Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Spooky Pinball, 2016)

Rob Zombie's Spookshow International

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30 days ago
This is the second pin out of the gate by Spookie Pinball Company and its first licensed theme based off of Rob Zombie music and movies. The game features 10 classic RZ songs with custom speech by Sid Haig aka Captain Spaulding, Sheri Zombie and the artist himself, Rob Zombie.

First and foremost - Hats off to Charlie and the Spookie team for creating the most "Adult" R rated pin ever. No company would have the balls to truly the theme right. You will never see or hear a pin as raunchy a RZ is. Of course there is a family friendly setting for owners with children.

Pinball layout was designed by Charlie Emery. The art for playfield and cabinet were done by Alex Horley whom has done design for RZ’s CD’s. The playfield toys were designed was done by Matt at Back Alley Creations. New to the Spookie team and pinball coding is Dave Fawcett. The pin is powered by an all-in-one board designed by Ben Heck.

There are 6 main modes with 4 sub modes and a final Hell Bound wizard mode. As usual with newly released pins, the initial code was meager and not without bugs. At this time the code is at version 20 which is a major release that corrected a ton of things based off of owner feedback. Reviews of RZ before v20 (7/4/2017) should be taken with a grain of salt with the initial code. The rules are night and day difference and in the right direction. Over 200 new callouts and sound effects were added as well as new DMD animations for variety and less repetitive. The callouts were much needed in helping the player with shots and what has to be accomplished. There are still a few bugs left to tackle (infected mode) however Spookie is still continuing to work on the code. There are tons of things to do and collect in reaching the final wizard mode.

The update process for the pin is a simple pretty straight forward. Download from Spooky then unzip/uncompress on your PC. Format the SD card and copy the new files on. Any other method can potentially “Brick” the all in one board. This should probably be improved so the home owner cant hurt the board in the process.

The playfield design is completely different than modern games of other companies. It’s an old school throwback design. As someone has already stated accurately – “Its Black Hole on steroids” with 2 upper sling shots. This makes ball control a bit frustrating. It’s not my favorite layout in the world but its growing on me. Modes are started by shooting the left most orbit which can be a PITA but doable. My complaint is the design of the VUK area. Depending on shot strength the ball will hop into the VUK or dribble out of serial killer card shot. I’ve hit a strong shot and medium shot with them being rejected. The same strong shot will be accepted. It’s weird. The upper playfield is fun with practice.

Playfield art is extremely dark for a pinball but that was specifically requested for the license from what I understand. The art itself is brilliantly done by Alex Horely but its just dark and there aren't a tone of elements on the playfield. At first you think you have a GI issue - it’s that dark. This is not the end of the world as many enthusiasts will mod/add to their games any way. Pinball Stadium has a nice light mod that isn’t distracting and brightens the game up. I’ve added 2 spots on one of the slings with mirror blades. Also added, is lit up sign for “Red Hot Pussy Liquor” and light for the mini playfield billboard by and the game looks much better light wise. The backboard is sparse and empty. There is no art at all there which makes the game look incomplete.

The cabinet artwork by Alex Horley is amazing. Alex has created CD artwork for Rob Zombie in the past and you can see why it was an easy pick for the cabinet. The artwork originally debuted in Robs other CD booklets for Hellbilly Deluxe 2 and Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor but to see it on a larger scale is incredible.

Overall the game is fun which is what pinball is all about and give it a C+ to B- It’s got a high playability factor with the right amount of difficulty. The adult call outs are what you would expect for a game of this genre. I’m a horror movie fan and pinball owner so I love it. If you like Rob Zombie and his movies then this is the perfect pin for you.
38 days ago
I spent $6750 for the biggest piece of crap out there. If I had played it first I would have never purchase at all.

