Star Wars (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2017)

Star Wars (Premium/LE)

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This is "Star Wars (Premium/LE)".
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4 days ago
Finally a GOOD starwars game, was skeptical at first due to the fairly open look, but once I played it I needed one. Fast fast fast, game, with alot of shots and flow. Combine that with complex rules similar to got, art thats great in person (pros translite is amazing!) And you have a winner. Play it for yourself before you judge a book by its cover, Im glad I did.
5 days ago
STERN Star Was is the best Star Wars Pinball based on the original trilogy ever made . It is all about the game play. The modes are represented great in synergy to the LCD film clips and voice overs from the original films . The music by John Williams score is excellent . All this brings you into the Star Wars original Trilogy universe . The game play is hard. But there are so many ways to choose to play the rule-set. The shot multiplier system is very addicting as you learn how you may manually move the shots around the playfield for maximum scoring . I have never played a pinball game with this type of control given to the player. This style of code brings so much "breadth" of strategically building up you shot multipliers and choosing different main character from the Star Wars 1977 film to aid you through your playing experience . It is a " masterpiece" in coding and fun. And "Fun" is what defines a great pinball machine . Slight score reduction as the Fork ramp and Hyperspace loop may be problematic.
For people on this forum to score STERN Star Wars pinball in the range of (2-3) as read there ratings for this title is quit frankly ( laughable, absurd, comical, funny, hilarious, risible, droll, amusing, farcical, silly, ludicrous; and ridiculous ).
11 days ago
Steve Ritchie at his awesome best.
Dwilight Sullivan ruleset is deep,
X all the way.
18 days ago
Star wars premium/LE is a fun game rules are great and the hyperloop is a really cool toy but the death star is kinda lame when you open it up.
24 days ago
"Unimpressive it is, Nonapprove I do."
- Yoda

Data East's (AKA Stern) Star Wars game from 1992 has unequivocally retained its 25+ year champion title status as the continued "best choice award" Star Wars pinball machine in comparison to Stern release of this title.

Complete Stern "cash grab" complete with a stripped down game concept of the original design.
Mediocre features, recycled game layout from multiple Stern titles, uninspired toys, and poor artwork.
Ruleset remains confusing and video clips repetitive even for seasoned players and owners.
"Hyperspace" ramp was poorly designed from the standpoint of gravity shots and movement.
A person can get the same effect with HS II: The Getaway, or No Fear.
Now, people figured out that the game is poor example of executed theme design except for route operators, and games are already coming up for sale, whether Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition.
Just because a game "plays fast" or "new" does not make it a good game.
It is amazing how polarizing this game is for people they either "love it or hate it" auspious title.
Stern did not have a "strict budget" or "hands tied by Disney", go look at TSPP, LOTR, or the original SM Black in comparison, they look like "Super Limited Editions" in comparison.

It is basically the equivalent of Stern's 2008 Indiana Jones to Williams 1993 Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure in every area. It simply does not live up to any form of value for personal ownership. A Yugo versus a Mercedes.
As a barcade pinball, it is not that bad for a few rounds.

Stern, for the love of all that is pinball, stop removal of game features and basic functionality of your titles which has occurred significantly since 2012. Many veteran old collectors, especially those with more than 25+ years experience in the industry and hobby, are watching with disdain and boycotting Stern game purchases in the future. New enthusiasts and potential owners are starting to get smarter as well. This should be a serious concern as the latest market "stall" has already started, and economy has begun a recession with higher costs of living continuing to rise against static salaries.


26 days ago
The more I play it the more I want to play it. Not the quality build of a JJ pin but none the less a very fun and addictive game. Mr. Richie again has hit a home run with SW. Even with Stern's strict budget.
26 days ago
If you are an enjoyment seeking player like myself and don't take super deep game rules too seriously, you should be ok with this game. You will need to get an understanding of the game to enjoy. The easy stuff on other games does not seem to appear here. It can be difficult to understand. I am working on it which makes the process an experience. As for the layout I think it is cool. Lack of toys not a problem for me. The game can be a drainer. I cheated and moved the outlane pins in. If you are sort of a novice like myself it will take a while to learn game. Someone stated that the right kick out was a drainer - you can adjust that. So far working better. I like to upper lane hyper gimmick. Adds to the game. The pop bumpers are kinda not there not part of game really. The more I play it the more I like it. Give it a shot. So, keep playing-watch a tutorial. Worth it.
28 days ago
Me and a friend just played this several times on location. It was very fun, and we constantly won games and did not know how.

