Star Wars (Data East, 1992)

Star Wars

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Game design: 7.418

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Sounds/Music: 7.378

Other Aspects: 7.669

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There are 125 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
Color dmd and pinsound put this machine on a different level.
29 days ago
muy divertida, excelente gráficos, muy buena música.
4 months ago
Best backglass of any pinball machine, because I'm a Star Wars fan. I will say I cut this machine breaks because of that, too. It is really fun, though. Shooting the Death Star is an obvious feature, but they did it right. I still enjoy playing it regularly and every kid loves it.
4 months ago
Do I really have to post a text review? This game is a classic; one of my personal top 3 of all time.
5 months ago
It is easy, but still one of the best jackpots. The animation waiting for the Death Star to open- legend. And then the music?! The most satisfying of the SW pinballs.
7 months ago
Arguably the best Data East game to ever be released.
8 months ago
DE Star Wars, is a good game but it always feels like all the budget went into the licence and everything else was done on a "we have this much of the budget left for the game what can we get for this amount". Some great fun shots but the code is super shallow and with a licence like Star Wars should have been so much more, but it was my first pin and for that reason alone I love it as it got me into the hobby as I am sure it did a lot of others, a fun game and a must play just not a keeper.
9 months ago
It's Star Wars ...... what else do you need to know. The game play , shoot the death star then shoot the death star and then well you get it. I wish i had it still. The new code might help the play i didn't have it then.
10 months ago
This game really isnt bad. I used to walk past SW. Worth checking out.
10 months ago
Very one dimensional game, pound the death star for MB and then shoot jackpots. The death star shot is not very satisfying so this game is a huge disappointment.
10 months ago
Love this game, it's star wars after all. The PF artwork is gorgeous. One of the best looking Data East machines, if not the best. However, since it's Data East, the sound quality is poor. This game should always have the pinsound upgrade. And the custom reprogrammed rules that makes it a lot better (get the updated ones for Jurassic Park too!) I want this in my collection!
12 months ago
Play is excellent with the updated chip.. Without it, not so much....
1 year ago
Just like in JP, you need to get ChadH's code update for Star Wars. Once you have that installed, this game really comes back to life and fixes a lot of scoring/rules issues with the game.

As for play, it's probably one of the top 3 best produced Data East games and very desirable to all different types of collectors.
1 year ago
I really liked this game and would seriously consider including in my collection. I am a Star Wars fan and the theme works very well on this machine. I think the artwork of the playfield and backglass could be better though. Almost forgetting to say: the sound track is awesome!
1 year ago
Fantastic Star Wars experience in a pinball game. Great animations, sound, artwork, and layout. The skill shots are fun and there a lot of variation in game modes. A very fun and exciting game!
1 year ago
Nice game, music get a bit repeating after a while
1 year ago
Bad pinball like almost all the Date east
1 year ago
i have had this machine since 2003. Its a good looking machine and the better of the star wars titles. I will never sell it, but the gameplay is very boring. It just gets boring very quickly and I only play it a few times a year. Its the last machine I will turn on in my game room. But its star wars and looks great. If your looking for a star wars piece of art in a pinball machine this is it. If your looking for a great pinball machine this is not one to buy.
1 year ago
"Death Star approaching..."

Everybody seems to have played this machine at least once in their lifetime.
Most non pinheads say, "but do you own a Star Wars"?
I just start laughing.
Hopping A2 D2, spiral Tie Fighter ramp, rotating Death Star with the BIG yellow rectangular target, and Jabbas and Force "gobble holes".

Auto Plunger handle with the button is fun.
Darth Vader plastic flimsy topper is alright, but a voice changing mask is better (and cheaper).
Playfield artwork is good, classic Data East for the times.
Translite is iconic.
Cabinet artwork is good.
Lighting is a$$.
Sound clips are EXCELLENT for the shots (but repetitive, "Shoot the Death Star!")
Understanding what shots are supposed to be made is pretty clear...
Music is average, and is the typical recycled Data East tunes with a SW theme.
Ruleset is practically non-existent.
Shoot the Tie Fighter Ramp until you get bored for decided to go for ramp champion.
Playfield shots are very tight for loops.
If you completely suck at the game, wait for the third ball after letting the first two drain quickly, and depend on operator setting, you will see multiball anyway.
The multiball wind up and animations is probably the best part of the game.
The game needs more Boba Fett action instead of him just flying around on the DMD screen and one action shot.

