Star Wars (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Star Wars (Pro)

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11 hours ago
Another new Star Wars game based on the original Trilogy? Sure, why not? It is a solid little shooter with some interesting design elements. It doesn't have a lot of originally and it won't win any innovation awards but it is good for what it is. Still pre-1.0 code so it is tough to judge it but I do wish Stern would put a little more into their artwork and animations, this one wasn't their best.
2 days ago
What toys? What gimmicks? Game is made to drain even worse than Ghost Busters. People thought IronMan was bare and boring till they got to play it a few times, SW after playing it many times and trying to find something to like about it failed me in every way. Perhaps when they update software that will change.
3 days ago
love this game. Played my buddies Pro multiple times. It has that one more game feature that i want. Must have game....!!
3 days ago
Current rating based on current code. But as it stands it is extremely unfinished with unbalanced scoring. And not intuitive on what to shoot for. And no real shot callouts.
Mystery award wtf?
Place holder texts seen in the first few seconds of play.
Come on. Really? Makes me wonder what else is missing.

Fun SR layout that flows nice. But overall it seems bare and the code is a complete mess. Again with no direction on which way it is going. Just release it and worry about what to put in it later.
There has yet to be a good SW pin made.

Also the showroom model I played had ghosted inserts and you could see the sanding marks on the inserts under the clearcoat. And the playfield was full of craters. The Diled in next to it looked perfect and it was/is a prototype for testing.
Get it together stern and up the quality of your pins.
4 days ago
Star Wars is fun has that one more game effect code is brilliant game is lightning fast will make you a better player for sure
6 days ago
I've put about 30 games on this, and I can say that this game is okay and that I was hoping for more.


- Ritchie speed! This game can be hella fast

- Theme is great, but that goes without saying

- The tie fighter button bashing is super fun. Losing a ball to it is hilarious the first few times

- The idea of the characters is a cool way to organise the game

- The screen works well with the game. You can get updates as to what to shoot at


- Rules overload!!! I love a deep rule set, but when the rules are so complicated that you cannot figure them out after ten games, I'm ready to turn my back.

- Ritchie speed, but not necessarily Ritchie flow. This game is nothing like GOT and doesn't even touch Iron Man. In Iron Man, I have a "Ritchie Moment" almost every game, meaning that I slam combos so fast that my head spins and I start laughing out loud. Not this one. The shots aren't as pleasing and the flow is different somehow... hard to explain.

- Annoying sounds for Tie Fighters all the time.

- The modes feel redundant. I don't feel like I'm actually in a mode when I am, unlike games like TZ, AF or, again, Iron Man and countless others.

- Stern cheapness. This is topic all in itself. Cheap boards with integrated LEDs, cheap components, no toys for the pro version. You want an LCD screen or two? Well, you can have it, but Stern will strip value from elsewhere, where there is no value left to strip. I digress...

- Incomplete code. At least with SW, they will likely attempt to finish it. No promises here, but we know Stern's approach.

Overall, I'd say this game is a solid 7/10. It's a game I could see myself playing if the code is updated and I can understand the rules. I don't see this game holding its value, seeing that Stern will sell a zillion of them due to the license alone. The game will be like Ghostbusters and will sell for less than NIB. Too bad Jack didn't get his hands on the license.

May the pinball market be with you.
6 days ago
I have had three opportunities to play this machine. I don't need a fourth. It's just not that good... it's dull, repetitive, and uninspired.

A great opportunity to build a modern machine on an iconic theme, and Stern totally blew it.
17 days ago
It's a lot of fun to get some cool combos. The shots are manageable. The Theme is great. I like some of the Ball Saved animations, which are great choices. The side art is awesome, especially the X-Wing side. Pretty clear which shots to get. The scoring seems way too complicated to bother with. I only have about 10 games on this, so it's an early review. It's pretty fun.

For the negative. Some code and lighting is awful. Right when you are in a combo, and when the ball is screaming towards the flippers, they turn off the damn lights. In a low lit route, that's just mean. I get that this is a fast flow machine, but hell, is it too much to ask to let us see the damn ball when we need to react at our fastest. The death star sort of just hangs there. I do love when the green LEDs flashed. That was cool.

