Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams, 1993)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game design: 8.574

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Other Aspects: 8.502

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There are 373 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 days ago
Star Trek is an awesome pin that really feels like it was ahead of its time. My one major complaint are the dreaded outlanes as I often feel cheated when I am playing well and without warning the ball drains and there's no way I could have avoided it. However, everything else really stands out, the sound, the feel, the rule set. Great pin.
52 days ago
Just picked this game up after selling two of my other pins. This game has it all, not only are replacement parts available and mods that can be done, but it has just simple fun game play that anyone would like, but hard to master. You don't have to be a star trek fan to enjoy this game. Ramps, multiball, dot-matrix mini games, as well has hidden easter eggs in the coding of the game. Glad I sold my pins for this gem. One of Williams finest designs, period.
84 days ago
Love the cannon and wide body. Didn't like that the video game mode was always the same pattern and could be easily memorized. Overall a great pin though
84 days ago
I'm not a Next Gen fan AT ALL, but overall, this pin is pretty awesome. From video mode to shooting the cannons, the deeper you get into this game the more fun it is. Once again, if you see this game, play it! You'll be glad that you did.
4 months ago
This is a really fun game that I've found to live up to its reputation as one of the greats. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but the theme integration is second to none. The call outs from all the original actors are very well done and fit the game perfectly. The cab and playfield artwork, dot animations, and music are all top notch. The layout offers lots of great shots and the modes offer a lot of variety and take you all across the playfield. The game can be very brutal and even a bit of a drain monster. However, I've found that it rewards accurate shots and the excellent wizard mode is very achievable with a little bit of strategy.

The mode based ruleset offers a decent amount of depth without being overwhelming. The playfield toys are good and the slingshot mounted cannons are fun and well integrated. My only real complaint with this game is that the video mode is the same every time. Once you memorize the pattern, it becomes a bit too easy to score tons of points with it every time it comes up.

Overall, this is a easily one of the best pinball machines out there and it gets almost everything right. A true classic that even non-Star Trek fans can enjoy!
4 months ago
This game is tough and I love it like that. Right off the bat there's several different ways you can tackle the game. Do you want to go for Borg multiball, Missions/Final Frontier, Warp Factor 9+ or if you're really ambitious all of the above!? The Neutral Zone is a nice little mini-game in and of itself though I find the Ferengi multiball to be the most fun. The cannons on this thing are a blast (ha!) and I feel that they get the right amount of utilization; not too much not too little. The missions are varied a good amount for my taste though some you may pursue before others (easier to obtain artifacts). The artifact system itself is a nice meta-game that you can gather along as you're completing missions for some serious points if you reach Final Frontier. The ramps in this game are very satisfying to hit with the Delta ramp taking the crown. Speaking of the Delta ramp going for warp 9 through multiple Picard Maneuvers in a row is a great challenge and personally very rewarding. The shots are well laid out and I really like the throwback to Firepower in regards to the lower playfield standup targets energizing the kickback. Even the sounds have a slight similarity to the 1980 classic. Overall I love the game and it took me by surprise as thematically I wasn't a super hard core Star Trek fan but because of this pin I actually started watching the whole next gen series from beginning to end.

In regards to the infamous outlanes it is true that they can be unforgiving but I find the challenge acceptable. I would never consider the outlane extenders as I feel it would soften the game too much, extend ball times and make it an overall snooze fest.
4 months ago
the tough outlanes take a bit of the fun out of this game. Overall one of the best.
4 months ago
Great sound and callouts. Always had fun with this title. Really like the theme integration and voice work.
4 months ago
This is my #1 Favorite Pinball game. I play this one constantly on Pinball Arcade..
5 months ago
Two month ownership update:

The game is still friggen awesome. Theme integrates perfectly and the voice acting callouts are great. The game has humor and takes me back to the 90's when I was watching the show. The shots are satisfying with a good variety. The ball launch option modes are a nice touch. The laser cannon mod is awesome and is a must. The different modes are great but my favorite by far is the battle simulation. Ramps, spinner, pop entry lanes are great. The design of this game was simply amazing. Downside, yes is the outlanes -even with the extenders , the game is punishing. Wizard mode is tough but, not too tough to achieve. The leadup to borg multiball is excellent.

4 month update:
The drains are pretty crazy on this machine reducing some of the fun factor.

