Spider-Man VE (Stern, 2016)

Spider-Man VE

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Game design: 8.692

Artwork: 8.016

Sounds/Music: 7.612

Other Aspects: 8.507

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This is "Spider-Man VE".
The other versions are: Spider-Man (regular version), Black Spider-Man

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There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
love this game. Its a long player game. love the VE over the regular games because of the art work. Great game
57 days ago
Best Super Hero Pin By Far! Vault edition art and cabinet design makes this one a must have. Smoother shots over the original.
63 days ago
I have never cared anything about any super hero characters, but this machine plays awesome! The first place I played was loud and I could not hear the machine, and all was awesome. Then I played a place that was quiet, and the callouts are geeky and repetitive. I would love to have one, I would just keep the sound way down.
70 days ago
The artwork is much better than the original spider Man but I don't like the callouts on the vault.
79 days ago
To me, Spider-Man VE is Stern's best Marvel game. Moreover, I think the game compares pretty favorably to the rest of what Stern has put out for the past 8-9 years, meaning it is in Stern's Top 10 for that time period; probably even Top 5.
85 days ago
Disclaimer: I’ve been playing my SMVE with lightning flippers and the center drain post removed since day 1. Factory outlanes. Tougher, and more brutal gameplay really compliments this game’s layout and rules.

That said. It feels like the vault was built for me. I owned the original SM twice. Both times, I had a hard time liking the movie theme appeal and had to get it out. It just felt, looked, and sounded like actors being actors. The vault edition feels like Spider-Man. Campy, goofy, and comic based. It’s what a Spider-Man pin should be, the total package.

Everything about this pin is top notch. Shots feel satisfying, easy to play - difficult to master. Multipliers are fun and the overall appeal is a winner. Fun fun pin with a lot of character.
3 months ago
The vault edition is my favorite of the bunch. The dmd animations are great and the comic art style is far more appealing than the movies. Sound effects are great and the gameplay is fast. Ruleset is decent, but may get repetitive over time. Best version of a great game.
3 months ago
What can I say, SM is a great game. Great shot geometry, rules and flow. I love the Doc Ock magnet and upper right flipper.

I’ve owned a HUO original and a SMVE and think both are top notch games. I prefer the dots, PF art and call outs of the Vault. I rated the original slightly lower due to movie clips vs. original animations. I grew up watching the cartoon and the VE really fits that theme perfectly. The SM movie was great.

Ball times can be longer, but not obnoxious. Good game to compliment a faster, more difficult game like IM or Tron.
6 months ago
My first solid state purchase & could not be happier. I cannot pull myself away from this game! This one is a keeper!
7 months ago
a fun game
10 months ago
Just good.
11 months ago
A really wonderful Stern table. The upgraded toys look great! The modes, variety of shots, multiballs, callouts, and art package are done very well and are true to the SM universe. The variety of shots and modes, make this one a great playing table!
11 months ago
Spider-man 2.0!! Better art, more interesting modes, and better sound!! ( bought it last week and love it!!
11 months ago
Was in on the SMVE before I knew about the changes. Let me just say that after a month of owning this thing, the changes don't really matter--the music is the same, the shots are the same, the modes are essentially the same (except for their names) and all the important stuff is the same. People who down rate this on art are insane--the art looks fantastic, and I am an artist with many years drawing experience.

The game plays really fast, and it's a hoot. I think it will be a keeper. Getting to Super Hero is a serious challenge.
1 year ago
Tightest ruleset there is. I prefer the original callouts to the VE. I have owned SM twice but have sold it again. I have always thought SM gained respect rather than love. Everyone seems to agree it's a great game. But, after a while, it becomes less fun. One of the best. You should experience owning it and really go after Super Hero. Can it keep you engaged forever? Not sure.
1 year ago
Finally found one of these at a local arcade. The artwork on the play field and cab are leaps and bounds better than the original. With that said the trans light looked cheap by so comparison. Shots felt very smooth, and while I thought I would miss the old green goblin, the shot on this one was nicely integrated into shaker and I didn't miss the old toy at all. All in all I'd say this is the best version of Spider-Man.
1 year ago
How many spider man games does Stern need to make? I'm spidered out.
1 year ago
Owning a spider man red edition, the game is the same to me. Just adding new artwork and sound and speech. I like the animations, especially when you put in a color DMD. I like the callouts of the original better. Artwork, not a fan of the comic book style but that is just taste. For the rest a great machine. I would not trade my old spiddy for this one, but when you want a new one, go ahead.
1 year ago
This is a pin I would play at a location every time I go, but the "Lastability" of it as a HUO game would probably not be that long for me. The game design is ok, but wish there was better theatrics or better modes or something to keep my interest better. I like the theme and others would play it just for that. Maybe some extra modes can add some excitement/eye candy rewards. I don't like the artwork graphics too much or call outs - the original version is better. Black Spidey is a better with graphics.
1 year ago
I own both this and the original SM. I wasn't so sure until I bought it, but the VE is better and a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion. It's brighter, faster, much better looking, much better animations, better-looking toys (except for the goblin) and it's new. The color DMD is a must for this title - the best I've seen. I only miss the JK Simmons call outs and the Bonesaw mode.

Still a long-playing game. Best to open the out lanes and limit the extra balls.

Definitely in Stern's Top 5.
1 year ago
Obviously this is a re-skin of a classic Stern pin. The gameplay is basically the same, the difference is the art upgrade package and some better quality pieces for the toys. Unfortunately, I love the sound package from the original game better. Basically a pick your poison, this one looks better, the original sounds better. Otherwise basically the same.
1 year ago
better of the 2 Stern SMs but with ghosted playfields everywhere this is a major issue with this title. Rules arent deep enough for lastibility in a home environment
1 year ago
Good comic book update version, but the only Spider-Man realm I liked was Amazing Spider-Man series one...
1 year ago
Fun game, nice flow and theme
Pretty easy to master & as such may not have longevity in a home environment
1 year ago
I love what Stern did with the Spider-Man series pinball. I am a proud owner of a 2007. For some reason I just don't like how the Vault Edition was themed. It has the great layout the shots are awesome. I just don't get the adrenaline and excitement From the Vault Edition version just too cartoony and comic-like. I understand this is what creates the appeal for some. For me it takes away from the darkside of the movies and the intensity of the game through different callouts, music, and DMD graphics. While I consider it to be an excellent game this version and theme just doesn't work for me.
There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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