The lighting sucks, the middle of the playfield is empty, none of the figures move hardly at all, it just repeats the same crap over & over. Game looks cool as hell but sucks to play! Cabinet & artwork are cool but would look even better IF YOU COULD SEE THEM. Plus this machine has kinks. One of my gutter pins is screwed up. The soundbox has static in it. When it sits there it makes static & hums. Captain Spalding doesn't work correctly in the back. & the ball gets stuck in the back so I have to turn it off & lift the playfield to retrieve it.

I have owned this game less than a week & don't want to even play the thing! This machine is a Lemon! I feel like they should be recalled & they fix the issues & add some lighting & gimmicks that actually work.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. Only reason I purchased was my love for Rob Zombie music. I wonder what he would say when I see him next time that his machine just flat out sucks! I paid $1000 for a lifetime ticket to see any of his shows & know him personally.(funding for his movie 31) I am actually afraid to tell him because I think he would tell me where to go. But on the other hand he needs to know.
Respectfully Junk-Man
43 days ago
My favorite type of machine, brutal, fast and hard to stop playing just one more game. Insanely fun to play at home when you can play as many times as you want. Still has some very RARE game ruining bugs to be worked out for pay to play (Expect an occasional complaint on location). The scoring and code completion is not quite tournament ready. But it's a new machine and improvements to the code have been impressive so far. The game rocks and when you put it in adult mode... It's probably the #1 most adult rated pinball machine you've ever played.

Review based on version 20. Will update as new code is released. I implore others to update their reviews based off the major update released on July 2nd 2017.
45 days ago
I've owned this game for over a year and I have to admit, I was disappointed with the code and kind of lost hope on this one . That all changed once the new code dropped July 1st 2017 with (V20)! Still some bugs that need tweaking, but this game is an absolute winner now and a lot of fun. So many of the previous ratings were on incomplete code(and unfinished game) and I'm betting those that sold will be very regretful from this date on. This is a different game now and this one is well on its way to being special. I'm back having fun playing my game after it had been sitting so long. Be forewarned, in adult mode this one naughty in a very good way. Animations will leave your eyes open and jaw dropped. This game could use better lighting. If you play in the dark, you'll need to add spotlights
48 days ago
Game is fast and brutal. A great theme that could have been made so much better. Machine feels empty and lacking though.

The DMD.... oh my god.... the DMD. Garbage. For a boutique game, with a colour dmd, its horrible. Its chunky and underwhelming. Seems like an afterthought and makes the game look cheap.
77 days ago
I didn't like this game at first. Looking at it, the bottom looks bare. That's until those extra kickers star messing with you. There's plenty of speed. The music, sound and video modes are cool. The upper playfield is interesting, because it's wonderfully unpredictable.

This was a pay to play machine at Chicago Street Pinball (Joliet Illinois), and I played once or twice the first time. Last time, I sunk in 10 bucks. The "yeah yeah yeah" sound effect cracks me up. I also love the "low score of the day" initials.
78 days ago
The code isn't completely done yet, but we know it is coming. This game has a chaotic 80s feel to it with modern tech. Fun, tough modes, best call outs ever. The multiball modes could be a little better instead of just mostly the ramp shot.
Overall, this game is just plain fun. So glad I was able to add one to my collection. it is quite unique.
3 months ago
I really thought I'd like this one lot more than I did. It is dark, some of the shots are cool, some are not all that much fun, the upper playfield is lame, the toys don't interact much. Sure looks great (what I can see of it), tho...
3 months ago
I describe this game as "Black Hole on steroids" and I think that's apt. Some people won't like the random gameplay .. especially those players who can't control their shots. Miss your shots in this game, and you'll get punished. Control your shots, and you can explore some innovative (and non cookie cutter) modes and multiballs.
3 months ago
Unfortunately, this game is another example of why potential buyers should wait to buy games instead of preordering titles out of hype. People are having to learn the hard way, and I don't care to try an educate anymore. Perhaps this objective review will save someone some pain, if money and have fun with pinball matters.

