Star Wars (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2017)

Star Wars (Premium/LE)

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1 day ago
This game is a flat out Turd.

What a waste of a great license. Nothing on the PF. Hyperloop toys is a joke. Rules are pretty boring and the standard dwight math type rules (not what I go for when wanting to relax and play some pinball for fun)
7 days ago
Seems like it should have been so much better than it is. Looks like Star Wars, but doesn't feel like a Star Wars. Definitely a challenging layout with tight shots that requires a lot of ball control. But the shots don't feel very rewarding. There appears to be a lot of rules, but the stop and go rule/mode selections aren't for me.
10 days ago
When I went to play this game (1.0 code) for the first time, I had low expectations based on watching early streams and reading and listening to reviews that gave a poor grade to this game. Then I played it. The first time I put 20--30 plays on it. I had only intended to play my 3 games for $2, but I couldn't stop playing it. Then, went home, watched a tutorial and learned more about the rules and multipliers. I went back and put another 20-30 games on it with my wife and kids. We all loved it! We played the premium version. The hyperloop was amazing! The supercharger in Getaway is my all time favorite toy/mech in a game and the hyperloop is the supercharger on steroids. Yes, it is a tough shot. But the payoff is worth it. It's not too tough, my 13 y/o son hit it three times when we played it. The art is better in person and there is more to it than just the 4 main characters. The sound is great (it's Star Wars). The lights were awesome. Clips are good. And the gameplay is fast and has flow, which is what I'm looking to add to my collection at the moment. After family approval, I put an order down for this one. I can't believe how much my opinion on this game changed after code updates and actually playing it. Please, do not review or pass judgment on this one until you play it. I didn't think I'd like the multiplier rules, but after learning about them, they are quite unique and fun. Constantly swapping them makes it a new game every time. Also, this is the best incorporation of an action button to date. And I used to hate those buttons.
11 days ago
Game could benefit from the addition of "1" more interactive toy! However! This game is as underappreciated as it gets! When I first approached this game I was ready to pick it apart in every way possible! It's Star Wars right? And that's what I did! High expectations! High hopes! After code updates and giving the machine a chance to prove itself, my opinion has changed considerably! Game is difficult which I like a lot! Innovative and unique and enjoy it as much as any game I own! This game can only be evaluated fairly after spending some serious time playing it! If you're going to play a routed pro model, bring your $$$ cause you will need it! Not a player friendly game to play on location!
11 days ago
I am definitely fond of the hyperloop, so I was thinking about eventually getting a Premium one. Last month I fortunately got to play an LE. The game is engaging - fast, and furious. The shots are rather challenging and I like the layout in general, typical Ritchie stuff going on. I am an average player and sometimes I achieve high scores - but, and now comes the downside: the ruleset of this machine is a real pain. It might be of great fun for some Pros to actually have such a complex rulesheet and multiplier system - but for me, I guess this machine does not suit me at all. I like No Fear and Getaway, which are both quite fast but not as complex - but Star Wars LE (and even the pro) have an insane ruleset for my taste. I could not even figure out how to achieve a single multiball in five games.

I mean you could have a complicated ruleset for sure, but not on such an incredibly fast and rather brutal machine. I watched a really good player getting a decent high score, but it seemed like war. He was exhausted after battle. Worn out. I don’t want to play and end up like that. Conclusion: only for soldiers and absolute pros. But then again, I somehow want to play it again.
15 days ago
Great Pinball,A Steve Ritchie masterpiece,Played it at the Zanzabar in Louisville.I want one
15 days ago
Fast, fast, fast. And difficult. The theme is a home run, no question. And the sounds and video clips are great. The option to choose a character, which then affects the missions you can choose, is groundbreaking, IMHO. With every ball this game lets you choose what goal you want to tackle next. This “modern” design, along with the terrific video screen and the mini video monitor on the playfield are utilized nicely. It feels like a SW movie. The downside, mainly somewhat overwhelming rules and ultra short games. R2D2 seemed to appear often when I lost my ball, and I quickly got used to seeing him. I couldn’t really enjoy the video clips or even see what the screen was instructing me to do because I lost my ball too fast. Admittedly, I am pretty new to this one. The design is just ok. I wasn’t pulled into the game right away and I felt some shots were very hard. The bank of targets under the mini LCD screen seems too close and it can send your ball right back at you. One of the loops also sends the ball almost SDTM. More diversity in the playfield design would have been nice.

