Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Williams, 1991)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Game design: 7.827

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Other Aspects: 7.916

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Found 266 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 266 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
A pretty fun pinball game based on of the my favourite movies ever. A bit simple rules but the action is fast and fun and works great in shorter sessions.
2 years ago
Classic Arnold. T2 will not disappoint. Challenging game and very enjoyable.
2 years ago
Very satisfying game considering the age.

- Nice shots which are well balanced.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger (get out).
- Cannon is a great toy.
- Super jackpot is one of the best.

- Doesn't have quite the depth of some newer games (it's very possible to complete everything and start over).
- If the center targets are flaky, the game becomes much more difficult and less fun.
2 years ago
Fun game with great theme and fast fun game play...it may not be as deep as other games but the flow and speed make up for it . It is a game that don't intimidate the casual player.
2 years ago
My first pin i owned... fast paced action with great lighting effects and sounds ... the cannon is a big highlight on the playfield
2 years ago
Have had my T2 for 6 months now and love it; super fun to play. Fast, flowy type of pinball, just kinetic energy and fun to play.

Not super deep, the most important shots are the Skull and Left/Right ramps, then the ball locks on multiball for 3x jackpot, then one more in the skull for a Super Jackpot try. Music is great, the essence of early 90's arcade action for me. Goes great with a couple of Vids from that same period IMO. You don't need a novel long rulesheet either, it's pretty simple, but hard at the same time....Super addictive.

Make sure to put LED's in this, as I didn't like it nearly as much with Incandescents. Canon shot is fun, but I do feel this is a pin that you need in a collection of at least 3, as it keeps it varied; if this was my only pin, it might not have the same lasting power.
2 years ago
a worse version of Jokerz with a better theme, and the gun is cool I guess. super jackpot shot while balls are in play is cool, but too easy to get the timing down. why isn't it random? only one multiball, and it's disappointing. after going to all the effort of starting multiball, I don't want to just be locking all my balls again. Would have been much better if you need to shoot the locks to build the jackpot, then had a roving jackpot on the gun during play to collect it's nice comboing ramps, but payback time is a disappointment, you're lucky if you can get as many points as one jackpot in multiball, and that's all the ramps are good for, so that's two shots off the playfield. Right orbit is also useless, compared to jackpots, center shot just qualifies the left orbit which... is only really useful for starting multiball. basically, it's a one shot game. even just switching the left and right orbits would have made the gameplay so much more varied, as it is the left flipper is useless, all you do is put it on the right again.

ball save, which was practically invented for this game, since it really needs it, is way too short (and disabled after the first multiball, wtf?), and badly implemented (no conception of outlanes, so you can drain during the ballsave time and still lose your ball). No operator adjustments available either. after your first multiball or two, you start draining out of multiballs before even making a shot half the time, which is even worse when the plunger can send balls directly down the drain or right outlane without ever getting the ball to your flipper.
2 years ago
"Arnold, Arnold" (cheerleader chant), One of the first DMD games, ball shooter cannon.

This is just one of those classic Steve Ritchie games that are based on left/right ramp action.
This was a tipping point transition game between System 11s and pre-WPC era.
Some models were actually *closer* based on board design towards a System 11 based on parts and electronics.
Sound effects and Arnold's voice are perfect tie-ins from the movie.
Not a ton of depth, just fun for a few quick games every now and again.
Suitable for a multi game collection.

I always liked the end game music with "I'll be back".
The game really shines with a SOLID upgraded sound system and solid bass.
Its booming...
2 years ago
Overall fun game. T2 feels more like and old school pinball machine than a more modern game. The toys are more of a decoration than an actual part of the game. I like the cannon----it does have ramps----but it feels a little flat to me.

The Pros: Great theme (good movie). Cannon!!! Artwork.

The Cons: Toys feel like just props. Playfield flat and open.

The Takeaway: While having a great theme, sound and cannon....T2 has me walking away feeling that something was missing. (and I just can't put my finger on it).

