Star Trek (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2013)

Star Trek (Premium/LE)

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28 days ago
Gameplay is very fast, furious, engaging, and intense. Mission medals add an intriguing dimension when the Kobayashi Maru wizard mode is achieved. The laser combined with the tri-coloured full LED lighting makes for a visually exciting light show.
49 days ago
This game has great flow. Fairly easy ramp shots and the enterprise is cool. Overall a very fun pinball and Im not really into star trek.
64 days ago
One of Sterns best works, fairly easy to understand and a whole lot of fun.
69 days ago
Certainly a good game. I prefer the older ST:TNG for overall gameplay, but this one is no slouch. With the latest rule set, it pays to know the game and what missions to accomplish in what order. (Hint: going straight for Kobayashi isn't the best scoring method!).

The missions are deep, and get extremely difficult on level 3.

The game flows very well, the only time you're really going to need to take a break and really concentrate on shot making is to start missions, and then on level 3+ missions.
82 days ago
I like but don't love this game. Not a ton of shots. Ship is the biggest shot. Call outs aren't good. Some are downright annoying. Warp shot is cool. A descent game. Would play on location sometimes, but would probably not go out of my way to find one.
85 days ago
Ratings based on a factory STLE (ignoring the pin browser upgrades for sound and music)
3 months ago
This is a terrific game. The open playfield and ramps give the game exceptional flow, especially with combinations. This is one of Steve Ritchie's best designs. The upper right flipper adds to the gameplay with the Warp ramp and Away Team shot under the flipper. Multiballs are easy to achieve. I like having the ability to choose which modes you want to play before plunging the ball. I love the kickback from the left outlane!

Sound effects are top notch and theme integration is very well done. There is even some humor in the game, which is always welcome. The light show is perhaps the best in all of pinball. Every light is a color changing LED. The game is simply beautiful to look at. One minor criticism I have is that the translite has photoshopped images of the actors. It is tastefully done, but I prefer hand drawn art.

Like most modern Sterns this game is fast! I prefer games with magnets, like this one. The Vengence shoots balls back towards you at tremendous speed which will definitely keep you on your toes.
3 months ago
fast game
4 months ago
Nice light show & audio track !
As well as the theme !
Great playing game I would recommend highly !
5 months ago
I'm not a Star Trek geek, so the theme is not an attraction. That is not a big deal to me, but probably takes away from effect satisfaction. They did "represent" the theme pretty good. The playfield lacks excitement, seems to be a little repetitive. The lighting is good, better than the pro. Gimmicks are not exciting and don't really add to the game, but better than the pro. The good is that I still like to play it and would play it on location for a couple of games every time. The "Lastability" is not too good for me and is why I will likely never own one.
5 months ago
Fun and fast game but the layout seems too similar to Spider Man and the The artwork is bad
5 months ago
I love everything about this game. The stock orchestration is fantastic, but it's even better when you swap in the music from the film. Really fun stackable modes, blazing FAST gameplay, super wide/smooth ramps, combos galore... this was Stern's last truly great LE. You just don't find this level of visual improvements on an LE anymore. It will be a LONG time before I make it to the level 2 and 3 wizard modes. Only nitpick is the PF art, but much like GOT you don't really notice it when playing due to the fantastic light show. The blackout mod and blue DMD is a must.
5 months ago
I recently sold my first pinball machine (High Speed) and wanted to upgraded to a newer machine. My friend has a bunch of new titles (walking dead, star trek, metallica, iron man, ghostbusters, etc.). After playing his machines for awhile I found myself gravitating towards Star Trek.

I really like the speed and ramps on this game. The third flipper for the warp ramp is awesome. I have friends that aren't into pinball, but no one can deny how good this game looks all lit up. By far the best looking game in my opinion (although I'm not a huge fan of the backglass, that may get changed up someday).

The rules are repetitive, but not in a bad way. Both multi balls (klingon and vengeance) are great. Taking down Vengeance is great. Lots physically and visually going on in this game.

Music and animations work really well, definitely a complete package.

Overall super happy with Star Trek, even my wife likes it :)
6 months ago
Good game my 2nd best game
7 months ago
Excellent modern Stern, the LE package is gorgeous. Gameplay is tight and fast. Really enjoy playing this one
7 months ago
Great game play once you figure it out...
7 months ago
Unbelievably fun and well paced. Rule set a little repetitive but what it repeats is fun anyway. Fabulous feel though only the LE and premium are really elegant.
9 months ago
Star Trek looks good and is sorta fun. Every ST, I play does not work/play properly has problems.
10 months ago
A very good pin but the layout is not original for me. The center lock is like x-men, warp ramp like SM.
Beautiful machine, great light show, good rules but modes seems to be the same to me.
10 months ago
I don't understand why this game is rated as highly as it is. It's an OK game, but not one of the all time greats. The artwork is atrocious-- it looks like they assigned the art design to an intern who used low resolution clipart that they found online.

Is it really that difficult for Stern to come up with an original theme? They had to recycle Star Trek yet again...
11 months ago
a really amazing pinball I love it good flow very interesting gameplay very beautiful art work's
11 months ago
What an unexpected treat to play this pin. I went to Flippers in NC to play Wizard of Oz and wasn't even looking for this machine. I had more fun playing this machine than any other machine there. I think Wizard of Oz is a better looking machine, but even my wife said she enjoyed playing this one and she hates Star Trek.
12 months ago
Classic SR, Probably the Best Lightshow and Cabinet Design in a Stern LE to Date and Since.
Ony stern I would own
1 year ago
Overall an outstanding effort by Stern and Steve Ritchie.
No major real flaws on the game.

Excellent shot flow, although the game layout is a recycled game design from WMS STTNG.
"Roll the clock back", new collectors.
If you have ever done the "Picard Maneuver" repeatedly, you will know what I mean here.
It is not new, just a little different.
Enterprise instead of a Borg ship, new sounds, and a excellent light show.
The game is faster, because it is NOT a widebody.

Theme was well integrated.

Ruleset is similar but has more depth than STTNG with the updates.
Artwork is solid for the backglass and cabinet, not so much for the playfield, just simplified, but at least it was not more photoshopped clip art garbage.
LE phasers and light up backbox are good effects.
The game has a REAL BACKGLASS (one of the last ones).

"Best flow ever"?
Stop spanking Stern fanboys.
Not by a long shot.
That honor is retained by Whitewater.
1 year ago
Love this game. It's fast and fun. Would love to add this to the collection one day. Awesome game!!!
There are 217 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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