More play is needed on this one, but I enjoyed BM66 more right away than SW, but I suspect SW is a better game to own in the home, due to difficulty and complexity. I felt GB was too hard and crowded at first, but now I love it. I’ll update this after spending a few more hours on it. Tie fighter battle is fun tho, and the hyperloop is pretty cool. It definitely has cool features, but it’s a very fast, punishing game. It all depends on your style!
26 days ago
Of all the newer stern pins this one is my favorite. I hope to add it to my collection one day next to a few other of Steve Richie's creations.
35 days ago
I understand people liking this one, just wasn’t for me. After seeing ghostbusters and how busy and fun that was, Star Wars looked a bit empty and lacking. The loop past the flippers is good and the Millennium Falcon looks great.
Not a big fan of the animations or layout.
41 days ago
Very much like the Pro version ... not much difference. I've played this pin several times at a arcade in a league. This one is hard to review because I like some things and dislike other things. I want to say the layout is boring, but it is more of a disappointment that it is missing cool toys and features, but I kind of like the game play maybe because it is similar to ACDC that I love. It plays nothing like ACDC because SW falls short of it in many ways. The Tie fighter on a spring ... that should be more of one of the side minor features but is the main bash toy. I like the integration of the small LCD and the targets under them - that is great. This is Stern's best integration of the back box LCD, but it is hard to keep looking up to get the info you need ... so it needs more call outs. Maybe those will still come with future code. I like the 4 main progression plots for the multiball mode rewards. The music is good, the artwork is what I expected for what the license would probably allow and is "ok" because of that. It is entertaining to play. There are some punishing shots that go SDTM that I really don't like about it. I'll watch the progression on this one and MAY someday buy a Premium/LE second hand if the code improves and the game play improves with code updates. The Pro is much better for me however if weighed on price comparisons. As you can read ... it is good and not so good in my opinion, but pretty fun too if you get a good game going on it.
46 days ago
True to Steve Ritchie designs this is a flow game with lots of speed and very little slow down. If you spend a small amount of time trying this game out it may not capture you, but if you invest time the rules and challenges can quickly pull you in. The voice overs and sounds are true to the original SW series. There's lots of great quotes like Han saying "Great kid, don't get cocky!" after completing a mission. Movie clips on the screen are an advanced compliment to the gameplay and my kids absolutely love this integration. Missions are challenging and very rewarding. The Hyperloop is what really sets this machine apart for me, especially when trying to get added balls into Hyperspace simultaneously. I'm more of a Pro guy, but this is the first machine that personally warranted the move to a Premium. I can easily lose track of time with how frequently I re-engage the start button.
50 days ago
My first pinball game purchase, and I don't regret it at all. I keep hitting the button for one more game.

So many options and strategies make the depth of the game incredible. The Shot Bonus management and Tie-Fighter video mode both give you options on what level of risk/reward you are willing to take on for each game.

I don't understand the concern about lack of toys. I think HyperSpace is a fantastic toy. The Death Star shot is tough as it should be. (Great job theming). I have blown it up twice now and what a great satisfying feeling. Love the way victory mode sits on top of each of the four mini wizard modes. A major sense of accomplishment when victory mode is achieved.

Lightsaber duel is done especially well. The sounds and lighting are awesome and make it very engaging. There is a lot of gravity to this mode. Boba Fett mode is a close second. Would love another very engaging mode like these.

Stern does need to fix the Hyperloop to consistently work and this game will be absolute gold. Hyperspace Hurry Up and HS Multiball are awesome, and exciting - when they work. Not as fun when the ball trickles out early under the Death Star or gets catapulted from the diverter. It seems to be a software problem for me. Hopefully it gets better next release. (I want to boost up that gameplay score in my ranking.)

