Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997)

Medieval Madness

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Game design: 9.143

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Other Aspects: 9.05

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This is "Medieval Madness".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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10 days ago
Great game, really enjoy opening the draw bridge and shooting the castle. I could play this game for hours. Hope to have it in the collection one day.
11 days ago
A really solid game. Just don’t like it as much as I like AFM. Just too expensive.
38 days ago
This is #1 for a reason... it's really that awesome!
41 days ago
Hands down the best pinball of it's era, and it's era was the best era for pinball. I remember seeing this game for the first time and my jaw dropped in amazement at how cool it was.
48 days ago
I have played MM quite a few times but held off rating it until I finally owned it and played it enough to fully understand all the rules.
Wow what a blast,I think it totally lives up to its reputation.
Great call outs, great toys and great fun and great rule set.
Whats not to like?
63 days ago
Time to finally rate this game, after 718 Pinsiders preceded me. So I'm sure this will be the make or break comment to finally make a critical consensus on this game.

This is a moderately timely review in its way though, because I'm writing this up the day after it was announced Brian Eddy has been hired by Stern. I'm ambivalent in a sense; as much as I have loved the open playfields of MM and AFM, the plodding lack of creativity in Stern machines with the fan-out of shots and the toy up the middle almost certainly owes its existence to the success of MM and AFM. I'd certainly rather play the originals than any of the less humorous and dully-licensed spawn of the last 20 years.

When this game first hit the slopes, as it were, I played it constantly, and other than perhaps High Speed there's no game I feel like I've had greater mastery on. So obvs, I like it; but where does it stand in the pantheon?

I'll note a few things that may seem like criticisms, but they're mainly meant as observations.

First, this is basically Attack from Mars. It's got the same spray-chart set of shots with shot-four-of ramps and orbits lighting a multiball opportunity, pop-up toys (trolls a variation on wiggling martians), a whack-it-till-it-opens progressive center shot with a SDTM drain danger, and an off-center to the left multiball lock. Yes, it adds stacked multiballs and has a few little variations, but, it is basically the same machine. The massive scoring inflation was endemic around this era of machine as well, Not a Feature IMHO.

Which leaves us with toys, themes, and callouts as the main differentiators. The wiggling castle is still amusing after all these years, and as far as functioning toys, its malfunctions aren't nearly as annoying as, say, a broken trunk on Theatre of Magic. The misalignment of the drawbridge, though, and problems with the gate can make this machine a pain to play in a way that Attack from Mars' saucer really hasn't been a problem; but there's a lot more hilarity in sending a ball scurrying into a castle than hitting plastic stand up targets in AFM.

The callouts are still pretty funny with only moderate sexism (akin to AFM's). The first time I saw this machine in the wild, the guy I was playing with and I both said to one another, "oh, it's a Monty Python machine, but they couldn't get the license fee." It only occurred to me later there's a little bit of pinball self-parody, with reference to Black Knight, as well, but it's the Pythonesque humor (right down to silly fake French accents) that's dominant. As with the tongue in cheek AFM retro callouts and angry aliens, just some goofy fun with an hommage, not quite a licensed theme, to a genre.

Excluding the CGC remake issues -- which have different cosmetic and aesthetic considerations from the originals -- I am left with the question, between MM and AFM, if I had to pick one to own or play, which would I pick? I'd end up picking AFM, because the wizard mode has some sort of logic to it -- conquering the world, defeating aliens, etc. -- and I prefer the space theme. Just a personal preference.
77 days ago
Great game. The humor, callouts, and music is phenomenal. The castles are fun to destroy. Ball times aren't too long. Very fun to play on one of the few that prolly wouldn't own in the home.
79 days ago
Love this game... could play it every day. Great shots all over the place. Great theme!
3 months ago
Great game with a great theme and a lot of humor. A lot of fun to stack the multiballs. Flippers always seem a little week for the ramps, but most played were at shows or arcades.
Maybe it would get a little old in the long run with the repetitive castle shot, but would be excellent in a collection. But it's way up there in terms of the pricing.
3 months ago
If you hate the Blackhawks, the Yankees, Ford and any and all other mainstream successful entities, you will hate this game. You just hate a winner.

Yes I own it. I loved it for long before I did purchase it, because of my love of it. Of course I would own what I feel is one of, if not THE, best pinballs ever. The sense of humor, the shots, the art, the theme, the fun of playing it and its general universal #1 favorite status of people that come to our house and have access to my decent sized collection says it all.

