The Walking Dead (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2014)

The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.361

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16 days ago
A great code update saved this game from being one of the biggest dogs in recent years. unfair bounces out of the pops and magnets throwing the ball down the middle are very frustrating.
29 days ago
I've been playing the PRO version of this game on location near my house for more than a year, and really enjoyed it. The opportunity arose to possibly purchase this PRO machine near my house, but it didn't work out. After this, I decided to get a NIB PREMIUM, and couldn't be happier.

What I love most about this game is the deep rule set and probably the most satisfying shots in pinball IMHO. The feeling of building up your shot multipliers and landing a shot worth 100 mil+ is awesome. I equate this with METALLICA and its CIU mode!

Probably my favorite part of the Premium is the light show combined with a ColorDMD. After playing a PRO regularly with red and white lights only, I thought the stock red display was cool for its "blood look". But for a Premium, a ColorDMD is a no-brainer! The crossbow is also a fun feature to change things up compared to the PRO, and utilizing walker bombs to start a multiball when your ball drains never gets old.

Don't get me wrong, this game can be frustrating, but when things are clicking it sure makes up for the turd games.

The two mods I must recommend are swapping out the 4.25" post for the left ramp/right side to a 4.125" post to even out the transition between the main ramp and the up/down Bicycle Girl section. The second, add a plastic tube to the backbox fluorescent lamp, and add 3 layers of 1" green Frogtape to diffuse the too bright "AMC The Walking Dead" glare on the playfield glass.

Lastly, I would recommend the Premium over the Pro, but I'm surprised there's such a large gap between the two on the top 100. Both are solid Pins.
35 days ago
Cool theme, game layout, like the playfield toys,
Drain monster but after fine tuning it's awesome !
48 days ago
I love this game. I must because, the theme is ugly as sin. If you don't mind the sight of zombies and severed heads, this is a top 10 game. The rule set is amazingly fun, the shots great, and the new color dmd seal the deal.
53 days ago
My rating is low based on the way Stern released the game. The original stock audio quotes and music from Stern is terrible. The custom audio makes it much better, but that's not what I'm looking at. Also the lack of a full license, getting the characters for the game is a disaster. From a pinball playing aspect it's good, but it feels less like a Walking Dead pinball machine and more like a generic zombie pinball machine and it shouldn't be that way!
67 days ago
Note: Playing an LE with the latest code (v1.56) and edited audio (RandomKG mix). I traded this for the HobbitLE and enjoying it far more. Game sounds solid and edgy with the Nine Inch Nails audio, plenty going on, lots of shots to make and a lot of fun. Lots of fun mods too, which is an aspect I enjoy.
72 days ago
A wonderful table that I would love to own one day. Very difficult ruleset with great shots. Pro or Prem/LE, both have their merits and both are a joy to play.
73 days ago
super impressed with TWD! Challenging and deep enough to keep my attention. Only lacking that super gimmicky bash toy like MM/AFM (the prison is cool but not quite the same)
3 months ago
I love this game. Hope to get someday.
3 months ago
Another Borg/Lyman masterpiece, and IMO they are, without question, the best designer/programmer team at Stern. The code might be Lyman's best ever, so many different ways to score & strategies to explore. The DMD dots are incredible, even better than Metallica. And most importantly, the game is an absolute blast to play. All you have to say is HORDE. Along with Metallica, it's one of the perfect pins for home use lastability.

TWD Premium is #1 pin on my wishlist. I will own one someday without a doubt.
3 months ago
This could be Stern's finest modern title. Code is the BEST. There is nothing like Horde. Theme is a bit challenging for younger family members.
3 months ago
Sound and music take into account custom audio via Pinball Browser. Stock Stern audio clips are lacking and don't really relate to the show. The software/rules on this game are the best of any game I've ever played. Theming is excellent. The game really immerses you with it's modes and wizard modes. A Stern masterpiece!
3 months ago
Outstanding game, the ultimate pinball machine, where there is lots to do, and the have one more go pull is off the scale.
4 months ago
Great game, awesome code.
I couldn't expect a code that makes this game so great.
Love the show so it helps to love the pin and the replace sound mod is also a great add-on.
Easily in my top 5.
6 months ago
I have played this game on location (pro at first then premium when it came out) and it has improved so much with the code updates it is hard to believe.