Not sure I would ever own one if I had the chance, but when out I would try it again.

It was fun, and my friend loved it.
30 days ago
I'm not a big fan of the pro, but it's definitely better than what you have here. The only real difference between the pro and the premium is the hyperloop and fork jump ramp. Normally added elements would be nice, but the forks on the jump ramp are problematic. Balls hang up behind them ALL THE TIME. Practically every ball you will get at least a couple of shots that settle behind the forks and the game is too stupid to know that it's just sitting there, so you have to wait for a ball search to release it (all the while your hurry ups and multipliers are expiring.)

Oh, and that hyperloop? It has issues as well. While a neat looking effect, having a ball fall off is a real frustration. The balls do look cool whipping around in there, however. But when it comes down to it, you're introducing problems into a game to add elements that don't do much in regards to gameplay. In fact, they detract from gameplay in the end. It's a head scratcher of a concept.

Star Wars is a bummer. I can see how people would like it, but I can't see how it turned out so disjointed, so underdeveloped, and such a confusing and scattershot jumble of ideas on an overly simple layout. For such a fantastic theme, there should have been more care and better planning going into this game. Here's looking forward to the next time someone works with the Star Wars theme...because for now, we're still waiting for someone to get it right.
32 days ago
Good flow, nice animations, appropriate lighting

Not a big fan of the skill shot, feels cheap (as compared to Aerosmith), useless hyper loop, boring video mode.
37 days ago
This pin is pretty fun. The hyperloop is very coolnand the shots are tight but forgiving.

2 major flaws: inner loop from
left to right gives a SDTM in 30% of shots.
Mistery hole does the same when spitting it out.
I remember my ghostbusters had the same issue; was patched in code later by adding a ball saver for a few secs.

Like other posters I have the same complaint that goes with any new Stern; code is unfinished. Incredible how to keep getting away with this. As long as people buy their stuff it won't change.

All in a fun pin that would be top 25 I think.
40 days ago
1st: while I'm not one for buying "premium" versions of games, this is the ONLY way to go with this game IMO. The hyperspace metal loop is such a focal point for the theme and looks so much better. Don't cheap out on this one.

2nd: I REALLY liked this game and was not expected that. It gets so much flak here on Pinside, I was expected a weak game. Far from it. Star Wars has...

-GREAT shots! Sniping skills required folks. I'm not even a SR fan typically, but this game has a great layout, great flow (of course), and will keep you on your toes.
-FAST game. Most shots send the ball screaming back at you. Great design.
-Cool toys (not the best implementation of the theme (see below), but still cool).
-It's Star Wars! The theme is a homerun even if the game wasn't designed great (which it actually is).
-I like being able to have paths based on select-able characters. Nice choice.
-INCREDIBLE "dots." This is the 1st game I've seen from Stern where they really knocked it out of the park with their new LCD approach. Great UI and scenes for those not actually playing the game to enjoy.

-One of the weakest video modes I've ever played. Navigating a ship through an asteroid field is incredibly weak. With the screen, this is an opportunity missed. Hopefully, better video modes will be implemented in later code updates, which brings me to...
-Stern code. Seriously guys, you gotta stop releasing games with unfinished code. I would be so ticked if I bought this game only to sit around for a year or so to have the code finished. It's one of the main reasons why people are flocking to JJP over you: finish the code prior to release.
-There could have such cooler implementation of features and special effects. As mentioned below, something like "mist multiball" using the Force would have been incredible. Use the assets of the license!
-The game feels MUCH cheaper BOM-wise than any JJP, and it's around the same price. Not gonna work longterm. I realize I'm comparing but when there are only so many pinball dollars out there, you gotta compete.

