Tales from the Crypt (Data East, 1993)

Tales from the Crypt

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Game design: 7.963

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Sounds/Music: 7.114

Other Aspects: 8.083

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Found 154 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
Tales from the Crypt plays a lot like Tommy and Jurassic park and other data east games from the same era. If you enjoy the theme then you'll like this game in particular. Plenty of modes to play through and some pretty tough shots on this game in particular.
42 days ago
one of my favorite game, the best animation so far, music and sounds are awsome, very fun.
55 days ago
Awsome game, sounds, music and dmd animations are top for me, very fun pinball, i add just 1 or 2 toys for be perfect.
60 days ago
Such a fun game.

The Good:
-horror and pinball just go together. GREAT theme integration.
-the DOTS!! Maybe the best dots in all of pinball pre-LCD. If you own this game, you MUST buy a Color DMD for it. Seriously, I don't even have any of their displays on my games, but this one is a must. Perfect animation with a color DMD.
-GREAT shots! And tight! Wow. Sniping skills are absolutely mandatory on this one.
-Such fun modes if you like horror. And plenty of em. The code on this game is incredible. Possibly Data East's best.
-The neon green on this game looks SO good under a blacklight. Do a search on this game and ways to trick it out with blacklight. Incredible.
-Great artwork and sounds. Love it.

The Bad:
-too much Cryptkeeper laughing.
-theme is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. And definitely an adult-themed pin. While I love it, I understand why this won't work in everyone's collection
3 months ago
Not a fan of the scratchy artwork, but the game suits the theme well.
4 months ago
Really didnt know what i was missing bang for buck what a terrific game
4 months ago
Ok, first, I am a sucker for horror themes. I grew up reading horror comic books. I have a TWD PRO, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Ghost Busters, and a Grand Lizard. When a TFTC became available locally I made an offer and got the game for a reasonable price. For an almost 25 year old game, and a re-import from Spain, it was in good shape all considering—but it had a lot of “small” electrical issues I needed to sort one by one. Mainly switches and repairing some meatball surgery hack jobs that had been performed on the boards in the preceding years.

Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME. Maybe because I have restored it 100% playability and made it look great again, but the play is fun. I don’t find the Crytpkeeper’s puns to be annoying in the least, but I can see how it can get on someone’s nerves. The rules can be deep, at least as deep as any early 1990’s game. The PF is just wonderful. When you LED out the PF it looks even better.
The backbox is a love it or hate it back glass. It alludes to different episodes of the series. Even with low intensity LED’s I found the back box too bright and took out several of the lights just to tone it down.

The ramps are great, and the one on the right loops if you can make it (tight shot!). The bash toy is the tombstone which is near impossible to hit with the lower flippers. But there is a spinner target that also leads to a VUK when multi-ball is lit, giving you either the Tombstone VUK or the spinner VUK to activate the multi-ball. You can get a good ruleset at Pinball.Org. It told me all I needed to know about the gameplay and how to rack up the points.

Overall I think it’s probably one of the top Data East games. It has that “just one more game” factor for me. My game did have a number of problems but nothing that could not be solved by asking around on Pinside. Every part I needed to replace could be found on line from Ebay to Marco to one of the many other vendors out there supplying pinball parts.

