Night Rider EM (Bally, 1976)

Night Rider EM

Night Rider EM

Night Rider EM is a pinball machine from November 1976, manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co.

Bally Manufacturing Co.
November 1976
4,155 produced

Mechanical Reels

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Design team

Game Design: Greg Kmiec Artwork: Paul Faris

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2015-03-16 (14 days ago)

Night Rider EM back glass (Bally, 1976)

for sale
2015-03-05 (24 days ago)
USD 350

Night Rider (Bally, 1976)

Replacement Parts
2015-03-27 21:55 (2 days ago)
USD 36

1976 Bally Night Rider (EM) Pinball Machine Fuse Kit

Merchandise & Memorabilia

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We have seen this game for sale in the Pinside Market once. The asking price was $750

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SkeebWilcox scored 2015-03-25
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arctic scored 2013-12-23
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arctic scored 2013-12-08
posted 2013-12-08
Gorgared scored 2013-03-22
posted 2013-09-10

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