Star Trek (Pro) (Stern, 2013)

Star Trek (Pro)

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Game design: 8.408

Artwork: 7.473

Sounds/Music: 7.97

Other Aspects: 8.579

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This is "Star Trek (Pro)".
The other version is: Star Trek (Premium/LE)

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13 days ago
I don't understand why this game is ranked so high.
Code is very bad IMO, very boring and repetitive. Callouts are always the same for each Vengeance multiball. Ramps are smooth but i find the gameplay is bad (ball hop at flipper bats, cheap feeling, airballs...)
There's really nothing really exciting in this game, we are far from a Met or a TWD. STTNG is a better Star Trek machine for me.
I keep my ST Pro two weeks and it was really enough.
14 days ago
Excellent game!
37 days ago
This game keeps me coming back and I’m not even a Star Trek fanboy. Everything is fun about this!
44 days ago
Excellent Start Trek "update". The warp shot is so satisfying. The pro model is just as good as premium and limited minus a smaller lightshow but that is very much so OK. The rules needs to be straighten out with code uptates but I keep coming back to it.

Great sound, excellent lightshow around and fun gameplay. A bit dull playfield art unfortunately.
50 days ago
Geat game fun to play. Challenging and has a rewarding playfield. Highly recommended to play. The only thing and the only thing I thought was a problem is I would loose sight of the ball sometimes when all the led s started flashing. Wih I owned one.
67 days ago
Game play is fast and fun and just what I was looking for. The warp ramp is very satisfying when you can hit it multiple times in a row. The sounds are surprisingly good to me since I’m not a big fan of Star Trek. The lighting effect is pretty good for a pro version. The ramps are smooth and great for combos. If you’re thinking of adding this game to your collection don’t hesitate. I also think the code is pretty fun especially how you can pick which way you want to progress. The button on the apron is cool too.
3 months ago
Nice fast game with clear objectives!
3 months ago
What I like most about this game is the feel of the shots. Stringing shots together just feel great. Modes are fun to play, and depth is great. Might not be the most complex of rules, but the game just shoots and plays fun.
3 months ago
Love this game. Fast and fun with a deep ruleset. Very enjoyable and plays well. Very good pin to have for a first buy or if you only space for one in a collection.
4 months ago
Star trek is a fun game with good rules, good sounds and callouts, and cool toys. I really don't like the playfield or translite artwork.
4 months ago
Just could not get into this pin
5 months ago
Awesome game I will play for hours!!

Stern top five for sure. Great lighting and layout. Fun ramps and amazing game speed. I wish I could afford one but for now I will just play when I see it. Underrated in my opinion as thus pin has everything for adrenaline junkies like me. Speed flow and consistent shots make this a top five pin in my opinion.
5 months ago
This game really takes the good points of STTNG and provides longer ball time. Fast play, fun shots. Really cool sounds. Animations and artwork could be better
6 months ago
Wide flowing shots with a mission based ruleset. Pro and Prem/LE gameplay almost identical.
7 months ago
I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Rules seemed to have a decent depth, shots are definitely there and I enjoyed the art package.
That being said, some of the features and art/animations seemed a bit dated given the time that this particular machine came out. I still would love to own one, and can see myself playing it when I see it in the line up - it was a fun game and kept me engaged.
7 months ago
"Star Trek" is a smooth machine. I love that you can choose which "mission" you want to play before you play it. It never really feels like the same game twice. Ramps and targets are fairly easy to hit. That's not really a criticism as the speed of the game more than makes up for it. The callouts and dialogue are a touch weak as some line readings come across as phoned-in. I know it's an arcade piece but the actors could have at least made it sound like they were trying. The game reminds me of a high-tech "Attack From Mars" at times. It's a hell of a lot of fun to play and the action makes you feel like you're living the new films.
7 months ago
I hope this clip art era of pinball is dying. Good game, first time I played I was able to start a multiball, 2 games I was able to win a game. I will always play one when I see one.
7 months ago
Fun and fast game with good flow. I agree with the several comments saying this game was one of Stern's standouts during the couple of years surrounding its release. I think the game's strength is in the combination of the modes, the flow of the shots, and the interaction of the playfield activity with the activity/graphics on the DMD, accentuated with the lighting effects. But while this machine is very good, it has a few disappointing weaknesses. They include lackluster and unmotivating callouts/speech, and missed opportunities to go deeper with the good rule set and to get one or two more features into the playfield. More specifically, while the rule set and the playfield are quite good -- above average -- they are missing a little something extra that would have made them great. And while the speech and callouts are okay, ultimately they are mediocre when you consider the material that the theme made available to Stern, and they do little to help build emotional engagement and tension with the gameplay. Thus, in summary, this game is solid and entertaining -- fun to play if available on location -- but falls short of true greatness in my opinion (which is worth saying because the game could have been better without a lot more effort).
7 months ago
LOVE this game. One of my favorite of all time. Just an amazing shooting pin.
8 months ago
Star Trek is a fun game that looks to refine the design that Steve Ritchie created for Spider-Man. With a bit wider openings, the ramps are a bit easier to hit, and some shots have been added to the far sides of the layout. The result is a game that feels similar to Spider-Man, but still manages to feel like a totally different experience, especially at the code level.

Heavy on mode-based play, many of the modes tend to feel similar, but they're broken up by a variety of multiballs and hurry ups. Star Trek brings modes close to the surface (you can't start a ball without being in a mode), while Spider-Man buries them behind several shots to qualify them.

While the game was nothing spectacular early on, Star Trek evolved into a solid player over time. There are a still a few hanging bugs or quirks that could use some cleaning up (like the Lock shot being lit but not collectible up the middle at certain times), but overall it's a solid game that provides a good mix of fast gameplay with measured shooting.
8 months ago
Very solid game that plays fast, has a good rule set and plenty of shots.
8 months ago
I've owned the Pro version of this game for over three years and I believe it's one of Stern's strongest titles in recent years. There are a couple of negatives - the artwork is a bit bland and unimaginative in places and there's not much on the playfield in the way of toys that interact with the ball, however those are literally the only negative points. The flow on this game screams Ritchie all over and makes it very exhilarating to play. The modes are all colour coded and require different combinations of shots in different orders, and each mode has three stages so what appears to be a 6 mode game is actually an 18 mode game and I have never even gotten close to playing through them all in the same game. Multiball startup sequence is awesome - up there with Addams and Gofers, and overall the lighting and animations are very very solid. Theme is perfect whether you're a fan of the new movies or not, and it's a strong addition to any game room!
9 months ago
I came close to getting one of these, someday I may yet. I do not like the show, but this is a very fun game.
9 months ago
Wow this game just has everything you could ever want. Cool design, fast and furious, great build quality, great sound and lighting. Be sure to get the update 1.61 and you will be amazed on how deep this game is.
Sounds are truly amazing... the light show when you get klingon multiball or a extra ball... its everything over the top.
A pin that will never leave my house... no much they want to pay me for it.
10 months ago
good 'learning' game for people not familiar with pinball rules. Might be 'too simple' for pinheads. I have a lot of fun playing it. Does get repetitive though.
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