The only people I know that hate this game are usually feel they are "above" loving such common and universally loved games.
It is en vogue to deride the "commoners" subject of affection. Those that "hate" this game are tired of its success, jealous of its near universal loved status, or just bitter contrarians. If it isn't your favorite, it should be within spitting distance, and if you claim to "hate" it, then you hate pinball.
3 months ago
Always love playing this game any time I see it. While some people find it campy and cliche, the constant puns and monty-python ish references keep me laughing. The back and forth between the trolls and the funny things the rioting villagers say are my personal favorites. Can’t think of any other call outs from pins that get me laughing like this one does, maybe when the T-rex eats the ball in Jurassic Park, but that’s about it. Music is a bit repetitive and the castle scoring is overblown, but I have just as much fun rescuing damsels and blasting the trolls as I do destroying the castle, though not recommended to get a high score. Tons of shots. This game will never get old for me. Will always have a place in my top ten.
3 months ago
This is truly the 1 game of all time. Adults and kids are always draw to it. It is the game that is played most in my collection.
4 months ago
Best game I’ve ever owned. Easy for non-pinballers to play and understand the rules. During parties it’s the game everyone is drawn too. Everyone loves the call outs and bashing the castle. I’ll never let it go.
5 months ago
MM is, overall, a fun and decent game that most assuredly deserves a place in the top 100 games of all time. But, a top 10 pin this is not.

This game benefits greatly from the nostalgia factor, an issue that is only enhanced by the fact it was one of the last pins made by the old Williams company in the so-called “golden age of pinball.” While the playfield layout is stellar, the game is, overall, less than so.

The problem? Scoring is largely a one trick pony. Bash the castle to lower the drawbridge and get a really rewarding shot to destroy it. Yes, there are other things to shoot for in the game, but scoring is so imbalanced that all other objectives become secondary.

Coupled with the fact that the sounds, music, and animations are cute but outdated (and the fact the cabinet/playfield art was always pretty tacky), the overall game is great, but not stellar. Twenty years ago, this game was the bee’s knees, but even then it was overrated.

Like others, we have a lot of respect for this game largely because we grew up playing it. But, unfortunately, we tend to view things from our youth a little more favorably in our memories than they actually deserve.
6 months ago
Medival madness is a cool game the castle is awesome looking and it has good rules and artwork.
6 months ago
One of the funniest pins ever! A few beers and some friends and this pin is a riot! The ramp play and the Destroying the Castle make this game a complete blast! Top 5 no question.
6 months ago
7 months ago
I own the original and it will have to pried from my cold dead hands..Love the the the the trolls..Great flow to the game...Good rule set that is not to complex..Never gets boring.
7 months ago
What can I add that other haven't already. Super fun game that I'd love to have in my collection some day. It's easy to understand of for newbies to learn. The castle toy is one of the best in pinball. I love the build up to multiball. Minor annoyance is how packed the playfield is with inserts.
8 months ago
Great game. Some of best call outs in pinball. Good design, nice layout. Easy to understand the goals, but hard to master. Just a very good game for beginners or pros. I do find destroying the castle a bit repetitive after awhile, but I know that's where the points are. It's a lot like sinking the ships in Pirates of C. Overall one of the greats.
8 months ago
Fun game. A bit repetitive and not as challenging as other machines
8 months ago
The tagline "if Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a pinball machine, it would be Medieval Madness" is vastly cliche at this point, but it is for good reason - if Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a pinball machine, it would be Medieval Madness. The game's theme is filled with wacky, tongue-in-cheek medieval humor, complete with several references to the Monty Python movie ("They took our shrubberies!"). However, the brilliance of the theme is not the full extent of the benefits of this game - even without the hilarity, the game is fast, varied, and good. There are a few strategies you can employ to progress in the game, opportunities for multiple multiballs, and benefits to hitting every shot - no matter what you hit, you're likely to advance something in the game. It has many carrots for even the novice player to follow, and enough challenge in getting all of said carrots to engage more advanced players. A wonderful, wonderful game.
9 months ago
Great WPC95 game.
9 months ago
Great theam and very funny. The lay out of the game flowes well. It is a game that I can play for a while without the ball draining quickly. Seems I get tired playing this game quickly and I then move on to other games in my collection. Art work and back glass is the best. A visual wonder.
9 months ago
I really like this game. keeps me coming back every time I see it on location. I see why it costs what it does.
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