I will be keeping this one for a while.
6 months ago
Another awesome pin that i would love in my collection some day. The flow is definitely there. The Picard maneuver is so satisfying. Getting to Warp Factor with the spinner is so rewarding! The modes are challenging and reaching the Final Frontier mode awesome! I really enjoy using the cannons to spice up the game and the different multiballs are fun. The call outs from the cast are top notch.
6 months ago
Awesome game, very challenging for a player of my skill level to work through the modes, but there are great shots for players of all skill levels and some of the best shots in the Williams era period. If we ever see a STTNGremake I will be first in line :)
6 months ago
Great game. Owned it for about 6 months. Wish I could have kept it. The left drain is so frustrating, even with the lane extenders. Overall in my personal top 5 best machines.
6 months ago
I really wanted to like this game - lots of people had told me it was a great machine and I really like the ST theme. However, Start Trek: The Next Generation was a pretty big let down. The toys are cheap and the looping wireforms seem like a waste of space. The shots are okay-ish, but I'd rather not have to be perfect on the wonky upper PF flipper to get the back sideways ramps (but, for some reason, Star Trek by Stern 2013 made this shot feel better). I just couldn't get into the games here - a Borg re-theme and some re-bending of the wireforms could make it interesting.

Play it for fun, but don't expect to be amazed.
7 months ago
A fun DMD game with a great playfield layout that offers tons of stuff to shoot for. The canons on the slingshots are great. The two standups next to the left orbit love to kill the flow, but this is a very small complaint for an otherwise great game.
7 months ago
So deep, so wide. Amazing machine and my pick as the best of the 90s.
8 months ago
Feels kind of floaty to me. I love the theme.
9 months ago
If you want to take an iconic show like Star Trek: The Next Generation and cram it into a pinball machine this is how its done. This is a table designed by Steve Richie so ball flow/combination shots are king on this one. The artwork is terrific and has held up over the years. The game play is smooth and fast. There are plenty of shots to make and many modes to complete. The game has all of the main cast voicing their roles, plus Q, which is a bonus as he taunts you during his mode. The Borg multi-ball is fast and furious and well implemented. Star Trek is nearly "the perfect game" in terms of play, theme and execution. The only knocks (very very minor nit picks) are the cannons feel a little rehashed from T2 (they are fun and well tied in) and the fidelity of the sounds is not as clear as I wish (if you want that you have to get a game 20 years newer.). Again very minor complaints. This is about as good as it gets.
9 months ago
One of the best widebody, if not the best for me. Much better than TZ but i think you need to love the theme. I just played it too much and I'm not a Trekkie so i sold this pin after a moment. Great flow when you are "in" and one of the best multiball ever created
10 months ago
Great theme, great gimmicks and it's really easy to play. I'd highly recommend to beginner to advance to play this pin. My own downside is that it's hard to understand what you're supposed to do.
10 months ago
Simply one of the best machines I have ever played. It delivers the best a pinball can offer: it plays like a dream, the playfield is fantastic, the ruleset is super deep, the artworks and sound are splendid, there are plenty of shots to make... It also feels really strong, and its build quality is awesome.

The theme works perfectly: and I'm sure I would appreciate it even more if I knew more about Star Trek.

Definitely a Top 5 machine for me, and one of the reasons why Williams' pinballs are my favorites.
11 months ago
This is a player's pin: rookies need not apply. I've owned this for just over a year, and this game NEVER gets old, assuming you don't exploit the modes. The ruleset is great because you can choose between three dominant paths: play for warp factors, play for multiball or play for modes. If you're good enough, you can get through all three and achieve a godlike feeling in your soul! The warp factor shot, even after endless plays, can still be elusive. Ramps, aside from Beta, are not a guarantee. Canon fire to start multiball is always a rush.

I would say this has slipped from the top ten only because of inflated Stern ratings and because this pin is really, really hard to master. As a kid in my local arcade, I saw a guy smash the glass on one of these machines in frustration!
11 months ago
It's the best Star Trek pinball representing the best Star Trek TV series. On top of that, it's a widebody "superpin" penned by the "king of flow" Steve Ritchie! As if that wasn't enough, it's got sound clips from the entire cast of the show, up to 6 ball multiball, more Star Trek toys than a collector's showroom, more modes than you can count, and you can continue your game! Some of these features aren't even seen on today's games! The Williams quality was second to none, so we're here 20+ years later and it still looks and plays great! I'm an avid STTNG TV show fan, so the theme is a "must have" for me.
11 months ago
Nobody loves sttng more than me and that saves this game for me because the game is fun but not incredibly so, and the droning of the theme song is a bit much even for me.
11 months ago
I'm not into the theme, seems well represented in the game, but that does not matter to me. It drains too much on the sides, but not bad enough to dislike the pin because of it. Repetitive sounds and call outs. The game plays ok, but seems a little slow. I would play it if I saw it at a location or at a expo, but only a few times. It looses my interest quickly. If you are a "treky", you would probably like it more than I do because of the theme. I like the newer Stern Star Trek pins better.
There are 373 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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