Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern, 2004)

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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This game got 471 approved ratings and currently scores 7.787 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #70 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 8.027

Artwork: 7.516

Sounds/Music: 7.346

Other Aspects: 7.905

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There are 156 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Ripley's is a fun game with good art work and good callouts the head is a cool toy and the ramps are cool. the game is also very challenging with a good rule set
1 year ago
A mediocre machine. Although it's not a bad game it also doesn't stand out with anything particularly interesting.

- 3 flippers
- some interesting shots
- nice toys, particularly the "Easter Island head"
- the biggest pro of this game is the artwork, in my opinion
- overall enjoyable, but fails to dazzle

- strange rules
- little modding potential
- the "talking head" at the end of the score count is annoying
1 year ago
Fun game, kind of an oddball theme but Stern has made this one work quite well. Typical early-ish Stern release but it has plenty to do and can be fun. 6 pops on a game is also nice and a little bit rare. Translite is instantly forgettable though!
1 year ago
Ripley's isn't a fast playing game or the nicest looking but it is probably the hardest pinball machine I have ever played. That's why its still in my collection. Deep rule set and lots of shots make this a super fun and challenging machine. Still reasonably priced if you can find one.
2 years ago
RBION is a PLD "Pat Lawler"

it is a marvelous display or thought & strategy

but is a game you discover the rules the more time you spend on it

Atlantis is your goal (wiz mode)

there is the upper left mini bagatelle that features 3 displays above interact with the center of the PF
to unlock features or objectives

the penguins get annoying

shrunken head if the pitch is off is weak or if the magnet has mushroomed from neglect

getting M-Ball is actually difficult and this game give you nothing for free

you could have a great game, sub 20,000,000 points real kickers

are you ready to take a trip with Mr. Ripley??
2 years ago
Fun Fast nice Shots a lot and long Game play in my opinion one of the very under Rated Maschines .Its very Good lot more Playstyle as LotR has zb
2 years ago
This game is a great game. It has challenging multiballs that reward trapping, complex deep rules, tight rewarding shots and punishing outlanes that will teach you to nudge! In my collection it would be one of the last to leave. Long after honeymoon phases of new machines pass, I still go back to play Ripley's.
2 years ago
overall a fun pin. Long ball times which was fun as i learned what each shot did. Not a fan of the call outs.
2 years ago
Very deep and challenging game. Game is very underrated, probably because of the theme and art. This game has a lot going on and many different multi-balls. Definitely a game that is challenging enough to keep you coming back. I believe the same game in different theme would get much more love. Great Pat Lawlor design.
2 years ago
Ripley's was a lot of fun. Only the sound was a bit annoying but otherwise this is a very solid pinball. A target rich environment, good game flow, decent variety and just a lot of fun. I was parked in front of this pinball for several hours without even noticing it, typical sign that I was having fun.
2 years ago
This is a long lasting game. Very challenging as many shots need completed per each continent to collect all ripleys letters. There are some hidden multiballs and wizard modes. One thing that makes this game long lasting is that the flippers are closer together. The game seems scattered, multiball makes you look at two places at once to utilize all flippers to their fullest. The playfield is fast and responsive, there isn't much room for error on shots. Fun and entertaining, I enjoy this game for the challenge.
2 years ago
Ripley rocks! It's fun, it's fast, it's challenging, it's rewarding! I like the constant challenges. Each continent (7 unique skill shot challenges).

A wonderful pace and the ability to play for a long time makes this a pinball I keep coming back to for more play. Stern didn't have much action on the DMD, but the Ripley's facts are a fun read on the DMD when you get a chance to read them after activating the shrunken head. It also has outstanding sound!

I like trying for the Penguin jackpot, the Super jackpot, the Tic-Tac-Toe game with the various rewards when you get 3 in a row. It really has a lot going for it. The kids love it and play it often with many ways to get a multi-ball challenge.

I wish it had more going on with the DMD and what an opportunity for at least one DMD video mode game to put it over the top for me which I believe could have been easily conceptualized and integrated into the game.

Fun game if you ever can master and get all 7 continents and all challenges successfully. I've not been able to get all 7 continents 2 times in a row, but it is so rewarding when you do....Like the old saying goes for golf....It can never be mastered....only played....And the play is outstanding. It has so much going on.

Even adding additional lighting to the playfield to make it stand out with LEDs and it just makes it even more enjoyable with more eye-candy. It is quite a beautiful playfield with the extra lighting. Pick yourself up one if it comes available. Well worth it!!
2 years ago
Too busy. Deep ruleset. Feels like a typical cheaply made Stern. I really liked it at first. After about 6 months I was ready to move it.
2 years ago
As a lot of people have said, this game is seriously under-rated. Typical Pat Lawlor with so much going on its hard to know where to start. And great depth. One of his best IMO.
2 years ago
Underrated game that is fun to play. Lot's of traffic on the playfield but has some nice shots. The theme was good when it came out but may be not as appealing to the younger generations. Overall, a fun game to play but it may not be one that everyone wants in their collection.
2 years ago
I recently picked up a super nice example of this and I must say this pin is a blast.It has a vast ruleset,you really need to play it a while before judging it.It has a super light show on the playfield.It has some really great shots that really require consistency.I just love this thing.The lightning and thunderclaps look and sound awesome!This is a very solid machine too,seems very high quality.This is a very Underated machine in my opinion.RBION is rated #63....Really??Ive played quite a few of the top rated games and this one I have just as much fun with if not more!
This is one that will be bolted to the floor in my collection,no doubt.
Play one and you'll see what I mean,it won't disapoint.
2 years ago
Love this machine. Easy to get multi-balls on it for the novice, and a deeper rule set for the experts. At times it's just frenzy of action. Unique art work.
2 years ago
Really love this table, classic Pat Lawlor.

Only thing I don't really like is the ball save, it goes away really fast. Sometimes even before the ball is on the play field, then say you get a ball drop right down the middle, it isn't really fair losing a ball within 10 seconds.
2 years ago
Fun pin but not a fan of the theme It really doesn't grab me. Very creative play field. The artwork could be better but overall a solid pin.
2 years ago
Enjoyed this game far more than I expected to, though the rules are not really clear.
2 years ago
Would somebody please tell that darn idol just to chill out? Overall this is a fun game, but the sounds in this game are so grating to my ears that I cringe when I hear the bizarre callouts emitting from those speakers.
2 years ago
An underrated Stern, Lawlor put his most effort into this one when he was at Stern. Great game, but the only thing that annoys me is the match sequence. If only I can get rid of the Alvin and the Chipmunks squeal. Other than that, it's a top ten Stern.
2 years ago
Very under rated. Whats not to like. Fun game.
2 years ago
This is a helluva fun game, and the one I'm currently playing A LOT. It seems you can really build your flipper skills playing this one. It can be super frustrating.

If you don't understand how to re-light the continents by hitting the right ramp, the game can downright make you want to smash the playfield glass!

But if you take deep breaths and calmly shoot, you'll find yourself getting better and better at not just this machine but at all machines. It's a skill-building machine.

Also it's really a rush to hit a super jackpot... especially after collecting a continent jackpot. Still haven't seen Atlantis; this one will be in my collection likely forever.
2 years ago
Amazing ruleset
Cool thunder noise when hitting switches
Great features: magnets, upper playfield, ramps, back ally/orbit; only game I know when two sets of bumpers (can shoot between on one side or line up lights above the other to get all 3 lit!)

After many games, have to say the theme really doesn't grab me
Would like to see more fun toys besides shrunken head
Better cabinet art would be nice
There are 156 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 7.

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