I love the ramps and the inner loop. That is a lot of fun.
18 days ago
I wanted to like this game, but absolutely nothing made me want to keep hitting the start button. It's barren and the worst effort from Stern to date. Hopefully the premium has more to offer.
21 days ago
I've played this pin several times at a couple of arcades. This one is hard to review because I like some things and dislike other things. I want to say the layout is boring, but it is more of a disappointment that it is missing cool toys and features, but I kind of like the game play maybe because it is similar to ACDC that I love. It plays nothing like ACDC because SW falls short of it in many ways. The Tie fighter on a spring ... that should be more of one of the side minor features but is the main bash toy. I like the integration of the small LCD and the targets under them - that is great. This is Stern's best integration of the back box LCD, but it is hard to keep looking up to get the info you need ... so it needs more call outs. Maybe those will still come with future code. I like the 4 main progression plots for the multiball mode rewards. The music is good, the artwork is what I expected for what the license would probably allow and is "ok" because of that. It is entertaining to play. There are some punishing shots that go SDTM that I really don't like about it. I'll watch the progression on this one and MAY someday buy an LE second hand if the code improves and the game play is much better on that version. As you can read ... it is good and not so good in my opinion, but pretty fun too if you get a good game going on it.
29 days ago
Star Wars is a great game but the art and playfield layout is just decent. Now for the art I just look at the play field as that is what you see the most. The colors are nice but that is just it. It is not the killer play field art. The shots are nice but not perfect. There are no toys! I played a pro and just the tie fighter, but that is nothing. Rules or sometimes a bit dull. Shoot this, shoot that, and even sometimes you could not progress unless you shoot a specific shot. The music is great, Star Wars soundtrack is really good, animations are good, not the best yet, the explosions are a bit bad. Flow is great the ball keeps rolling, you have no time to rest on this machine. Lights are great. So overall a nice machine that I will play if I see one, one for the home?...I think not yet.
33 days ago
Fast game with a lot of cool shots. I love the original movie scenes and the lighshow when you hit the TIE fighter. Nevertheless, i was disappointed because of the low amount of toys on the playfield.
36 days ago
I've had this for a couple weeks, this review is based on .87 code.

UPDATE! I had a few badly ghosted inserts and just received a box to send back and receive a new fully populated play field. Thank you Stern for standing behind your products!!!

Now that we've gotten the negatives out of the way, the game plays like a dream. The light show is amazing. The Spike sound system really shines. There's a bazillion amazing video clips and sound bytes from the trilogy well represented here. And the shaker integration is very tastefully done.

Dwight has a potential home run with the code even at this early stage of things. I'm not a serious "player", but I'm loving the entire risk/reward system of building your multipliers and taking your hands off the flippers to move them. It adds a totally fresh element to gameplay. The other day I stacked two planet multiballs with a tie fighter multiball as well as hyperspace multiball, it was amazing! If you're a fan of GOT and IM, this is like the perfect mix.

Shots are smooth and satisfying. The multi-color GI really shines for hurry ups, and there's a ton of approaches to blow this game up. I love how different characters start with different modes already completed. If you're a masochist like me, it's super fun to just play with R2D2, beat a single Death Star mode, and jump right into the Destroy the Death Star mini wizard mode. Spoiler alert: it's seriously challenging!

I'd love to see some call outs added to the modes for what to shoot for a hurry up, when you have three different sets of flashing arrows and the ball is flying around it's tough to know what to shoot for to end a mode. I'd also love to see some more animations added to the three bank mini-lcd.

I was fortunate enough to pick up this along with AFMr recently, SW gets three times the play in my humble basement arcade. And I LOVE my AFM. It really does have the one more game quality I've grown to expect from a Stern machine, and I am very much looking forward to the 1.0 code release.

Thanks Steve, thanks Dwight, you did a great job on this despite what I presume was a monster licensing fee to get this made... please keep up the great work!
36 days ago
This theme should have been a home run without trying. Well, Stern really didn't try and it's barely a base hit. The artwork is lunch box quality, the playfield is tired and unimaginative. The theme is hardly integrated into the gameplay. Sure the Star Wars music is great. It's Star Wars...Yes, the game is fast, but after that..So? The rules are confusing, the monitor animations, fonts, etc barely immerse you into what is genuinely Star Wars. The theme itself makes you want to like it but can't carry this one across the finish line. I was going to say poor effort, but there really feels like there was any effort.
36 days ago
Played a bunch of games on this and it was fast and brutal with the flow as expected from SR. Lightshow was pretty good, though I felt blinded by the flashing at times and I am definitely not a LED hater. I like how you can choose a character to switch it up and add some strategy. Sounded good on location. Artwork is meh, but I assume that was out of the development team's hands.
36 days ago
The ultimate theme presented beautifully by Stern
37 days ago
Had a few rounds on the new hyped up game hoping to love it, and for the time being all I can say is that I am needing a bit more time to fully appreciate it. Got a bit spoiled with all the amazing art on Ghostbusters and am feeling a bit sad to see this one featuring a much more basic design and overall layout. The flow is a good Steve Ritchie style make-up, and the shots are all in good places, but it just feels slightly empty and shallow for me. I don't think the pro model is doing this game any favors, as I'm just not finding that one really cool element to keep me coming back for more. Overall it's sounding like the premium and le have what this game needs (hyperspace ramp especially) to truly fall in love.
38 days ago
Stern's best use of the LCD screen so far. Fast gameplay, deep code. I wish there was one more toy that interacts with the ball on the game.
40 days ago
Played first time tonight. This game is a lot of fun. Looking forward to more.
41 days ago
Do I buy one? Or not? Depends on the day you ask me.

