Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Williams, 1991)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Game design: 7.853

Artwork: 7.828

Sounds/Music: 7.534

Other Aspects: 7.957

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There are 256 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
I'm glad I waited a few months of owning this title before rating it. I originally somewhat dismissed it, it didn't have enough shots or wasn't deep enough. I've had the opportunity to first, dial it in and get it playing like it should. It has smooth shots an the game plays incredibly fast. Not sure if it's a T2 thing or not, but my pop bumpers are ultra sensitive and fire rapidly when the ball is in play. A Pinsound board made a huge difference in sound quality too. I am using the original speakers and I swear it sounds like I have it hooked to a sub. I think this is one of the better <$2500 games out there. A total package in gameplay, theme and price.
19 days ago
Great game layout, cannon is a bit repetitive and extremely easy to master the timing. Machine holds up really well, satisfying ramp shots, cabinet art is so-so. translight is really nice especially when tastefully backlit. very straightforward ruleset that does get stale in a small collection but the theme is fantastic for the era.
20 days ago
Not that terrible. Too much over-rated in my opinion, because of the license. Of course the theme is well respected, but the game itself is ultimately not so varied as that.
50 days ago
This was our first pin and the only one that was ever routed. It took some time to fix some issues with the skull ball popper, but this is one of our most played pins. Great theme (how can you go wrong with Arnie as the Terminator). Good voice callouts with the real deal's voice. This is a shallow ruleset pin, but it moves fast and the multi-ball is great. This is a keeper in our game room.
56 days ago
First, I feel that this is a good game, but I don't think it's a great game.I feel like it's very repetitive for shots and speeches I feel like it's a little overrated. For multi ball and jackpots very unique with the cannon. That's my favorite part. However there's not that many shots on the table, and not many cool gimmicks that many games have. It has a plastic $3 skull with $3 plastic plane, etc... I feel like it's a little cheap and scores huge. Top 60 game. Once again it's a good game and I own it. I like it. I have several games that I enjoy a little more. Fun game to drop quarters in. I just edited my original rating .... Here are the key take always. I really do enjoy the game more the 2nd time around. I didn't realize how much I missed the game after I sold it. A very fun game. I love this game even more the 2nd time around. Maybe I was a little harsh with this title. Now, I can't stop playing the game. I still think cheap toys, but it's a great game. Yes I changed.
86 days ago
Didn't toot my fancy.

I did give it a higher score after playing it a few hours recently and trying not to pre-judge pins and theming as I typically do... I just end up disappointed. This is a fun game, just wouldn't buy it ...
3 months ago
I'm all about the theme and this one is definitely right up my alley! I'm a huge Arnold fan and it doesn't get any better than call outs from his while you play pinball. Terminator 2 was one of my favorite movies growing up as a kid so this one rates high on my scale. Also, it is great game too! Almost as good as T3!
3 months ago
Not a favorite for game play but respect the over all execution. The design team integrated the theme terrifically which I feel really carries the game as a whole.
4 months ago
I actually wanted to get a copy of this game until playing it. Now I'm not so sure. My kids and I played it once and had no reason to go back. LOVED the movie, the game was kinda meh. Can't figure out why it's so highly rated.
4 months ago
I do not really care for the theme a whole lot but there are worse out there. Overall, really fun game.
5 months ago
This is the game I put the most quarters in when I see it in the wild. Always seems to make you okay that 1 last game.
5 months ago
Love the gun on the side
7 months ago
I docked this one also because of it's age but the amount of people who play it are hooked to it..excellent
7 months ago
T2 is my longest owned pin.
Always has that one more shot feeling.
A properly executed big jackpot cannon shot makes you feel really happy, with all the lights blazing!

Great flow, hit right ramp, left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, cpu, big points!
While the shots are pretty straightforward and easy, it just never seems to get tiring.

I might eventually sell it, but only if the wife agrees.
I LED'd mine out tastefully and with a cleaned and waxed playfield this thing is blazing fast.
7 months ago
This game seems to really divide people. Some people love it (I do) and others don't. I don't compare it to the games that came after it that perhaps were more complex, but those games also generally cost more. To me, it was a nice addition to my collection. Not as basic as my early SS game, but not as advanced as my later DMD game. Sometimes I don't feel like playing a complicated game, and just want to play a fast game with good flow and a theme that I really enjoy (yes, I am a terminator fan and unlike most people, thought the original was the very best). I think I might get bored if this was the only game in my collection (although they can be purchased for a reasonable price), but with several games it fits in very nicely and won't be leaving any time soon.
7 months ago
This is just a great, great game. The drop target/VUK/cannon multiball is super fun, the ramp shots have a great flow, it's got one of the best video modes in all of pinball, and many ways to play to rack up points. Arnold's speech takes it over the top. Definitely a keeper.
7 months ago
Have you ever tried to rekindle an old flame, like an old girlfriend you used to date in high school who you really wanted to get back together with? You finally after all these years get to meet up with her and for weeks the anticipation builds and builds when suddenly you are face to face with her for the first time in years. After talking to her for about 15 minutes you realize there is nothing there, and that flame has gone, that ship has sailed and there are a lot of other girls that are more compatible for you. This was T2 for me. I loved the movies growing up as a kid and played this pin when I was young. When I tried it out recently, I found the game monotonous and the lack of shot selection did not help no matter how much I wanted to like the game. The sounds were good though....

Updated rating! I played a T2 that was in way better condition and it made a HUGE difference. I could actually hit the ramps, it played smooth with lots of action and it was a lot of fun. Definitely on my list again.
7 months ago
Not much going on with this pin. The music and callouts are great but the game is too basic to get me into it.
8 months ago
A very simple game mechanically but the cold looking artwork and metal helps perfectly capture the theme of the franchise. Great flowing game with a simple layout you can shoot shot to shot (combos if you will) all day long. One of my favourite games ever made but I might be a little biased due to the theme, either way a great game that's simple to shoot and tonnes of fun.
9 months ago
Good game but very rinse and repeat, found my self just doing the same combo to get high scores on supers and the multiball. Not alot of variation for a small collection but still looking alot of fun. Can be a straight down the middle machine till you learn the ins and outs
9 months ago
Our family had T2 in the lineup for over a year. It's a good approachable machine for most, as the majority recognizes the universal Terminator theme. It's a good title but not something you should consider in a smaller lineup. T2 has that classic layout & a great light show, but beyond that ~ this title can easily be manipulated. Hit the alternative ramps, complete the top rollovers, & go for mutiball. Also, once you get the pattern down, going for the 50 million point shot becomes second nature. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine!
10 months ago
Only just picked one up, so its a bit early for detail.
First impressions, good fun and a good looking pin.Certainly draws attention.
I like Steve Ritchie pins, so I think I am going to have some fun with this pin.

OK, played it a lot and understand the rules,now.
Personally I like that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out the rules in a game of pinball.
Obviously the cannon to rack up points, but I also enjoy shooting all the other features, as well.
Fast and fun,looks great all chromed out,stunning light show all in all a very good pin
10 months ago
Extremely fast pinball machine with straight forward rules. Great skill shots, incredible call outs, a cannon that shoots the pinball across the play field, together with whipping fast looping and ramps make this game incredible. The game ties in the movie perfectly. Call outs are performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. When dropping kids off at school I’ll say “get out” and they know it’s a quote from this game. “I’ll be back” for another game.
10 months ago
My first pin was T2. Has a nice amount of shots and you can be rewarded with consistency.
11 months ago
It's one of the classic of S. Ritchie. Very fast and fun. Excelent call outs. Great Pinball
There are 256 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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