Star Wars Trilogy (Sega, 1997)

Star Wars Trilogy

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Game design: 6.988

Artwork: 7.383

Sounds/Music: 6.981

Other Aspects: 7.18

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1 day ago
played more than three diferent machines in 98-99 and found they all played different ,they all felt kinda cheap ,not that good in my opinion,back glass is jus seemed boreing, not a keeper !
1 year ago
This game looks and feels cheap, but it's OK to play. I really don't like Sega's gaping holes in the playfield, but the drop targets in front of the bomber at least cover one up. Honestly I think the cannon on this is better than T2. That's really the best feature of this game. I never seem to get good action out of the pops though.

Not the worst game in the world, maybe a little below average. I wouldn't own one, but I play it on location.
1 year ago
Love Sar Wars but really don't get into this pin. We really need a great Star Wars pin. DE got the closest but for such an iconic theme, the pin falls short
1 year ago
Star wars. Fun to play but sound gets a bit repetitive at times. Has many challinging shots like putting C3po back together (hard to do). Cannon and Wing fighter are ramp shots with the Wing fighter shooting to destroy Darthvader and the Deathstar. Game is fast. May the force be with you!!
1 year ago
This seems like an underrated game to me. While I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, the game represents the theme very well. There are good toys on the play field. Compare the play field toys to a modern Stern, and it meets or exceeds them IMO. The cannon is nice, and similar to the T2 or AC/DC cannon. It also seems like a good bang for the buck game. My friend owns one, and we just spent all weekend playing it. Looks great with LEDs. Very fun game, and didn't get tired of it despite playing it all weekend.
1 year ago
It's a great fun pinball , I like the cannon reminds me a lot of the batman pinball . I love Star Wars .....
2 years ago
I was really surprised how good this game turned out to be.. Based on ratings I never really looked at it, but when a local one came up for sale, I bought it, shopped it, and have really gotten into it.. Not a deep game, it actually looks simple, but I have yet to complete it.. Sega's do not get much love, but I have actually really enjoyed most of them, looking forward to trying others down the road where I can! Plus it's star wars.. Leia chocking Jabba.. I just find it a real fun game, that you do not have to think about.. just play and enjoy!
2 years ago
A game that beats the Data East version in my opinion. Although it does have the benefit of advances in tech since the last one was made.
The 3d backglass is cool. The music is obviously great.
The best bit about the table though is the multiball start. The cannon grabbing the ball then the x wing firing it at the tie fighter. A great bit of engineering.
Lots of fun to play.
3 years ago
I love this game. I find myself playing it over & over again. So I guess that has to mean something.. ;-)
3 years ago
Star Wars Trilogy suffers from the same lack of development and playtesting that plagues Sega pinball games.

The Pros:
A pretty cool layout with variable opeingings into the tie fighter hole with the drop targets being able to drop/pop as programmed. There are shots to be made on this table. the FORCE- C and E targets in particular require sniper skills. The VUK at is not an easy shot either. I like the x-wing cannon shooting into the tiefighter hole. It makes me say "Stay on target..." The ramp with the diverter in it is nicely done. The X-wing shooter to the Tie Fighter is well done.

The Cons:
The Han/Cartman hole is... I don't know, I have never liked this shot on any Premier/DE/Sega/Stern deck. Let's not forget the rules that make you want to forget that you want to play this game. Star Wars trivia is a nice novelty, that gets old before you know it. The art package is crowded and too busy to to be anything other than a distraction to playing this game. A perfect example of design by a marketing committee.

The Takeaway:
A great game for the Star Wars kids. A real player will not have his interest held for long. It's a shame, really...
3 years ago
This is a nice playing pinball, very fast! It has 2 hard shots and the rest are easier. I can play this pinball and enjoy the game flow and not get uptight. It keeps me coming back again and again. In my opinion it does a good job in playing through the Star Wars first 3 movies. I always loved these movies as a kid and still love them today. This is a great pinball to put in your collection.
4 years ago
Fun game. Few hard shots (atleast for me) drop hole for han solo interesting, as i cant hit it ever. but fun game and i put it on my list for the future.
4 years ago
Not being a fan of the theme, this game has a tough time impressing me... not bad to play though, and the DT's make it fun for me, but the theme and music is just too much for me to bear to make me want to play it!
4 years ago
Like the theme not the best of games.
4 years ago
Better than the Data East Star Wars! Which is not saying much :(
4 years ago
What's not to love - it's Star Wars!! The X Wing shot is a great treat and the gameplay is smooth.
5 years ago
Fans of Star Wars will love this game's feel, although it is a bit simple and there aren't a lot of shots. The left ramp is an easy hit and I just found myself hitting it in loops and starting multiball over and over...
6 years ago
Good theme. The Xwing Cannon shot is cool. Decent, fun game but not one of my favorites.
There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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