The Walking Dead (Pro) (Stern, 2014)

The Walking Dead (Pro)

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Game design: 7.862

Artwork: 7.933

Sounds/Music: 7.351

Other Aspects: 8.114

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There are 142 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Love how intense this game is!!!
30 days ago
So I played this game while on vacation for the first time. I found a bowling ally with TWD, GOT, and SM. First night I played all three, second night TWD and GOT, and on the third night I was all in on TWD. Most fun of the three by far. Admittedly not my favorite theme as I don't watch the show and am not a huge zombie fan, but it was just such a sweet shooting pin with a deep rule set that kept me coming back night after night. I can't stress how much I enjoyed playing it but I don't know that I'd ever own one.
44 days ago
Like the graphic novel and show it's themed after, The Walking Dead can be a brutal, intense game. No one shot can be called "safe" - a failed shot on the steep ramps can easily go screaming down the middle; the right orbit feed is highly variable, where the ball can drip out to aim perfectly, again, straight down the middle; the two main bash toys are precariously positioned to make every hit's rebound precarious. Furthermore, perhaps because they seem to be rather steep, the ramps have been responsible for some amazing airballs. I have seen a ball go flying up the right ramp, jump over to the descending habitrail of the left ramp, and make its way up that, around, and down the left ramp. The ball feels wild and is incredibly difficult to get under control.

That said, when you do manage to get control, the shots are incredibly satisfying to make. Hitting a shot repeatedly to progress a mode, because of the game's speed, is a rewarding experience with each success. The sound effects add drama to each shot, as well; hitting the Well Walker bash toy is all the more satisfying with the deep bass boom that accompanies each hit, for example. The prison toy can be frustrating, both due to the magnet which holds the ball when you start qualifying for Prison Multiball and the tendency of the prison toy to become unresponsive, but the multiball start sound animation is worth it.

The rules are not terribly complicated, and the multiballs are rather obvious, which makes this somewhat accessible to the novice player. However, the wildness of the ball makes this game rather difficult. It seems like an ideal game to practice nudging on, especially big nudges and slide saves, considering how frequently the ball goes towards the middle. This can be frustrating, but making a big save is rewarding, so a player with good recovery will have an advantage. (Then again, the lack of control could mostly be my play style, though it seems like every TWD I've played has some amount of the wildness to it for everyone.)

Overall, it's a fairly fun game.
51 days ago
I never watched the show (don't get that cable channel) so the theme and back story I don't follow in the game. However, they probably did a great job with theming. The artwork fits the theme. It seems like you just keep hitting the same targets/toys over and over again to get anywhere in the game. That is just it - most games are that way, but this one gets monotonous with that. I would play a few games on location every time, but I would not want to own it. The LE plays better than the pro because there is a little more action and a couple more things to shoot for.
80 days ago
I have played the bejesus out of this game. It was the first pin that I really had to shake around to keep the ball in play, and boy do you have to shake it. The game is really difficult, but it keeps you coming back for more. If I were to purchase a machine, I might choose TWD. Its deep rule set and variety of strategies have yet to become tiresome for me, and I've dumped at least 50 hours into the thing. Which is to say that getting good at this pin is the equivalent of running with a backpack full of rocks. I've found other pins to be much more forgiving after spending a good deal of time with TWD.
82 days ago
my favorite skill shot.
85 days ago
The gameplay is phenomenal. There are very few pins out there that will provide such a challenge and have such lastability. However, to really shine, it needs a voice mod package, as the stock music and sounds are kind of cumbersome. Otherwise, my favorite pin as of yet.
3 months ago
A love/hate game for a lot of people, but for me personally, more love than hate. This game is challenging, and you have to know that going into it. This ain't no buttery smooth combo after combo shooting game. This game requires shooting skills, ball control skills, and nudging skills. Because of this, there are a lot of people that don't like the game. This game is meant to drain you, and 99% of the drains in this game can be prevented with better shooting, nudging, and ball control. This is probably one of the furthest away from a "flailing" machine where you can randomly flip balls and good things happen. Randomly flipping balls in this game will result in a drain!

With that said, this is one of the most fun games I've played. The modes, multiballs, rules, dots are all exceptional. Two musts for this game, the Cleland sound package, and a small subwoofer. I downgraded the stock sound package. If Cleland's sound package came stock, it would get full marks.

