL lighting. One has more toys (that you could have bought at Toys R Us at closeout) and one doesn't. There's not much (if any) difference otherwise - they've both got the same awful photoshop art package. It's a fun game for a little while and it has great music but its really kinda a boring layout. Hit the ramp, hit the ramp, hit the ramp. That said, if they did a classic 80s TRON version of this game I might be tempted to buy it. Might.
There are 152 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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