The rules are what makes this a fun game as you learn what to do there are opened up a lot a different approaches. I imagine in a home setting this game can last a while but I am sure I have not found everything to do. If I am hitting the shots well, I go for blood bath and starting modes. When I am off, I go for multi-balls and try to get to the replay score. But many different approaches based on your skills.

I can't stand how often I get a drain out of the pops but assume in a home setting this can be tweaked. Vs the pro, the moving ramp on the premium is so disappointing to hit perfectly and have the ball hang up (especially in that ramps mode) so I don't like it as much as the pro for what it gives you. On the other hand the moving crossbow on the premium is really cool and timing when you get it part of strategy.

I don't watch the show but do like the art work.
7 months ago
This is a great game to play, fun and fast / yet get a break here and there/ lots of risk and reward shots/ Getting custom sounds is awesome . a keeper/ now in my Top ten of the most fun to play / a great change up to keep next to my MET Premium
7 months ago
Solid game, start to finish.
7 months ago
Love it. Beautiful pin with clear pathway and fun objects in playfield. Tough shots and fast moving game. I would buy it. The voice subs are a little, um, hard to understand but the zombie feel comes through. Revised: it gets old. Really old. This is a fun pin but after a couple of months of bashing the guy in the middle and opening the house, you really notice how repetitive and spartan the shots are. The LE helps but not much and the toys are actually kind of cheap. Still, I play it in the wild. But own it? Never
7 months ago
The modes are awesome, super deep ruleset by Lyman, hilarious walker kill animations, possibly the best wizard mode in pinball, great art package, this is my most played game in my collection.
8 months ago
For the most part I love the Show but just like the second season this game fell short...What Would Darrell Do??---He would shoot this one in the head with his crossbow and never look back.
8 months ago
TWD LE/Premium is a blast to play! Code 1.56 really brings this game to life. This one will be in my collection for a long long time!
9 months ago
Same score as TWD Pro for me. Ramps lifting up are cool mechs, but it looks flimsy and the ones I play on location sometimes don't fully meet the playfield. The improved light show is cool, but the colored LEDs take away from the striking all-white/red look of the Pro which is one of my favorite parts of the game. The crossbow is kind of whatever, I don't personally like cannon toys.

This was far from my favorite Stern to begin with and my opinion of the Premium isn't much different. It sure is a unique game but to me it's a terrible layout with good code.
9 months ago
With mature (final??) code this table is a journey.So much to do.Thanks to Borg and Sheats.
10 months ago
Set-up right, this game is one of Stern's greatest games ever. Love the unique layout and flow of the game... rules are ridiculously deep and fun. If you step-up and flail, you'll hate it... it's a thinking game. It's also another Borg title that likes to fight back.

It takes a little tweaking (all of which is documented in the owners thread) to get this game flowing right...if you take the time to do it, it will reward you with zero air balls and a beautifully smooth bicycle girl ramp shot.

A+ Game...period.
10 months ago
Played this game a lot and want to like it, because I am a huge WD fan... But it is just not a great pinball by any stretch. Flow is limited, the bash target takes up way too much space, and is a eye-sore (i know, its a zombie) - it's so out of scale for the game. Also, the one I played dropped the ball from the magnet down the drain 1/2 the time which, whether the game is set up proper or not, just should not happen. I like the idea of the barn but it's placement makes for random drains as well. This is a GREAT game for location - looks cool and eats money. But for a players game it should never be rated ahead of Shadow, Getaway II, and BSD.
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