In short: my favorite Steve Ritchie pin yet. I'm not a Stern fanboy by a longshot and was so pleasantly surprised by this game. Love it.
45 days ago
This game is the ultimate theme for most and the rules are quite deep once learned. There is a lot to the machine that will bring people back to play. Very fast game with satisfying shots, but the art is only decent. The movie clips are nice and the other animations are cool. Overall quite a good game in my opinion.
48 days ago
This is by far my favorite stern ever produced. Game play is awesome, game is very challenging but not impossible. I have over 25 pins in my collection including mm, cv, and this gets played more then any other machine. Screen and graphics are ridiculous. Callouts are killer..Not a huge Star wars fan but am a huge fan of this game. I have the le but fel the premium is just as good play wise.
50 days ago
Great sound and good gameplay but some layout flaws in my opinion with some draining ball from inner loop, target bank, mystery vuk. Closing outlanes are required.
This game needs to be well set up to really enjoy it.
I also regret this game has been built to economic
51 days ago
Love this game. Premium model is the way to go. Really bummed they did not use magnets for "the force"... definitely dropped the ball there. Other than that this game rocks. Love the mini screen in the play field that changes and the crazy loops the ball makes in certain models. This one should move up the list as soon as more people play it.
51 days ago
Stunning art. High quality LCD animation. Great LED control. Great skill shot and modes. A winner!
52 days ago
for once, i think the premium/le is substantially better than the pro model. you take the hyper drive metal ball loops off, and add plastic ramps on the pro and it just doesn't have the 'it' factor anymore. I enjoy the pro model more than recent sterns (aerosmith, ghostbuster, and batman), but it doesn't stack up to the premium.

the hyper loop toy is one of the most fun implemented toys stern has had recently, that actually matches the theme well. you take that away from the game, and it just isn't as exciting. don't knock this model until you have played it, it is going to gain fans once they get over what theyhad originally expected of the machine.

the premium is just solid, plays well, rules are great, code (.89) is horrible but shows promise.
52 days ago
Very fast and fun. I think they could have given the playfield a few more toys and gimmicks, but it's still a blast. I love the light saber sounds
65 days ago
Just had machine delivered this week, I must say I am impressed and love the theme. Great shots, ball play times are good. Feels like a game I could hang onto for quite some time.
67 days ago
I own an LE, and love the game. It isn't a perfect pinball machine because of the lack of toys and gimmicks. Star Wars is an expensive brand, and Stern probably used most of the game money on the license, thus customers are getting less toys and features. Stern will probably offer a lot of cool aftermarket items including a topper. The pinball machine will always command a high dollar amount because Star Wars is probably the most popular theme in the world. I love Star Wars, and the pinball machine will always be a part of my collection. Steve Ritchie takes a lot of pride in his games, and I know the code and rules will eventually become solid. I know the LE isn't a great choice for everyone, thus Stern offers Premium and Pro models. People should buy what they like in this hobby, and keep the pinball movement strong and alive.
67 days ago
The code is still buggy, and it remains somewhat confusing. It requires precise shooting, and control. To play it really well requires integrating the use of the lockdown bar button, which is a new challenge. Plus, the multipliers are constantly counting down, so you don't have time to stop and think! A unique challenge. Beautiful cabinet, playfield, animations. Obviously, the theme is second to none. I'm happy with my purchase, anticipate this one will stay in my basement for years.
69 days ago
Great game , love the theme and video animations, top notch. The added wireforms for the Hyperspace Loop is quite impressive I must say. A game that is super fun to play , whichever model you get. The ModFather
70 days ago
The movies meet pinball. To bring the sound and drama from the movies into pinball and get the heart pumping is what I feel makes this machine. It may not work for the professional player, but the fun is there. Still have not figured out all the rules but that does not prevent me from having a great time with this machine.
ANother note: The pin being less about gimmicks and more about shots has made me a better player on all my other machines!
70 days ago
After 3 weeks of play on my LE, I'm loving the different games within the game. The videos are fantastic. The only knock is the hyper loop. I get 3 balls in, then it won't lock any more. I love the escape boba feat and hyperspace multiballs.
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