Street Fighter II (Gottlieb, 1993)

Street Fighter II

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Game design: 6.815

Artwork: 6.109

Sounds/Music: 6.38

Other Aspects: 6.778

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There are 56 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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37 days ago
Had this I my place for a while but barely played it as I have other better machines.
It's built like a tank and should be reliable with a little TLC but the toys and playfield are pretty clunky.
Good starter game for kids. Seems to appeal to Street fighter freaks but it really lacks flow for pinball diehards.
The car crusher pretty dumb but some of the other shots are ok and the game is pretty logical and easy to understand. Happy to see it go.
37 days ago
Worst WORST WORST DMD ever made. Someone has to be at the bottom. and SF2 has fully earned it with flying colors. Someone really shite the bed on this one.
58 days ago
Plays like a 90s Gottlieb. Say no more.
66 days ago
Being a fan of fighting games from the 90's, the theme for this pin goes well by me. I appreciate the fact that you have to get the 12 fighters to begin Wizard mode, even though you can get Mr.Bison first. The saver beneath the flippers is something I like. The backglass is...funny. The characters are bizaroid on it, weird shaped body and look on their face. This pin is underrated but everybody's got their opinion.
68 days ago
somewhat underwhelming. great theme is squandered in a late gottlieb game where they seem to be hardly trying. lower level car smash toy seems like it could have had more to it.
4 months ago
Great pinball. I don't understand The hate for this machine. Fun to play And great theme
4 months ago
There are a lot of people who despise this pin and I can empathize with them as to why. The stop and go aspect, the nasty looking translite, car crunch, the music and callouts, the horrible DMD animations, only 3 ball multiball....yada yada. I get it.

But this pin is for those who enjoyed playing the arcade game. There's a certain nostalgia I get from playing this pin. It nicely incorporates the arcade game mode of defeating all the fighters. There are some tricky shots and some funky ramps. The callouts and sounds are just corny as heck...but they always bring a smile to my face.

Best pin ever? Nope....but it's a keeper for me.

UPDATE Aug 2017 - Just installed a color DMD with the animations completely redone and re colorized by a fellow pinsider. Absolutely stunning work and really makes the machine pop! (
4 months ago
First off, I am a big street fighter 2 fan. This pin has great music and IMO represents and captures the theme fairy well. The only problem is that it is a gottleib machine. I think the machine is great for the right price but a few things could make the game go a long way. Here are my cons with the machine

-No auto launch for multi ball
-No ball save/timer for multiball
-Only two ball multiball (not considering torpedo as its more rare)
-Animations are piss poor
-Callouts aren't great.

-Good game for the price
-Cool theme
-Great level of challenge/fun
-Tricky shots
6 months ago
Street Fighter II is a challenging game with gameplay that stays true to the source material. The playfield layout is original and there's lots going on. 3 floors, 3 flippers, 2 Stargate Ramps and lots of shots keep things interesting.

The music is pretty cool and engaging. Some sound bites are awesome and come straight from the video game. Others however are pretty rediculous.

The game certainly has its flaws. Mainly in the software- and the art department. However, name me one flawless pin. This pin certainly does not deserve the heaps of hate it gets. It's no Striker Extreme. Gottlieb's main problem is that they miss the finesse that makes the Bally/WMS from this time period so popular.

Lots of things on this pin are tweakable to give a better play experience: the Car Crush, the rules and the flippers come to mind.

If you can find one, give a nicely shopped Street Fighter II a chance. It might surprise you.
6 months ago
Do you remember the girl that people said not to date for various reasons but when you actually take the plunge you come to the realization that she ain't that bad at all and you quite enjoy her? This is Street Fighter! I enjoy this game quite a bit and as many people say it is a shooters pin. There is a lot of stops which isn't necessarily a bad thing. One thing I do not enjoy is the lack of in game bonuses other than the torpedo multiball. I'd also enjoy more than just a 2 ball multi-ball or that 3 ball torpedo multiball. Overall, a great addition to my collection.
7 months ago
still a fan favorite..check with the operators...still worldwide
7 months ago
If you check out my other ratings, you'll see I'm pretty objective, most of the time. I won't be here.

This game sucks. Layout sucks, art sucks, sound sucks, features suck. Possibly the worst game I've ever played. Useless features abound that leave the player scratching their head as to why they are there. Annoying callouts. Art that bears very little resemblance to the video game art that looks like it was done by a careless art student with a C- average. I've given this game a chance. I really have. I play it almost every time I see it. I kid you not, it's really tough to stick it out to the end. Imagine my disappointment when I played one that was set on five ball!

In summary, all pinball is good pinball. Unless it's a Street Fighter 2.

It just plain sucks.
7 months ago
Street Fighter 2: how could anyone possibly screw up this license?? Truth be told, this pin gets a lot of flak here on Pinside and I don't think it's that bad. No, it's not nearly as good as it could and should have been, but how can you fault the designers when Gottlieb was forcing them to pump games out to market so fast (with no code revisions allowed!)?? I digress.

