Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995)

Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.555

Artwork: 8.585

Sounds/Music: 7.927

Other Aspects: 8.421

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Found 427 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 427 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
Has the eye candy factor that's for sure. Such a bummer the wizard mode is terrible.
11 days ago
Such a fun game. I love the use of the Magicians Trunk! I love this game so much I had to get it.
13 days ago
Bash toy/toy chest is a very cool and unique gimmick. Magnasaves are super cool. Ramps are satisfying. Lots going on here. Theme is great too.
15 days ago
TOM's strength is the interesting layout and cool trunk gimmick. Rules are good. Overall, very strong package. I love the theme. Art is just OK. Definitely worth checking out. Love JPop layouts.
21 days ago
So many good things about this game! It really is very hard to find fault with it. The shots, modes, and variability of the game are great! The flow of the game and shots are very satisfying. Some seasoned players might find this table too easy, but for me, it's perfect!
29 days ago
I just bought this game recently and I'm in love with it. my wife loves it. all my friends love it. The art package is incredible for starters. The flow of shots and gameplay blew me away. It plays even faster and smoother than my lord of the rings with awesome variation.

The code depth doesn't quite reach those levels but lots of variety keeps it fresh and the games play quickly which is good when friends are over and playing for drinks! The theme has such wide appeal! ITS MAGIC!
32 days ago
I like this one a LOT. I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to depth, but I really find the progression in this game to be very engaging. The trunk toy is a lot of fun, and the various illusions seem to follow a nice progression. The sound is exemplary, with some truly great callouts. My only gripe is with the multi-ball mode. There is really only one (okay, technically two), and it is pretty simplistic. There's no stacking, and no ball save (yeah, I'm pretty green). I've managed to make it to the finale once or twice, and getting there is quite satisfying. This is truly one of the classics of its era.
42 days ago
has great sounds and score boosters...
43 days ago
Poor wizard mode. Easy to master game
53 days ago
Not sure the love and high ranking for this game. Way too easy. Perfect game for the kiddies. Yawn.
60 days ago
One of my top three favorite games, pretty deep rule set, great flow of play, challenging game modes. The multi ball is fun and getting to the Grand Finale is awesome. An awesome all around game that holds up over time, its just too bad they are so damn expensive.
83 days ago
Fun. Fast. Beautiful. My personal favorite.
3 months ago
One of the best games ever made, toys, toys toys. Never short of wow factor and awesome rule sets. I always feel there's something to shoot for and goals to be met. Love there's so many ways to go about getting high scores. The amount of features on this game is amazing. Once you dress it up with leds it really shows all the details. Would be the perfect game if it wasn't for the crap video mode and the call outs are far from my favorite. The girl saying you got the magic gets old. The call outs clearly tell you where and what to do though.
3 months ago
Probably my favorite. The theme is super cheesy but somehow in a good way. Shots are fun. The guys voice makes me laugh and After I play I walk around saying everything like him.
3 months ago
Beautiful! But gets old quick.
3 months ago
great machine....
5 months ago
A pretty good game overall, I am not a fan of the theme personally,music and sound do get repetitive.far better off with a twilight Zone imho
5 months ago
The most elegant!
6 months ago
Great theme and a very beautiful pin.
Extremely boring, callouts are annoying. I had no fun at all playing this game.
I was happy when this pin left my gameroom, and it left pretty fast.
6 months ago
This is the opus of the pinball machine. I can play it over and over and it never fails to amuse me. We decided this would be a signature piece and we went all out on our restoration. We added brass coin door, rails, legs hinges and anywhere else it would fit. I love magic so all the "magic" mods were so much fun. The wands and rabbits just make it so festive. This IS my favorite pinball.
6 months ago
Nice theme with exciting fast flowing game play. The ramps, use of magnets, vanishing balls, and not to forget the main feature of the game, the trunk, all come together to keep all levels of players entertained and wondering what other tricks TOM has up its sleeve. Worthy of a top ten rating in my opinion.

Edit: After owing for 8 months I am downgrading my ratings on fun, theme and last ability. Least played game by myself family and guests. Not enough reward to play the modes as you can score lots of points in other repetitive ways. Theme has gotten annoying, shots are just are not as fun anymore and multi balls suck.
6 months ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

Theatre of Magic is one of those games that feels like riding your favorite bike around the neighborhood. Easy to get on, easy to ride and easy for you to enjoy. Love the theme and game play. My downside is that when you play this pin in public, it's usually in horrible shape which leads to a poor experience. I honestly haven't encountered a good pin in public and get my fix on Pinball Arcade.
7 months ago
This game is a keeper in my collection
7 months ago
Oh the first time the magic box spins around and the ball flies up and sticks to it before it spins back around, is there any better "moment" in pinball? It just grabs and impresses everyone.
7 months ago
I don't get it, and maybe that is the problem but this machine bores me to death. So much potential but it seems to flounder when played fast and hard.
There are 427 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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