Star Wars (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2017)

Star Wars (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 7.655

Artwork: 7.685

Sounds/Music: 8.823

Other Aspects: 8.357

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1 day ago
I own an LE, and love the game. It isn't a perfect pinball machine because of the lack of toys and gimmicks. Star Wars is an expensive brand, and Stern probably used most of the game money on the license, thus customers are getting less toys and features. Stern will probably offer a lot of cool aftermarket items including a topper. The pinball machine will always command a high dollar amount because Star Wars is probably the most popular theme in the world. I love Star Wars, and the pinball machine will always be a part of my collection. Steve Ritchie takes a lot of pride in his games, and I know the code and rules will eventually become solid. I know the LE isn't a great choice for everyone, thus Stern offers Premium and Pro models. People should buy what they like in this hobby, and keep the pinball movement strong and alive.
1 day ago
The code is still buggy, and it remains somewhat confusing. It requires precise shooting, and control. To play it really well requires integrating the use of the lockdown bar button, which is a new challenge. Plus, the multipliers are constantly counting down, so you don't have time to stop and think! A unique challenge. Beautiful cabinet, playfield, animations. Obviously, the theme is second to none. I'm happy with my purchase, anticipate this one will stay in my basement for years.
3 days ago
Great game , love the theme and video animations, top notch. The added wireforms for the Hyperspace Loop is quite impressive I must say. A game that is super fun to play , whichever model you get. The ModFather
4 days ago
After 3 weeks of play on my LE, I'm loving the different games within the game. The videos are fantastic. The only knock is the hyper loop. I get 3 balls in, then it won't lock any more. I love the escape boba feat and hyperspace multiballs.
6 days ago
I have had my LE the past couple of weeks. Had no issues out of box. Game plays great. I agree that the quality is no where near the new games coming from Chicago gaming. Stern did add cabinet bracing to this game LE which is a plus. Should have invisi glass, shaker motors, real backglass and toppers included for all LE games! A plus on the LE is now you get all three translights. Now for gameplay. This game is top notch. Steve Ritchey does an amazing job with design. The game is so fast and fun. Great Flow! The animations are amazing. This makes the game really entertaining. I really like the Tie Fighter mode. A real challenge to score on this mode while playing the flippers. Game code is early but good. They must have put quite a bit of time into this game. Toys are limited so I added three. Looks better now. Music is amazingly good as well as the lighting. Look forward to additional code.
8 days ago
After playing the Pro version 20+ times, it was replaced with an LE on location. Hoping the LE would bring more to the game, it did not. The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. Bare play field with a few more toys, fast drains and somewhat confusing rules (yes, I know you are supposed to shoot where the arrows go).

The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. With that said, I'm not a fan of that ramp blocking the view near the flippers, which creates the toy a wash in my opinion. As many have said, I was interested in purchasing this game, but glad I waited and didn't. A disappointing pin for a great theme.
9 days ago
Ok, I'm kinda biased, as I own it. I have close to 100 plays. I don't get why people think the playfield is bare. The shots are satisfying with some easy and some hard. The hyperspace loop is used often and so cool. Really adds a lot IMO. I backhand the loop/Death Star about 75% of the time. I think the tie fighter is cool (it's not just on a spring, there is a coil that is set off when you hit it, like hitting Sparky on Metallica). Add a shaker motor and this adds to the tie fighter shot. The light show is second to none, music is awesome (it's Star Wars), and the screens are utilized well. It really helps to have a "co-pilot" when you are getting know the game. They can help you by reading the screen when you can' the ball can move at blazing speed (I love games with speed). The middle button is a blast and has multiple uses, not just killing tie-fighters (such a rush while not loosing your ball). The code is not polished yet, but really good and I find it to have tons of variation and depth...make it as easy or complex as you want (i.e. Shut off stacking).

