Surfer (Gottlieb, 1976)


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This game got 18 approved ratings and currently scores 7.794 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.938

Artwork: 8.267

Sounds/Music: 3.904

Other Aspects: 7.777

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3 years ago
Surf Champ/Surfer is a brilliant design/layout by Ed Krynski the rules on this table are incredibly well implemented and considering this is an EM multiplayer, made even more impressive.

The Pros:
Believe it or not... bonus is the key to this game. You have to know what to shoot and what to aim for. Getting the upper saucer lit to 5k is great, but shooting it and making it stick is a whole different matter. The spinner has to shot towards the side or the left bumper will make you pay for it SDTM! Drop targets are tough shots and deflect the ball into the pop bumpers. lighting 3x bonus on the last ball will make the difference between you winning or losing a game.

The Cons:
Tilting with 3x bonus.... Aaaaagh! Damn that space between the flippers.

The Takeaway:
Classic Gottleib in so many ways. Now I just have to find one in good shape for a good price. I like the art on the 2 player version a bit more with the guy getting tossed into the surf and the jets in the sky. A true player's game from the brilliant mind of Master K.
4 years ago
i played this game alot as a kid with my dad. when em pins were still made gottlieb was the kingpin and this was one of their best. if you get the chance to play a surfer or surf champ(4 player version), do it its old school pinball at its finest.
There are 2 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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