Starship Troopers (Sega, 1997)

Starship Troopers

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Game design: 7.716

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Other Aspects: 7.657

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There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 days ago
Another great underrated pin from the 90's and definitely Sega's best effort. Unique rules and mini flipper integration along with some great toys and magnets. Call outs and music from the movie add to the atmosphere and are laugh out loud funny. Probably doesn't have the last ability of some other games of the era but for a quick bug blast you can't go wrong!
4 months ago
Starship troopers is a fun game it has a lot of cool toys and some of my favorite callouts. The sound is also good and I like the artwork.
5 months ago
My first pin, and a really fun game that I've found to have lasting power. THe music gets repetitive, but the multiballs are fun, and there are several Easter eggs. Been a great a nd durable machine, too
6 months ago
Nice machine of one of my most favorite movies.

Perfect theming, great toys, really nice gameplay, fast game and always fun! Like to play it again and again to beat the bugs!

Great shoutout "JACKPOT, JACKPOT, ...... SUPER JACKPOT!". Music is a little annoying over time.
7 months ago
Ugh. There's a reason why this table is sold so cheap and why people speak ill of Sega when it comes to pinball. Nearly everything, from the playfield art to the gameplay to the atrocious, screeching, tin-can audio (which includes an awful, looping rock song that sounds like it belongs in an eight-bit action game rather than a pinball table), is ugly. There's even a weird red flipper which really serves no purpose whatsoever and functions on a separate flipper button making the control scheme convoluted and confusing. The gameplay is relatively smooth but the rules aren't all that clear, so it's really just trial and error, hitting targets until you can figure it out for yourself and, even then, there isn't that much depth. Balls drain easy, too. Especially if the machine isn't calibrated and balanced correctly. Even the multiball is terrible, forcing you to keep four balls in play. But with a cramped playfield, it's near impossible to do so. This is another Sega failure.
9 months ago
I just got the game and so far I love it. It's a lot of fun. It's pretty easy to figure out the game and how to play. 4 ball multi ball, and they also have one or two other different multi ball game action. Very fun. I'll add more details when I play for a few weeks. Now, it's still pretty new to me. Great game, and great price.
1 year ago
Had it as a winter project as I could pick up one at a decent price. Fun to play for short period but got bored to soon. Just didn't do it for me :(
1 year ago
SST has great flow and plays fast. Multiballs are where it shines. The third flipper actually becomes more and more useful and fun over time. A great first pin to own! The only real negative is the sound - just not very good quality.
1 year ago
Great underrated game with really good flow. Relatively simple fan layout. Quality wise, these older Sega games havent aged as well as Bally/Williams games of the same era, so needs to be tweaked to be a good player. If you want to know how your new Stern will look and feel in 20 years, this is it.
1 year ago
Such an underrated game. I can play this game for hours. I think the movie is as underrated as this machine.
1 year ago
This game is pure fun. You are in the middle of war against the bugs! This game takes you there if you a fan of the movie. Challenging game that requires real skill and strategy to get high scores. I like that you don't get lost with what you have to do like in some other games.

3rd flipper makes certain shots that can't easily be had with the right flipper.

Psychic video mode is fun when you get a match!

Brain bug delivers the goods!

A keeper!
1 year ago
Flippers feel its Too plastic the backglass lights dont change the playfield art isnt too good sound its mono and only got one speaker
1 year ago
Started out to be a fun game. Rules are challenging and fun. The sound is was ruined this game for me. The alien screeches drove me absolutely crazy after a short time, so I sold it. Theme is cool, and the artwork is decent. Fun game to play if you play with the volume off, but what fun is that.
2 years ago
Solid deck and very under rated IMO. I finally did a full tear down and refurb. Once tuned in this is a quick playing table with a nice fan layout plus some added diversity. Both ramps and orbits are actually back handable to shoot which is great. Mini 3rd flipper is a real treat when you learn how to use it both defensively (slow down an inlane roller and then trap with the big main one or live catch from the rebel scoop) and offensively (shoot the nuke hole on the left and use the main flip to guide you).

Toys are solid with the brain bug being pretty funny and solidly built. The warrior bug is a cool mech also. The in playfield bug countdown displays are way ahead of their time and it takes a few games to adjust to looking there and realizing the full goals of the deck and bug killing.

This table has a bit of strategy and you can choose how to play.

cons: the bug screech is a bit overdone but you can change the balance of speech/music to help lessen it. Be sure to do this.

the orbit mutli can unbalance the game. I suggest setting it to hard which helps rebalance things.
2 years ago
Game has very nice flow. Not a huge fan of the artwork. All the toys are a little much. However has great sounds and overall a fun pin to play. Brain bug is a nice touch.
2 years ago
Wow. This game is good. Don't let the play field deceive you. The shots are fun and somewhat difficult. not to mention that the mini flipper dynamic is superb. Great sound package, fun to play, great game.
2 years ago
Fun and lots to shoot for.
2 years ago
Not my favorite Sega. I find that it gets a bit the music is awful and it never lets down...just a constant loop. Animations are really good for the time period, but thats about it for me.
2 years ago
Music is poor, sound effects become grating. Audio quality is rough. PF art is hideous. Not a fan at all. This game is like faux attack from mars.
3 years ago
Game is fast playing and a challenge to beat it. Lots of various multi-ball scenarios, straight forward rule set with some buried surprises and rewards. Good sounds and solid representation of the movie....makes you want to go back and watch the film. You don't have to love the movie to want to play this one, but it does add to it if you already love the film. It's not easy to beat, and that is why it is a good add to the collection. 3rd flipper adds to the value of targets hit and it helps to use it to advance the planets. Contrary to some comments, I liked the music. Solid feel all around and powerful flippers. Can set up easier or more difficult with 3 to 5 balls per game for some flexibility in the game and to help out the younger players that aren't used to a faster machine. Would be nice if they would have included stereo speakers...they can be modded in, but shouldn't have to be.
3 years ago
Fun game, but not a keeper. Too much multi-ball for me.
3 years ago
I really like this game! People diss Sega all the time, but this game is fantastic. No, it's not the greatest theme (unless you dug the movie), but it works and works well! The game has a great, higher quality feel to it, the shots are really well-thought out (and fun to make!), and it's got a lot of humor. This game is a hidden gem! Don't judge a book by its cover.
3 years ago
Seems like the consensus on sega pins is very negative, but all the ones i've played (including starship troopers) are pretty darn good fun.
3 years ago
Good fun great back box
3 years ago
This is the second Sega in our officr with about 5 other top 50 pins (incl Medieval Madness) and this one is top played from the first day!

-Pretty simple rules; kill bugs and nuke it!
-I, and my colleagues, like the movie and hence the theme
-Plenty of toys in this cabinet!!!
-Original mini-flipper (with a lot of power!) and the bug-kill counter under the playfield
-I like the music/sounds, but this is very personal
-I also like the bright colors on the playfield; awesome!
-It has excellent flow; did not expect it from this one

-Absolutely flimsy quality of the playfield; I have seen about 10 and all of them have lifting of the insert decals. Bad run of playfields for sure! Bah.
-Backboard is lighted with a simple single light. I like the translite, but thats it.
-Well, the backboard cabinet shape is a bit odd. It's not too bad though
-Only 1 horrible speaker. Needs an upgrade (Flipper Fidelity)
-There are noisy relays (not solid state) for switching some flashers. This clicking sound is really annoying.

All in, I am very, very pleased I got this, despite advise from many not to do so!
There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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