So game play is fine, and if you like horror themes, then this will look great in your collection, and even better next to a Walking Dead!
6 months ago
One of the best DE games, and very underrated as many DE games are in my opinion. Probably in the top 5 for me personally up there with TOmmy and Star Wars. Looks amazing with LED upgraded lighting. Play is a lot of fun, good variation of shots, great artwork and coloring . Just a fun game period and a classic IMO
7 months ago
Very underrated pin. Watched this series and jumped on the game when I found one. Lot of different modes to keep it fun and the shaker adds a nice dimension. Lots of different images from the series on the game. I really love this pin and bummed the ex got it in the divorce!!! Trying to get her to sell it back to me now that the color DMD has come out! Data East gets a bad rap - but is one of their best titles. The door knocker shooter looks cool and is a nice unique touch.
7 months ago
Amazing pinball from data east very fun.. The best multiball 6 balls
8 months ago
I actually enjoyed this game a bunch, but I used to read the comics when I was younger. The spinners and ramp was fun to hit for me and my girlfriend, so I eventually would like to pick this game up one day
9 months ago
what a clunk monster. not much fun here, well it is a data east...soooo. great theme and artwork, goes to show art and theme don't always equal a great shooter.
9 months ago
The first thing that stood out for me is the playfield artwork which is beautiful for this pin. The crypt jam wizard mode is a great motivator to keep on playing and very challenging to get which increases the game's lastability. Overall it is a fun game and if you like puns this is the pinball table for you!
9 months ago
Love me some TFTC. This table has it all: strong modes, achievable multiball, strong layout, great call-outs! It has the typical Data East sound quality, but if you can get past that, it's not so bad. It also has the typical Data East flashing when multiball is ready. When playing in a dark room, this can be quite distracting, even blinding. Wish there was a way to get rid of that. Otherwise, it's a ton of game for the money. Would love to add to my small collection one day!
10 months ago
Love this game. Nice machine to play 'a' game. Very solid game. Run without problems for me for long time. Without the alternative translite it looks a bit to ugly to me. But with! Light and Day. Doesnt get old.
Love the shots, big variety, rules set deep but not controlling. the Crypt jam is awesome. Overall a game to come back to. Have owned one, think id buy one again if it came my path. Coolest Data East for sure. Gotta love the theme, voices and artwork. Cracks me up every time. Some just put a smile on ur face. To me this is one of em.
10 months ago
If you can get past the incessant cackling (which I can), this is a great game. The layout is unique and fun, the theme is great, and the art grows on you after a while.
10 months ago
Cool game, nice looking design and fun theme, but that crypt keeper laugh is all it takes for me not never wanting to near this machine.
11 months ago
Deeply over looked game. Satisfying ramp shots, great multiballs, good music and hilarious call outs. If you remember the showorld it adds an extra bond to the theme. Shaker motor is on point along with some of the modes. Has alot of last ability. Playfield art is love or hate. I don't think I'll part with this game anytime soon and I feel it deserves in top 50. Oh some of the best dmd animations. In my opinion get this game while it's affordable. It's challenging enough to get great at but easy enough to enjoy if your a casual player
11 months ago
This title was in our lineup for approximately a year. Though the machine plays a bit clunky & the build quality isn't exactly top of the line.... Once one gets past that ~ there is a fun factor to be experienced. The theme w/ the updated code makes this machine a thrill to play. The modes vary in difficulty, as each mode is unique & different by what you need to do to accomplish or complete each objective. In other words, the overall gameplay will have you shooting all around the playfield during the entire game. The callouts are not overly repetitious & are actually entertaining & funny. Additionally, getting to the wizard mode is quite a challenge & when you do it is a thrilling accomplishment. Overall this is a very fun machine w/ a relatively deep rule set. It's theme is spot on, & the difficulty factor will challenge you to eventually make it to the final objective wizard mode. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine!
12 months ago
Fun Pinball with a very cool theme!
1 year ago
Pros:Challenging, yet fun game. The creature features make you work the entire play field. Wizard mode is hard to get but very satisfying. The artwork is excellent. Shaker motor is a nice feature. Callouts are great. Music and sound in general are awesome.

Cons: The crypt/scoop shot to activate the features is quite hard to hit and limits some of the fun factor for beginners. The crypt jam music is great but hard to hear over the 6 ball multiball. CJ has been hit more times than monster jackpot, so I wish that was tweaked a bit better as monster jackpot also has some awesome music.

There are many pins out there that have the classic ball lock, rinse repeat but this game utilizes the tombstone bash toy to start the main multi ball. Once you lower the tombstone and hit the shot, there's a kickass animation of the player heading into the vault, the whole time the game is rumbling from the shaker. That is how you lead up to a multi ball. Hit the jackpot, a zombie gets sawed in the face with a data east branded chainsaw. Friggen A! Just a single jackpot mode? Nope. Gotta hit your Double jackpot mode now. Ok, now you're good. Nah, friggen Monster jackpot! The whole time you have chances to add balls.

Multiple multi ball modes, ripping spinners, hitting ramps, captive balls, cool animations and sounds.. the more pins I play on location the better I realize this game is.

Definitely an underrated game.
1 year ago
On my list to own. Fun game and good theme.
1 year ago
TFTC is a good pin with a lot of game for the bucks.

+ Shaker
+ Theme
+ nice playfield layout design
+ 6-Ball Multiball

- Keepers laugh
- felt a bit clunky
- gets repetetiv fast

I think with the 6.0V rom Version from ChadH it would be better.
1 year ago
fun to play had a judge dredd and i like this a lot better
1 year ago
I have owned this game for a while. The game plays well and is very entertaining. Out of the box it is a little dull and dim but I have added a ton of mods to it--electric chair, werewolf, zombie for the crypt, metallica graveyard blades to the sides, LEDs all over the place...which livens it up a lot. Audio is a little annoying but I don't think I have played a pin yet where at some point I haven't gotten tired of some part of the audio. BY FAR the best Data East game. I never get tired of it--if this were a williams or bally machine everyone would be way more excited about it I guarantee!
There are 154 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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