The Shadow (Bally, 1994)

The Shadow

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This game got 668 approved ratings and currently scores 8.144 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #32 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 8.605

Artwork: 7.34

Sounds/Music: 7.896

Other Aspects: 8.239

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There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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27 days ago
You know that girl who lives next door that no one really knows about, but one day you see her take out the trash and you come to realize that you should to talk to her? Then you realize she's a catch? Then when you finally get the chance to be with her, she is wild in bed and is trying all sorts of positions? This is shadow. No one really notices it but once you get to know it, it's a very fun pin to play. It has some really cool concepts like changing directions of ramps and the upper playfield which feels like I'm playing pong.
28 days ago
This game made me feel the same way Tron made me feel--it's an excellent looking pin, but it just doesn't do it for me. I can understand why others enjoy this game--it has fun moments with the Battlefield and the Sanctum effect of snatching the ball behind a sliding doorway is cool. This would be a great game to have at $2,500 but once the price tag approaches a newer Stern it loses it's "bang for the buck" allure.
29 days ago
Fun game with lots of cool features. Upper playfield is blast! The lane switching is a cool feature. The playfield has so much variety and shots to hit. Great game. I would want to own this one!
50 days ago
IMO Bally's most underrated game, Shadow was either my 3rd or 4th pin and it was an instant hit at home, the diverters on the ramps are great fun and add a nice layer of depth and strategy to what would otherwise be standard ramps shots. The upper playfield via VUK is a great shot from the upper flipper and then there is the WALL, it just never gets old and always amazes and impresses visitors, a truly great game hampered by its licence which personally I like and enjoy, probably helped being very young when the movie was released and being easily pleased, but don't let the theme fool you this is a gem!
55 days ago
Okay, you have to get Aurich's head package - otherwise the hideousness of the Alec Baldwin/movie commercial-marketing-movie-crap will ruin the game for you. But once you do, all you see is one of the best games ever designed. Through this prism: this game becomes a top 10-15 game based on challenging play, creativity, and depth. Fantastic.

**Note: my Backglass rating is based on Aurich's design, not the Baldwin fiasco**
76 days ago
Great game play and cool modes. Can be very tough. The theme and call outs being based on the movie are it's weakestill points. Gameplay 8 or 9 out of 10. Theme and sound 6 or 7. I like to play it but I really don't care what's going on in the game if that makes sense. Definitely deserves to be rated high in value and play
77 days ago
Love me some art deco! Lack of pops is a nice break. Ramp diverters are still a challenge for me to make the most out of. I want one!
3 months ago
Fun, fast but gets old quickly. Theme isn't super compelling.
4 months ago
Fun,fun,fun, good table fast give it a shot
5 months ago
Another bang for buck game wished i got onto it earlier just didnt like the translight yhough i have now the alternative
5 months ago
Shadow that is a challenging one ,first time playing it i really don't understand the rules but little by little i was attracted by the whole machine,you really feel the mystery theme emanating from the machine.
And the most astonishing thing is that you even notice the lack of jet bumpers.
This one is a keeper only for competitor
5 months ago
I played The Shadow for a few monthes, in a bar. And it's quite a special machine: very complex, very unique, with lots of cool features. It's also very fast, very difficult and punitive, but truly rewarding once you are good enough to enjoy it. The artworks are pretty nice too, with an interesting"art deco" touch, but the backglass is... debatable. I hope you like Alec Baldwin !

The biggest downside is that this machine seems fragile, and not very reliable. The machine I played on was in "medium" condition: it felt wobbly, and was often out of order.

Overall, a very interesting game to play, but I think it needs care, and a good and regular maintenance. It's definitely worth it. I miss playing it, especially as I never completed the Final Mode (just had one more shot to make...)
6 months ago
The side art is simple but ultra effective - they should have used the same graphic for the back glass!

An underrated game that keeps on getting better with time.

Fantastic Bally build quality.
6 months ago
Took a while to like this game. Theme didn't grab me at first. It has a good playfield and mix of shots. Doesn't drain badly but takes a while to master.
I bought the Aurich translite/speaker grill when it was available, actually before I received the pin. Has improved the artwork and theme.
7 months ago
At first I did not get familiar with the stuck left side of the playfield, now the more I play this machine the more I love it...
8 months ago
Tough pin to finish. Has that just one more game thing going for it. The mini playfield is rad and ramp flow is fantastic. Aurichs translite turns this game into a real beauty. No offence to Alec Baldwin.
8 months ago
I finally had the opportunity to play this a few weeks ago. I played 40 different machines that day and this was in my top two (wizard oz was #1). I really liked the flow of the game and am now on the lookout for one of my own.
8 months ago
Need i say more, this game makes all others seem a bit overshadowed :)
10 months ago
The Shadow has it all. It's fun, but not afraid to punish you. It's challenging, but makes you come back one more time. Many ways to play and when properly LEDed, one of the most beautiful, if not the most, pins out there. The best ball lock in pinball by far and battlefield is unique and always fun. People complain about the theme, but honestly the theme adds to the mystery. I'm usually a new pin fan but this thing is great. Layout and design is among the best ever created!
11 months ago
Amazing game, the perfect pinball machine in my opinion. Not ultra complicated rules, but each mode hard to master and addictive. The theme is amazing as well as the implementation. Who cares about the movie?? Music is simply amazing, as well as the sound quality (cant believe not many people stressed this aspect enough). The gothic art nuveau style is greatly implemented in the artwork, and the infamous backglass is really not that bad at all once you see it in person an lit up: my score for the backglass is 5/6 because Aurich's alternate version is superb and the score is an average between the original and the alternate. But where The Shadow excel is gameplay: fast, furious, hard without being frustating, and very long lasting, with extremely satisfactory shots. I am an super happy owner of this game, and it's not going anywhere. Ever.
12 months ago
this game is a keeper!
12 months ago
Before I have even seen this game in real, I always thought I would love it.
Now after waiting more than a year for it to be restored for me, my expectations have been met.
1 year ago
It pained me to trade away my Shadow. This is a very fun game. Some unique items... The ramp diverters and battlefield. I have never seen anything like that on any other games. The art is terrible. Cabinet and back glass both suck. I had to replace the back glass with Aurich's translite day one. I was not crazy about the Khan shot and I found the mode start saucer difficult to hit but not impossible. The Sanctum Magnet ball lock is quite awesome to watch too. The sounds of the game are mostly good but I did get tired of hearing "Margo/Lamont" all the time when going through the in-lanes. The screen animations and the video mode are all great too. I recommend this game :)
1 year ago
Best bang for your buck pin? I'd say so!
The playfield has some amazing and pretty unique toys: sanctum magnet ball lock, battlefield, player controlled ramp diverters.
I love the art deco playfield artwork however the translite and speaker panel are among the worst ever seen on a pinball machine. Get the Aurich one if you can!
The game is seriously difficult, sometimes it can seem like you're never going to hit the mode start hole ever again! Because of the duff theme and difficulty it is held in lower regard than some but it is definitely worth seeking out and enjoying.
1 year ago
A fantastic playfield design keeps you looking down at the action and not up at the pathetic back glass. It should be against the law to put the actor's faces anywhere on a licensed pinball back glass or playfield. That said, it is a GREAT pin! So many cool features and fast as hell. I want another one.
There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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