The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern, 2003)

The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Game design: 8.471

Artwork: 8.397

Sounds/Music: 7.973

Other Aspects: 8.505

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There are 348 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
I really don't understand why this pin is rank so high.
The flow is inexistant, too much stop (Otto, garage, mini playfield...), the music is horrendous and some sounds and callouts makes me want to tear my head and pierce my eardrums (Comic book guy hurry ups, doh frenzy, I&S multiball... Aaaaaaargh!), and even if the machine is well tuned, it feels cheap and the shots are not satisfying.
I have absolutely no joy no fun playing this pin, it's just a big mess. So it moves from my gameroom really fast.
The same year Stern produced LOTR, and it's really a much better machine by far.
For me one of the most overrated pin of all time.
11 days ago
I just picked this game up. I love it. The rule set is super deep. There are so many things to unlock that you can play forever and not see everything. Playfield is colorful and looks great. My only knock on this game is that there are a few characters missing from speech like Marge and Lisa for example. They are a main part of the movie but nowhere on here. The knocker is insanely loud when it goes off. I have it turned down to one but it still scares the crap out of me when it goes off. I haven't had it long maybe ill figure that out. Anyway super awesome game!
17 days ago
I do enjoy playing this game, but often find it has just a little too much going on for me. The playfield becomes a bit of a jungle to see where all your targets and shots are and I find myself just flipping wherever to see what happens.
32 days ago
I enjoy playing this pin but find the couch multiball upper playfield shot a bit too difficult. I love the Simpsons theme and this pin but likely not enough fun to add to my collection.
34 days ago
I had this game for about 6 months. It was fun for me, but my family didnt get into it. I think it was due to its rule complexity and some of the tough shots (right ramp for example). Love the rule set. and theme. Good game.
39 days ago
TSPP is a great themed pin and very differently laid out. It is a very challenging and deep game that could put off casual players when they don't know what to do next.
41 days ago
Such a joy to play! Saved the pinball industry back in it's initial release, and it's very apparent after playing it. Best use of a mini playfield, amazing ramps, mega deep gameplay and hilarious call outs. You can't go wrong with this Stern magic!
48 days ago
Very nice game, love the theme. Well executed.
56 days ago
Great game and theme. Nice change of pace compared to newer Stern's. I love the rules, and depth. Machine feels slightly clunky compared to newer Sterns, but still feels good. Lots of great toys and art on playfield. I like the cabinet art, but it's definitely dated with the print quality. Overall, my whole family loves this game and the many things to do with the game plan. Simpsons will stay around for a long time. A color dmd is a must to.
61 days ago
This is my first pin purchase I bought HUO w/o ever playing it. I was pleasantly surprised how much I like it as I love the Simpsons. The upper PF is fun and I like having 2 flippers there (as for example only having 1 on the WOZ upper PFs). The game is deep however not necessarily easy to follow where to shoot. The reverse flipper mode is a blast and it wasn't until after I sold the game I read to cross my arms....damn it!! lol.

I enjoyed the pin while I had it but do not really miss it. I would have liked call outs from other characters and they seem a bit limited but still fun. I really liked the 5 flippers. If you are a Simpsons fan you should like the pin.
63 days ago
One of my favorite playfield designs- probably more due to being huge Simpsons fan. Great colors- catches the eye immediately. Rich in decoration but seems perfect to me. Gameplay is complex enough but dont remember anything groundbreaking. Will be interesting to see how this appreciates with less fans in every generation. I find myself rarely watching anymore.
74 days ago
TSPP is perhaps the best Stern game of all time! My only complaint is the very long ball times. There are 6 mini-wizard modes. 6! I've never made it to the final wizard mode, seems nearly impossible.
82 days ago
Fun game, plenty to do and keeps you coming back for more
3 months ago
Unquestionably the most popular game out of the (currently) 17 I own. This game has extremely broad appeal, a incredibly deep ruleset that takes time to appreciate, superb artwork and sound (which does sometimes get a little annoying, however), a gorgeous cabinet and the best stock playfield lighting I've ever seen. Some of the shots are incredibly hard, the upper playfield is fun and actually playable, and the way you can stack modes is quite fun.
3 months ago
TSPP is a great overall game. Fantastic theme. Deep rules. Lots to do, in fact, too much. Rules are deep but confusing. Watch a few videos and you will learn them better.

The upper play field is the best in the biz. Takes up little space but it both critical and functional. The only thing it suffers from is the damn "hurry up" sounds that are constant and a layout that just doesn't shoot smoothly.

It's clever though. Maybe the most clever pin design ever.

Pin geeks, Simpsons fans and kids love this one.
4 months ago
Ahead of it's time! I love the manual goodness of this pin as much as the depth of gameplay. Seems timeless, and if you grew up with the Simpsons it lives up to the mega theme. Love the callouts, and I swear after years of playing I still discover new things. Top notch pin, deep enough to last a long long time.
4 months ago
One of Sterns greatest and deepest games and also one of the best art and sound packages with talent from the show involved in all aspects of the game and it shows, superb use of a classic licence and a great shooting playfield. Simpsons is the complete package!
4 months ago
Just sold this game. Very fun. Many shots. Upper playfield is nice touch. Very deep game also. Back glass is the only negative I can think of for this game.
5 months ago
Awesome game with incredibly deep rules. It has a great theme and art/sound package. The layout is packed with a wide variety of shots (the Otto loop gets very old very quick though). The best mini-playfield in pinball and one of the best DMD games out there.
5 months ago
So my review of TSPP fits the "if I could only own one game" question. While I don't plan on limiting my collection to one pin forever, I won't be increasing any time soon. I would say most of the pinside reviews (good and bad) on TSPP are fairly accurate. I see both sides of the coin, and truly believe it is a love it or hate it game. I bought this game for its depth and theme. Nostalgia for the Simpsons really pushed my interest in this game. The theme integration is excellent. I can't help but laugh at some of the cruel out lane sound effects, despite the game ending frustration. The flip side would be Homer spelling out Simpsons letters, or the comic book guy hurry up music can get annoying at times. As for game play, the complaints about game flow are entirely accurate. Lots of (unnecessary?) pauses, particularly Otto and the TV shots. This doesn't bother me all that much. If you can look past the flow, I think the game depth really makes up for it. Stacking game modes can get to the point where almost every possible shot will achieve some sort of objective. I'm not a great pinball player, so I drain quite often, and I have the out lanes set to an easy setting. This game is difficult, and I have trouble getting the ball into play from the skill shot. It is both very frustrating after an immediate drain, and very rewarding during stacked modes. I personally love the faded look on the side art, but get why some people might not. In summary, a love it or hate it game. Keep an open mind and read through the (good and bad) reviews. If you are looking for theme and depth, this might be the one for you.
5 months ago
Everything I had heard and read about TSPP was spot on. This pin is solid. Very fun. Very deep. Solid call outs. Upper play field is very cool. I typically avoid stern pins, but TSPP and metallica are legit.
5 months ago
Whitestar glory! All the rules you will ever need.
5 months ago
the best Stern pinball
5 months ago
6 months ago
The theme was promising but the result is bad, both in design and in the game that the sound
There are 348 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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