Revenge From Mars (Bally, 1999)

Revenge From Mars

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This game got 695 approved ratings and currently scores 7.911 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.628

Artwork: 8.215

Sounds/Music: 8.021

Other Aspects: 7.72

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There are 231 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 hours ago
This is so fun a pin that should be played by all a lot!! getting to wizard is hard and when you start wiz... look out 4 buttons to defeat, very hard as well as fun !!
very well done it is to bad that we did not get to see what was next from pin2k , 2 1/2 titles just does not tell the story. Timing was off, RFM COULD NEVER SAVE PINBALL AT THAT TIME 1999 gamers/ kids just wanted something else video games and wanted it in the home. I think if this was the best selling pin of all time it still would not have been enough to resurrect pinball. Thank god true pin head now have the money and the desire to go back in time to when they were kids and pinball was a big part of that childhood and they can do the saving that pinball 2k could not!
That being said if you have not played RFM or even Star Wars episode 1 go out and do so but do so with an open mind.if you do I think you just might like it , or even might want to buy one .
12 days ago
I love this one. I bought one that really needed a good deep service. As I've cleaned it up and fixed all the various functions it's really started to shine. I did a full flipper rebuild and that really made a huge difference when coupled with super bands on the posts. It now plays super fast and smooth which I like. I find the game interesting if you can get into the advanced rounds which isn't easy. Plus there are several bonus rounds to keep it varied.
It's much better then AFM IMHO which feels clunky after playing a shopped one of these. The game is dark but you can get a video amp brighten the screen. I like to play in the dark I don't really find it a problem.
I like it with incandescent globes so that you still get all the fade effects etc. I think the lighting is superb. Infact,
I don't think anything other then the new Jersey Jack machines comes close to the technologically mastery that this machine represents. The 2000 Sterns lame in comparison to this. Definitely one of the best machines ever made, it's in a class of it's own.
27 days ago
So you know that girl in high school who got the first new iphone, the newest BMW 3-series and was spoiled rotten? Then when you took her out for a date all she did was give you a headache and confused the hell out of you even after you paid for her meal and showed her a good time. This is Revenge from Mars. It looked great and had a cool deisgn and concept but in the end, I feel it hasn't aged well and I had more trouble seeing what was going on in the upper playfield then enjoying the game.
29 days ago
Fun game to play. Great concept. Really neat pin with the video overlay. The game was really dark and my eyes were starting to strain pretty quickly. Artwork was cool and interacting with the screen was a lot of fun.
33 days ago
I own this game it is great but you have to like pinball 2000 style of games. The interaction between the screen and the game is excellent how can you not like Bill Clinton saying save the interns.
This game is great I love it and won't ever sell it. Great art and has some of the stuff from Attack from Mars what could be better.
86 days ago
The betamax of pinballs. Superior design and operator focused elements implemented. Its such a shame this concept didnt catch on. R.f.m is a fun machine with good rules and fun shots. Episode one did not help this design. That game is awfull. It is sad. You can pull out the playfield in less than a minute and work on it on a bench. That design is just awesome. I really wish pinball 2000 made more titles. It is a great design and concept. Play this one over star wars to appreciate the effort.
4 months ago
Revenge from Mars was one of the greatest feats of mankind. Until Jersey Jack challenged it 15 years later, there was nothing else to compete with it. I have played both Attack from Mars and Revenge from Mars and Revenge is much more involving, humorous, and challenging. The follow up, Star Wars Episode 1 is clearly inferior, but is a marvel too. I have both playfields for my Pin2000 and until I have a need for a Star Wars fix, Revenge from Mars will stay in the cabinet.
4 months ago
With the projected images on the glass it is difficult to see which things you need to shoot for on the 'screen' or on the playfield. The game is very dark. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of locker room humor which I find detracts from the game for me.
4 months ago
Absolutely hate it. I would rather be stuck on a deserted island with only Gottliebs Dragon, or Yeehaw, or any machine form the sixties instead. I get it, I get it, the industry needed to evove and experiment with new concepts to adapt to a changing market and appear to kids stuck to their home video games counsels, but crap man. Really? The animations remind me of the Dancing Baby video that went viral before going viral was a thing. And that was Creepy as ****. Ok, am I being too harsh? No, this table blows.
6 months ago
The funny machine of my group. I just love the clever comments and commentary in this game.

It was so ahead of its time and well thought out given the significant change to pinball.