Other than the art package for the backglass and cabinet, shot layout, average ruleset, and general music quality the game is well below average in comparison to most of the BLY/WMS games of the 90s in terms of layout, rules, and features. Just pick any game from 1990-1998. They are all light years ahead, yet all were made more than 20 years ago. The lighting is especially terrible. Even most modern Stern games overperform this title. New collectors are slowly starting to "see the light of pinball God" but not without wasting anywhere from $7000-10,000 first in folly.

They are up for sale often now for a reason, even though some owners are trying to recover some of the loss.
Plenty of pinball price speculators bought them, and still have this title still sitting in a box.
The price just keeps on dropping, and I and other experienced collectors keep on laughing.
This was not the "next Big Bang Bar".

Skip it, avoid the fanboy reviews here trying to defend their ego and purchase.
There are literally hundreds of games both EM and SS starting from the 1960s that have better quality than this title.
"New" is not "better".
Spooky needs to seriously step up their abilities for future titles.
All their games look like they were designed in people's basements.
AMH was a good (albeit very slow) start.
RZ, Dominoes, and The Jetsons are just barebones games passing through as even used games overtake their efforts. They do not look commercially viable as a product. They need a get a serious hit title very soon if they want to remain in the manufacturing business more than another 2-5 years.

Keep in mind, I like Rob Zombie and listened to his albums when half the people here on this website were in elementary school.

PinSide moderator staff must have drinking heavily and listening to White Zombie when they rated this game.
Either that or they were paid by Charlie to shill the game.
Maybe they wanted to $#%@ a chicken with their dildo bonus?
Living dead girl is right.
The game did not "rise" to the occasion in this case.
Captain Spaulding should be ashamed and get out his Viagra, or scare some new pinball owners out of buying the game.
4 months ago
Rob zombie is a very unusual game. The strangest layout in years. I love the coding. Tons of different multiball options. I love the CHOP lane ball save idea. House of 1000 corpses MB is a kick. Highly recommended for those who get sick of basic fan layouts. A few shots are poorly designed, particularly the R orbit and the "#3" shot.
4 months ago
To me - the playfield art work is dark, so the lack of GI makes it hard to see the art at all. The "adult" mode additions mostly seem stupid to me - Dildo bonus and repeated "chicken fucker" (or something) sound calls. What guy wants a dildo bonus or is even amused by seeing it? I have not noticed any adult mode additions that are amusing. I wanted to love this title, thought it could be the coolest music pin ever. I'm not even sure I like it. Game has a simple and small feel. It just seems like a 3/4 size game due to an overall lack of shots and features. The way the display has been implemented makes everything look pretty poor.
4 months ago
The games doesn't have a traditional layout and I freaking love it! The extra slings add chaos that fits the theme perfectly! The rules still need tweaking and it seems like the Spooky crew are all over it. I was on the fence about buying but glad I bought it in the end.
4 months ago
I really wanted to like this game. I just couldn't. I love the Rob Zombie theme and I really dig his music. The machine itself it built very well and I think Spooky did a great job with it. I wish them the best and am anxious to see their next pin. There are just a few fatal flaws in this game. The right orbit it just too tight. There is no fixing that. The code is decent but also has some fatal flaws. Ball search after 10-15 seconds. Drop target not resetting to where it was before mode start. Identical modes. Repetitive call outs.

Overall this is a very neat game, just not one that couldn't last in my home.
5 months ago
Finally had a chance to play this last night. Put a buck in, played it once, and that was enough. Maybe if I was a die-hard RZ fan I would consider purchasing this machine, but even then it would be a stretch. Just not enough going on in this game. The middle of the playfield is just empty, wasted space. The backglass is really nice to look at, but for the prices this game is fetching, you'd be better off just buying a reprint of the backglass, framing it, and putting it up on your wall. Game just feels cheap to me.
5 months ago
My first new machine. Really needs to be dialed in. Needs adjusting and a few fixes.
Plays fast, lots of kickers. Very busy game, lots to do.
Hope they are working on switch problem were the ball gets stuck. Poor switch selection.
New code v 20. Sure adds a new polish to the game play.
5 months ago
I LOVE my new Rob Zombie pin. Great haunted can't go wrong with scary and spooky. I'm not a RZ fan but still really like the music. The game feels really solid and well built which is a testament to Spooky and co. I love the add a ball and modes and the extra slings EVERYWHERE which really keep the ball hopping. Also, fun to mod with good room for extra toys. Can't wait for another code update!

