Stargate (Gottlieb, 1995)


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Other Aspects: 7.867

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87 days ago
Stargate is by far Gottlieb's best game. The backglass is very original and with the rope light looks great. The playfield design, skill shot, and rules all are excellent. Fun game for all skill levels with heavy use of multi ball. The flip up targets are very cool and I am surprised this idea has not been copied in other games. Ramps are steep and satisfying to hit. A few things keep this one from greatness. The sound, call outs "shoot the pyramid" and music is very poor. This is typical Gottlieb sound, but is noticeable here as the rest of the game is so good. Also the DMD animations are not very good. If Gottlieb could have consistently made games like this in the 90's they could have been competitive.
3 months ago
A recent Gottlieb for me with regular body packed with ramps traps/fun play field.
The voice get annoying if you keep missing your target but over all a machine that I would enjoy owning.
5 months ago
Stargate: The very few negative things that people complain about are overwhelmingly made up for with incredible flow and rules of the game. Yes, the call-out to shoot the pyramid can get annoying. So...just hit the damn thing and you won't hear it so much! I also dinged my rating for the crappy GI Gottlieb used, but this seems common with other system 3 games. Not sure why they were so stingy with light bulbs…Good thing we have LEDs to make things better ; )
The rules and shots on this game are amazing. I especially like the 5 part combo shot. The modes are very fun and you can really score big if you can keep the multiball alive and actually hit what it wants. If you’re looking to become a better player, this complicated mode-based game will really challenge you. I remember studying a lengthy rule sheet to figure out what’s all going on. When I try to explain the rules to friends, it usually takes about 20 minutes and they usually get confused 5 minutes in.
At this point, I could say I’ve mastered the game; because I’ve been through all the modes 3 or 4 times in one game. keeps me coming back for more.
6 months ago
A surprising little Gottlieb machine, good layout and certainly feels like they got their moneys worth with the license.
8 months ago
We've had a lot of fun with this pin, my whole family enjoys it. Tons of shots, lots of variety. Probably Gottlieb's best pin.
10 months ago
A game I've recently dived into a bunch after I've been searching for it for a few years now. I have never been a fan of Gottlieb games, but this one is the golden child. The lifting targets, perfectly placed ramps, and overall fun factor gives me a reason to come back over and over again. It's really one of those games with features that exceed the current value. Bells and whistles galore and a back glass that is quite glorious. I'd highly recommend giving it a few tries. You'll dig it!
10 months ago
Great pinball, the TransLite is perhaps the most beautiful of all, the game is extremely fast and fun, the theme is a must!
11 months ago
Best Gottlieb machine of all. The PF is busy with a nice look, a lot of gold and yellow colours. Lots of shots and toys but the game isn't too deep. SHOOT THE PYRAMID callout gets really tiresome. Would get it if I find a decent deal. But maybe not recommended in a smaller collection, you need to try it to see if it fits your taste. Cabinet design is weird but backglass is cool and draws you in.
11 months ago
Flipper amazing, fast fun, undoubtedly the best product made by Gottlieb in terms of gameplay, the design is wonderful and the surprise inside the pyramid is brilliant; display Dot Matrix and multiball 4, in short, there is everything, nothing to envy to the best Bally-Williams
1 year ago
Easy but fun machine to play. Shoot the pyramid! OK, might get old after a while but I enjoy playing this machine. Especially considering the price it beats out many higher priced pinballs.
Good handling with the 3rd flipper and satisfying to take it volley into the pyramid.
1 year ago
Love the show and TV series. Great game, multi ball galore. Decent ruleset that keeps you trying. Some people get annoyed by the Shoot the Pyramid, but it doesn't bother me. Definitely a keeper in the collection.
1 year ago
Probably the best system 3. Only downside is the shoot the pyramid callout constantly, which i think can be turned off
1 year ago
Star gate is one of the better Premiere games made. For the price, it's quite a pin! Lots of cool toys, some great geometry, and a lot of fun.

The game itself is gorgeous as it's loaded with wire forms and super cool toys. The pyramid hides a super cool animated alien feature that must be seen.

I love the shots on this game! It's a unique layout that strays far from what was popular and overdone at the time. You can tell that someone invested a lot of time getting those shots just right.

The bad: the callouts are pretty repetitive ("shoot the pyramid"). It's a Gottlieb so the hardware needs to be debugged (grounding issues). It's a Premiere so the flippers feel a little cheap to me compared to B/W. Red DMD looks lame to me.

I like this game and wouldn't mind spending more time on this deck!
1 year ago
Probably the very best of the gottlieb/premiere pins of this era. a surprisingly fun game that is more than worth a few plays if you can find a nice one.
2 years ago
I love playing this pin. So many things to shoot for and the shots feel great. Incredible game.
2 years ago
The more I play it the more I love it.
The biggest complaint people seem to have about Stargate it the call outs. Never seemed to bother me while focusing on a game. The only thing I don't like is how the ball launches down the drain after a quartz trade.
2 years ago
Stargate is a Multiball lovers dream and plays quite fast. The most well designed Gottlieb ever made!
2 years ago
One of the Only GTB I would ever own

well that and Freddy :-)

Enter the Sarcophagus....
2 years ago
This is a tough game to review. Great rules, interesting play and layout, but hampered by the poor sound and awful Gottlieb system 3 flipper feel.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I only played a handful of games on this, but my first impression was a good one. I would play it again if I got the chance.
2 years ago
I had a nice Stargate, sold it and regretted it ever since. If I can find another nice one, I may own one again. Loved the TV series and the pinball machine.
3 years ago
I am a dia hard Sifi and Stargate fan so this one did it for me. The only Gottlieb pin from the nineties that worked out really well.
Shoot the Pyramid centers the game. Still looking to buy a good one.
3 years ago
I love the layout. The rule set is better than average. There are several things unique to this game that make it stand out. IE: the guards, the skill shot to sarcophagus multi ball, 2 pop bumpers, one of the wizard modes is a once per game chance...

I wish the battle mode wasn't weighted so heavily for points. It is not as bad as the billion spinner on JM but it can add HUGE points if you get on a roll.

If this game had Bally/Williams parts and sound, it would almost certainly be a Top 20 pin. It's really good once you start to understand it. The first few times I played my review was "meh". So, naturally, I bought one. Now I like it. A LOT!
3 years ago
Never been a fan of Premier/Gottlieb games. The machines feel clunky, look ugly and Gottlieb flipper mechs of the era are so much worse than WPC ones.

Those being my initial thoughts, I must admit that I've really enjoyed playing Stargate after getting one cleaned and fixed. You really need to have rebuilt flippers to be able to shoot those steep ramps.

With GTB flipper mechs and the habitrails feeding balls directly to the bottom of flippers, basically every shot returning from habitrails can be cradled. This slows down the gameplay, but surprisingly doesn't make the game way too easy.

Is this the 90's game with most multiball modes? Your first plunge gives you multiball (!!!), four of the modes are multiballs, sandstorm and both of the wizard awards are multiballs. Luckily all the multiball modes are somehow different and the biggest points aren't gotten that easily. Being able to first build up your super jackpot value and then to collect it with 3x scoring gives huge scoring opportunities, but the strategy isn't that easy to execute.

It's weird and sad that the game rolls over at ten billion, even on the high score list. The ruleset providing a possibility to build up the super jackpot value to over a billion, combined with the 3x scoring feature makes it possible to score ten billion within one 3x Eye of Ra mode. Reduced scoring adjustment provides only little help for this.
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