Sorcerer (Williams, 1985)


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Game design: 7.455

Artwork: 8.428

Sounds/Music: 6.637

Other Aspects: 7.762

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Found 59 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
Classic, good theme but not the best system 9. Great artwork though.
65 days ago
An absolutely beautiful pinball back glass and play field to look at. There were two at TPF 2017. One played better than the other. It is a pin that I would drop money into at an arcade but it is not one I would want to own; I think I would get bored with it in short order.

But man, is it pretty !!
89 days ago
I have owned 2, sold em both. It is a fun game, but if I have to make room in the gameroom, this one always seems to be the one to sell. Of course a very simple game. but I like the playfield layout and the 2 multiball. Artwork is great! one of the best looking games. Backglass is really pretty. Eyes in the back are cool. Third flipper. Hitting that ramp, locking the ball and get your multipliers going in the multiball!
5 months ago
Beautiful art, fun game, easy to understand rules and fast. Great game, the art alone is worth having it. This game is one of the familty favorites. Sounds is pretty bad but for the time on par.
6 months ago
I enjoyed this game but I had a hard time finding parts !
8 months ago
Sorcerer is not only addictive to play. The playfield, plastics and backglass art are just stunning. For System 9, it beats anything else from that time in terms of fast play and artwork. My only complaint is the "ORCERE" target island in the middle. It really seems too close to the flippers and it's so large, it gets hit a lot and is sort of in the way. Also wish it had more than 2 ball multi-ball. This game was made for LEDs and don't be afraid to add some purple behind the ramps and in the island.
1 year ago
Sorcerer is pretty awesome. I wish it had one or two more elements when it comes to rules and strategy, but this game is pretty dang cool.
1 year ago
I used to own a Sorcerer but sold it to a good friend for safe keeping. It was my first and only pin for over 20 years. This pin has fantastic artwork and lots of color. The game play is smooth but predictable. Being a system 9 game, it is rather simple and only has 2 ball multiball. The ramp shot gets easy after a while but still rewarding when you area awarded multiball.

To me, this game is classic pinball the way it used to be. Modern enough to have speech and multiball but old school enough to only have numeric displays, decent light and sound, classic them and plenty of fun. A recommended game for classic pinball purists.
1 year ago
What a great looking pin. And it plays well too ... the multiball rule of locking balls to get more playfield multipliers is a clever rule that you should see more often.

Fun pin! Buy one!
1 year ago
Very challenging game with a beautiful rule set. I love the details on this pin like the sling covers. Has basically a beefed up EM style ruleset where the goals re-set each ball. But it is a blast to play. Very underrated game.
1 year ago
Mercifully, it was over fairly quickly. I can't think of very many other pins that have left me feeling so unfulfilled.
1 year ago
Fun and fast game play with a simple, but decent rule set. Overall, a great value.

Pros - Did I mention it's Fast? Even if you adjust the slope, it still plays real fast. It'll keep you on your toes with its defensive game play. The ricochets off the stand up targets can be brutal. It has the "Just one more game" factor going for it when it kicks your ass.

Amazing Artwork. One of the best pinball art packages. Plenty of interesting angles and shots to go for with a unique layout. Balanced scoring. Very approachable. Can be chaotic at times. A bit easy though too once you've spent some time with it. I put Lightening Flippers in mine to change that.

Cons - Call outs are good, but the droning "music" is grating after a while. The other sound effects are cool though. If this game came out a year later with a FM synthesis soundtrack, it would have solidified it higher in the rankings. So -1 for the "music".

Also, the game lacks any distinguishing functional object. Seems like it would have been easy to incorporate one, given the theme.

