The Shadow (Bally, 1994)

The Shadow

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Game design: 8.666

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Other Aspects: 8.268

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Found 253 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 253 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
The only way I was able to play this game before purchasing was on the virtual pin. It kinda sucked since the version they were using was buggy. I believe they finally released a VPX version finally and it plays much, much better for those interested.

The reason for my interest was due the designer. I figured since he made a few other top 10 titles this had to be good... right?
Finally found one and the price was right so I pulled the trigger. The game was meh at the very beginning, didn't really understand why it was liked as much as it has been. So I kept playing it on and off for a little while, now I finally see the light.

The game has definitely grown on me. Something about being about to shoot 5 or more different shots in a row while being able to change where the ball returns is very cool.
I'm not a huge fan of second playfields, but don't mind them at the same time. This one is very unique and can be difficult to master. The video mode is ok, but wasn't really expecting a whole lot since it's a pinball machine, still pretty difficult to finish.

The shots in the game I think are what set it apart from most other games for me. Most are difficult to get, but once you find them the game opens up another realm of possibilities. When you can shoot the innerloop 4 times in a row (if the ball returns correctly) there isn't much like it. Just a bunch of really nice satisfying shots in general.

I like mode based games, and this game did a great job at making it seem like your not doing the same thing every time for each mode. The hotel mode is impossible to beat since it's endless...I think. the other modes are fun, some are easier to beat then others. Think it's important to have difficult modes, the game would of gotten stale a while ago otherwise.

The wizard mode is actually pretty difficult, still a little confused on which targets your able to hit and what can be substituted for the upper playfield targets if any.

To sum, I like the game a lot and I plan to have it in my collection for a while. Don't think it'll stay forever, but if your an enthusiast it's a game that need to make an appearance in your collection at some point.
30 days ago
Probably the most under valued 90s game IMO.
34 days ago
Such a great Pin. Great shots, great rules, great music, callouts, toys. Truly an awesome pinball machine that is able to defy the odds and stand head and shoulders above its subject matter and bad movie theme.
54 days ago
big fan of the theme, playfield is a bit cluttered, but lots to do, maybe too fast for my liking...the mood needs to match more of the title, but i get it its a movie license, gotta pry the quarters out of the kids hands
72 days ago
a fun b/w game. great use of the upper playfield.
3 months ago
A couple of nice features in this game are (1) the lower left ramp diverter that the player can control to select the skill shot award, (2) the ball lock mechanism, and (3) the diverter that changes the output of the shot from the upper right flipper under the "battlefield" upper playfield. These features give the game some decent entertainment value for occasional play, like at competition or on location.

