Safe Cracker (Bally, 1996)

Safe Cracker

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Game design: 7.722

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Other Aspects: 7.61

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There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
SafeCracker is a fun unique game that is different than anything else available. Amazing design by Pat Lawlor. I like how you set yourself up on the board with different entraces on the playfield. Getting into the vault is cool and having a token roll down the glass never gets old. The assault the vault mode is a fun extra multiball with an excellent DMD intro. The lastability of this game is only soso. With extensive time on this game I found I did not like the smaller size playfield and flippers compared to a regular sized game. It just did not feel as good to shoot. And the stop and go with the board game gets tiring with consistent play. Great alternative game that fits well in a large collection.
6 months ago
This game IMO shouldn't be close to top 100
6 months ago
very funny game,you want to play again ans again,it's a verydifferent game of what i have and that's why childs and i love it
6 months ago
This game is crazy! I really liked that it's timed because every time I play it, the balls go strait down the middle and the flippers are super small. Pretty cool idea of breaking into the bank, being chased and rewarded. This machine is much smaller than a normal pin, but is still very cool. The best part is if you are able to get a reward token to shoot out.
7 months ago
A great gimmick game that manages to bring me back every time. Not only do I love going for that coin, but I like how the game attracts beginners and pros alike. It's a very unique game that doesn't sacrifice any fun for the gimmick. Too bad there aren't more of them out there...
1 year ago
Felt like an amusement ticket redemption game while playing more than a pinball machine. Enjoyed the artwork, light show and call outs. Simply stated: it’s a show game rather than a players game. This caper is busted.
1 year ago
What a great pinball. One of my favorites at yegpin.
Very unique. Never got to play one and this one will not disappoint.
It seems small but plays like a regular pin. Great and fun pinball.
Too bad they are increasing in price.
1 year ago
Flipper cute in design but too small for my taste
1 year ago
This is one of Lawlor's best games. One of the most unique in pinball. This game is one that gets played the most when pinball and non-pinball people come over. The look of surprise when they win a token is very memorable. A game that was ahead of its time.
1 year ago
this is very different from regular pinball it is on a smaller scale,nice flow, looks great, plays great ,solid machine, very fun to play, theme works very well,one of a kind game play, not many out there !! play it if you see the top 5 unique machines..not a keeper for me !!
2 years ago
I found it way overated. Not a machine that I would ever own playfield way to small. More like it is kid sized. Looks OK, just no fun.
2 years ago
This is just one of "niche" pinball machines that some people are going to like, and some people will not.
Predominantly because it is a "limited time play" machine, and even if you know the rules it still have be unforgiving.
Games can be over VERY VERY FAST, if you are just randomly unlucky.

It is a collector type of pinball machine.
The artwork is excellent, but the integration of the backglass is superb into game features.
It has SO MANY "hidden" game features going on inside the machine, it is boggling.
There is significant strategy involved in "breaking the bank".

Collector's quality examples go for big $$$ for reason.
The wings, dome, and proper token dispenser with the plethora of different token styles is IMPORTANT.
If you only want "one" pinball machine in your collection, this is NOT the machine you are looking for overall, especially if you are starting out in the world of pinball.
If you want to augment your collection to include a unique machine from pinball history (and its small stature) this is a good choice.
2 years ago
One of the most overlooked games in the long list of unique tables out there...

I think what scares people away the most are the small flippers, and overall footprint of the cabinet, but once you dive in and see how deep of a game this is, you will be hooked for life. Hilarious speech, frantic and precision oriented shots, and unique spin on the overall life of your game being timed gives this something you can't really get in any other game.

The initial marketing was rather corny, but in my opinion this truly is one of Pat Lawlor's best, released in an uncertain time in the history of Pinball. They needed something to breathe new life into the game, and this hit the mark. It's just too bad they gave up on the Token Pin idea, as I think it's super fun, and one of the best multiplayer experiences you can have in the arcade space.

I'm usually a horror themed pinbidiot, but this is the one I had to get regardless of the theme. You should give it a go too (and yes, I realize it's quite a pretty penny for one game, but once you dive in, you won't regret it!).
2 years ago
Some people say, "Why'd you waste those grapes making grape juice? It coulda been WINE!" Well, I say: "Why'd you waste those pinball machine parts on Safe Cracker? It coulda been a pinball machine!"
2 years ago
Very cool concept, but strange ruleset.
2 years ago
- Surprisingly deep ruleset in both pinball and board game modes.
- DMD animations match perfectly with the shots.
- Magic Token is an innovative idea that sadly never caught on. :(
- Drop targets! :D

- Missed shots can make the game end really quickly.
- Hard to find tokens won in dark bars.
- Candy 2000 can get really annoying sometimes.
- Cellar shots when the target is all the way back can sometimes brick right back out.
- Flippers are useless unless they're at full power.
2 years ago
Extremely unique and creative effort from Pat Lawlor... And a lot of fun. Not sure I'd pay the expensive "going rate" to own one, but would always leap at the chance to play if spotted in the wild.
2 years ago
I love safecracker, great pin and amazing creativity on Pats part, the pinball portion is all about finding cheats for the board game. The board game is fun too, the only hard part on this pin is getting used to the flippers!

Just a fun time! GREAT music and sounds and art.
2 years ago
Just wasnt for me. I thought I would like it based on all the reviews, but it did note fare well for me.

Also, not sure I like the size of it.
2 years ago
Super fun 'mini' Pinball from Bally/Williams. I can see it being good in a larger collection but not for 1 or 2 pin owners. Has a lot going for it, the safe game is cool. I also like the Tokens you can win and get a 'super game' out of it with. Could see owning one with a larger collection one day!
2 years ago
Safe Cracker "Token Pin"

Pat Lawlor said it should of been monopoly but the license was not available at the time

its a unique pin, not for a small collection though

you can earn tokens rather fast and after that you play the magic token mode

larger collections are my suggestion, I wanted one since the 90's when played on location, got one home bored in not even a month
2 years ago
Played this a few times at the old baltimore pin museum. Could not get into it at all. Maybe it gets better the more you play it. I do give it points for trying something different.
2 years ago
Safecracker is a unique pin compared to others. It is so much fun, and challenging. The smaller flippers and playfield require the player to adjust the mind-set of a full size flipper/pinball playfield. I enjoy the backbox gameplay and pinball play as much as any other great pinball machine. It is great to have a Safecracker in the line up to go to for a mental mix-up in the pinball routine. The size also lends itself to a location where you may not have been able to have a pin...thereby, unintentionally feeding the more pin in the collection!!
2 years ago
I used to have a pretty big collection of pinball machines (slowly rebuilding) and had a massive collection of videos and electromechanicals, and I came across Safecracker a number of times. Every time I saw it, the neatness of the cabinet and the size of the thing I would want one -- and every time I played one I remembered why I never did buy one. Its a game that some will like but it is not for me.
2 years ago
Looks great with LED lighting.

Edit: I've now had the game for well over a year and I am upping the last ability to a six and the theming to a six. This is the game every guest wants to play when they come over. It is the game I enjoy explaining to guests the most. Every game is so unique and the randomization of the board game is a really cool feature.

This game demonstrating that size doesn't matter and amazing things come in small packages. :-)
There are 66 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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