6 months ago
A significant downgrade from their first pinball in gameplay. America's Most haunted plays better in every way. More shots, more modes, more toys than Rob Zombie. Although this one isn't nearly as ugly as America's most Haunted, so there's that I guess. Just a boring pin to play. The best of this whole pin is the backglass.
6 months ago
In a word "FUN"
Have had this pin about 6 weeks now and absolutely LOVE IT! Fast Brutal HILARIOUS. Its everything I love about Ironman but better looking, better sounding and more to do. This pin is a blast to play multi player.. with a few beers for good measure.
6 months ago
Here's a game I had a complete change of heart on. Initially I was on the waiting list for the game, especially after seeing the cab and backglass reveal, but once I saw the playfield art & layout I backed out. Well a year later, and after 18 revisions to the code I finally realized why this game is a winner... and that is simply due to the overall fun factor. Ghostbusters hooked me with it's subway ramp, and Rob Zombie hooked me with the Add-A-Ball multi ball. And the multi ball on this game is so much fun!

I wish the initial shots of the playfield weren't so overly lit in the promotional material by Spooky, cause straight up, that is what turned me off. They lit it so bright that it just made the lack of illustration a big eye sore. But once this game is in it's correct arcade dim light, the reason for the minimalism makes perfect sense. It's a scary game, and it needs to be in the dark. I'm a huge fan of scary stuff and the atmosphere around such said stuff, so once I actually saw this in person I knew I had to have it. Why, because the lighting is great in the dark and the art fits it just right in that context. In the light, it's just ugly. So weird, but for this game it's totally the truth. I build haunted houses and make horror films, so I always get super critical about this sometimes overlooked point.

Now I still think they need to do some more work to the code, but currently I feel that Spooky has done a great job of turning the overall perception of this game completely around. The callouts, the music and the fun are all there, and it's simply a joy to watch 7 balls racing around a haunted house. Hopefully my current vision of this game holds true and I continue to love it after a year... until then, I'll just have to get some high scores!

btw, Spooky, add engine sounds to the Video Mode. It's super weird without that. It's like you're floating down some highway, not dragula racing as it should be ;)
6 months ago
WOW! What a blast! I played this game for the 1st time at a fellow collector's home. What a great and fun layout. Fast, without being the typical fan layout. Good music,call outs, gameplay. It keeps you on your toes. If it has a weak point it's the lighting. The game is a little dark but for this title it works.
7 months ago
The only redeeming factor about this game is the cabinet and translight art and the rules are decent. Playfield art and layout are god-awful.
8 months ago
I own and operate this pin. We keep it on adult mode. The adult call outs and animations are really great. The GI lighting was a bit dark. Easy fix by adding the Pinball Refinery lighting kit ($60 I think). The cabinet and backglass art is the best ever IMO. The build quality is good and sturdy. No particle board. Easy to service playfield. I love that this pin comes stock with a real silkscreen backglass, color display, FF speakers with 10" woofer and amplifier, and powder coated armor with a nice hammertone texture. There's almost nothing left to upgrade. It really feels like a good value. I originally ordered this thinking it would be a bit of a novelty, collectible, with cool art and hopefully fun. It turns out it is actually an excellent pin. Surprisingly good. Everyone at the location likes it, including the competitive and league players. Fun layout. Lots of randomness with the 4 slingshots and open pop bumper. Lots of ball action. Fun and unique modes. A really fun 7-ball multiball. Plenty of challenge. Hilarious call outs. Cool horror theme. Spooky really did a great job here. Don't let the simplistic playfield fool you. Not every pin needs tons of ramps and magnets and subways and bash toys. This pin is FUN and I'm very glad I bought it.
8 months ago
I played 6 games today. I don't know the rules, and have no history with the game...

