Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996)

Tales of the Arabian Nights

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Game design: 8.389

Artwork: 8.789

Sounds/Music: 8.108

Other Aspects: 8.439

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There are 381 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
Arguably, one of the best machines ever made. I think there are few machines that can match this game. For me, this was quintessential pinball. The theme, the mystere, the layout, the really cool genie with the light up eyes. The artwork was second to none. The entire game was just superb.

To be fair, shooting the lamp could get a bit repetitive and the game rules weren’t overly in depth, but overall, this was and is the pin everyone wants to play, and then play again beachside it is just so much fun.

Edit: Played it again at a friend's house and updated my rating. I want this pin.
24 days ago
Pretty looking game, although I don't like the backglass. Cabinet and playfield art are stunning.
Lot of fun shots. Great ramps, love the magnets and ballsave cages. Vanishing the ball under the playfield is a cool feature. Can get a bit boring after playing it over and over if this is your only pin or in a very small collection.
24 days ago
Playing this on pinball arcade was what got me to buy my first machine. Beautiful game with proper leds, best looking game ive ever played. Airballs can be brutal, and fairly easy to complete wizard mode. Can get old in a small collection. I only have room for 2 machines so got old for me.
56 days ago
An old classic that we have put on our must have list! Great game and hopefully to be remade soon!
78 days ago
fun game to play and will be in my collection for a long time
82 days ago
Tales of Arabian Nights has a great theme, fun skill shot and excellent artwork. The game can be challenging, but that's what makes you want to come back for more.
82 days ago
All time favorite game.
89 days ago
The Spikes that come up from the outlane save is the best of any pinball game .. Bar none !!!
89 days ago
Great theme and artwork. Game play is great with plenty of shots and good shot layout. With some upgraded lighting and some simple mods this machine would really come to life. The one I played was a bit dull and had some wear. Great lane ball save feature. The lamp does get a bit annoying sometimes when trying to make shots and clutters the playfield a little, but also it also ads something to the overall game. Would love to play a nice clean well lighted and set up machine. This pin is well deserved of a top ten spot.
3 months ago
Great game. Rescuing the princess is always fun and is not too difficult when you collect gems through making a wish. The music and sounds are great on this machine and the genie on the playfield is a cool touch.
3 months ago
Great looking game, but software falls a bit short of potential.
3 months ago
Beautiful game to look at and listen to. Unfortunately it is marred by to many airballs (at least in the example I played) and a wizard mode that is to easy to get to for my tastes. I could live without the lamp as I prefer playfields that are a little more open. I love the multiball start on this game and how you start modes. The modes make good use of the whole playfield. Throwing the fireball back at the genie seems to happen to often and isn't worth that many points.

Overall it is obviously a classic and worthy of being an A-lister, I would just rate it farther down that list than some other games.
4 months ago
A classic. This is one of the best pinball machines ever designed.
4 months ago
My favourite - one of the greatest. On my wishlist, when I find one that's available, I'll have it.
4 months ago
I love this game. I love the theme. I love collecting jewels, saving the princess, and battling the genie. This game could only be better if it were a widebody superpin with a 6 ball multiball wizard mode and deeper software. Alas, the joy is so short. It doesn't take long enough to complete the software. I wish it had been deeper, but I love it regardless! However, it's not deep enough for me to plonk down $9000. I can have at least 2 deeper pins for that kind of money.
4 months ago
Maybe one of the best games ever made.
4 months ago
Great game. Lots of depth and an awesome ruleset. Looks beautiful.
5 months ago
So pretty, so very pretty. Love the serpent ramps, love the lamp like the whole feel of the game. Not as hard as some, some breakdown in the rules where you can just bash the lamp rather than make shots but I still love it. A favorite
5 months ago
Great package. Shots are a tone of fun. The lamp spinner and genie are great toys. Unique theme. Love the magnets and the ball saves. Friggen awesome! Many pins in the top 100 don't deserve to be there. This one does for sure!
5 months ago
Tales of the Arabian Nights is a beautiful game to look at it, and thankfully also very fun to play! There is a good level of difficulty in some of the shots - particularly the orbits and skill shot - that keep the game challenging, and the playfield is very unique with the best ramp in Pinball. The Genie and Lamp toys are good, but it's the use of magnets on the game that make you stop and say 'okay that's neat'. Some people argue the rules are repetitive with always having to shoot the golden symbols, but I disagree, I think it's the audio cue that's repetitive because each mode requires different symbols and combinations so technically different areas of the playfield are utilized for each tale giving plenty of variety. The audio, particularly the bonus count, is also very in keeping with the theme and great to listen to. Very good mutliball start too. This is definitely one of my favourite games!
5 months ago
This has to be, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully-designed tables I've ever played. Colorful playfied, awesome toys and cinematic-level audio (the musical scoring in this game is incredible and doesn't sound at all synthetic or electronic) make this game a winner. The issue is that the ball draining down the middle is an annoying problem -- but it's replaced with joy when the machine calculates your score set to a nice light show and sitar music before a brilliant blue flash of light travels along the board and finishes things off. The female narrator adds a magical tone to the proceedings and battling the genie is always uniquely satisfying. Table is a winner -- though the "missions" can get repetitive.
6 months ago
With variations of multiple stories this game always draws me back to play. So many interesting different shots can be accomplished with flipper skills. Great lighting and theme.
6 months ago
The game is "ok". Nothing I would want to own, but might play it at a location. Don't really care for the theme or art. The game plays ok, but is pretty repetitive. The spinning lamp is an ok toy, but doesn't make much sense to spin for the game. The skill shot is a good challenge.
7 months ago
My wife's favourite. This is a great table that I find very challenging. A huge plus is that women absolutely love it, which is a real added bonus. The use of magnets is fantastic and really adds to the magical feel and theme. The speech is so eloquent and the combination of male and female narration is very well done. The light show and music is also very well integrated into the theme. This game has it all...cool toys, nice dmd graphics (which really pop if you upgrade to a colour dmd) and great music. A real keeper, it took my ages to find her and I won't be letting her go for a long time.
8 months ago
This is a pretty simple and straightforward game, but wonderfully fun. Like it's cousin, Theater of Magic, there isn't much to the multiball, and the tales are pretty linear. Being simple and easy to understand really isn't a problem, though, as the game has a nice variety of shots, and is great for someone who is just learning the ins and outs of pinball. The wizard mode is also quite entertaining! My eleven year-old daughter and I played this quite a bit on Pinball Arcade before we could find a nice one on location, and I really think this is the game that got her excited about pinball.
There are 381 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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