If you want a playfield with tons of toys, buy/play a TZ...totally different machines, and play is much slower (fun, but not the adrenaline rush I like). I think Stern got this Star Wars right. I know some people want this or that, but you'll never please everyone. This game really feels like you are part of the Star Wars universe when you play it. Totally immersive.
10 days ago
Put about 20 games on this game at my buddies house. I love Star Wars so theme was great for me. I struggled with loving this game. I enjoyed it, but not sure I loved it. The quality is OK (not even close to JJP or the latest from Chicago gaming), scoring was little out of whack. All in all this pin needs deeper code so I'll come back at some point and reevaluate.
14 days ago
Great flow (not like GOT) and fast, like IM fast. Long shots like 24 with a similar open PF. Great sounds and movie clips on the large color display. Lots of fun that keeps me coming back for another game, unlike GOT. Should have come with a shaker and mirrored BG, not to mention a third flipper..into a ramp and hyper space!!
Killing Star fighters is a new pinball hand-mind challenge. AC/DC still his masterpiece.
18 days ago
my favorite all time theme ever. SW geek all the way. also first LCD pin so i may be a little bias.

i find the flow is incredible unlike ST. lights, movie clips, sound all amazing.
artwork is not as bad as people say. but it is def not the best. a weak point.
probably my biggest bugaboo. still better than ST. right ? lol

as far a toys. it is stripped down. BUT it gives a chance to place mods/ships where you want. alot of fun to mod yourself. makes it your machine. so i do not think the lack of toys are a real bad thing. the hypeloop is an amazing feature on the prem/LE. it is a rush. great feature.

some of the things i noticed should be done or fixed. the vid clips pause at end and are blurry. a thing i would love too is more video modes where you can interact. kinda like dont cross streams in GB.

but overall this is my favorite pin ever. really think adding a sound system with bass is a must for the epic sound track. it does come out of box better sounding than anything ive experienced yet but adding more really makes you feel you are in movie.
19 days ago
This is the fastest pinball game I have ever played. Enough depth for experienced players but the theme and playfield are so cool that new players will like it too. Speaking of the playfield, it's open down low and then there's a mountain of stuff happening up top. Jump ramp is cool but that hyperspace thing is awesome. It's borderline perfect. Maybe the LCD could've been used more but overall it's sick.

I absolutely love this game. A home run for Stern.
23 days ago
I wanted to wait until I played this one a bit before entering a rating. When the machine first arrived, it just blew everyone in the house away and we couldn't get enough of it, but it's kind of like that with every new pinball machine that comes through the doors. After enough plays and the newness wears off, the quality of the machine really begins to show.

I can honestly say that this is easily my favorite pinball machine to date. It's fast, exciting, and most importantly, fun. The music and callouts are possibly the best around given you're a Star Wars fan (who isn't to some degree?).

But what really gets me is the gameplay. It's so fast and satisfying. The lights, sounds, and explosions just light up the playfield. And with 4 characters to select from, many of the call outs and video clips are different, making each game less likely to be repetitive. The hyperspace ramp and blowing up the Death Star add a level of excitement and challenge that I've rarely experienced in pinball, making the stakes high but the payoff incredible.

On the negative side, nearly every time you lose a ball, there's a clip of Yoda reminding you that you suck. Which is okay the first few times, but I've heard Yoda so often now that those same couple clips are getting old - maybe that's reflection of my poor play, but it can be an annoyance nonetheless :)

I didn't think I'd like taking my hand off the flippers to shoot tie fighters with the action button, but it's a very good balance of risk/reward that I've come to enjoy. It changes the pinball experience for the better. Not everyone will like this, but I feel it works.

This machine is built for speed, so there's not going to be a lot of toys or gimmicks (like magnets) to slow down the pace. That said, people have complained that it has a "bare playfield." While there's plenty to do, it's mostly ramps and targets that will allow you to do those things. It's definitely not Twilight Zone or the Wizard of Oz in terms of playfield variety, but I don't think that's what Stern was going for. What is there is a very fluid and often fast playing game that rewards reflexes just as much as it rewards well-aimed shots.

-great use of theme for music, callouts, sound effects, and video clips
-fast, fluid, and fun gameplay
-great light show with a few high-pressure, but highly rewarding shots
-lots of variety with the 4 characters to select from

-artwork not for everyone
-playfield could be seen as sparse
-Yoda saying the same 3 or 4 lines every time you lose a ball

Personal Preference:
-the action button used to shoot tie fighters (traditional pinball vs risk/reward gameplay)
27 days ago
Cool game pros music and sound are amazing
Rules are amazing
I like the artwork I do not know why everyone hates it.
Good flow
LCD animations are great

Cons I do not like the death star opining up it's kind of silly
I do not like that the layout looks like ac dc
The pop bumpers are kinda useless
But overall the game is fun.
39 days ago
Game play: fast as lightning. The music is extraordinary, the film clips delightful. It seems incredibly deep for experienced players, while thrilling for a hack like me. It's going to take months to figure this out. This is an important license and it's absolutely done right.
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