Transformers (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2011)

Transformers (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 7.54

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Sounds/Music: 7.742

Other Aspects: 7.667

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3 months ago
I have had the game since new. Nice game. Was first Stern game with leds if I recall correctly. Just added speaker lights and color dmd. A fun game. A workout to play. Low scoring in my opinion. Recommend the game. Can be challenging. Overall a solid game. Should be rated higher.
4 months ago
My kids and I love this game. After watching the movies again -it ties in all together. This should be rated much higher on top 100.
4 months ago
Another miss from stern. No matter how many times I play it or try to get ino it. I get bored and walked away. Designed to purelyrics draw you in based on theme, take your money and leave you disappointed
8 months ago
i was actually surprised how much i liked this game. game seems setup not to drain easily and has alot of modes. playfield art is similar to alot of Sterns with generic art. Lots of toys on playfield and if they all work right this game is alot of fun
9 months ago
Welp, this was pretty much a dream theme for me and a lot of other people. It sucked though. BIG time.

All pinball machines are repetitive, but you can feel like you're progressing though the game differently each time. For some reason, this isn't the case with TF. It essentially FEELS like you're ALWAYS playing the same the exact same way. Over and over.

Code/rules are way way too long. Not deep. Just long. See you in hell, Optimus.
9 months ago
Not a Transformers fan. A nice value for the price. I have the Combo and looks fantastic. Theme doesn't do much for me but the layout and music are really well done. I am having a lot of fun and my kids love this game. I don't understand the complaints about the toys. The game play is what your looking for. This game has that. You have to make good shots to complete modes. Yes the mini play field does hinder that a little. Overall this is a very good game. To me feels solid and I will be holding on to this one for some time.
11 months ago
Toys kinda cheep. For a Stern it played better then most.
1 year ago
A middle of the pack Stern for me with some reedeming qualities and few things i strongly dislike. I really enjoy the placement of the two ramps on this game. They are both backhandable on the machine I play on and both shots are very satisfying. I find completing modes on this game very difficult, and it can be a bit of a grind to get the doublers lit on the important shots after every drained ball. The multiballs are a little weird being that they can be different depending on if you are an autobot or decepticon.

Being that the machine I play on site is an LE, I have to say I think the gameplay suffers a bit from the Starscream and Ironhide toy gimmicks. They tend to slow the gameplay down a bit. I would honestly just prefer it to be the Pro version. Another dislike of mine is the DMD movie animations. They never seem to look that great. The last thing i really dislike is the inlane areas. They are covered up behind a ton of ramp plastic and trying to look around them to see the lane inserts is a real pain in the neck, literally.
1 year ago
Look folks, for $4000ish dollars for an LE it plays like a champ valuewise. I would put TFLE up against any B Stern like FG, BTDK, Kiss, RBION and POTC, TAV or Xmen and this one just as fun or more fun. You aint getting no armor with speckles on any of those other pins either. So if you compare TF to ACDC, sure score TF lower, but take your $2500ish savings and buy a WCS, BSD, HS2 or WW and balance the pain of having a "lesser" TF pin and add how awesome your side car pin is with TF and I would rather have the combo. Just talkin value here.

I played everything at the last TPF trying to find what I like. I kept going back to TF. This game is great. Not even a Transformers the toy fan, but this game is just plain fun, which is exactly what pinball should be. I have the combo and it is a beauty also. The dual colors are stunning! It looks like a giant toy and makes me feel like a kid again. Call outs are great. Love the start of Megatron multiball.

It is not everywhere, but if you find one play it or just buy one like I did. It is by far the best value Stern out there today.

Also who are these guys rating this Pin a 1? Their opinion, but they are both complete.....what is moron in Italian? They rated Stern Rolling Stones a 9.9 though. So.....uh.... Ok. I take it back.
1 year ago
as a transformer fan I'am very dissapointed about quality above of all at plastics toys...the flow is not bad but not good !I don't understand the mini playfield??!fortunetly the last stern are better than this one
1 year ago
Flipper unsuccessful, too dark design theme and not to my liking
1 year ago
A big fan of this pin... The speech and flow of the game is just great... I find the combo cabinet the nicer out the L.E,s having combined art work .. I found the playfield a bit too dark to, so i replaced all flashers to Led along with super bright leds in G.I,s to brighten up the playfield along with mirror blades and added 200watt sub, Boy what a massive difference it makes!... Im hoping there's another update to have attract sounds while the pin is in standby mode and a great light show at the end of every game
1 year ago
Colorful layout, I love the theme, I love the game

