Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Williams, 1991)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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This game got 725 approved ratings and currently scores 7.800 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.867

Artwork: 7.758

Sounds/Music: 7.486

Other Aspects: 7.931

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There are 208 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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Rating #76 of 23 7 months ago

Awesome game!!!

Rating #76 of 15 1 year ago

Played this pin a lot during my term of office in the army (1991). Enjoyed it quit well then, but now it is just an average pin. It is fun, but not for long.

Rating #76 of 36 1 year ago

Awesome, will now look to add this to my collection. Love the cannon.

Rating #76 of 59 1 year ago

Great game, excellent flow, simple (system 11 like) rules and yet... a lot of fun to play. It really does a good job of using the theme and I think T2 is a borderline classic. I think everyone needs to own a T2 at some point. Just a good all round game that you may get tired of eventually, but you'll also miss once it goes.

Rating #76 of 40 1 year ago

Owned it, got tired of it. ramp to ramp to ramp etc...

Rating #76 of 10 1 year ago

Love this Game, Classic SciFi theme from one of the best movies released in the 90s,

Arnies voice overs blend well into the game, classic Steve Ritchie speed and Flow, simple but unforgiving at the same time.

Wont be leaving my collection..

Rating #76 of 7 1 year ago

I feel the hugely open playing field is one giant ball drain at times. Overall not a bad machine, however, I will gravitate to anything else in an arcade before playing this one.

Rating #76 of 6 1 year ago

love it cant get enought of it.

Rating #76 of 57 1 year ago

Good entry level pin, If you get hooked on pins this will eventually leave your collection.Although affordability make this a keeper for those on a budget.

Rating #76 of 13 1 year ago

My second pin and a good one. I love the theme and it's a fun, fast game with good flow. Not a keeper for me in my really small collection but I'd like to have it back some day.

Rating #76 of 6 1 year ago

Theme, artwork and Arnold's callouts really carries the game. When set up properly it can be a typical Steve Ritchie fast game. Cannon shot and Super Jackpot is great.

Rating #76 of 6 1 year ago

Fun game but it gets repetitive after a while.

Rating #76 of 14 1 year ago

A fun game, but become essentially a game of rinse and repeat, with the primary goal of starting the one multiball as much as possible. Would prefer some more variety.

Rating #76 of 8 1 year ago

This is the first machine that I owned and have had it for two years. Thought about selling it when I bought Dredd and STTNG because it was not as flash. Poor T2 sat there for about 3 month patiently for me to return and I did and now I love the big fellow again. It is a classic that I will keep for a long time. It is pure pinball. Fast and dumb. Classic Steve Ritchie machine. You can pick them up for under 3K in Australia.

Rating #76 of 11 1 year ago

Really simple game to step up to as a beginner. Extremely satisfying left and right alternating ramp shot as you move towards "payback"

Its easy to love a pin with Arnie sound bites

Rating #76 of 31 1 year ago

A fun game I have great memories of playing back in the day. Now that I've rediscovered pinball, I still find this machine a ton of fun. It's seemingly straight forward yet still allows a nice variety of scoring approaches with good risk-reward choices to be made.

Rating #76 of 10 1 year ago

I can't believe T2 isn't ranked higher, I think it's a great game. It's not the deepest but it is still a lot of fun, great flow and the cannon and multiball mode are awesome. T2 makes a great theme with real voice by Arnold, too bad they didn't include the original theme song.

Rating #76 of 121 9 months ago

I just bought this game and I can't stop playing it.It is a total blastIt won't be leaving my collection!!

Rating #76 of 98 1 year ago

A Steve Ritchie classic!!! How can one give the first game designed with a DMD a bad rating. T2 is a true breakthrough in pinball. A must have for a collection!!!!

Rating #76 of 10 1 year ago

Great fast gameplay and the cannon never gets old, its Terminator 2 whats not to like.

Rating #76 of 8 1 year ago

Can't believe this piny isn't rated higher than this really really good game and will stand the test of time due to its theme .

Rating #76 of 36 1 year ago

Fun game good flow super jackpot is really cool.lots of fun .I had one with fire damage and it added to the judgement day theme lol

Rating #76 of 7 1 year ago

T2 is a fun game. I have owned mine for about a year now and I still love it. The trill of trying to get a super jackpot and then another and another doesnt get old. I do wish some one would come out with new rules though....add some variation to the skull shot. Would also be nice to have more movie clip type animations. Another video mode with the semi chasing the dirt bike would be SWEEEET.

Rating #76 of 6 1 year ago

The only challenge from this machine is to beat your high score. This is done through ramp shots and skilled play during multiball, which is a blast to start and to play. Other than that, T2 doesn't take a whole lot of skill to play, which is why it can be enjoyed by anybody.

Rating #76 of 8 1 year ago

Had a nice HUO example of this game and just couldn't get into it. The layout is great, but the game just lacks on the gameplay front. I feel like you just constantly are shooting into the skull. It feels like a system 11 game with a DMD. This game would've really been enhanced had there been some modes or other goals to shoot for other than alternating ramps and the skull.

The theme is done really well and the art and lighting is a complete package. The backglass and PF art are really nice and I think this game really looks sharp. I just wish it played as well as it looks.

There are 208 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 9.

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