Pinbot (Williams, 1986)


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Game design: 7.702

Artwork: 7.857

Sounds/Music: 7.214

Other Aspects: 7.941

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Found 182 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 182 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
A fun game for its time. Not a game to last long term in ones collection. Better choices out there but a solid game for a casual player.
14 days ago
Great design and overall playability. Not a fan of the jackpot shot reset since it is fairly easy to hit but it does build back up quickly.
24 days ago
Meh. A classic, yeah... I get it. A good game, but hard one that seems to really do it for me. I'll play it happily, enjoy it, but would allow a ball to drop without hesitation if something better came along. Solid, solid game, and I can understand why some would love it.
25 days ago
Ah, Pinbot. So much love, so much hate. Brutal outlanes. Beautiful artwork. Damn difficult skill shot. So rewarding for careful controlled play. It’s a game that I want to play everyday.
42 days ago
Pinbot is a brutal system 11 game. The sounds and lighting are very well done for a game of that era. Build quality is also solid.
48 days ago
What a fun pin to play! Getting the visor to open is very cool. The skill shot is fun as well is getting across the planets.
57 days ago
Pinbot holds that nostalgia marker for me, an endlessly repetitive yet fun pin that all other pinball machines are compared with. The ball start sound is so good it has haunted my dreams for decades and just thinking about it makes me hungry to play some pinball like a Pavlovian response. The randomness of the bagatelle and the 9 times out of 10 broken skill shot ramp just add to the charm. Objectively this isn't a deep game and I can see why someone who has never played it will dismiss it in favor of flashier and/or more modern offerings. I would wager however that anyone who has actually sat down to play a decently maintained non-virtual example will all agree that it is a classic worthy of being in any collection.
70 days ago
Pin bot is ok I have never liked the artwork or the theme I also wish the rules would be Deeper.
3 months ago
Pinbot is pure, wacky fun! A challenging, somewhat unforgiving layout offers a great array of shots. Some unique features make this a memorable experience, particularly the visor and the upper gallery on the right side. The fantastic music and and sound effects also really help bring this pin to life.
4 months ago
Classic Sys11 game.
4 months ago
Classic game, classic design. After all, how many other pinballs had two sequels made after them? The idea of a 5x5 matrix of lights with 2 rows of 5 stand ups perpendicular to each other to light up the matrix – great idea. This leading to the rising visor revealing the two sinkholes to lock balls for multiball – that was out of the box thinking. In a real throwback to the beginning days of pinball (when there were really pins on the playfield) Pinbot has this nifty upper playfield – the ball bounces around on the pins and can leave this playfield on one of 4 different spots – each with different consequences. Not sure if nudging would help here – I’m always fascinated watching the ball bounce around.
There are several different goals to achieve. In addition to the multiball there is also trying to get all the planets. It is a fun challenge, but kind of dangerous because you’re shooting sharp left or sharp right.
Pinbot has great sounds and also a very good light show.
5 months ago
"Pinbot" is one of the two tables that got me into pinball. What isn't to like here? The name of the table is catchy, the design is eye-popping and colorful and the audio is an absolute work of art which works in tandem with the visuals. The package is beautiful. The only bad thing I can say about it is the table's penchant for draining out the left side without touching the bottom flipper on some turns. Doesn't happen all the time and perhaps it's a balancing problem with the version I played. That and the strangely ironic bagatelle on the right side (a neat idea, to be sure; it melds pinball's past with its present here) that really doesn't do much. Other than that, "Pinbot" is a classic.
6 months ago
PinBot is a game I shouldn't like, but I do anyway. It's got a lot of shots to nowhere, and the one "flow" shot ends up in a bagatelle for the reason of maybe getting the ball back into the shooter lane to score a skill shot, I guess.

It's got good music and theme and a great light show with about a million flashers. The locking mechanism is pretty cool and the rules are well thought out for a game of this era.

I generally don't like games from this era, but something about this is fun for me as a change of pace game. I think I'll keep it.
6 months ago
The oldest game in my young collection, but newest to me. I love it, classic pinball look and feel.
6 months ago
A true classic. Love the artwork, theme, and sound. Gameplay is great as well and keeps me coming back.
6 months ago
one of the most overrated games ever IMO
8 months ago
Classic. Just classic.
10 months ago
one of the best pinball cabinets
10 months ago
Love Pinbot! The first game I really got into.
12 months ago
One of the best games of its era. A good layout that could use maybe one more shot somewhere, but the visor gimmick, bagatelle mini-playfield, and spiral skill shot make up for it. The art, sounds, and music are all great.
1 year ago
Just an absolute classic pinball. Simple rule set, but difficult to accomplish. In a medium size collection, the game really stands out. Excellent playfield layout and sound. Add some LED's and upgrade the speakers and I think you will be very happy with a game that can be picked up for a relatively cheap price.
1 year ago
Not to many shots. Just couldn't find any (come back for more) appeal. This game is overrated.
1 year ago
I think this machine ranks up there with other late 80's hits like TX Sector and Space Shuttle

Action/Per/Minute: good, other than the bagatelle
Backhands: good on left flipper, not sure about right flipper
Bonus Multiplier Goal: good - top left orbit
Dink Donk: none (other than bagatelle)
Drops: 1 set of 3
Drops Sweep: good - almost sweepable
Extra Balls: very good - you can earn one per inlane/outlane
Flippers: 2
Goal -EB/BC/Jackpot: good: lots of EB’s no Bonus Carryover, sadly it has a progressive jackpot
Hurry-ups: very good - drop target has it, and I think a standup or two
Inlane Lane Change: yes, 4 EB’s to manage
Inlane Ramp Release: ok - not super fast
Inlane Swoosh: good on left side, not sure about right say
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: very good several jackpots to collect
1-2-3 Lane Change: none
MB Earning: good - takes some effort to earn it
MB Fun: very good - has a clear goal
Metal Ramp: none
Nudging: very important. outlanes are tricky
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: very good — like cyclone
Pops: fascinating placement - on right with a nasty shot to left outlane at times
Rules (time/order): very good - there’s a flashing light on the drops
Shots (total): 9
Skill Shot: good one - almost a full plunge or u score pennies…
Slap-Saves: yes - it’s a williams.
Spinners: none - too bad…
Stop'n'Go: good other than the bagatelle
Taunting: none
Toy/Gimmick: the visor was a breakthrough at the time, copied several times after (doctor who), the sound that accompanies it is great.
Voice / V. choreography: good

ART: Python, of course it’s great
SOUND: Granner, of course it’s great
DISPLAYS: Fun gimmicks in the alpha numerics
FEEL: Feels good
OVERALL: Very good pinball, with a great soundtrack and awesome use of color.
1 year ago
This is a very fun machine with great sounds and excellent lights. Voice of pinbot screams the eighties and its part of the appeal. Great machines can be found without dmd displays and this is one of them. Very affordable and fun machine.
1 year ago
A great system 11 with a lot of different shots that keep me coming back game after game. Especially trying to lite up all the planets. Sound isn't the best but its expected from from the 80's. Cabinet art is lacking, could of been red and blue instead of the standard Williams red and yellow.
There are 182 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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