Robocop (Data East, 1989)


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This game got 47 approved ratings and currently scores 6.825 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 6.67

Artwork: 6.625

Sounds/Music: 6.729

Other Aspects: 6.984

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Found 16 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago

I'd Buy that for a Dollar !!!! This pin gets my heart pumping every time I play it !!

8 months ago

Makes me smile every time I play, true 80s feel awesome sound track plus I'd by that for a dollar call outs, fun retro pin

11 months ago

Liked it alot. Tracking one down for me. Great playfield with blue LEDs. Has toys, great audio and music. Very addictive and looking forward playing again. Backglass picture I am not crazy about but the police flashers are nice.

11 months ago

Loved this pin enough to seek one out and buy it. After a month is lost is luster as it became obvious this is a more shallow pin rule wise and the awesome jump shot was not enough to keep it in my collection.

1 year ago

Introducing the world's first ELECTRONIC paperweight... ugh, this is gonna be a doozy...


- extremely dull and forgettable (thank god)

- OK theme implementation I guess

- huh?

- easy to score free games on

- playfield mylared a lot

- Game of the Show @ Pinball Expo 2000...


- Super shallow rule set that restricts you to shooting for the spinner to score ridiculously overbalanced points. "Features" are practically nonexistent on this game

- Horrendous back glass that makes me look away from the machine every time I see it on location; if you want to buy it hide it somewhere where no one can see it or paste a Monster Bash backglass decal on it so they can awe at your "NIB Monster Bash"

- 16 digit display can't score over 10m points? What an INTERESTING development /sarcasm

- Multiball is a challenge with 3 yellow targets broken on almost EVERY example... ugh

- In conclusion, buy the game for parts and use the back glass for shooting practice

- ...Only Game @ Pinball Expo 2000

1 year ago

Not a big fan....

1 year ago

Great 80's pin. Very fast and fun to play. Great theme with cool shots. The ramp jump is an awesome feature. I love the sound clips in this pin. Great sound and gorgeous back glass. I really like the sound of this game. Very cool non DMD pin

1 year ago

Fun and Fast, big Robocop fan so that helps. Not a deep game but great for a quick play or two player action.

1 year ago

Themed well, but not the best game out there. I liked it for one or two plays, but couldn't do more than that.

1 year ago

Love this game, I've recently starting collecting again and have been focusing on quick thrill based pins with a theme that means something too me. I 've had all the top B/W and sold them as once I completed the game I lost interest. Sticking with new Sterns and old fast 80's pins. Robocop was big for me as a kid and I'm loving this pin. GREAT

1 year ago

I was expecting tis to be a horrible table, this is not the case. I feel like this is way under rated

because the low rub of tables

2 years ago

Robocop was very, very, OK. Not to great, not too bad. Fun for the time I was playing, but it didn't WOW me at all.

2 years ago

Robocop is a simple and straightforward game.

The Pros:

The PF layout is good. The ramp within the ramp is a novel idea that works well. The rules are very simple, but ripping spinners and a ramp with a jump in it is always a hoot!

The Cons:

Artwork is not K.O'C's best. Looks like another rush job. The game can be rather easy to play. I wish the game had more of the darker humor of the movie.

The Takeaway:

A good back to basics pinball game. Make it steep, tighten the tile, open up the right outlane and have at it! This deck is fun.

4 years ago

A pinball with robocop theme must be better than this...

6 years ago

Bought this as a project, and boy, it needed a LOT of work. So As I fixed this and that, more elements of the game came to light. Now she's 100% and I love it. This IS a bit of a simple game but its alot of fun AND it will definately keep you on your toes...because its F.A.S.T.

Great light show, one of the best. Appropriate sound, Jump ramp is a great shot. I have a few games in my collection and lately this one seems to get turned on and played first. And not by just me.

Slingshot and center plastics are always broken...someone should repro those. Some say the flippers are too strong, but you cant go too much weaker with that SSFB or the shots at near the tips of the flippers will sag limply. Want a kick? Play this in a dark room and get ready to be blinded by the light!

6 years ago

Not the dog people see it for. The ramp is not that easy to shoot and the game tends to be very fast-paced with an extra task to avoid the horribly ball-attractive outlanes.

The music is excellent for its day & age, its the only machine that has its attract sounds one in my collection.

There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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