Totem (Gottlieb, 1979)



This was/is my first pinball. It has gotten me totally involved in this exciting world of classic pinball restoration.

The machine was a bit of a mess when I purchased it, lots of water damage, rust, mold, mildew...just poorly kept. Sadly, I believe that a majority if not all of this damage occurred at the place I purchased it, which is a pinball/arcade game repair and sales outfit that has more holes in their roof than actual roof.

The backglass, however, was gorgeous, as was the playfield and I had never seen this machine before. I fell in love with it instantly. I rescued it from the hell it was living in and have been working on it ever since. I have had it for 3 1/2 months (at the time of this posting) and probably have a solid 1 1/2 months of work left on it, maybe a little less.

It has been informative, exciting, perplexing, exhilarating and all sorts of other feelings and emotions all rolled into one. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am excited to see the machine come to life and then to buy another one to add to my home Tiki bar.

Pinball aside, there is a feeling that comes from taking something that was left for dead and reviving it. A really good feeling. I know the machine is in-animate, but it just looks proud sitting there on its cleaned, restored legs and cleaned restored interior.

If you are pondering joining the ranks of pinball restorers - I recommend it. Don't let the people portrayed in "Special When Lit' dissuade you - we are not all like them, in any way...other than loving pinball machines.


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D. Gottlieb & Co.
Solid state
6,643 produced


Design team

Game Design: Ed Krynski
Artwork: Gordon Morison


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