If so, Hyper Ramp worth going Premium? Again, depends on when you ask me.

I've been following this pretty closely as it would be my 1st NIB pin. Not a light decision. I'm not loaded. Still, Star Wars is my Dream Pinball Theme.

Sound familiar? Do you feel the same way?

I think the machine shoots really well. Nice Flow. Even the Code shows Tons of potential, however there is something slightly off with the way everything comes together. I don't feel like I am getting lost in the Star Wars universe, YET, when I play the pro.

DON'T GIVE UP Star Wars lovers!

This is just one Man's opinion, but a tweaked Code could quickly make this a very sought after pin.

It is not easy to come up with moments in a game that suspend reality and put you in that zone. I am sure it is even harder to implement these ideas with coding limitations. However, to save Star Wars, every attempt must be made. The Theme deserves it!

I created another Thread listing off 9 ideas that could bring a more Immersive Experience to all of us.

Fellow Star Wars Junkies, click on the link below, and VOTE FOR EVERY Code Adjustment on my POLL that you like. Furthermore, post on my thread as much as you want to keep it up top and visible for more Pinsiders to discover. Together, with Strength in Numbers, Stern might lend us an ear, and give us the Star Wars we want and deserve!

Remember, you can select as many as you like when you vote:

Oh ... and my rating of the game is in it's current state. I hope to edit it as the Code develops ... and the Hyper Ramp gets used well! Epic themes like LOTR and IJ got awesome treatment. Now it is Star Wars turn!
42 days ago
star wars pro is a fun game with an amazing rule set but the reason i have a problem with this game is there are no toys i like toys in pinball machines all we got was a tie fighter that wiggles.
46 days ago
I played this at a local bowling alley with a friend and we did have a lot of fun playing it! As far as owning it I don't think a pro model would be the version I would want, premium would probably be the way to go with the extra features Stern is advertising but would still have play this version to see how much it would change game. Fun game if your looking to kill a couple hours but is not a home run more could have done or added to playfield. Just my 2 cents
46 days ago
I got top play a few games at California Extreme 2017 in Santa Clara, California.

I like the game, even though it feels like a Dutch Pinball/Jersey Jack production with the gigantic LED, something I wish Stern hadn't used since I feel like less is more with a regular DMD display but it's 2017 and here we are. The table has some cool toys in the Death Star and Tie Fighter. I like the mini-LCD screen on the playfield. Makes me think of the obscure original Future Pinball table, "Jaws". It's about time somebody made that a "thing". Very clever.

It's Star Wars and there are several missions but only one theme that revolves around the Death Star so missions in Tatooine don't really feel "authentic", but that's not entirely bad. I do love shooting down Tie Fighters with the red firing button placed in the bottom center of the table. Pretty cool idea. I'm not entirely sold on it because I'm not the kind of person who needs more than the flipper buttons but I do like the concept.

The table plays smooth and the ball doesn't drain as much as other Stern tables so that's a huge plus.

Compared to last year's "Ghostbusters", though, this isn't as inspired and feels too "safe" at times.
48 days ago
only 10 games or so played.

1. early code vers .87 or something?
2. good looking machine, it isn't Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, or Metallica by any means.
3. playfield was ok, not bad, not good.
4. i like the non typical plunge into either the 3 bank, or try for the 5 drops.
5. i enjoy the option of selecting a character for different strategies.
6. i enjoy selecting play bonuses/options each ball for that character.

7. gameplay. This machine feels like a super fast SS. with the inner horseshoe looops and orbits, the ball doesn't leave the playfield much unless you start comboing ramps.
8. rules. well, there's a bunch. this game is GOT pro model on steriods, options for stacking 2 modes, stacking abilities for 9? multi balls.

overall feel? i think it is a fast challenging game, but not as tough as some others like TWD or GB. all of the shots are deep, i enjoy that. I don't really enjoy the 3 bank target area, i feel that is was an afterthought or something. They missed an opertunity for something more there to make the game more interactive.

overall, i really enjoyed the game. you get so immersed in the gameplay that you really don't have time to look up and see the pf or the display on the backbox, just the shots you are trying to make and combo.

i'll have to play more, and hopefully on updated/newer software. I would say it is equally as fun as GOT, but with more depth and lightening gameplay.
48 days ago
This is a tough game, very fast and kinda refreshing in a way, although I do already own 2 no fears...
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