Road Show (Williams, 1994)

Road Show

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Game design: 8.253

Artwork: 7.841

Sounds/Music: 7.451

Other Aspects: 8.007

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Found 213 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 213 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
FUN FUN FUN, great machine
31 days ago
There are some creepy elements to this game and it often feels "cheap" build wise but it still has some cool features. Gameplay is very start and stop with precise shots needed to really score the big points. The use of primary colors contributes to it cheap look and it is not really an eye catching machine.
40 days ago
Although some of the voices and images are a bit racist, it is very fun game. I cringe every time I hear the cab driver though.
64 days ago
its a good pinball butt i hate the original music...i sold a year ago because i hated the music after a wile...
72 days ago
ROAD SHOW is an under-appreciated game. Amazing layout. NO WASTED SPACE. Lots of satisfying shots. Fun, creative code. Lots to do. Really, the only flaws are the terrible theme and the fact that the talking heads are copycat from Funhouse. This game is a great one for any true pinball fan.
3 months ago
Really like this game.
Red and Ted work great together, its a lot of fun.
3 months ago
A fun early modern game. It's nice to play pinball with original themes. I'm yet to see a Road Show with 100% of components working, but that's the nature of pinball.
3 months ago
Just doesn't have the charm Funhouse does. Looks great and is definitely a stand out. Wish there was more randomness to the modes. Great animations. Crazy shaker. Recommend carpeting under game. Fun game but wasn't a keeper for me.
3 months ago
Fun, fun, fun..... for all kind of gamer. Roadshow is a keeper for me and a real winner for the guest. If you can have just one pinball, Roadshow is a good choice.
4 months ago
This game has it all. You get 2 Rudy heads, a wide body, 2 plungers, a shaker motor, awesome ramps, 4 flippers, everything. The theme is not polarizing and will not turn anyone off. I think this game is perfect, definitely my favorite pin.
5 months ago
I don't know how to feel about this game. Decently fun, not great but the creepy doll heads really find a way to kick it down a couple pegs. Theme for me is really just a miss. Gameplay is average
5 months ago
Love this machine! it is a keeper in my collection
5 months ago
I like road show but don't love it. The theme is so so, pretty vanilla which allows it to be added to any game room and great for a family. The call outs and DMD animations can be entertaining and humerous. The widebody aspect allows for the placement of 2 pinmation talking heads of red and ted which add to the fun. The rule set is repetitive. It has a shaker motor that is capable of rattling your house. As a matter of fact, I updated the Game Roms to add the option of turning down the intensity of the shaker motor. That helped tremendously. I've owned my machine for a little while and it is in stellar shape. Not sure how long this one will last in my collection though....I would part with it but doubt that my kids will want me to.
6 months ago
Fun to play with a lot of different shots. Deep ruleset with good modes. Good DMD animations.
6 months ago
Playfield is a little too wide open with long somewhat difficult target shots.

That being said the video or side challenges are great. Red's call-outs are great

To me it as not as fun as Funhouse but it is still a game I would like to have in a collection.
8 months ago
Bought this game knowing nothing about it. Wow what a sleeper! Definitely a keeper for me. Sure the theme is unusual but who cares if the game play is that good.
8 months ago
I played on it a few times on location, and I loved it. It obviously reminded me of Funhouse in many ways, but it's an unique and great design. Difficult, but rewarding, deep ruleset, great sound design, fun theme (another great job by John Youssi)... And it's a sturdy, solid widebody machine: it just feels so nice to play on it.

In conclusion, it's definitely an excellent pinball, and one of my favorite Pat Lawlor's design.
9 months ago
Road Show is just plain fun. Tons of great shots including a great left ramp, through the jets, blast zone combo, which is my favorite combo in pinball.

It gets knocked for the music and linear-like gameplay, but man it's packed with stuff. You've got 2 freakin heads on the play field! Add a bunch of ramps, shaker and a second plunger and road show is packed without ever feeling cramped. They'll never be anything like this made again.

Awesome, bargain pin.
9 months ago
I bought this game before i even knew how much fun it was. I ordered it online and when i started playing it in pinball arcade i wasnt too happy. After a few day the game grew and grew on me! When it finally arrived it took over my days. Lots to do and gets annoyingly addictive because of the difficulty in getting to see the whole west coast. Reminds me of the 80's and early 90's video games where when you die you go back to the first level. Really fun and deep game.
11 months ago
Only ever played in the wild at a bar that is so loud I can't really rate the sound options. Great fun, lots of replay-ability. Rules clear enough to know what you are going for and still challenging for more advanced play.
11 months ago
Love this game...I can play it for hours and never get tired of it. Really the only knock I have is that the bulldozer is huge and really easy to hit...over, and over, and over, and over.....Gameplay is fun and the theme is great.
11 months ago
Fun game but can get a bit repetitive. My friend has one so get plenty of opportunities to play it..
12 months ago
"You big cheeseburger!" - Red

Road Show is essentially an expansion of Funhouse, another splendid Pat Lawlor table. RS has all the same good stuff: dual plungers, shot through the jet bumpers, a talking head to shoot pinballs into, and delightfully taunting audio clips from the construction duet ("what a waste of money!")

The more I hear the multiball music--Carlene Carter's country song 'Every Little Thing'--the more I actually enjoy it. It's not annoying in the least, and the lightshow that accompanies a jackpot is stellar.

SUPER deep table with an impressive rule set. Lots to experience on your trip across the country. John Youssi's artwork is always nice to see, and that shaker motor *really* makes it feel like you're tearing up the pavement.

Collecting souvenirs is loads of fun. Mini-mode multiballs are a lovely addition and I'm still finding new things to enjoy on the west coast. The color DMD I put into mine makes a whole world of difference with terrific animations.

Road Show will be with me until the day I die. Without question it's my favorite table ever. And those callouts? Hilarious.

"Hey look Ted, frozen people!"
1 year ago
Really deep rule set!
1 year ago
Great for the youngsters. Reminds you of being in a truckstop. A little red neck...but I love it. Makes me smile every time I play it. The constant bantering between Red and Ted is priceless.
There are 213 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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