Nitro Ground Shaker (Bally, 1978)

Nitro Ground Shaker

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This game got 27 approved ratings and currently scores 6.557 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #312 in the Pinside Ranking.


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Game design: 6.287

Artwork: 7.944

Sounds/Music: 4.553

Other Aspects: 6.542

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There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 month ago
A very simple layout that's super addictive and hard to stop playing.
3 months ago
Nitro has a really good layout actually. It's got some drops, nice open pop bumpers, a spinner lane back to the top, one of those bounce around into a saucer top of the playfields, two bonus tracks and... the left saucer lane. A layout like this has a lot of potential. Instead they decided that the left saucer should advance and score both bonuses. And it usually returns pretty nicely to the right flipper. All this great stuff and there's basically nothing else worth shooting (OK, I guess Double Bonus is worth collecting). Not the worst game ever, but really, really one note.
1 year ago
Great looking game, fun scoring system and some good shots.
2 years ago
One of these came up recently on eBay UK and was in superb condition.
For hours I pondered on whether I should buy it or not.
As the seconds ticked down on the eBay bidding counter I was really tempted.
This game has possibly the best back glass ever. The game looks astounding. "Should I bid"?
For a nano second my right index finger twitched over the left mouse button. "God this game was pretty" I thought. then I remembered that the game actually sucks.
Yes, that's right sucks. If the artwork is brilliant the game play is the complete antithesis.
When I was 16, back when this game was new, Bally had total control of the pinball World.
Their titles were so attractive and clever and different that Gottlieb simply played second fiddle to them from around 1976. This game looked lovely next to a Mata Hari, but boy I know what I would rather play after a few games on each.
NGS is a stunning game to admire for it's artwork, but you can't buy a game just to turn it on in a dark room and watch it glisten. Or can you?
3 years ago
So this is the best early SS Bally I have ever played! It's lightning fast and does justice to the theme. I thought I would like it, but I actually love it!
The shots are great from the right side spinner to the left side kickout. Drag racing at its best!
3 years ago
Another Christensen masterpiece. Another Christian mediocre design.

The Pros:
Just look at this thing. It's brilliant. Simply utterly brilliant. It's so good, this game makes me want to go to a drag strip and watch the races!

The Cons:
Just play this thing. It's boring. Simply boring. Top and left saucer all day long. Rinse and repeat... One of the most monotonous playing Bally games of this era. Light double bonus, max both bonus ladders. 40-80k a left saucer, feed and trap to the right flipper.

The Takeaway:
I'll play the game, but it's too easy to roll. This game is such a dissapointment to play that instead of playing pin, I'd much rather just stand back and look at the art package.
There are 6 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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