Metallica (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2013)

Metallica (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.556

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Other Aspects: 8.655

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20 days ago
Recently picked up Master of Puppets LE after months of playing pro's the extras on the Prem and LE are great and im so happy I went with the full feature game. LE has a gorgeous backglass and side art all combined with the best music package to date (until iron maiden :) for me). We've all played Met and after a ton of games I knew I had to own it and will never regret it!
28 days ago
Easily one of my favorite machines of all time. Played it a bunch on location and was not impressed...this is one where you really need to hear the music and callouts to get into the game.
52 days ago
Great Rules ! Some of the best in pinball. I really like the ramp shots. They are very smooth on my LE. The Geometry of the play field is excellent and all shots feel makeable when needed. This is a game that demands mods (kinda like Tron). The various ones from pinball refinery work really well an external subwoofer is a plus as well.
61 days ago
I don't understand the appeal of this machine other than the music and novelty of band-themed tables. Gameplay is meh at best.
67 days ago
Great game great band great music the theme is super cool wish it had the color change smd s a few cool mods available just a fun game the interaction is funny the voices of the band just make the game even better I really like that you can choose more aggressive words and it always has something different to say
67 days ago
What can you say about Metallica that has not already been said??? This game is top 10 all day long. It truly is a pinball masterpiece. Many great games lack something, whether it be art or sounds, but this pin hits all the high notes in art, animations, music, layout and rules. Simply one of the best games ever created.
68 days ago
It's MET. Duh!
71 days ago
Metallica has everything anyone should want in a pinball machine! Toys, modes, art, shots, music! Not the most challenging but definitely top of the list for lastability!
74 days ago
I'd gone through my entire life with no desire whatsoever to purchase a NIB pinball machine until the moment I saw Metallica LE! Which says a lot about the Dirty Donny art package - which is a throwback to the iconic pins of the 70s IMO...we'd been waiting a long time for something like this. The art combined with the prospect of one of the most iconic sound packages in pinball history was enough for me to purchase the game never having played it.

So for it to arrive & play the way it did was a dream realised. Jon Borg has applied the magic touch to 2 games in my collection that are all time keepers - GnR & METLE. This is pinball personified.
3 months ago
Not a Metalica, or Stern fan. So my rating is probably not fair. For a Stern, I like it. Lots of fun toys. I frequently compete well on in, even tho I don't know the rules. A fast machine.
3 months ago
Metallica definitely belongs in top 20 all time. This is My favorite music themed pin ever made. Game Design. LE version. Characters are on point. Probably the best rock band of modern era and you get all the creative monster members to rock. Theme. Amazing with all the humerous call outs from rockin lineup! Fun factor. From locking the ball to the Coffin drop to electrocuting sparky to ball eating freak snake on steroids your in for some freaky fun. Playfield. Monster artwork is awesome. The music themed monster characters are dialed in as some of best you’ll see on a pinball machine. Sound and Vision. Flashing lights from super LED packgage is on point. Shaker motor and low frequency bass rumbles you through the experience.
4 months ago
Awesome Game. Lots of toys and lots of fun !
5 months ago
One the best pinball machines ever made hands down. Deep rule and tough shots very challenging!
7 months ago
Played this at a friends house several times and could not get enough. Sought out my personal favorite, the "road case" version and have been playing it like crazy ever since. It totally has the "I need to play again" feel!
7 months ago
Stern comes with nice pins with great lightning/sound, I enjoy this game but miss a third flipper.
7 months ago
Been a Metallica fan since the mid-eighties when I very first heard them, so dig the theme. I would like to see the ability to change songs or at least have been sent with different songs. I think some of these songs are little slow and dark, and even somewhat depressing, rather than upbeat, fast and aggressive. There are many other songs in their catalog which are much better suited for pinball. I think the premium speaker grill area art and cabinet art is pretty tacky. I LOVE the pf art, and the back glass art is really cool. The Dirty Donny art style on this one reminds me of some of those posters I used to flip thru when dragged to the grocery store w/ mom all those yrs ago in the 70's. The game flow and the speed is great, tops. Fun Factor the same. Ditto the Sparky toy and love the light(ning) show that it brings. The graveyard crosses are lot of fun to try and hit. Hammer and coffin add a little something different to keep it all the more interesting as well. Great ramps! Super fun to try and go lr to rrams as much as you can at times bcs/ it makes for asuch as fast ride and a real woo-hoo! moment! I thourougly enjoy the "fuel" housing above the left flipper and the noise it makes when the ball goes in there (it gets me kinda pumped, as its a pretty loud engine rev sound). I think the "crank it up" mode is really cool. I wish I lasted longer and got there more often. But it makes it more special when I do. The code is very good, feels finished and just an overall excellent and polished and modern feeling game. I am going to set it on all easy modes (a nice option being able to tweak a few things here and there to alter difficulty) for a while to try to get as close to the end as I can. The game flat-out rocks man.
7 months ago
This is a fun game especially when sparky is getting some treatment. Cool coffin ball lock feature. The only thing that lets this pin down is that the music is not linked to the gameplay enough in that Song selection does not make a difference to game play. There is only the Crank it up mode where it does a little. Worth 'Seek'ing this out 'and Destroy'ing more than a few games on it.
7 months ago
This is close to the perfect game for me. First of all, I like Metallica as a band I've been a casual fan of them since the early 90's. The music in this machine is great and I love being able to pick a tune before I plunge my first ball. The call outs, which are done by band members, certainly add to the fun and provide a good amount of humor