The PF artwork is mediocre at best. Still looks like the photoshopped variety, which is a bit disappointing. The cabinet looks nice, and the zombies on the PRO backglass are just eh. I would have preferred hand-drawn art as opposed to what they used. I'll probably get one of the several alternate translites one day, but for now, I'm going to be killing zombies...
4 months ago
very fun and difficult, awsome.
4 months ago
This is a very fun game.
4 months ago
Feel like a reworking of Iron Man to a certain extent with the villain in the middle of the playfield you strike with balls, the magnetic sling at the top. Feels cramped and obstructed, wasn't even sure it was licensed from the TV Show due to lack of characters on the game.
5 months ago
This game is very underrated and i think it is mainly because of the bashing it received when first released. It is a fast and brutal game with some good flowing shots. Plenty to go for on the playfield and i think this pin doesn't need the crossbow or the extra bash toy. I actually prefer it without those extras. Perfect layout and perfect theme.
Instant classic though.
5 months ago
This game can be brutal but damn when you get it going it is tons of fun!
6 months ago
My second favorite stern... Very professional pinball! I like so much your difficulty
6 months ago
I appreciate the theme and some of the gimmicks in the game. It is fun but I don't feel it draws me back. I don't feel the urge to keep plugging the machine with coins. I may not understand the whole game which is maybe why I am not drawn back in. Fun but there are many other games I would rather play.
6 months ago
Truly believe it's one of the greatest games of all time. I've based my ratings on the latest code and the r rated cleland sound update. It's a must have update. This game doesn't need the crossbow or the extra bash toy. I actually prefer it without those extras. Perfect layout and perfect theme. The only thing i would say is a wish they'd do another update and include a video mode. "Shoot ball into shooter lane for video mode".
Instant classic though.
7 months ago
One of sterns toughest playing modern machines imo. I'm not baised that i own a pro, i honestly feel that it is one of sterns best modern efferts. the code, the dots, and the refreshing change in playfield layout makes it a winner. The outer lane drains and SDTM can be frustrating, but that's why this game is so tough to play. Shoot the drops, get em, or maybe the ball goes down outer lanes....maybe you get lucky and stack everything and the weapons for mode. Still haven't gotten close to 115 kills for last man standing, or siege, or terminus. I have gotten to horde often enough it is doable, and crossbow wizard mode only a couple time.

I find that the tunnel shot is extremely tight, and the riot shot is right up there. The only gimmie shots on the machine are well walker and the left ramp imo.

I'd recommend adding Clelands show callout code to the machine, great upgrade!
8 months ago
That head in the shed sucks. Otherwise I love this game !!!!!
Die zombiesssssssszzzz!!!!!!
8 months ago
Another game that was bashed - terribly - when first launched, however has become a timeless classic. "too many cheap drains" or "the outlanes are too brutal" seemed to be every other word about this game. Give it some time, learn YOUR game and those drains quickly become rewarding saves. Couple a unique and challenging layout together with the BEST CODE in any STERN yet and you have your self a winner. Playfield artwork is perfect for this theme, backglass could have been better IMO, side art was well done too even if it's just photoshopped from stock TWD assets.
8 months ago
Fun Game Under rated Like the theme This one is a keeper !
8 months ago
First I should say that I rated this based off of a custom sound upgrade and a shaker motor which is a must for this machine. I love this game, it can be very difficult at times and frustrating but then all of a sudden you have a great game where you are running through the modes and it makes you want to just keep coming back to it. I didn't think I would like just the red and white color at first but after playing it for a while I wouldn't change it, it works really well with the theme! The code is definitely top 5 in all of pinball with lots to do. This game should definitely be higher in the top 100 and I don't really understand the rating discrepancy between the premium and pro versions. In this particular game I don't feel like there is much difference between the two.
9 months ago
This is a fine, fine Stern Pro. The lack of walker bombs just makes you a better player, so when you hit the Premium/LE you can blow it up!
9 months ago
One of the best codes available thanks to Mr. Sheats. A game that is often overlooked, but once understood it is as deep and brutal as anything you can play at the moment. A custom sound update is a must. Make sure the game is level and set up perfectly and the fear of drains from the pops and off the magnet disappear completely. It's a game that you never really feel like you've gotten the best of. After owning the game for a little over a year it's still on of my favorites. Your game could last 1 minute or a half hour and you still might not reach the end. Great job by Stern on this one and a perfect application of code.
11 months ago
Ratings are for 1.56 cleland code, new code makes a huge difference and updated sound is great.
11 months ago
I just wanted to add something. This game is more like a generic original zombie game inside a licensed TWD cabinet. There's not much from the show on the DMD, PF or audio for that matter. That works fine for me.


I dislike the show. Too stressful. I cant stand watching it... But TWD pretty much represents the zombie genre today so its a fine licensed choice for a zombie theme game of course.

That violin music is horrible. If anxiety had its own theme song it would be that damn TWD pinball violin music. I hate it. Sucks.

Callouts are HILAROUS! Makes me laugh much like FGY callouts do. "We're having goat for dinner" lol. "That one sounded like a melon", "that one is mighty corpsey" & "You're a mess" crack me up when killing walkers.

The art is legit. Blood & brown tones. Love it. The black & white inserts are a genius reference to the comic books which are all black & white. The artist really deserves some props for that integration. Pro cabinet looks nice IMO. My favorite of the bunch minus the spam AMC logos.

The dots & sound effects are cool. Very gross actually which is what you want on a zombie game. Surprisingly violent & gross. Love it.

The toys are weak. Bash well walker then bash him again? Bash prison so the doors open to another bash toy? Lol ok. Glad I dont have to bash the bicycle girl on the pro because Im all bashed out. Weakest point of the game. Bash bash bash the toys.

Layout is tough with cheap drains & as I said some lame bash toys but those ramps are so buttery & silky smooth. Man. They feel so nice!

Software. Wow. The X inlane adds something great to the game. The 2x does too. Those 2 items are like a permanent mode you work on during the whole game. Multikill & walker collecting is super clever icing on the cake. And they have their own wizard modes too? Wow! It's nice you get to earn/choose your award (Woodbury). The aforementioned software features almost put the main multiballs & main modes in 2nd place of the fun/focus which is rare on most games. Bicycle & crossbow break things up a bit. Wish they were worth more tho. Guess thats where 2x and the X inlane come in :-)

I dig it. There are some bugs. Hope it gets an update.
There are 142 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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