Playboy (Stern, 2002)


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Game design: 7.138

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Sounds/Music: 6.291

Other Aspects: 6.971

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There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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52 days ago
Love this game. Trying to uncover the centerfolds and light up all 12 playmates makes this game quite fun. There are even adults only and safe pictures depending on whichever you want revealed at your location. I really enjoy playing this game.
9 months ago
A rating of 6.97? WTF? I was luck enough to jump onto a playboy fresh out of the shop, played very tight and smooth - felt like new. Simple game to a point, fun to jump on and have a go.
10 months ago
Annoyingly, the layout isn't actually too bad, there are some okay shots to be had. The main trouble is that the majority of the toys and features, four of them in fact, are just to reveal images. Anyone with an once of pinball skill will have seen the naked women within one game and the novelty quickly wares off. The theme is NOT family friendly, which isn't always a bad thing, but in this instance it's just a bit embarrassing standing there at a machine that's telling you how much it likes aggressive men whilst families and kids are running round the arcade. The theme is just one big gimmick, and although it's been done 3 or 4 times now it has yet to make for a good machine.
11 months ago
a lot of fun toys, fun machine.
1 year ago
This is a game i really enjoy. Some will like the theme, some won't. I personally like it. Always play it when i find it out in the wild.
2 years ago
not deep but very very fun game.
2 years ago
Apparently Stern think a few soft porn pictures can compensate for a badly designed game. They can't. Gameplay is boring with very shallow rules and unbalanced scoring- the multiball modes are easily the most profitable, but getting there is a chore. Lame theme. The one standout feature of the game is Photo Shoot mode's blinding white flashers when you make a shot (simulating a camera flash).
2 years ago
I really like this pin. It plays well and has toys not found on other pins. The downside I couldn't keep this in my house until my daughters get older. That will be a while.

Edit: The biggest problem I had I had was game lighting. I just played a version with LEDs and that fixed that.
2 years ago
I recently acquired this game. My plan was to shop it, add LEDs, and sell it. Never for a second did I think I would find it worthy of adding to my collection but, quite frankly, it is a lot of fun. It's actually hysterical. The novelty of it draws players in and the outrageousness brings them back for more. Definitely a hard game to play just once and an even harder game to get high score. I've owned over 200+ pinball machines. I have seen some very underrated games and IMO this is one of them. It's not a technical game. It's not a game that looks to be judged on by flow. It's just good-clean-fun. The artwork is not great but its not bad either - it is thankfully not too explicit. The pop-bumper tease sounds are probably the best feature on the pin - I didn't expect the sounds it generates and haven't stopped laughing since hearing them. The theme is clearly not for everyone, and so that will reflect in public reaction but, if you have an open mind and want a fun adult pinball machine that will draw attention, stimulate conversation and post a high collect-ability rating, check this one out.
3 years ago
Everyone has one that has to be the bottom of the pile and this is mine. Terrible terrible game which is utterly irredeemable in every way. Awful artwork, music, gameplay and I just detest the theme and how Stern handled it. Personally if they all went up in smoke I would not care, Stern should have left this one at the drawing board!
3 years ago
so bland. hit the center drop, hit the center ramp, play centerfold multiball, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. dumb theme, even dumber "artwork".
3 years ago
One is rewarded with pornography for their pinball skills. Genius!
3 years ago
Very under rated game IMO. Plenty of things to shoot at and great ball flow. I can see where it wouldn't be a game for a family type atmosphere but would go great in a man cave type game room or bar. I would like to add one to my collection someday if I could find one locally.
3 years ago
I enjoyed this pin, thought it was fun to play on location, might get a little bored with it in a home use environment but I thought it was a great game, a heap of air balls off the drop target, skill shot is nice, and all in all the playfield is set out quite nicely , if your thinking about getting , I would recommend giving it a shot, coz its pretty cool...
3 years ago
zzz... wait, this was a game?

