Time 2000 (Atari, 1977)

Time 2000

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2 years ago
Great original art...probably the best looking atari pin. Two sets of flippers on each half of the table. I can do without that, but it is absolutely wide enough to handle them. Pretty much a build your bonus game. Brutally hard and slow. Could use a powerball to speed it up.
4 years ago
Time 2000 is an early effort from Atari to get into the pinball aspect of arcade games.

The Pros:
The art package on this game is beautiful and refreshing. Jim and George, you brought a new "look" into the pinball industry. The whole package looks like it was put together by experienced illustrators and graphic designers. Very nicely done.

The Cons:
This is a supposed to be a pinball game. Even Steve Ritchie saw the writing on the wall and moved on ASAP.

The Takeaway:
Time 2000 is a nice game to look at. Enjoy the view, save your quarters and keep on walking.
4 years ago
Because atari pinball machines did not do so well it has made them even more fun to collect.. funfactor is not as high as the art work masterpieces themselves but they really can make your man cave step back in time with the right touches
5 years ago
First time on an Atari Pinball. Has a very classic/EM feel, but this is a WIDE BODY if I have ever seen one. Two playfields in one make this a very unique pin. Right pop bumper has a pretty unique setup with rubbers all around. This one is a must-play for those who enjoy rare pins and early solid-states.
5 years ago
This was the first Solid State pin I ever played.
8 years ago
Atari made great looking,but poor playing machines.The widebody idea was nice but these Atari games are really slow and boring.The artwork is 10/10 but the game is 5/10. Wish they put more thought into it as all their games could have been classics. They get an A for effort in trying new things,but a D in final results.
There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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