Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern, 2004)

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Game design: 8.167

Artwork: 7.603

Sounds/Music: 7.412

Other Aspects: 8.07

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Found 158 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 158 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Cool layout, great rules. But, lacks excitment which hurts fun factor and in turn makes the game a bit of a grind.
44 days ago
RBION is a game I keep wanting to come back and play.
I don't own one, but a few locals do, and I always think about wanting to buy one I like it so much.

I'm a huge Ripley's fan, so the pin appeals to me aesthetically as well as for a fun pin to play.
Would pick one up in a heartbeat if I could.
3 months ago
Is this the ugliest great game, or the greatest ugly game? I love it! So much to do. It's so ugly it makes my eyes hurt.
4 months ago
Ripley's is a very good and underrated game.

Really fun gameplay!
The playfield is packed but doesn't feel claustrophobic
Lots of shots from all 3 flippers
Mode based gameplay with balanced scoring forces you to play different areas of the playfield
Good but not great theme integration, artwork, dots, and sound
Difficult skill shot

Tic-tac-toe board is essential to gameplay but a boring as the central artwork feature. In general the artwork fits the theme but could have been better.
The sound and dots could use more variety
Both sets of pop bumpers underutilized
Awkward left exit from upper pops
Vari-target doesn't do much. It resets immediately so it ends up functioning just like a standard mode hole
4 months ago
I can't stand that fake rasta sounding voice, it totally ruins the game for me, along with that stupid crap in the upper left corner that's way too big.
4 months ago
I have only played this title a few times it was a little confusing at first due to its deep rules . But the shots felt good and played well. It also didn't feel as cheaply made as some other sterns. The think the game is under rated.
I'll be adding this to my collection soon I think this machine is a good value as "A" list and new pinball prices rise to unobtainable levels. I'll revisit this ratting after I put some more time on it.thanks.
4 months ago
I never liked this pinball game. I gave it numerous times, but I just couldn't get into it. I didn't like the rule set that much, and it wasn't very exciting. I got bored very quickly. I will never drop another quarter in this game.
6 months ago
It's a very interesting pin. The theme is travelling around the world. Didn't quite click with me but I can see how it could be interesting.
6 months ago
For the family one of the best all around games. The kids love it because it's fun and the lights and calls are fantastic. For more experienced players there is a deeper rule set that is challenging.
7 months ago
Ugly pin, regrettable theme, but a blast to play. Deep and satisfying ruleset, it is probably Lawlor's best Stern pin.
7 months ago
I love the looks and the theme. That's the best part of this machine. The layout is great too. It was the first pinball machine that really got my attention. It's fun for beginners, but lacks the challenge beyond that imo. The sounds got annoying for me, and the music was lacking. It went from a machine I really wanted to play to the machine I avoided over and over again. I did like the lighting. I also had a lot of fun with the ramp and number lottery. That's fun to me for some reason.
8 months ago
theres a decent amount to do in this game but overall fun level is low.
1 year ago
The HUO unit I played was stunning. One of the fastest pins I've ever played. Deep rules, 3 different multi ball modes & non stop action. Believe it!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very underated game. Would have one if I had more room.
1 year ago
A respectable design effort by Stern.

Solid, deep ruleset and great variety of shots.
The game design was definitely a tribute to Pat Lawlor's creativity, and did not constrain him.
The game is generally very confusing to new players, as the callouts are not always clear.
The talking shrunken head and announcer voices dominate the game, which some do not like.
Music is uniquely identifiable from other pinball machines.
Build quality is average.
Mechanical design is above average
Artwork quality is average.

If you do not mind the artwork, it is a very good player's machine, but still has that Stern "cheap production" quality feel about the construction unlike most Bally/William machines.
1 year ago
With a deep and unclear rule set RBION will have you doing the one more game routine. Not the best looking machine out there but a decent addition to a medium or large collection. Designed by Pat Lawlor there are things about this machine you are going to like. Produced by Sterns there are things about this machine your not going to like.
1 year ago
Ripley's Believe It or Not has a lot going on - sometimes a tad too much. The Idol toy with the magnet catcher in the upper playfield is neat, but could be more visible. The ramps are so-so, but somehow, RBION is still a pretty fun game to play.

I'd like to own it - probably after 20 or so other games - but it could make the wishlist once a few others move off that list to my "collection" list.
1 year ago
Interesting theme but the game does not grab me.
1 year ago

- Standup targets actually register!
- Feels like a Williams game in terms of ruleset.
- Temple adds a ton of strategy to the game: 2x playfield, road trip, etc.
- Super Jackpot rules are interesting, and help the player learn essential multiball skills.
- Return of the vari-target!


- Sounds make you feel like you just played Surf 'n Safari II.
- Vari-target often doesn't register on routed games and makes the game unplayable.
- Layout relies heavily on the left flipper.
- Continent modes are way too similar.
- Ghost from RCT is reincarnated as the shrunken head.
1 year ago
This is, for whatever reason, one of the tougher machines I've ever played. As if the rules aren't confusing enough (not really that bad but will take a handful of games before understanding it), the shots on this table are difficult to make, most especially with the bottom right flipper. The bottom left and top right ones are fine, but the bottom right one is just hard to get balls onto ramps or into loops with. This table plays quite fast, and it's definitely a machine that caters more to pinball veterans. I like the premise and all of that, but even if this machine were simpler for a more casual pinballer like myself, I'm not sure I'd like it much (if at all) more. The Jamaican sounding shrunken head is nothing short of annoying, and the sounds as a whole are rather average. I do enjoy the look of the table though, but again, this game doesn't feel quite as good as I want it to. I'll put more time into this one and edit my scores if necessary.
1 year ago
I played this at Pintastic and was a fantastic machine, wishing it was in my price range, I loved the game !
1 year ago
Very good game
Was surprised How i felt good on it. My third PL favorites with Addams family and No Good Gofers
The only grip is that skill shot of the death. No interest.
Would like to own it
1 year ago
Ripley's is a game for players, featuring a deep ruleset, challenging wizard modes to achieve, and lots of scoring opportunities. It's like an amalgamation of past Pat Lawlor games, particularly TAF and TZ, and it shares many of the same features those games have. However, RBION to me features a more meaningful ruleset with greater things playing a bigger part when it comes to scoring big (i.e., not just play multiball or get Gumball locks over and over). The flow of the game is great when you get it down, but the shots can be tricky if you're new to the game, but that makes the satisfaction of dominating this machine even greater.

Cabinet art itself is probably my least favorite aspect of this package. The theme itself though works very well and despite it being a licensed properly, it fits as if it is a completely original theme. The sounds and speech are some of Stern's best when it comes to pre-SAM games with lots of humorous, memorable callouts and beefy sounding tunes. The playfield layout is very well done with a lot of shot options, and just about every shot on the playfield is important at one time or another. The looping left ramp wireform is nice and the right ramp crossover is interesting as well. Not many real "toys" on this playfield, but the two magnets, the upper gated playfield, the multiple spinners and the vari-target are implemented in a way that makes the game stand out. For lastability, Ripley's should satiate a skilled player's need for a long time. The stacking options are great in this game, particularly once you figure out how the tic-tac-toe style board works, bring those modes into traditional vari-target Continent modes, then bring both of those into the standard multiball (three modes running together). Truly satisfying stuff.

I sold my Ripley's only because I needed the money. I look forward to the day when I can acquire another one. It's a fantastic game and one of my favorites I've had the opportunity to play.
1 year ago
I don't care what anyone says... this game is very fun! and one of Pat Lawlors best designs... he fit a lot in this game. The only complaint is the annoying idol, but so what... I got over it and fun game, very under rated.
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