Rollergames (Williams, 1990)


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Free Pin is my favorite Pin.

Written by BeaverBrewing, published June 27th, 2013. 9 comment(s).

Yes, I actually got a pinball machine for free.  A friend of mine had the Rollergames sitting in a rental apartment of his for seven years.  He himself got it for free from a co-worker. 

Safe to say when I got it in my hands it wasn't close to working. 

It did turn 'on', but only a few lights flickered, the display was worthless, and 2 of the boards were fried.  But the price was right so no complaints.

I HATE board repair, tried it once and thought to myself..."why am I putting so much time testing everything, replacing, soldering?"  From then on I just starting buying new boards.  Got a new power supply, interconnect board, relay board to the backbox, and a pinscore display which I really think makes a difference.

True story...only 12 of the lights actually worked on the whole machine....backbox included....this thing needed rubbers, CLEANED, the whole nine. 

$570 and two months later I have one of the most popular items at my brewery.  People absolutely love it.  It may be the best "players" game out there.  Easy to learn rule set, fun multiball, and weird enough theme to keep you hooked for 10 to 20 minutes in between beers.   

If you have pinball on location this is a must own, it doesn't cost much, is relatively easy to fix (except if you have to take apart the wall!), and always catches peoples eyes. 

I have played this easily 200+ times, it never gets old to me...especially since I remember the blood, sweat, tears, and manual reading it took me to get it up and running!

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  • user avatar image

    pinnyheadhead commented on July 31, 2013 00:46:39

    You said "my brewery"!? You are one admirable dude!

  • user avatar image

    cad-kid commented on July 31, 2013 21:15:18

    Way to go! It's great you were able to rehabilitate that pin and to top it off - put it back to work!

    Jeremy Agema
    Central Wi

  • user avatar image

    stevenson888 commented on August 09, 2013 04:53:54

    I'm jealous! Been trying to find one for a while...
    Nice score!

  • user avatar image

    Fanatic commented on August 12, 2013 17:31:34

    My first pin was free too!
    Now, after restoring this machine and hunting for another with which to do the same........I'm wondering just how "free" that free offer was after all......LOL

  • user avatar image

    BeaverBrewing commented on October 08, 2013 16:14:24

    Yes, it wasn't "free" in the end. But only about $500 so not all that bad!

  • user avatar image

    AngieMarakas commented on October 13, 2013 17:58:05

    Good for you! I know that $570 is no small change, but it is much cheaper than having to buy one in working condition. I'm very happy for you!

  • user avatar image

    Jay9161 commented on October 14, 2013 06:04:43

    good for u.......

  • user avatar image

    TVisitor commented on October 19, 2013 18:12:01

    Congratulations on the freebie! Since you said you replace boards rather than repair - what are you doing with the non-working ones?

  • user avatar image

    BeaverBrewing commented on October 23, 2013 07:58:14

    Tvisitor - already sold em!

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