Scared Stiff (Bally, 1996)

Scared Stiff

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Game design: 8.332

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Other Aspects: 8.419

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There are 378 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
I had this game in my collection for about 3 months and as it looks great, art and good theme the game is boring! so repetitive, I could not wait until I sell it. I am not a good pinball player and got to the wizard mode every time ... the game is ok to have if you have a huge collection of pins and play it once in a while. Way over priced these days and surprised it is not lower on the charts.
13 days ago
One of the best machines for the humor. Flow is pretty good on this machine. I find it too be a little repetive.
14 days ago
Fun but not deep game. I liked the call outs the first 200 times I played. Great theme , good shots, like the ramp shots mostly. Glad I owned one. Sold and do not miss it at all 12 months later
20 days ago
Fun ramps and challenging shots. Scared stiff has all the trappings of a classic pin.
29 days ago
Gorgeous game. Well done theme with lots of humor. Nice feeling shots, with some good flow. But perhaps a little to repetitive with a lot revolving around the crate shot.
46 days ago
A classic horror theme that always seem to work. Great ramps, fun modes, good looking lamps. What's not to like?

Plus boobs...
3 months ago
My wife's favourite pin - probably because she's good at it. Love the artwork, love the gameplay, sound and humour. If it had a deeper ruleset and wasn't so easy it would be perfect.
3 months ago
Very nice pin, too easy for my taste but gives a lot of fun
I love Elvira theme and her comments during gameplay. Very likable.
4 months ago
A fun game with some funny adult humor - that is what makes it great. The gimmicks are ok. The sound quality is pretty bad - definitely need one of those pinsound upgrades. Would play a few games on it at a location if I see it.
4 months ago
Scared Stiff is the perfect implementation of the Elvira theme. Lots of adult innuendo that would only make adults blush. Very good fan layout, but I'm always looking for extra flippers on a game of this caliber. The spinning spider slows gameplay somewhat, but I always like a good backglass animation implementation. May be a little too sexy for some.
4 months ago
I always thought scared stiff was overrated it has good artwork and music but I don't like the rules I think they are simple.
4 months ago
Fantastic game. A classic that will never grow old!
5 months ago
Very fun pinball, but easy to finish (exept the spider mode)
5 months ago
Variety of shots, fast ramps, cool theme. Nice features. Love the artwork and callouts. Sounds and music are cool. Very nice game!
5 months ago
Easy to see why this one ranks high, the playfield is well designed, the ramp shots are a lot of fun as is the crate shot up the middle. My one peeve is the scream when you hit the leapers!!
"I new youd come back" and you do until you can no longer.
5 months ago
don't like this pin very boring for my opinion
6 months ago
Definetly better than Elvira and the Party Monsters. great game
6 months ago
Definitely a great pinball.
All is nice: playfield, theme, design, cabinet art, items/gadgets and a mechanical backglass with spider.
A must have !
7 months ago
One of my top three favorite games. Every shot is satisfying and I enjoy the theme. The game is on the shallower side, so pro players may tire of it over time. The wizard mode is quite easy to get to, but not that easy to actually beat. Its still a very smooth, fun, and approachable game that most people can appreciate. I really enjoy every game on this pinball and working through all of the modes.
7 months ago
Both Elvira games are great. I go back and forth on which one I like better. Right now it's this one. Lot's of double entendres make the game a laugh for adults.
7 months ago
A true classic.
7 months ago
Most expensive machine in my collection for a reason. Looks and plays fantastic. Color DMD, layout and backbox makes this fantastic!!!
8 months ago
Lots of fun to play, with funny (though repetitive) call-outs and entertaining results for successful shots. Deceptive because it looks fairly simple and the goals seem like they should be easy to achieve; yet, many of the shots and goals are rather harder to get than you think. The spinner in the backglass is a nice gimmick. One shortcoming is lastability: I think that the call-outs, shots, and rules/goals don't have enough depth, variety, and surprises to make the game sustainable in a home collection for an extended time of more than a few years. All-in-all, my personal opinion is that this game is slightly overrated. It's a fun, standout game but maybe not entirely deserving of quite as a high a ranking as it gets. (I suspect that the risque side of Elvira and her double entendres add some cache that the game wouldn't otherwise get.)
9 months ago
After the awesome table that was "Elvira and the Party Monsters", she returned with "Scared Stiff", a fine table to be sure, but a slight step down from its predecessor.

The design is eye-popping. The playfield is brilliant and colorful with a 60's grindhouse horror cinema feel to it. This is capped by a coffin/crate in the center of the table and a giant ramp covered by the skeleton of a dragon's neck and skull. The music matches the theme but gets really repetitive very quickly. The frogs screaming each time you hit one is not great audio because you seem to hit them every five seconds.

Elvira has her usual double entendres but they're more innocent this time around and some of the others seem forced and too scripted ("Nice, us"; "Oh! I'm having multiple jackpots!"; "How 'bout another ball?") to be truly memorable.

"Stop the Spider" is also repetitive and wrecks the flow of the game. Sorry. I've never liked it. It's just an annoying feature that gives you repetitive tasks to accomplish ("Fish Head" for the 173rd time in ten minutes?!) and makes it feel like something completely separate from what you were just doing.

Aside from that, the gameplay is very smooth. It's fairly easy to hit the ramps and I love the light show during the multiball event, though it just sort of "happens" without much fanfare.

Great ball drain sequence (no pun intended).

I just like the first Elvira game better. It was beautifully simple whereas this game is needlessly complex and repetitive.
9 months ago
I loved this game the first time I played and I loved it the last time I played it. Genius to have that crate be easy and fun for beginners, but not to mean too much in terms of score (unless you keep hitting it). The game just feels solid. I wish the rules were a little deeper...maybe have completing all of the tales mean a little bit more in the long run. Getting to the scared stiff mode is great, but beating it is a little to easy. This is another game in my collection that everyone loves right way. It just makes sense and is flat out fun to play. A classic.
There are 378 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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