I cannot recommend this game enough. I like it more and more as I continue to play it. It is an impressive game.
52 days ago
Great game with lots of strategy and variation. Hyperspace loop is a unique addition and great challenge. The Tie fighter toy isn't great. Not a gigantic fan of the voice callouts but the movie clips and sound make up for it. This is a very punishing but very rewarding game.
56 days ago
No game has had the desire to keep hitting the start button quite like Star Wars for me. It’s a super fast layout with an awesome light show and sound package. Access to all video clips an characters, makes part of the best LCD integration in pinball to date. Not too much information, but enough. Code implementation with 1.0 is very deep and has a nice variety and a reason to select other characters to play with. Light Saber Duel is fantastic and Hyper Speed shot on the Premium / LE is incredibly satisfying.
60 days ago
Played it on location at a local place. Very clean machine with low plays. Plus: smooth operation of the game, leds, everything worked, no stuck balls. Good starter machine. The cons were mainly that the machine has a very wide open play field with no real toys or vibrating gimmicks. The missions are okay in theory, and the lcd integration is good in terms of the game, but not so much into overall flow. The shots are a little tight considering the open nature.
65 days ago
When I first saw it was disappointed, boy was I wrong. Game is fast and fun. Amazing rules, Amazing theme integration, amazing lighting. Game is just flat out fun, may not have a lot of toys but the hyperspace shot is great and its just constant flow and action. ONE MORE GAME!
74 days ago
So it is still pretty early to be rating this game as the code is not yet at 1.0, but wow, great game. Steve Ritchie and Dwight Sullivan really deliver in this game. Fun, innovative code with cool unique mini modes like Light Saber Duel and Escape From Boba Fett really help this game shine. The hyper-loop ball accelerator is totally fun and not over-utilized. Wish the Death Star was a little bit easier to destroy but then again Valinor is not all that accessible either... Will likely rate again once it is completed.
76 days ago
Hard to imagine this same playfield, toy set, and rules getting much love at all if not for the theme. But the theme does carry the game quite far. In fact, to me, the animations, the "missions" concept, and the integration of the screen, the movie clips, and the movie sounds/quotes/music with the rest of gameplay is the big (and the only) draw for this machine. As a Star Wars fan (and only because of being a Star Wars fan), I believe I'd enjoy owning one for a year or maybe two, but I imagine I'd trade it out after that.
82 days ago
Sometimes I really struggle with liking a pin that has one of my favorite themes. I bought Star Trek NIB as I'm a big Star Trek fan, but I sold it after a couple years and never really enjoyed it as much as much as I would have liked. Stupid things that others probably ignored, really annoyed me about the game. Oddly though, I really like the SW pin. I like that the rules can be deep or more shallow and simplified -- you can stack modes or put the settings such to not stack modes; you use the bonus X scoring to really increase your score dramatically or you can play the game and totally ignore it if you prefer to just play through the game modes and enjoy that experience instead. I love that the original audio and video is included and the latest code is starting to show some reasonable level of refinement. I have played both the Pro and the Premium and while I still wish the Premium/LE had included a Force magnet, I find the game to be immersive and fun and feels very Star Wars to me. I love blasting tie fighters and hitting the hyperspace loop. Sure, there are complainers about the ramp slowing down the ball from the back side but I really hardly noticed and the ramp isn't in the way most of the time. Lots of complaints about finicky set up of the game -- oh wah! I heard the same complaints about AV years ago and I had no problem getting it "dialed in". Every pinball machine I have owned so far had issues to deal with. Star Wars is deep but can be played shallow and I just find it to be plain 'ol fun.
83 days ago
A much better game then it gets credit for. The code is unique and challenging and very different which is a great thing. The art and toys are just ok but the lighting and code makes up for what it lacks. It's fast, shoots good, and is a really tough pin. Not Stern's best but a really unique, fun offering. My only big negative is the fork ramp which has a lot of rejects, if you hit it pure it's fine but it's a tight shot.

