Taxi (Williams, 1988)


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Game design: 8.05

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Other Aspects: 8.064

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8 days ago
Taxi is a great system 11 game. Simple rules, fairly easy to understand. Jackpots are challenging but doable. I wish the ramps had better flow, they're a little clunky. Perhaps (?) my favorite system 11...?
46 days ago
One of the true great System 11 games and Mark Ritchie's best game design. Python's art is no slouch either. This game, when properly set up, feels so great to shoot, and flows like butterscotch onto a sundae. Unlike the butterscotch, the game can be blazing fast and hard to keep up with--there's a delicate balance between flow and control unlike any other game I can think of. You can see how Taxi was born out of big brother Steve Ritchie's High Speed in Mark's previous game Road Kings. Taxi tosses aside the seriousness and gritty nature of those themes and really creates something special by concentrating on unimpeded flow. To pick up passengers requires shot accuracy too, and the game demands you do things in the proper order and within demanding time constraints. Oh, and the Taxi jackpot of the greatest attention getters in all of pinball. A true classic.
65 days ago
I own a table so I am biased, but I love all aspects of this game. The music and sound package is top notch! The call-outs are memorable and funny! You can't beat PinBot saying "Taxi, Taxi" and the tunes that play when picking up passsengers for each character are well implemented. I love all the music clips on the different modes.

Some people may not like the symmetrical set up, but hitting left ramp/right ramp combinations is satisfying, as well as properly aimed Gorbie and Santa Clause shots. The playfield art is simple, and just ok. Definitely not busy like some other tables and the top down perspective is very simplified but work well for the game. The cabinet art is great! The taxi driver on the translite is just downright creepy.

I love playing this table! If you find one on location, give it a few games!
79 days ago
Definitely a classic. Really fun targeting each passenger. Pretty decent flow, too. If you're looking for a classic sys11 I would say put this one right up at the top of your list after Diner.
3 months ago
The theme and art are "meh", but not nearly as "meh" as the gameplay.
3 months ago
This is the machine I seek out at shows. I log many, many games when I can find it. I wouldn't own it, but for its era, simply the best. Can be super fast, or you can pick off the shots.
4 months ago
Really an overrated machine. Played a few different examples, just couldn't get into it. No long term fun.
4 months ago
My favorite out of the system 11 games. A fun layout that is fast with 2 nice ramps to combo back and forth. The rules are well down and the jackpot is really rewarding when you can cash it in. The short timer on it really builds up the pressure. Good art and a goofy theme that doesn't take itself very serious.
6 months ago
For a 1 level game from '88, this is the best there is. It's fast, fun and does a great job with the theme. The perfect "5 minute game."

People have no idea who Gorby is anymore, but all other passengers are cool.

The Taxi driver on the back glass freaks me out.
7 months ago
Taxi is an alright system 11 pin. Not nearly as good as Diner or Sorcerer, Mark Ritchie's other pins from the 80s, but not bad.
9 months ago
Classic William's game. It seems to bring something to the table for all ages and the game is very additive. Love Gorbie and Marilyn voices. Easy rules but difficult to get all the passengers on just one ball.
10 months ago
Not much to say. It's a classic. One of my favorites and is always fun to play. It's not too deep, but it's tough enough to keep me coming back.
11 months ago
Great system 11 game. Simple and addicting.
1 year ago
Early review. So far, I really enjoy this pin. Nice quick game with an excellent theme. Nice bright play field too. I am not fond of complex games and this one is pretty simple. The only weakness is a lack of lighting on the lower play field. Thrilled to have it in my game room.
1 year ago
This game is always going to be a classic. Easy to understand the game rules and fun to play! A little simplistic but that was what makes it an easy chill game. Although, it does get exciting when you're under pressure to collect the jackpots. Sometimes I feel like I can ride the ramps forever back and forth. Once mastered the multiball shot becomes extremely easy. It has a little bit of everything going on extra balls skillshots. An easy game once mastered but still fun.
1 year ago
I didn't like this game much when it first came out so didn't play it much back then and still feel the same way. I don't know why it get's such high ratings from others. Perhaps I need to play it some more and find out what it is people like so much.
1 year ago
this taxi was everywhere on location in the late 80's it was part of my getting back into pinball and a start of newer and better games to come...a great classic, two ball muti ball is perfect for the game tbree would b too crowded ,love the bell classic arcade feel everytime i get it to ring i wouldnt change anything about this and fun great game at still a great price....yo taxi
1 year ago
Awesome game. Owned it twice, and it's not leaving again. One of the best System 11 games period. This the game I could not stop playing in the late 80's and really got me addicted to pinball. Simple and not very deep ruleset, but it works. Easy to understand for the non-pinhead Simple goal: pickup the 5 passengers, hit the jackpot. Easy? no, but a great feeling once achieved. Game just has it all. Love the crisscross ramps too. Great sound which really ties into the theme. Just overall a very addicting pin.
1 year ago
this is a machine i remember playing and liking as a kid. to this day it's sound profile brings me back a little. as a young person playing it i was struck by the humorous concept of dracula, marilyn monroe, mikhail gobechev, and santa claus sharing a taxi ride. as i got older and more into pinball i appreciate it's layout. a smooth not overly fussy play field and rule set.
1 year ago
I found this game at a show, and it was so fun. Great game!!!
1 year ago
Taxi may be the most approachable and easy-to-learn game of all time. The objective is incredibly simple and can be figured out quickly, however it is difficult to pull off, and getting the jackpot lit provides are terrific adrenaline rush. On paper I should absolutely love this game, and for a while it was a grail game that I looked for forever, however once I finally got one it just didn't play as enjoyable as I expected it to. Dangerous feeds from the pops/kickout, plus the dangerous nature of the drop-targets made me instead just go for the easy ramps to million, rather than bothering with the going for the jackpot, and overall the playfield just felt eh to play.
1 year ago
Taxi was exactly like I anticipated. Fast and fun and pretty hard.
One of the best skill shots I've come across to start your ball and then it's just fun. I enjoyed the sounds and art but it hits a home run in what really
Not deep enough to be your only pin.
1 year ago
I am lucky enough to have this as my first game. It hooked me into pinball. I never get sick of playing this game no matter how many time I play it.
1 year ago
This is a fun pin. It plays fast and has a very simple and easy to understand theme.

It is not highly complex but it's just challenging enough. Straightforward, fast, interesting, etc.

The sounds get a bit repetitive but the theme is integrated very well.

Would I buy it? Considering it is a great value, sure.
1 year ago
Classic, one of my favorites even among new sterns and modern solid state machines.
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