The artwork package on this machine is some of the best in pinball. The dot animations are fantastic (ColorDMD is a must!) and there a few DMD machines that can compete with quality of animations in this game. The playfield is perfectly laid out with smooth ramp shots and a personal favorite of mine, in line drop targets. The toys are all great, but locking a ball by having the hammer pound it into the playfield is always entertaining to watch. The software is highly polished and feels complete. The "Crank It Up" mini Wizard modes are fun and very achievable for a medium level player. All in all, this is one of the best games out there and certainly a long term keeper for me.
8 months ago
For a fan of the band, this game is a dream. The game is chock-full of references to the band's lore, from the artwork to the toys to the animations - the game screams Metallica. My personal favorite is the black balls bouncing about the screen during Seek & Destroy, a reference to the giant black inflatable balls that bounce among the crowd during that same song in concert. The shots are thrash-fast and can be brutal - this is a game that tries to play like the background music sounds, and, on most machines, it succeeds. The standard music selection spans from Kill 'Em All to Reload, with the band's then most-recent album making one well-placed wizard mode appearance. This game is energetic and fun, and even when it's kicking you down, you more often than not want to push start again and leap right back in to the mosh pit.
8 months ago
Extremely Fun.
9 months ago
It's fun. It plays fast. Like Metallica, but the theme leaves me cold. It lacks the feeling of a little world under glass that the really great machines have. Always happy to play it though.
10 months ago
I'm not a fan of the band. Nevertheless, this game is addictive and very fun to play. You don't have to like Metallica to like the game, although you do have to be willing to hear their songs throughout the game. Visually, the art, colors, and lighting are fantastic. (With this game and Aerosmith, Stern has done two of the most visually exciting games in a long time.) The call-outs from the band, plus Jacky, are fun and entertaining. Lots of smooth, satisfying shots -- especially the ramps and doing combos with them. As well as shots that make you want to keep hitting them, like the grave-marker targets, the snake, and Sparky. The hammer that knocks the balls through the playfield into the coffin is an excellent feature, as is the snake. Sparky is too, at first, but the whole electrocution with eyeballs popping out can get old quicker than you'd guess. One shortcoming of the game is the rule set; the goal of merely collecting coffin shots, snake shots, etc. to get a certain number of them is a bit unimaginative. Nevertheless, the game is still loads of fun to play, to listen to, and to watch. I've been giving a lot of thought to getting one, maybe.
10 months ago
I thought my ACDC BIBLE was a great pin. Loved it but sold it to a friend last year. Just played Metallica MOPLE for the first time this week. This game rocks! Dirty Donny, Lyman, Borg, Stern, knocked it out of the park with this pin. It is now in my top 5 and I have a large collection. I guess this is a keeper. It will take crazy money to pry it away from me.
10 months ago
I love this machine. It doesn't get old, despite not being terribly complex for new players. It has a lot of great shots, callouts, and animations. The Sparky toy and the graves are awesome. The Snake is cool, but sort of weird.

For criticisms. Why the hell does the right ramp have an "M" etched in it. It should have the stylized "A", because Metallica is spelled with the cool M and A. Strange, because it saved no money. WTF with the hammer. It has cool art, and a really obvious screw in the front. That screw could have been anywhere else, why pop it there.

The art is awesome. The music is great. The game plays quickly. There is plenty of light. I love it. I sort of don't get the snake as a green snake.

Essential mods are: Snake sticker and extended snake plastic. Cliffy for the Mystery hole. Britemods buttons on it for sure.

I popped black chrome car wrap vinyl instead of Mirror blades, and it looks pretty cool.
11 months ago
My personal favorite pin period. The only thing I do not like is when in special modes still hard to figure out what I am supposed to aim for.
There are 264 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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