The animations are second to none.
6 months ago
Very, very fun game, the sounds is awsome and addictive gameplay
6 months ago
definitely a game I can go back to over and over. The screen that plays on the backglass is of course the feature that stands out the most on this game. You have six scenes to choose from in the beginning and every time you beat one you move to another scene. there is beating a scene, then trying to beat it for a flawless. I know a lot of haters say just hit the thing in the middle, for the most part you can, if you want. similar to medieval, hit the middle to advance.

There is so much more to do in every scene. I also thought it was really cool how they have the online feature in version 1.8. definitely a cool game, will probably be in my collection for a long time. This is a game that needs to be updated with led's. honestly doesn't look right without them. Not as big of a fan of the star wars one, but if I ever find a playfield I would probably get it since they are so easy to swap out.

honestly, who doesn't like killing martians?
7 months ago
total shit. pin20000 was the worst idea ever. go play the 100% real thing AFM if you like the theme.
8 months ago
Really wish pin2k lasted more than 2 games. Great concept to take gaming to the next step. Unfortunately it didn't last and we will never know what this could have become.
9 months ago
A fun game and the better of the two pin2000 games. Nicely animated and thought out wizard mode. Games can last for a long time and lots of repetitive shots
9 months ago
This is the worst pinball experience ever, together with the other P2K (I love all pinball in general, and always try to appreciate the positive side of each machine). I know the story behind it, I saw the fascinating documentary about the interesting story about its creation, I know that Pin2K was the last shot by B/W, etc etc... But those are words. Playing this game is plain boring. Although the 3D technology looks cool at first, in reality that is what really kills the game (this is why I gave 1/6 to animations). Basically after few games it's very repetitive and boring looking at the same animations over and over again. With a DMD you barely see the animations, and that's good: you just see some fractions of them, imagining the rest of the adventure). Playing pinball is about technical skills, but it's also an imaginary voyage in our heads. We imagine in our own way that dungeon, or that space mission, or that superhero action.. Here everything is revealed, but it's always the same, the same, the same, over and over again.
Music is not bad (excellent sound quality), but it is also too pompous and gets boring very quickly, and often has a childish vibe that really makes things worst.
I think this machine could only have room in a pinball museum (for the aforementioned historical reasons) or can be suitable for children.
Total disappointment: hated it after three days, sold it within a week.
9 months ago
First Pin 2K, and its brilliant. And update on AFM, as the playfield is very similar and some of the modes are the same, but the monitor does add more depth to it. The virtual targets interact very well with the ball, and the humor in this game is very impressive. I did not enjoy this title when I first tried it, but now that I have it, it easily one of the best/funniest games I have played. "Mars Kneads Women".
10 months ago
Thought this game was going to be fun. Played it a few times. Did not like it. Got board with it fast. Play field is just to small.
10 months ago
My son's favorite's pinball it was a really good idea to mixte arcade and pinball with an amazing result !a big success at each birthday!there are always many boys in front of it...
10 months ago
I take my hat off to the design team of pinball 2000. The effort demands respect. RFM is a super fun game for adults and children alike.
11 months ago
A lot of people rag on this game due to its heritage but I think it is really good fun, it was a step in the right direction for Williams and such a shame we only got to see 1 more Pinball 2000 before they gave up on them. I always play this when I see one, would love to look at owning one some day.
12 months ago
I guess I am just not a fan of this machine and the attempt to change the display/head. I think the fact that only two games took it on and then it died, tells the truth better about the concept. If someone gave one to me, I would sell it and buy something else.
1 year ago
never liked it from day one..i try it again whenever i see one and i always feel cheated it is a great all around machine,its cool but its just doesnt feel like typical pinball to me!! short small playfield, no back box... it has decent flow, plays smooth but not in the same league with AFM ,there is also a star wars machine like this one which is not as pinball at the time ,1999, 2000,it seemed that pinball as we know it was going that way, so glad these two didnt change the market...RFM is o.k to play , unique and very different but definately not a keeper for me, u should give it a try just for the originality of the machine ,i do see young kids enjoying it more than me! so if you have space in ur collection it seems it can keep the young ones busy and getting them ready to advance into real glad pinball was slightly saved, it will never be like the good old days!!!! but they r still making great low production machines to date!!!
1 year ago
gotta learn to love it,
real great machine!!!!
great build to
1 year ago
Seemed to be a cool consept was just to easy for me.
There are 231 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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