Pinball Magic (Capcom, 1995)

Pinball Magic

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There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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54 days ago
Bought a player quality game and was surprised how much fun this was. When tweaked just right a really good game.
5 months ago
First, let me say I own this game. It was the first pin I ever bought, and I did so without knowing much about pins. I have since owned numerous pins, and played most of the pins on the Top 100, and I will never, ever sell this game. It works for me, but I am one of those players who is bored by MM. I like this game because it is linear and challenges you to make shots in the right order. The artwork is not great, but fits the game. The play always brings me back. My family all love this game, and there are other pins I have that they do not even play. The voices are great. If you get a chance to play it, do so. The elevating ball in the stage is one of the best toys in pinball.
10 months ago
My favorite dmd pin, got it from a fellow pinsider. Good call outs and animations (color dmd would rock!). Magnetic wand and ball levitating make jaws drop if they never seen it before. Linear game play is the only negative for this game. With only 1200 made, don't see it much. Played TOM alot, this is way better to me.
10 months ago
Love the flow of this game. Toys are very unique. The levitating ball and the ball travelling under the wand are great. Beautiful art on the cab and back box. Playfield I'd well laid out and beautiful as well. Wish Capcom had made more games. The knocked this game out of the park.
1 year ago
Some people call this game the "The Fake Theatre of Magic", but the amount of error in this statement is unbelievable.
It offers twice the "tricks", gameplay, and variety than ToM, all for 3X less the cost than a ToM.
PM completely embarrasses ToM in terms of game design.
Additionally, you can buy TWO PM for ONE ToM! (If you can find two for sale quickly).
It is just a better quality machine overall.

The game kicks off from the skillshot "hat trick" and improves from there.
It has an outstanding backglass image and cabinet.
Yes, ToM has a better cabinet that PM.
So what?
Do you play a cabinet?
Playfield artwork above average.
Gameplay is varied and the magic show tricks are superb.
Ruleset is above average as it is linear, but this is a Capcom...
DMD animations are very good, and music is in line with the theme.
Sound quality is average, but get rid of the damn stock Capcom speakers, they are a$$.
Build quality is excellent.
Maintenance is higher than many machines due to some assemblies complexity.

Personally, I wish Capcom would have made many more, so new collectors can learn to appreciate the game.
Many collectors have never seen one in good working condition, let alone actually played one.
It is ALWAYS a big hit at every pinball show, and played constantly.

Spare parts, as this game has unique assemblies and plastics that have not been readily reproduced and NOS is getting scarce. Boards are still available, thank god. Games have literally been "gutted" and parted out to make two games into one at this point.

"Bang for the pinball buck"?
It is here.
If you have the the opportunity to own one, buy it, you will not be disappointed.
1 year ago
Pinball Magic is a different game, and moves in a linear progression. This is truly linear though, even over machines like Road Show, that at least you can change the city to some point. I like what it offers, but you can only play, and restart this progression so many times in a play session. I haven’t owned it, but I question if it would stay because of this. The rules are interesting though, and I like trying to work through it.

The look, and toys, and theme implementation are very well done. The levitating ball thing turned out to be a little weak, as you can see it’s basically the ball getting elevated up on a platform, it’s too bad they couldn’t have disguised that a little more for the effect. The wand though is amazing, and the ability to drop the ball for the two holes when on the right side is a superb feature. I am always amazed at how well the ball hangs onto the wand, as I expect that to not be as stable as it is.

The audio seems a little weak for the year. The PF doesn’t have a lot of shots, as the drop targets and all behind it block a large portion. I enjoy playing it, but I don’t think I would own.
1 year ago
Not sure I can add anything here that others haven't said but:
-a FANTASTICLY fun game!!
-great callouts
-TONS of gimmicks that come together to make a really cool game (they really threw everything at this game!)
-Bad artwork IMO
-Excellent build quality
-GREAT shots
-Monotonous due to the objectives ALWAYS being in the exact same order every game (calling mystery programmer!)

Overpriced at this point in pin history, but a REALLY fun game that I'd be happy owning someday.
1 year ago
The best toys ever in a pinball machine, v popular with beginners and the ladies.
1 year ago
one of the best skill shots,(wish it was on t.o.m )they nailed it,the levitating ball ,wand, fit the theme well and are sweet.. i enjoy playing this game with not the best of flow but plays well enough for me to want to play it,not a keeper for me but wont pass up a oppertunity to play a few times if i see one in the wild...
1 year ago
Beautiful game, well built. Fairly serial in terms of game play.
1 year ago
Despite awesome toys and great theme, i could not get into it coz of poor artwork and atmosphere.
1 year ago
Love this game ... had it in my collection for several months and great for the whole family. Fun theme, music and animations.
1 year ago
Probably some of the coolest toys/gimmicks in any pinball machine.. Its hard to believe this isn't the most sought after magic themed pinball machine. Very underrated... And rare!
2 years ago
I like all the red on play field . every one wants to play this machine . putting pinball magic right next to twilight zone
2 years ago
Very fun game with many unique toys and very challenging to actually beat it.
2 years ago
I really dig this title got to play it for the first time at APE this year & what a blast! I think I played it more than any other game at the show I love the magnetic wand & the levitating ball on the stage
2 years ago
Tons of cool gadgets, especially the wand, and stuff to aim for. The ball does not drain easily. Decent but not great game flow, good rules are the upside of this game. The artwork is so-so. Cabinet looks very nice, back glass is OK and the field is below par. All the moving toys are probably a bit challenging to maintain over time.
Overall a pretty fun machine to play on.
2 years ago
Game feels incomplete code wise. Perhaps the rules are just shallow. Good art package. Decent lighting for its times. Satisfying shots. I would not have this game in my collection but enjoy it she. I play it.
2 years ago
Okay so I am a self confessed fanboy of this game, but it really is something special. It's great value for money and great example pinball history. It's a fun and challenging game that keeps you coming back for more to see if you can get that little bit further. The light show is awesome and the factory speaker system is impressive.
2 years ago
The linearity of rules forces you to do the same things in same order on every game. Excellent toys and theming.
2 years ago
Capcom made a startling entry to the pinball world in 1995 with this neat machine.