Looking at the other sys9s, Comet has the cycle jump & corkscrew ramp, Space Shuttle has the shuttle toy. But no gimmick/toy here.
1 year ago
I love this game for giving the older classic feel without being too slow
1 year ago
Cool machine. Sold mine after 1 year. Just did not hold my interest after a while. Beautifull looking machine for its age.
2 years ago
Sorcerer is all about the artwork! I love the backglass and playfield art, very cool for the era. The 2-ball multiball was fairly easy to get, but I didn’t’ quite understand what to do once I had it… Score more points I guess. The sounds were cool for the first few plays, but then quickly got very repetitive, except for the spinner sounds. Overall, it’s a fun game to own for a while, but I believe it’s focused more on the art than game play. In a small collection, I don’t see this title lasting long.
2 years ago
This is the ultimate one more game machine. My husband and I acquired this game for its individuality, uniqueness and espcially artwork.

The gameplay is fast. If all of the Williams 80's game looked and played like Sorcerer, the early 80's Williams would be just as much in demand as the early 80's Bally machines. This is probably the best looking game in my family's collection.
2 years ago
Love the theme and gameplay of this pin. Fast and brutal with an asymmetrical layout.
2 years ago
Basic but unconventional layout, satisfying spinner shots, nice use of upper flipper with a 3 target drop bank and a really addictive ruleset! Combine that with one of the most impressive art packages in all pinball and it's a really beautiful and fun machine.
3 years ago
great pinball! a little bit old school, but with charming details...;-)))
3 years ago
Played the heck out of this game at school. My wife surprised me on my 40th birthday. WOW... Just a super fun pinball. Never gets old to hear the "Sorce" say I am done! Some tricks to the game, but you just have to be quick to score well...trying to hit the "O" in sorcerer is brutally tough and quite maddening sometimes. If you can find one, get it, you will play it over and over again!
3 years ago
I really like Sorcerer. I've had mine for almost a year and a half and still enjoy playing it. Mine has a restored and clear coated playfield so that makes the game play really fast. I find the game a little too easy with standard flippers. I think they are too close together. Install Lighting flippers found on Doctor Who, BSD, Fish Tales, etc. as they are 1/8" shorter. It makes the game more difficult and feels just right. Also update the coils and return springs to WPC style. It really makes a difference.

The game is beautiful, but it’s the rules that will keep you coming back for more. Single ball play is more casual play, the two ball is where it gets a lot harder. I love the playfield multiplier for hitting the ramp for 2x, 3x, and 5x during multi-ball. The 4 top lanes have a lane switcher wired into the top right bumper that changes when hit. It can really make it hard to get all of them lit up for a bonus multiplier. It’s these things that keep me coming back to play it, again and again.

Spell out Sorcerer with the targets and the spinners get the classic sounds used in Robotron and other classic Williams video games. Overall, the sounds are great if you like that classic Williams sound. William’s System 9 was the last to use these types of sounds. So to me, Sorcerer has that special blend of classic game play, sounds, and the beautiful art is very cool and reminds me of that whole 80’s D&D era.
3 years ago
What a beautiful game! Back glass and playfield artwork bring back the memories of true dungeons and dragons in its infancy stage. Game play is straightforward yet surprisingly addictive. Ramp shot looks a lot easier than it is, and it is satisfying to achieve the multiball then rack up the multipliers. Drop targets from the upper left flipper require a few quick accurate shots to knock down before they reset, which add to the urgency of the game. All in all this is a great game for its era, one of the best from the 80's.
3 years ago
Sorcerer is a lot fun and approachable by people new to pinball. The theme is cool and it has the distinctive Williams sound. The rules are easy to understand but not too easy to execute. Properly set up, this game is very fast and a lot of fun.

Might not have the longevity of later DMD pin, but it does make you want to come back and play more.
3 years ago
Fun and a classic
3 years ago
Everything about this pinball has pretty much been said already. Set up correctly, the ball moves so fast that you don't have the option of holding the ball to make your shots. The machine can be downright brutal, especially with the outlanes opened up. The multiball is just a couple of ramp shots sitting wide open on the left side, but it is much harder to hit the shot than it looks. The playfield is tight, so all of your missed shots come rocketing back at your flippers immediately.
It has a great sound and lighting package that is still impressive in spite of the machine's age - and the EYES are more effective than I would have thought (A little disturbing actually).
I never had Sorcerer on my wish list, but after playing it I had to have one.
There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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