Update: With the 1.0 code this game is really starting to shape into something pretty special. I love the different ways to attack this game and that I always am a few shots from setting up a huge scoring potential. The code is super unique and really fun and fresh. Pinball really needed this in my opinion. I wish I could give it a higher then allowed rating for the code as it is that good. After seeing the death star blow up I will say that it is underwhelming but the display work is incredible for that moment. So a meh toy for a big moment unfortunately. The hyperloop has really grown on me and I love the way it is implemented into some of the modes now. It really feels like I'm fixing the hyperdrive on the falcon.
3 months ago
Finally a GOOD starwars game, was skeptical at first due to the fairly open look, but once I played it I needed one. Fast fast fast, game, with alot of shots and flow. Combine that with complex rules similar to got, art thats great in person (pros translite is amazing!) And you have a winner. Play it for yourself before you judge a book by its cover, Im glad I did.
3 months ago
STERN Star Was is the best Star Wars Pinball based on the original trilogy ever made . It is all about the game play. The modes are represented great in synergy to the LCD film clips and voice overs from the original films . The music by John Williams score is excellent . All this brings you into the Star Wars original Trilogy universe . The game play is hard. But there are so many ways to choose to play the rule-set. The shot multiplier system is very addicting as you learn how you may manually move the shots around the playfield for maximum scoring . I have never played a pinball game with this type of control given to the player. This style of code brings so much "breadth" of strategically building up you shot multipliers and choosing different main character from the Star Wars 1977 film to aid you through your playing experience . It is a " masterpiece" in coding and fun. And "Fun" is what defines a great pinball machine . Slight score reduction as the Fork ramp and Hyperspace loop may be problematic.
For people on this forum to score STERN Star Wars pinball in the range of (2-3) as read there ratings for this title is quit frankly ( laughable, absurd, comical, funny, hilarious, risible, droll, amusing, farcical, silly, ludicrous; and ridiculous ).
3 months ago
Steve Ritchie at his awesome best.
Dwilight Sullivan ruleset is deep,
X all the way.
3 months ago
Star wars premium/LE is a fun game rules are great and the hyperloop is a really cool toy but the death star is kinda lame when you open it up.
3 months ago
"Unimpressive it is, Nonapprove I do."
- Yoda

Data East's (AKA Stern) Star Wars game from 1992 has unequivocally retained its 25+ year champion title status as the continued "best choice award" Star Wars pinball machine in comparison to Stern release of this title.

Complete Stern "cash grab" complete with a stripped down game concept of the original design.
Mediocre features, recycled game layout from multiple Stern titles, uninspired toys, and poor artwork.
Ruleset remains confusing and video clips repetitive even for seasoned players and owners.
"Hyperspace" ramp was poorly designed from the standpoint of gravity shots and movement.
A person can get the same effect with HS II: The Getaway, or No Fear.
Now, people figured out that the game is poor example of executed theme design except for route operators, and games are already coming up for sale, whether Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition.
Just because a game "plays fast" or "new" does not make it a good game.
It is amazing how polarizing this game is for people they either "love it or hate it" auspious title.
Stern did not have a "strict budget" or "hands tied by Disney", go look at TSPP, LOTR, or the original SM Black in comparison, they look like "Super Limited Editions" in comparison.

It is basically the equivalent of Stern's 2008 Indiana Jones to Williams 1993 Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure in every area. It simply does not live up to any form of value for personal ownership. A Yugo versus a Mercedes.
As a barcade pinball, it is not that bad for a few rounds.

Stern, for the love of all that is pinball, stop removal of game features and basic functionality of your titles which has occurred significantly since 2012. Many veteran old collectors, especially those with more than 25+ years experience in the industry and hobby, are watching with disdain and boycotting Stern game purchases in the future. New enthusiasts and potential owners are starting to get smarter as well. This should be a serious concern as the latest market "stall" has already started, and economy has begun a recession with higher costs of living continuing to rise against static salaries.


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