Very good flow, good handling the ball, easy to play, great vocals

No deep rules, all modes are nearly the same, music is not like ost
Yes, I would buy it again
1 year ago
Played a Decepticon version at Pintastic.
This table did nothing for me.
The layout felt far away and what was there was cramped.
Lighting was dark.
Sound was nice and loud but call outs felt repetitive.
Not a fan.
1 year ago
Not my highest rated game, but it is my favorite game. The biggest thing holding this back is the custom speech. Peter Cullen custom speech would really make this game stand out. Game comes standard LED lighting, except for the flashers. I highly recommend changing out the standard flash lamps for the LED flash lamps. Especially under the pop bumpers. The standard lamp down there lasted all but a couple weeks before burning out. IMO, this is the last great machine designed by Gomez. Along with Star Trek LE, this machine will never leave my collection.
2 years ago
I really like this transformers the theme is great and I really like the sounds and callouts, dmd animations, and the toys and gimmicks are great like the star scream toy and optimus prime toy. The modes are also really cool and fun to play
2 years ago
Not a great theme for me but this beats the pants off the standard edition. Again a decent Stern release, a good amount to do and is a fun game. Just the theme which doesn't do it for me!
2 years ago
My TFLE Combo is a ramp to ramp, and in your VUK kinda game. It is a blast and fast!! The shaker is a must. Megatron multiball is a gas to play and listen to blasting out of the speakers. The Skill Shot is blind, and requires some skill. The mirrored backglass is beautiful. Wonderful game that all skill levels can enjoy, and will want to make you come back for more Megatron multiball!!!
2 years ago
Decent theme, wicked fast, pretty fun, and decent you can play as an autobot or decepticon which also changes the gameplay around a bit for a little more variety.
2 years ago
Update: Bought and sold off a TFLE Autobots after about two years with it. Ruleset is chopping wood. Gets very tedious after awhile. Fave part of the game Is the multi ball, but ball doesn't stick in the megatron hole. Annoying after awhile, along with the bounce outs on the special. As I have played a lot more pinball over the last couple of years, I would only recommend this in a huge collection of 15+ pins.

Had a ton of fun won this...Wow, really liked the Fan layout, music and speech are just incredible; played on a flipper fidelity system with sub and it was literally as loud as a movie theater.

Has broad appeal, especially if you have kids; would love to add one to my collection one day.
2 years ago
This one just wasnt for me. Owned it for a few months and let it go.
2 years ago
Lots of fun, very underrated. Great to be able to choose Decepticon or Autobot.

If you are incredibly skilled, you can beat one game and start playing the other side without feeling like the game is repetitive.
2 years ago
In my opinion TF is an outstanding pin LE OR PRO - a totally fun theme with great music and sound effects, creative shots, deep rules and a good light show - while it can be somewhat of a grind session the objectives are obtainable. (Making it to the final wizard mode - The Battle of Cybertron - is to far away to even be considered obtainable at my current skill level, so at least in my mind, the Senitnel Prime mode is what I consider to be the "wizard mode" - but also I never make it the wizard modes unless I am playing a 10 ball game anyway) Overall I think this pin is way underrated - maybe not a top ten but definitely will stand the test of time.

NOTE: I traded my TF Combo LE and when it was gone found that I totally missed it and thought about it a lot. (Same with my Iron Man.) So when another TF LE came up available I just had to get it back - along with IM as well. It won't be leaving now...
2 years ago
I never played it prior to the latest code, but this pin is much better than the reviews it usually receives. Balance and fair scoring, good game flow. The multi ball start with Megatron firing the balls at you all at once is one of the most exciting mb starts of any game I have played. Great game with lots of staying power.
2 years ago
Sleeper game that is underrated once you fix the all spark shot by softening its hit. I'm a huge Gomez fan and love his designs speed and flow. Combos are great in this game and its action packed. The rules do occasionally feel like chopping wood and I wish it was a tad easier to reach the wizards.
There are 108 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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