Robocop (Data East, 1989)


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Game design: 7.089

Artwork: 6.92

Sounds/Music: 6.985

Other Aspects: 7.32

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15 days ago
Seriously, what is there not to like about Robocop? The sounds are there. The art package is there. The play action is definitely there. There is nothing about this pin that I don't like.

It plays extremely fast with lots of good flipper friendly shots. The sounds can become hypnotic. If you like battling out with the flippers, it you like a pin where the ball comes to you, you will like Robocop.

I just bought one. It will be in my house for long time.

Why is a machine of this caliber languishing at #200 on the top 100 list?
36 days ago
Robocop is a cool game I like that it's very tough game to play and the jump ramp is awesome. I like the playfield artwork but I was never a fan of the backglass.
64 days ago
This game really caught me by surprise. First appearances are deceiving.

FAST! Super fast.
A SWEET ramp jump
Great lighting and effects
Brutal difficulty
A spinner begging to be ripped
"Dead or alive, you're coming with me"

Shallow rules--granted, this one isn't so much a dealbreaker. It'd be nice if there was more structure though in the way villains are captured, like if Boddicker was the last guy you capture in a little wizard mode of sorts.
Right shot to the kickout hole is super clumsy.
Music is repetitive and tiresome.
Playfield art is clean, but there's a lot of dead space.

Honestly, I thought this game was going to be a dud, but it's layout reminds me a lot of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and that's always a good thing.
3 months ago
It doesn't take a deep ruleset, DMD, or 100 different modes to make a good pin. At least not in my opinion. Robocop is a good, all-around game. Not the deepest, or the most polished, but what it does is provide a good, fun, pinball experience that, as others have mentioned, anyone can just "pick-up and play" without having to be too savy to the rules. A keeper in my opinion.
4 months ago
Alphanumeric ain't for me, I'm in for DotMatrix. An ok pin, but never been a fan of Robocop so it doesn't work it's magic with me.
6 months ago
Very great theme. I love robocop. Good 80's pinball machine
8 months ago
simplicity makes this game one that everyone keeps coming back to- great sounds and one of the best spinners eva!
1 year ago
One of the better Data East machines. Very fast game and short ball times on 3 ball. Took a while to find one, not alot of them around. Thr sounds in this game are very well done. Backglass is very nice. Its not difficult to play and thats part of the appeal. I really enjoy the machine for what it is. Simple fun pinball.
1 year ago
A very fun machine! It looks and sounds great! My only criticism is that it is a little simple.
1 year ago
Such a great game! I've always dismissed Data East games as all garbage and chose only Williams/Bally for my collection. However, I finally game this game a shot...WOW! What a blast Robocop is! It's easily one of my favorite pins of all time. Great music, awesome theme, great light show, super game play. It's fast, fun, and addictive. Get one while they're cheap. You won't be disappointed!
1 year ago
This is just a fun, straight forward game. The calls outs, music and lighting all work together really well.
1 year ago
Seriously? This game is ranked #248?!?

A truly underrated and underappreciated game. It's all here:

Theme, artwork, the kick butt 80s soundtrack and of course...the fun! I mean, come on. Who doesn't love hitting that sweet jump to put the bad guys behind bars? And building up to the fight with ED-209, complete with his growls and snarls in the background. Awesome.

Throw in the fact you're joining a very small community due to its rarity (1500 made, not sure how many are still even working) and you've got an overall amazing game. Just wish more people had a chance to play it so it could get the love it deserves!
2 years ago
This game does not have the most intricate design and it is not the deepest.

But, it is really fast, really hard and has a great license in Robocop.

The sound is killer. The jump ramp is fun and the call-outs are among my favorite.

I'm a big fan of a simple machine like this in the line up. People always want to play it.
2 years ago
I'd Buy that for a Dollar !!!! This pin gets my heart pumping every time I play it !!
2 years ago
Makes me smile every time I play, true 80s feel awesome sound track plus I'd by that for a dollar call outs, fun retro pin
3 years ago
Liked it alot. Tracking one down for me. Great playfield with blue LEDs. Has toys, great audio and music. Very addictive and looking forward playing again. Backglass picture I am not crazy about but the police flashers are nice.
3 years ago
Loved this pin enough to seek one out and buy it. After a month is lost is luster as it became obvious this is a more shallow pin rule wise and the awesome jump shot was not enough to keep it in my collection.
3 years ago
Introducing the world's first ELECTRONIC paperweight... ugh, this is gonna be a doozy...


- extremely dull and forgettable (thank god)
- OK theme implementation I guess
- huh?
- easy to score free games on
- playfield mylared a lot
- Game of the Show @ Pinball Expo 2000...


- Super shallow rule set that restricts you to shooting for the spinner to score ridiculously overbalanced points. "Features" are practically nonexistent on this game
- Horrendous back glass that makes me look away from the machine every time I see it on location; if you want to buy it hide it somewhere where no one can see it or paste a Monster Bash backglass decal on it so they can awe at your "NIB Monster Bash"
- 16 digit display can't score over 10m points? What an INTERESTING development /sarcasm
- Multiball is a challenge with 3 yellow targets broken on almost EVERY example... ugh
- In conclusion, buy the game for parts and use the back glass for shooting practice
- ...Only Game @ Pinball Expo 2000
3 years ago
Not a big fan....
3 years ago
Great 80's pin. Very fast and fun to play. Great theme with cool shots. The ramp jump is an awesome feature. I love the sound clips in this pin. Great sound and gorgeous back glass. I really like the sound of this game. Very cool non DMD pin
4 years ago
Themed well, but not the best game out there. I liked it for one or two plays, but couldn't do more than that.
4 years ago
Love this game, I've recently starting collecting again and have been focusing on quick thrill based pins with a theme that means something too me. I 've had all the top B/W and sold them as once I completed the game I lost interest. Sticking with new Sterns and old fast 80's pins. Robocop was big for me as a kid and I'm loving this pin. GREAT
4 years ago
I was expecting tis to be a horrible table, this is not the case. I feel like this is way under rated
because the low rub of tables
4 years ago
Robocop was very, very, OK. Not to great, not too bad. Fun for the time I was playing, but it didn't WOW me at all.
4 years ago
Robocop is a simple and straightforward game.

The Pros:
The PF layout is good. The ramp within the ramp is a novel idea that works well. The rules are very simple, but ripping spinners and a ramp with a jump in it is always a hoot!

The Cons:
Artwork is not K.O'C's best. Looks like another rush job. The game can be rather easy to play. I wish the game had more of the darker humor of the movie.

The Takeaway:
A good back to basics pinball game. Make it steep, tighten the tile, open up the right outlane and have at it! This deck is fun.

This game when properly set up, maintained and waxed it lots of fun! There really are only two shots on the game. The left orbit and the right ramp. They are both in the sweet spot of each flipper for cross-pf shots. You can also backhand the spinner from the left flipper. The red yellow and green standups are super dangerous. Stick to the top lanes for multiaball qualification. I wish the blue ROBOCOP lane was worth real points (JP during multiball, maybe?). What this game desperately needs is the hand of Mystery Programmer to wave his magic code wand and give this game the rules it truly deserves. The layout is solid and who knows what could be done with it. It's a bit of a stretch, but look at the simple layout that is on AC/DC and thank Lyman for the work that he has done with it! Is this the same game? No, could it be much better, yes. The good news is that as it stands, it is a simple, fun and enjoyable table.

Roll it back to "0" FTW!
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