Would I Buy It? Yes & I did (while I have the space for it---- it stays.....But only time will tell)
2 years ago
Another rating skewed by childhood memories? This game was right in my wheelhouse, playing it in arcades alongside Funhouse. I was the target quarter-dropper, and this game took lots of my loot. The game may come off as a bit rudimentary in its overall historical context, however, it’s a Steve Ritchie flow game when you can loop ramp shots over and over again with kinetics that feel as smooth as soft butter. The cannon launcher is a neat touch, and something that made the game unique at a time when plunging the ball was standard fare. Great multiball approach where balls can be re-locked to multiply the jackpot shot to the side targets. The art package is a bit frazzled, but captures the overall feel of steel that is associated with the T2 theme. Say what you will about Steve Ritchie, he has a way of leading pinball change and innovation, and T2: Judgement Day stands as a perfect example of this.
2 years ago
Terminator 2 is a well balanced simple game that Steve Ritchie created for us all the game is fun to play with Arnie's voice callouts to payback time, and firing the cannon for multiball I always play it whenever I see one. I think this has to be one of Steve Ritchie's best games for Williams along with Getaway, Black Knight, No Fear, and Star Trek Next Gen
2 years ago
I love this machine, need to have this in my collection. Great machine, with skull shot, canon shot, real nice. Flow is fast and very good. Rules are easy to understand. Love the music and voices. Must have!
2 years ago
This is one of the machines that really got me into pinball. A nice array of shots, easy-to-understand rules (albeit not very deep) and the cannon toy is pretty cool. Having Arnie's voice is also very cool but that's about it as far as tying into the story of the movie - in that area the games falls a little short. But nevertheless it's one that kept me coming back and one that I would consider owning if I had a larger collection.
2 years ago
Love everything about this machine. It is a little hard to get to the advanced modes. Because of that people seem to get tired of the easier shots and modes and move on to something else.
2 years ago
this game tends to make you tale with an Arnold accent for a few days after , then you forget why you keep saying I'll be back to everyone , its a big draw as its a well know box office theme , good fun and always worth a play .
2 years ago
Thought I would like this game. Dont really think it offers much last ability.
I do really like the terminator, just not the game.
2 years ago
The cannon. The cannon. The cannon!

Sure, T2 is probably best-known for its cannon toy and the "Direct hit" call-out, but that feature alone really does make the game. I'm guessing there are purists and naysayers who dislike the cannon, as well as players who try to offer some sort of iconoclastic deconstruction of T2's overlooked features, but c'mon - it's really all about the cannon.

Multiballs come easy and the ball moves clean and swiftly on most games. T2 isn't a drain monster or really all that difficult to play - but I'm always just trying to get to the cannon-firing shots / modes.

T2 also holds a special place in my personal pinball playing experience because it was the first game that I played well over and over again. I've earned lots of replays and even a few high scores on this game - I'd own it in a heartbeat, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Not because it is a great overall game, but for the (......wait for it......) CANNON!
2 years ago
My first pin. A present from my wife

It is a good pin for playing a quick game. When my wife clean her hairs, it's time for judgement day.
Solid like Tetris an game boy.
Ramps flowing fine, it's a good goal to get a super jackpot. Then the day is yours
2 years ago
I'll be back ....remember those words because you will...and then some! T2 is unforgiving in play if you are a novice you will find the ball drains quickly down the center lane, but keep at it you will be back! More experienced pinheads will appreciate the flow and the ball lock that leads to the cannon! Yes, I said cannon which is why combined with the skull that make it a definite must have. Definitely LED this game with the ice blue bulbs as main colors and 4 LED red for the skull eyes. Then you have Arnold's distinct commanding voice that puts you in the zone. In my opinion for any pinhead this is a must have to add to their collection. The value in this game is incredible and the science fiction futuristic theme will transcend time and value, no matter the decade! If you have the chance definitely play this machine, again LED is incredible and compliments the value and play!
2 years ago
Super fast game went set up steep great artwork and cab, fun and fast got bored a little quickly
3 years ago
Overall a good machine, which definitely represents the movie well.

- nice combination of habitrails and ramps
- pop bumper multipliers
- pop bumpers exposed, nicely visible
- outlane saver is a great addition
- interesting slingshot plastics
- great speech from the movie
- Terminator head is a fantastic element of the playfield

- playfield too simple, not a fan of the artwork
- cabinet artwork could be improved
- overall lack of toys and gimmicks
- only 2 flippers, game could be more interesting with 3 (4 is a bit of overkill on a non-widebody pin)
3 years ago
For Williams 1st DMD pin - its not bad, not deep by any means but that is not what T-2 is about

you pump the ramps and build up to the large points

Multiball is neat in this pin and you use the canon to fire the ball to the lit target

Steve Ritchie does get coined the title "The King of Flow" for nothing

Video mode is also very fitting shooting endoskeletons in the battle field

I have owned 2 and with a wide collection sure, small collection limited space might not have staying but that is just my opinion
3 years ago
Can become repetitive. Fun game but it feel s like it is mastered quickly. If I had more room I probably would have keep it just because I love the terminator movies,
3 years ago
A cool movie Arne themed game..... Good flow.. May get old for some. Excellent video mode..

3 years ago
I know this is a pin-classic. I'd not played much since it came out circa 1992. When I played on location, it was next to an Attack from Mars. I played approximately 40 games on T2, and a mere 20 on AFM, so that was an indicator of what I liked best.

That said, there are some posts that are, in my mind, stupidly placed, and result in STDM's.

I find it fun, but not perfect. For me, the plunge with the gun is bad. I need a proper plunger to control the skill shot.

I dunno...I love that Arnie did the voice-work. I also like some of the art--it is clear the same folk who later did the Shadow did this one.

That's my two-cents.
There are 266 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 11.

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