- Nudity (really only exists to attract guys though)
- Mansion Mania is a fun mode but it gets repetitive at times
- Good toys that are used considerably well, esp. peek-a-boo curtain and centerfold locker
- Decent flow - not too good but you can backhand stuff easily

- Terribly unbalanced scoring. Literally the only things I do in this game to score big is centerfold multiball, mystery, and Mansion Mania. Sometimes I even fall asleep before I get to Super Mansion Mania
- Modes are wastes of time because the aforementioned features score much higher than them
- Terrible sound design (I honestly can't play through centerfold multiball because of how horrible it is. We get it, "hsusuifssfsdkfhkshsfkfhdsi centerfold"
- Mansion Mania is extremely boring and forgettable
- Overall a meh game with meh sound and meh artwork. Don't play it unless nudity is a total requirement for pinball.
4 years ago
Fun to play... albeit embarrassing to play on route. Especially if you get the ball stuck in the pop-bumpers.... if you know what I mean :)
4 years ago
Challenging? no...Fun? Yes! However if you want a challenge remove the rubbers from the outlanes...this significantly changes the gameplay! Your scores will drop big time, when they are in it is a pretty easy game.

Doesn't hurt that it looks beautiful. You gotta have the nude photos to make the most of is playboy, go nude!

Ramps are laid out nicely, center shot is key, it is easy, so easy they put a blocker in front of it. Animations are top notch, beautiful dot matrix work. Love the sounds too, maybe the best voice work on a pin. Gives you the full playboy feel. Tournament worthy? Probably not, but tons of fun to play.
4 years ago
I've played Stern Playboy a couple of times and it ACTUALLY is a nice player with great flow... but I don't care for the theme and art on it. If this machine was re-themed I'd jump for it. As-is it's kind of a waste of a nice player.
5 years ago
I'm not a fan of the theme, but I am a fan of the playfield layout and absolutely ridiculous toys. It's a real shame this game doesn't play better. There are FIVE, count 'em, 1-2-3-4-5 different toys that do nothing but reveal boobies!

1. Bead curtain that slides aside to reveal boobies
2. Centerfold that opens up to reveal boobies
3. "Tease me" slidy thing that slides down to reveal boobies
4. Rotating thing on the right side that rotates to reveal boobies
5. Skill shot magazine that opens to reveal boobies

NONE of these interact with the ball. It's a triumph in theme integration. You don't read Playboy for the articles and you don't play Playboy for the gameplay. You can tell they had a lot of fun designing the toys on this one. The gameplay is very simple, play centerfold multiball repeatedly. I think it's hilarious for what it is, sort of a perfect location game to play 3 times, but nothing to ever own.
5 years ago
Not a big fan of the theme but.. why not.
Backglass is **very** ugly - especially compared to its Bally ancestor.
Love the lady on the side cabinet. PF artwork and gameplay are OK - no better than that. Some animations are fun but I would not stand the sounds for a long time.
5 years ago
VERY NICE GAME wish there were some audio updates
5 years ago
The actual game play was not the best, but the gimmicks and sounds of the pinball machine made me laugh and have a good time. The game, to me, does not have lastability, I played for an hour and did not want to lose anymore of my quarters. Also, the middle drain was huge and the ball can just slide right down it many times with nothing you can do about it.
5 years ago
This was one of the most popular games at my bar..and was super fun for everyone, great multiball and everything works excet the cheesey 80's girls and worse backglass.
5 years ago
Stern Playboy is a game that should play much better than it does.

The Pros:
Ummmm... it's a Playboy pinball game? Photo mode is an interesting idea.

The Cons:
Someone, somehow made a pinball game with this much technology and this theme that was an utter bore to play. I can't believe that Kevin O'Connor had this theme and produced this quality work. K.O'C. has created some of the most attractive women in pinball images for all time (AND this is a Playboy game?!?!?). Did they rush him to do the whole thing over the weekend?

The Takeaway:
Calling mystery programmer... Calling mystery programmer... C'mon guys... I know you can do better than this! During this era... did Stern even play test their decks?
5 years ago
I can't get away from this pin as it is on location at several establishments in my area. This game is clunky and its not really clear where to shoot. The backglass is nice and the artwork is o.k. For its era there is nothing special or eye popping here. The music and sounds are unmemorable and the overall gameplay is scant at best.
There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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