SF2 is a pretty easy game; great for newbies and young players. It's. It's not hard to beat all opponents and end up in the "wizard mode." There's some interesting shots and the whole theme/art/sound is well-known. The game instantly feels "familiar."

Sadly, like so many other Gottliebs of this era, the game just falls flat. It doesn't feel like a quality game, the shots are meh, the artwork terrible (again, how do you screw this up?!), and the animations atrocious. While probably one of the better Premiere decks from this era, that's not saying much. Could of, should of...
8 months ago
I absolutely love the stop and go "sniper shot" aspect of this game. It gives you time to work out where you want to shoot next. You can trap the ball 80% of the time, so games last longer. The car crunch is a little weakly-implemented, and the sound effects can get a little repetitive (but the music is great). I absolutely love how solid this game feels and how well it plays. Wizard mode is awesome! Absolutely an underrated game.
9 months ago
This is a stop-and-go machine for shooters. It may not be for everyone, but it is among my favorites and will be the first machine in my collection.
10 months ago
Really tried to like this game. Fell short of what I expected.
1 year ago
Good game for the price. Owned it for several years and still enjoy playing it. I think the shot selection is very good and I really like the flow. I was a kid when SF2 the video game was big, therefore I love the theme. It really reminds me of the arcade game. Kill an opponent by hitting the lit up shot and do this until you have killed all opponents to make it to the wizard mode. Which is really hard; I think I've only beat it once or twice. The cool thing about this game is there are side missions too that are more important point wise than actually completing wizard mode. I think the points are pretty well distributed based on what you achieve.

Edit - Played SF2 for about 3 hours today. I own quite a few top games and I still think this game is great. You really need to take it for what it is. No it's not TZ or TAF, but it's a game that is just a blast to play. It started out as my only pin for about four years and I played it for a good year until it had some issues. I didn't bother to fix it for a couple of years. That tells me that it's probably not great in a small lineup, but now that I have several machines that include deep games like TZ and TAF it's a great change of pace game because it's so different. I was planning on selling it but am almost considering selling a different game instead.
1 year ago
Ok gottlieb, gets old fast
2 years ago
I owned this machine for 6 months and never felt compelled to play it. I got 865 million early on and really never felt challenged. It is slow with too many stops in the action.
2 years ago
street fighter has alot goin for it but the game is absolutely ruined by the fact that every shot (except for the guile ramp) stops play to serve it up from one of the sinkholes. add that to gottliebs super easy to cradle flippers and this game is as stop and go as any pinball could ever be. it actually seems to reduce the amount of flow from games neighboring it.
2 years ago
I think Street Fighter II is a bit under-rated for a pinball. First, the artwork on the cabinet and play field are exactly what I would want or expect out of a pinball made after the video game of the same title. It's a perfect match.

Second, the play field design - it's not one you'll get ripping around nailing all kinds of crazy orbits or anything, as it's a bit more broken up - but that makes it fun and appealing in its own way. You have to go through and battle 10 opponents, and they all require navigating your way around the play field to make some interesting shots you don't see too often on other machines. It's a bit of a different design for sure, but I find it quite appealing.

The music isn't bad at all for the year, and again, it matches what you'd expect from the old video console days of playing this game. If you're basing the game on how well they've managed to create a pinball version of the video original, then it should probably get a 8 to 10 of 10. If you're rating this game based on Medieval Madness or Twilight Zone, well, they're really completely different breeds. But that doesn't mean this game isn't worth having at all. The uniqueness of the play field layout and the nostalgia factor for any die hard Street Fighter II video game fan makes this one well worth owning.
3 years ago
I love this game, I grew up playing street fighter and the pinball is jus as fun,artwork not great,really underrated,but at the same time if u weren't a big fan of street fighter I can see why you might not like it
3 years ago
I have always bee a SF2 fan and was quite excited to play this pin. After the first 15 minutes it began to grate alittle. the music that i was so excited about to start got repetitive real quick, the DMD graphics were quite poor and the game play felt very repetitive . The theme works well but i felt like for the period, the quality of the graphics are quite poor, especially when SF2 has so much colour and variety that they could have injected into the machine. I did however love the car smashing feature but it was so easy to do it was over in a flash.
3 years ago
not a fan at all, all these Gottliebs at this time felt clunky cheap and rushed.....mario bros, andrettis water world etc too much stopping, and half the time i dont know how i caused a stop....not a good pin at all.

Theme is ok, but artwork is terrible, dmd is laughable, holes & holes everywhere, toys are cheap and poor, sound is so so and that mini car playfield is the worst ive ever seen.

Would never buy this. even in a large collection.
3 years ago
This is a pretty cool playfield that is begging for an entire redo on the programming front.
Delete the animations altogether to speed up the gameplay. Balance the scoring, add more dynamic modes. Find clever ways to utilize the cool toys like Chun Li's kick and the car smash.

There are so many good shots in this game that are entirely underutilized. If you can get in to certain modes, the game intensity ramps up quickly and can actually be a tonne of fun. But most people walk away before defeating the first 3 fighters.

Someone please reprogram the Gottlieb system 3s. I beg you. There is a renaissance in waiting.
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