- Toys! Extremely original and exclusive to Pinball Magic. Levitating wand, crystal ball, and others are executed VERY well and aren't overplayed like similar toys in Data East machines.
- Unique ruleset with two different play styles: the quick, panicked pace of obtaining Jackpots during Magic Mayhem, or defeating magicians and completing unique modes in single-ball play.
- Skill shot is one of the most criminally underrated ones in history (the habitrail does a firkin' CORKSCREW for goodness sake!)
- Sound quality great, way ahead of it's time

- While defeating the magicians is fun and all, it does feel quite a bit linear.
- Final mode is a bit disappointing (a certain other magic-themed game shares this in common)
- Playfield art is ugly with terrible drawings and way too much red
- (More nitpicking than anything): Scores of your competition in tournaments are never shown unless you go into instant info. NOW A TOURNEY CLASSIC WITH JUNKYARD, WHODUNNIT AND INDEPENDENCE DAY
2 years ago
I've only had this game for a day, but I've played it enough to, I think, fairly rate it. (I actually have the previous reviewer's Magic, as it was part of a trade I made with him).

Overall, the artwork is great, but the playfield seems uninspired. People complain about the red, and they are right to do so. It just seems kind of lazy.
The linear nature of the rules is not new to pinball, but it is another limitation to this game. After only 20 plays, the pattern that is emerging on this table is one of "work", where you know the order of shots you need to make, and you're retracing the paths you've walked 20 times before.

Having said that, these paths are (for now) enjoyable to walk. The layout is nice (it looks wide open in the center, but the game is quick enough that this space is used to great effectiveness), there is quite a bit of shot variety and the loop is narrow and fast. Even though there is only one ramp, it's tall, fun to shoot at, and has a few different outcomes depending on what is going on.

Genie Bottle: Random awards.
Metamorphosis chamber: A three target bank that can be manipulated like lane lights with the flipper buttons.
Ramp: can return to ball lock trunk, silence the critic holes, or carried all the way around to the right inlane.
Captive ball: Awesome newton ball with a clear plastic messenger ball on the other side. It takes on the lights under it, for a really cool looking effect.
Left loop: Fast.
Stage Entrance: Small ramp that leads to the stage. The ball either gets booted off the stage into the pop bumper bay, or floats up to the right return habitrail.
MAGIC targets: Complete to advance bonus multiplier.
Right Loop: Fast.
Magic hat: Start Multiball.
Color match: Neat looking crystal ball that changes color. Time your shots to hit it when it's the color you need.

Some of the coolest toys in pinball were designed into this table. The magnetic wand that the ball floats along and a stage with curtains which open to reveal a levitating ball being the two most notable ones. There is also the top hat, which the ball can be landed in by short-shooting the plunger shot around a cork-screw wire form ramp. A real skill-shot!

The sound is fantastic. I normally put sub-woofers in my games, but I don't think I'll have to on this one. The audio is full and rich. The music is good and there are lots of call outs that tell you exactly what you need to shoot at.

Huge variety of DMD animations that are among the best I've seen in this era of pinball.

The lighting is amazing. The lights fade and pulsate, and appear to breath. There are no GI lights, so every light on the table is controlled, and some awesome lighting effects are created using this feature. LED's? No thank you. Not on this table.

So, while there are negatives, I see many positives. Time will tell, and I'll revisit this review after I've had the game for a few months.
2 years ago
Great game and very different. Superior build quality from toys to boards. The cabinet art is sooo great, I wish they had taken it to the playfield, it feels quite flat there and too red. Its fast and quite hard. Would have been nice to randomize tricks per level. The hat and genie shots in level 2 are really hard because the flippers are strong and I think the holes could have used a couple of mm increase in size. The loop in both directions is one of the best shots in pinball, very smooth, fast and satisfying. Easy 2ball but a difficult 3 ball multiball. Well balanced scoring.

Capcom should have stayed with it, they could easily had rivaled williams with a framework they had going. As someone said previously its a great game for a collection but you wouldn't want it as your only pin unless you were training to become a pro because you are forced to maintain control, aim, think, continue And think ahead. The good thing is everyone can get to trick 4 and skill shot a fun multiball!
3 years ago
Cool toys great theme
3 years ago
Linear game that tests your ability to make shots and progress. Has some challenging shots and lightning fast kickouts and loops. Not as deep as some other games, but definitely a challenge. Works great in tournament play.

Linear aspect becomes tiring with lack of randomness. Great game to learn target shots, but after a few rounds, feels more like practice than fun. Game that would have benefited from a bit more code and diversity, but still a solid showing.
There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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