Monster Bash (Williams, 1998)

Monster Bash

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Game design: 8.859

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Other Aspects: 8.732

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There are 420 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
Just bought again for the 3rd time.Pinball at its best
13 days ago
One of my all-time favorites! I love the theme, the toys, and the sense of humor. I could play this one all day!
17 days ago
while being a bit easy - its still a game that every time you play it its fun
20 days ago

- very colourful game with wonderful toys
- some great shots, it's a game that really gets the player involved
- the colouring of the playfield does an amazing job of keeping in the theme of the game
- tonnes of modding potential


- this is quite a general remark, but I feel like they could have done much better with this theme (perhaps skewing towards something like Gottlieb's Class of 1812)
- the back of the playfield is PACKED, a problem for me since I like to have the ball in sight for as long as possible
- minor point, but I'm not a fan of the cabinet artwork
21 days ago
Monster Bash is an amazing pin.

A great layout, by George Gomez. Especially the Frankenstein shot is amazing.

Williams/Bally/Midway has used some cool features there like for example the "Phamtom Flip".

All the figures match to the iconic characters out of the classic Universal movies.

The artwork is very good, especially when you compare it with modern games like the Batman TDK game.

The game is a little bit dark. Maybe LEDs would be a great choice to put in there as GI-lamps.

The only problem on this game is the gamecode.
Don't get me wrong, the rules are good, but they're too easy.
Moster Bash is a great game, no doubt and it has a great gamecode as well but I believe it is far too easy for an advanced player. I for example got to "Monsters of Rock" the 5th time I first played the game.

The game is great, but for some people like me the gamecode is too easy and so it might be too repetetive.
But it still is a lot of fun.
26 days ago
My top tier game, so many good call outs, great shots. You can have fun and you can play serious with tactics to get big scores. Theme and music is on point. Love the toys and to get monster bash and then monsters of rock is sooo rewarding. Some of the best multiballs out there. One of my personal favorites like BSD is you can stack modes. Too much to cover other than this game is perfection
29 days ago
Always one of my favorites when I see it on location. Great theme and broad appeal to casual and regular players alike.
43 days ago
I love this game. Moreover, I love finding this game on location. It is everywhere in Paris, for some reason. There is one in Western Canada. In any event, if it was good enough for Leonard Cohen (Google it), it's good enough for me. Cheers to Shawn from Pinball Vancouver for explaining some rules to me.
44 days ago
Probably my favorite game to play on a well set up machine. Great shots, awesome theme, really well put together machine!
51 days ago
I never thought i like this pin due to its theme, but once I played what a great pin! It never gets old. not sure what pin I like better? MM or MB? Both are great!
76 days ago
Played at pinball hall of fame. Played everything , but it kept drawing me back. Made it on my list. Good fun, madness multi ball is why I love it.
77 days ago
Monster Bash's popularity is warranted - it is one of the best pins in terms of lastability and fun. Getting all six monsters on board to jam out is an addictive challenge, and the corny jokes are amusing enough that they don't get worn out too quickly. The rules aren't quite as complex as my favorite pins, and, like many pins, the D-I-G rollovers are buried by ramps and toys. Still, bashing Frank, bashing Drac, and bashing the Mummy's bumpers all build up to a fun game (there's a reason it's called Monster BASH!). An excellent game that deserves its acclaim, just not a cerebral experience. Bash! Bash! BASH!
87 days ago
I had to let AFM go to get my hands on MB, and the verdict is still out. The more I play it, the more I like it. The layout and shot selection is fantastic. Toys galore with great sounds and call outs. I added a color DMD which helps the animations. My only complaint is the feed from the pops. It may just be my table, but I can't seem to get a consistent feed down beside the Dracula.
3 months ago
I've held off on rating this and gave it a few more tries as it is rated high in the polls, yet not too interesting and appealing to me. I would play this a couple of times on location as I still wonder what I'm missing with this one. The rules are pretty shallow, no real intriguing modes. I like the toys and some of the gimmicks, and the regular game play is ok, but not enough for my "lastability" to return again and again. An ok pin to play occasionally on a location. If something changes my mind, I'll update my rating.
3 months ago
Great fun. It really is a game you can just walk up to time after time and have a blast.
4 months ago
Monster Bash.... When I play Monster Bash I think the designers decided to put everything a pin should have into this one.... and then put some more and a little more... and then the kitchen sink (it's up there by the Wolfman where you can't see anything).

The Soundbites, Music, Monster Gimmicks, Lighting and Theme all make for an experience that is addictive and crazy fun.

I love it. There is so much to do and it's so much fun doing it. I wish I could afford to get one.
4 months ago
Monster Bash is such a great pin. It's easy to get into, and the call outs make me laugh.
5 months ago
Very rare!
6 months ago
I really liked the look, sounds, and play of this game. It has tons to do and the toys are great. It can be setup very hard with settings and outlanes so the complaint that it was easy never was a problem for me. I ended up selling it because I have AFM and MM and the three of them were similar in layout for 2 flipper games in a small collection. One ding is the wizard mode Monsters of Rock is more like Tour the Mansion where it is a points fest and not objective based like RTU. But your mileage may vary. I had this for 5 years so it didn't wear out too quick.
6 months ago
I would say I'm a casual plus player. I enjoy playing pinball because I have fond memories of playing pinball at my local pizza joint when I was growing up. When I see a pin, I usually throw a couple of bucks in but I'm not an addict (at least that's what i tell myself).

Monster Bash is one of those games that feels like riding your favorite bike around the neighborhood. Easy to get on, easy to ride and easy for you to enjoy. Love the theme and game play. My downside is that when you play this pin in public, it's usually in horrible shape which leads to a poor experience. I honestly haven't encountered a good pin in public and get my fix on Pinball Arcade.
7 months ago
I would rate this as my top rated game. The moster dancing show is so much fun. I love to hit dracula. All in all an amazing game I always look forwart to playing. Very difficult to find at arcades
7 months ago
amazing game, one of the best!
7 months ago
Such a fun pin! Collect the Monster's(Band) & rock it out!
This theme is perfect for the entire family. This pin isn't perfect, but it's close!
7 months ago
Monster Bash is one the of the best uses of a license I have seen as the integration of the theme is on par with the greats. It has excellent flow and the ramps (or the Creature shot for that matter) have a satisfying T2 feel to them. But unlike T2, there are plenty of other shots to attain. The Drac shots are challenging which add a level of difficulty to the game. Pop bumpers are better utilized than any other game I have played and you actually TRY to shoot them as much as possible. The center spinner shot is tight but attainable and achieving Mosh Pit Multiball is tons of fun. Speaking of fun, I can't stop shooting Frank and I find myself forgetting objectives just so I can get Frankenstein multiball. After collecting your monsters and starting Monster Bash the game goes to 11. This whole game is just loads of fun and surprisingly balanced. Easy enough for beginners but there are some difficult objectives to reach. Kids LOVE this game and this is a great way to get them into pinball. Build quality, art, sounds, toys, you name it and this game is the total package. A nice example looks like it could have been built yesterday. I wouldn't park it next to a new Stern except maybe GBLE. Yes, it's expensive, but Monster Bash is on par or nicer than the new LE's being produced today.
8 months ago
What a fun game. Monster Bash is let down by the fact that it's possible to see most of the game quickly. The rules are a bit narrow... But they are fun. It is a typical "shoot to start, shoot to complete" type of game. But it just works well. Have a smile and play a game.

(Note: It's overpriced as well, but still fun.)
There are 420 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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