For me personally, the rest of what the game has to offer isn't very appealing for long-term interest or ownership, unless part of a very large collection allowing this one to be a once-in-a-while player instead of a primary game.
3 months ago
Owned this machine for about a year. Was an ok machine but it didnt stay in the collection very long.
3 months ago
Great game. Has lots of toys, difficult shots, DMD animations, magnet, 2nd playfield, just great game play, rules set and fast.
5 months ago
Have owned this several time and just cannot get into it...I am actually A huge fan of Baldwin but not one of this title...Boring and slow...
6 months ago
The upper Battlefield is an awesome Pong esque feel to it, which never gets old. Shots are fun and 3 flippers make it a great game to learn on. The extra buttons that swap the ramps, really make it more ramps than it seems. I love this game.
6 months ago
I had this game and was hoping it would be a keeper because of the theme. I really liked the ball lock and theme. Unfortunately a few issues with this game caused me to rush to sell it because I came to very much dislike it. The upper playfield is very annoying and doesn't feel very skill based, the ramps are steep and difficult to hit - they don't feel satisfying, and the biggest issue was the mode start - it is very difficult to start a mode on this game which makes achieving the wizard mode even harder. The backglass is awful and had to go. This was just a game not suited for me.
7 months ago
I'm not a big fan of the movie, but i love the pinball machine for a couple of reasons: the battlefiels, the sanctum and the switchable ramps. These festures make this pinball machine unique in a way that a lot of my friends say it's their favorite of my collection. This pinball machine is highly underrated!
7 months ago
Top notch game!
8 months ago
full mods and with the new translite, this is my favorite pinball, great choice if you have just 1 pinball at home.
this machine have all you need in a pinball.
8 months ago
WOW, one of my best pinball, very fun and dificult, awsome. sounds and lightshow are perfect.
9 months ago
A very good and challenging pin with a lot of shots and objectives to go for. The loop combos are so fun hit and the call outs and music are well done. This is definitely a challenging game! Really surprised it's not ranked higher than it is, and I'm sure the original translite art has something to do with that, but the alternate translites really make that a non-issue. The battlefield is a unique upper playfield that makes this game truly stand out.
10 months ago
The Shadow is a fantastic underrated game.
11 months ago
I play so much a the shadow! Superbe pinball
1 year ago
You know that girl who lives next door that no one really knows about, but one day you see her take out the trash and you come to realize that you should to talk to her? Then you realize she's a catch? Then when you finally get the chance to be with her, she is wild in bed and is trying all sorts of positions? This is shadow. No one really notices it but once you get to know it, it's a very fun pin to play. It has some really cool concepts like changing directions of ramps and the upper playfield which feels like I'm playing pong.
1 year ago
This game made me feel the same way Tron made me feel--it's an excellent looking pin, but it just doesn't do it for me. I can understand why others enjoy this game--it has fun moments with the Battlefield and the Sanctum effect of snatching the ball behind a sliding doorway is cool. This would be a great game to have at $2,500 but once the price tag approaches a newer Stern it loses it's "bang for the buck" allure.
1 year ago
Fun game with lots of cool features. Upper playfield is blast! The lane switching is a cool feature. The playfield has so much variety and shots to hit. Great game. I would want to own this one!
1 year ago
IMO Bally's most underrated game, Shadow was either my 3rd or 4th pin and it was an instant hit at home, the diverters on the ramps are great fun and add a nice layer of depth and strategy to what would otherwise be standard ramps shots. The upper playfield via VUK is a great shot from the upper flipper and then there is the WALL, it just never gets old and always amazes and impresses visitors, a truly great game hampered by its licence which personally I like and enjoy, probably helped being very young when the movie was released and being easily pleased, but don't let the theme fool you this is a gem!
1 year ago
Okay, you have to get Aurich's head package - otherwise the hideousness of the Alec Baldwin/movie commercial-marketing-movie-crap will ruin the game for you. But once you do, all you see is one of the best games ever designed. Through this prism: this game becomes a top 10-15 game based on challenging play, creativity, and depth. Fantastic.

**Note: my Backglass rating is based on Aurich's design, not the Baldwin fiasco**
1 year ago
I've owned the Shadow for about 3 months now, and played it quite a lot. I thought it was time to review it.

It's definitely a player's pin, with some difficult shots (the target below the upper loop that you hit from the top right flipper is sometimes pretty tough to get). Love the phurbas as a gimmick as well as giving you the ability to shift the ball to the other side of the play field without having to try a flipper pass.

I think the music and sound effects are spectacular. The magnet! Upper play field is also a neat gimmick, although if you go up there too much it's a bit repetitive.

I have not yet unlocked the super mode, but I've been close. With an alt translite and a color dmd, this title really shines, but it's perfectly fine to leave it factory (my wife, in fact, prefers the Alec up there, God only knows why).

Definitely does well in a larger collection, might be frustrating to have as your only pin. Pair it with a fun, quick game, Sys11 or something and you'll be fine. I love mine, and it'll likely never leave. Does not get old.
1 year ago
Great game play and cool modes. Can be very tough. The theme and call outs being based on the movie are it's weakestill points. Gameplay 8 or 9 out of 10. Theme and sound 6 or 7. I like to play it but I really don't care what's going on in the game if that makes sense. Definitely deserves to be rated high in value and play
There are 253 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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