Basically, if you are a Star Wars nut, you will really like the game.
As a pinball machine design is above average mostly for iconic use of the theme license.
PinSound REALLY improved this machine overall.
The anniversary roms balanced out the game, but it won't fix a 24 year old design.
This is essentially why I rated the game higher than a 7+.
Without the new EPROMS it is a 6.8 at best.

Don't mod this game with cheap new Star Wars Walmart toys, nerds (who generally rate this game 9+), it makes this game look worse beyond imagination.
Markus Rothkranz just laughs at you.
It is like jerking off on the playfield and covering up the decent artwork.

"Choose wisely you must" and "do or do not" try to spend an absurd amount of money on this machine.
Yoda will otherwise scold you for your pinball wisdom incompetence.
1 year ago
I love the movies, and the toys are awesome on this machine. I even like the art.

Beyond that, this machine is a flaming turd. The rules are crap, the playfield shots are limited, there are just no redeeming values with this machine. Amazing how many poor SW machines have been made.
1 year ago
I've owned DE Star Wars for a couple of months…..and now that the honeymoon is over I feel I can make an honest ranking.

Data East Star Wars is an overall nice machine. My older guests (over 40) gravitate to this machine & with the new movie out the under 40 do also.

Data East nailed the theme with this one. The rotating Death Star with drop open target ( Luke's kill shot in Star Wars A New Hope ) to a spinning & jumping to the music R2D2 are well done.
The moving pop bumpers are an unexpected feature in this game. At first play they seemed "clunky" but when matched to the DMD mode of the clunky AT-AT walkers it all makes sense….Nice touch DE!!!

It seems to me that DE machines have a lot of lighting in them….probably because of the low light produced by standard bulbs and DE was looking for a punch.
For this reason DE machines really spring to life with a well thought out set of LEDs.
The strobe affect during "Shoot the death star! " for multiball with LEDs is blinding & adds both hurry up and difficulty factor to the relatively easy Death Star Shot.

I have to admit…I'm into Modding games and if you are too then Star Wars think toys….mods….Wal Mart, Kmart, Toys R Us, etc, etc, etc….

As with most Data East machines there aren’t a lot of shots in this game. Many Pinheads describe them as "One Shot Wonders" & Star Wars probably falls under this heading.
That said….I still feel that this game is a great play and well executed. Sure there are things that could be better…but isn't that true with all pinballs?

DE Star Wars is here to stay in my collection…for several reasons, One: Theme (I'm a huge SW fan), Two: It’s a fun play, Three: Lighting, Four: Sound, Fifth: Toys & Mods, and Last but not least:…Its a pinball machine! ! !

Would I own one? Yes…and I do
1 year ago
i have played this game on locations when it was released and till about 2000, i find that this D.E pin is the best star wars themed pin out there...r2d2 is sweet ,death star center shot for jack pot("shoot the death star") very rewarding, nice flow,simple play,not much too it,nice to look at... im not big on star wars but dnt hate it, i would like to own this one but the price keeps goin up fast and i feel the game play isnt worth the price but wont pass up a chance to play one on location which wont happen cause star wars fanatics probly have bought them up ..i cant find one to play anymore!! so sad cause i realy liked it,probly a keeper for me at the right fair price.. not!! cause its not a fair price these days.
1 year ago
Based on the anniversary Roms.
1 year ago
Data East's '92 Star Wars is somewhat of an anomaly for me. There are a few features that I really enjoy about the game, but, overall, the game is really substandard. I like the TIE fighter skill shot, the rotating Death Star, and the R2-D2 pop bumpers. Also, the game has a at least one somewhat challenging shot and starting a "Tri-ball" multi-ball off Death Star hits is easy (almost too easy). However, the game lacks depth and interesting modes. It is super pretty to look at, and the DMD vids are appropriate and fun. (It is lacking an appearance of Boba Fett though).

Any hardcore Star Wars IP fans will want this awesome-looking machine in their collection, but don't plan on getting hours of exciting play out of the decoration.
2 years ago
This game is underrated, maybe because it is not a Williams, i don't know. I'm a Williams Fan, but have to say, that this Pin rocks from the gameplay perspective. Of course there are some negative Points, such as a much too dark playfield artwork which keeps you busy seeing the ball. But with LED's installed it is much better, also the Backglass is much better with LED's. Also the know Sound Problem (noise) is annoying, but you get used to it after a while :-)
But over all i like that Pin and would buy one, but a firend of mine does have one in our room
There are 125 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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