Pinbot (Williams, 1986)


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Game design: 7.715

Artwork: 7.88

Sounds/Music: 7.142

Other Aspects: 7.949

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Found 169 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
Classic. Just classic.
3 months ago
one of the best pinball cabinets
4 months ago
Love Pinbot! The first game I really got into.
5 months ago
One of the best games of its era. A good layout that could use maybe one more shot somewhere, but the visor gimmick, bagatelle mini-playfield, and spiral skill shot make up for it. The art, sounds, and music are all great.
6 months ago
Just an absolute classic pinball. Simple rule set, but difficult to accomplish. In a medium size collection, the game really stands out. Excellent playfield layout and sound. Add some LED's and upgrade the speakers and I think you will be very happy with a game that can be picked up for a relatively cheap price.
6 months ago
Not to many shots. Just couldn't find any (come back for more) appeal. This game is overrated.
8 months ago
I think this machine ranks up there with other late 80's hits like TX Sector and Space Shuttle

Action/Per/Minute: good, other than the bagatelle
Backhands: good on left flipper, not sure about right flipper
Bonus Multiplier Goal: good - top left orbit
Dink Donk: none (other than bagatelle)
Drops: 1 set of 3
Drops Sweep: good - almost sweepable
Extra Balls: very good - you can earn one per inlane/outlane
Flippers: 2
Goal -EB/BC/Jackpot: good: lots of EB’s no Bonus Carryover, sadly it has a progressive jackpot
Hurry-ups: very good - drop target has it, and I think a standup or two
Inlane Lane Change: yes, 4 EB’s to manage
Inlane Ramp Release: ok - not super fast
Inlane Swoosh: good on left side, not sure about right say
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: very good several jackpots to collect
1-2-3 Lane Change: none
MB Earning: good - takes some effort to earn it
MB Fun: very good - has a clear goal
Metal Ramp: none
Nudging: very important. outlanes are tricky
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: very good — like cyclone
Pops: fascinating placement - on right with a nasty shot to left outlane at times
Rules (time/order): very good - there’s a flashing light on the drops
Shots (total): 9
Skill Shot: good one - almost a full plunge or u score pennies…
Slap-Saves: yes - it’s a williams.
Spinners: none - too bad…
Stop'n'Go: good other than the bagatelle
Taunting: none
Toy/Gimmick: the visor was a breakthrough at the time, copied several times after (doctor who), the sound that accompanies it is great.
Voice / V. choreography: good

ART: Python, of course it’s great
SOUND: Granner, of course it’s great
DISPLAYS: Fun gimmicks in the alpha numerics
FEEL: Feels good
OVERALL: Very good pinball, with a great soundtrack and awesome use of color.
8 months ago
This is a very fun machine with great sounds and excellent lights. Voice of pinbot screams the eighties and its part of the appeal. Great machines can be found without dmd displays and this is one of them. Very affordable and fun machine.
9 months ago
Very solid top 10 system 11. Clear objectives but hard to complete. Definitely pick up if priced right or looking for solid system 11. Advance them planets!
9 months ago
A great system 11 with a lot of different shots that keep me coming back game after game. Especially trying to lite up all the planets. Sound isn't the best but its expected from from the 80's. Cabinet art is lacking, could of been red and blue instead of the standard Williams red and yellow.
9 months ago
Love the pinbot.. finally have one in my collection...
10 months ago
Even though this game is 30 years old, it can be really stunning if in nice condition and with LED's. I really enjoy both the light show and pulsing music. The biggest drawback of the game is the imbalanced playfield; the left side is much stronger than the right and the planetary advance shot is incredibly tough with a high likelihood of ending up in the right outlane. The submersible row of targets and visor is a great combination, but multiball can be frustratingly short, especially if you put a lot of working in raising the visor. Advancing the planets is a super cool objective and how the planets light up in the playfield is a nicer use of inserts than many of the modern games with ridiculously busy playfields that don't add anything to the theme. It's not a deep game and I'm not confident that I will keep it indefinitely, but it is a great game that can be reasonably purchased and a perfect slice of nostalgia.
11 months ago
Played it at a meet. Nowhere near as good as BOP. Still I can see the natural progression of the theme.
11 months ago
Destroy the Solar Sun..remember those words, because you will have a tough time getting there! This game looks simple enough but it holds many surprises for the pinhead. Make it through the solar system planet by planet either by drop targets or a tough planet shot. The opening robot head for ball capture is an awesome feature. The play field in led is incredible and the color selection and sequence is the WOW factor! The red light sequence flashing topper is a plus and adds to the attraction of the game. Many gamers at my pin Game On parties comment on this game and remain attracted to it, mainly because of its openness of shots and incredible lights. This is a keeper for me in the collection but once again the infatuation with space themed pins and the cool game play.
12 months ago
Cool and challenging shots, pick your strategy and run with it! classic 80s feel, cool music and sound effects. everyone needs a pinbot in their collection
1 year ago
I will be biased here as I own this machine. This machine screams all things 80s! The speech is awesome, the visor with eye sockets for multi-ball is brilliant, and the concept of reaching the target planets just makes you pick your shots. The outlanes are brutal, and the game can drain quite easy on either side. This machine is a great example of a mid 80s pinny.
1 year ago
This pinball to me never liked him, too theater design, theme obvious and very boring game
1 year ago
Not sure why everyone loves the playfield, one cool feature, and repetitive sounds just don't do it for me. From a collector stand point, way to many of these out there. No real investment upside.
I will take 'the bride' over pinbot any day.
1 year ago
Classic game with good rules. Really needs strong flippers to be good, too many of them I play on location have a tough ramp shot. Building up the Solar Value and risking your opponents cashing it in makes it fun to play with friends, although maybe not the best tournament game. Lock stealing goes the same way. Traversing the planets is a little wonky because if you "roll over" back to the beginning, it actually counts against you. The right side of the playfield is unfortunately almost entirely pointless, basically the only use for the left flipper is hitting the left side standups safely. The skill shot actually matters and I like that it gets multiplied after each lock. Hitting a big skill shot or cashing in a Solar Value always feels good, which is how pinball should be, not just grinding up a bunch of tiny points.
1 year ago
I never liked this game and bride of pin it was an awful spouse. Never understood why some people liked this so much. It was as boring to me as black night.
1 year ago
Flipper sad, horrible design, theater, definitely one of the worst I've ever played
1 year ago
Its' simplicity is its' biggest virtue. Its' offspring lost this virtue.
1 year ago
Super fun pin. Have owned one and would like one again. Skill shot is very satisfying. Not necessarily the spiral but trapping the ball and opening the visor on the first try.Nice theme and music. Beautiful pin.
1 year ago
A very hard game, but keeps me coming back for more. This is the whole package, sight, sound and play-ability. Drains come way too fast, and 2 ball multi ball seems like it ends before it even begins. Great feel, and I know I can improve my skills on this one.
1 year ago
Pinbot is hands down my favorite game of all time. I love everything about it! Robots, space, the colors, sounds, everything. Trying to make it to the sun is definitely a "one more game" quest.
There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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