If you are a Rob Zombie fan, you will likely love this game. If you are not, hopefully you can appreciate the unbelievably amazing backglass and cabinet art. The game plays fast and furious — it’s the most spastic shell game I’ve ever played — even more frenetic than Black Hole. It borrows two very strong elements from one of the best games ever, Centaur: 1. live add-a-balls, and 2. moveable inlane lights that earn you a ball save. These two features coupled with the extra sensitive sets of slings built into the game walls make this unique and exciting offering in 2016.

The upper playfield is barely used, and the flipper is too small. I got the ball up there once, and had almost no chance at the ball -- that's nothing compared to the TBL upper playfield I just played the night before.

Action/Per/Minute: Likely the best of all time. Centaur would be a close 2nd.
Backhands: fair — not so sure there were good backhands.
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown
Dink Donk: fair — quite a bit of dink donk in the game
Drops: 1 drop. It was askew, and mounted too tall in the game (needs adjustment) — the ball could get past the drop, so it’s not the most precisely placed drop of all time.
Drops Sweep: none.
Extra Balls: yes - amazing add-a-ball feature on the fly — I was playing 2, then 3 then 4 balls at once without being in a multi-ball mode. Pure genius.
Flippers: 2 - felt normal.
Goal -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: unknown. I did notice one goal of center ramp as a jackpot at times.
Hurry-ups: unknown
Inlane Lane Change: yes - very fun aspect of the game.
Inlane Ramp Release: decent. both inlanes are spoon-fed, but one comes from the upper playfield which is rarely used.
Inlane Swoosh: decent. good on the right side, not so much on the left.
Inner orbit: good - it has one
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: none. There are no 1-2-3 rollover lanes.
MB Earning: I locked a ball once, but I have no idea how to earn multiball.
MB Fun: very fun. super random movement. not many good detain shots, so it’s very tricky.
Metal Ramp: no
Nudging: very good — have to wrestle the outlanes.
Orbits (Repeatable): very good. you can repeat left orbit to right flipper like high speed. This impressed me.
Outlane Fun: good. right-lane was more fun than the left side.
Pops: Very good — they do not “trap” the ball like on most moderns, so they just add randomness and risk to shots. Well-placed.
Rules (time/order): unknown.
Shots (total): 10? forgot to count.
Skill Shot: very good skill shot. You have to be perfect to get a 3-way bounce. I never got one, but the challenge was fun!
Slap-Saves: very good - normal Williams distance
Spinners: none =( this really surprised me.
Stop'n'Go: decent. pretty much in action the whole time. Video mode is a long process…
Taunting: good - tons of call outs.
Toy/Gimmick: To me the gimmick of the game, is the shell game and the add-a-ball. The toys on the playfield do not interact, so I consider them sculptures not toys…
Voice / V. choreography: Excellent. great call outs from RZ, and they really make the game stand out.

ART: best of all time (from a heavy metal point of view)
SOUND: big 10” sub woofer and shaker motor. Felt great — but you have to be a fan of RZ’s “music” you’ll be hearing a lot of it.
DISPLAYS: color dmd was fun to watch.
FEEL: felt great
OVERALL: It’s a hit for RZ fans, and perhaps for people who love to explore modes and programming. Overall, I did not find all the shots satisfying. I did enjoy trying to keep multiple balls in play, and that’s a frequent aspect of the game. I'm very proud of these guys. We have to remember this is their 2nd game EVER...
8 months ago
Wow this game is nuts and has a serious cool factor . If you like dark themes cursing and swearing and gore this has more than any other pin . If your against demons and hell themes this game is not for you!! I don't a lot about modes or anything like .this game rocks straight out of the box the bass is awesome .this is a super fast super brutal pin even for good players can be difficult and a challenge every time .very different than most pins that's a plus in my books .art work is everything it should be for rob zombie a must try pin .
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