Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997)

Medieval Madness

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Game design: 9.113

Artwork: 8.795

Sounds/Music: 8.49

Other Aspects: 9.029

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This is "Medieval Madness". The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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3 days ago
A true classic !
4 days ago
I mean, what more is there to say? Medieval Madness is probably the best pinball machine ever made and will hold that title for years and years to come. It's not necessarily got the best of everything, but it's definitely the perfect example of art, sound, playfield and rules coming together in a way that does the theme justice and makes it tonnes of fun to play. The castle is a great toy and draws people in to the game. The speech is hilarious. The rules are good in terms of stacking multiballs and getting to the wizard mode (of which I have a few times, but never completed). Video mode and easter eggs like Barnyard Multiball also keep the seasoned player interested, and the flow is fantastic - love those ramps! This game is far too expensive, and that is literally the only reason I don't own's brilliant!
4 days ago
I get the appeal. The machine feels like you're playing "Army of Darkness" without the Deadites. There are goofy, tongue-in-cheek callouts and the game play is nearly unrivaled...but it feels somehow one-note to me. I like taking out the castle but it almost seems so easy. That and the callouts are 90's arcade schlock at their worst. I don't mind a game not taking itself seriously but damsels sound like valley girls and the guys (and various other characters) spout off modern pop-culture phrases and slang like "I'm gonna get medieval on your behind." Yes, really. It's cute but just not for me. I DO, however, think the playfield and toys are gorgeous and colorful with some great lighting that really pops, especially during the night. MM is Top Ten material but not a #1 table for me.
14 days ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!
NEVER gets old!
A true classic!
23 days ago
Never get tired of playing the medievil madness. Definitely in my top 5 of all time.
26 days ago
Favourite game excluding LOTR (I like deep rule set). I would have preferred a traditional shooter rod rather than button. Likely to be added to my collection within the year.
57 days ago
I played this a lot on location. Do not like the theme but the shots are fun and the castle is fun to destroy -just seems a bit repetitive. Taking the theme out I think it is a great pin and a classic - I just prefer AFM a bit more as I think the table lay outs are super similar.
62 days ago
Truly one of the best pins in history. Super fun, but can become somewhat redundant. You can only blow up so may castles. The trolls really make the machine a lot of fun. I can't see how anyone would see it as a better machine than Twilight Zone, but it is definitely top ten.
67 days ago
Not my favorite..
69 days ago
I can't claim to have played every pinball machine... or even most... but of the ones I have played the only one that comes close to MM is TZ. The game is the ultimate addiction. You can never just play once. I always get drawn in for more than I had planned.

The game itself is nearly perfect. The playfield is awesome - both open and interesting. The game is also super smooth - I never feel cheated out of a ball or shot. The exploding castle is my all-time favorite gimmick. The voice acting is second to none. The art is both funny and intricate. AFM is obviously very similar, but MM has a few extra shots and just a little more interesting. If I were to only own two games it would be MM and TZ. If I were to only own 1..... ugh... I am not sure if I could handle that hard of a scenario!
88 days ago
Dont call me sir miss a lot! An all time great.
3 months ago
Fun theme and great ball flow/ novice or expert will love this pinball machine, the 2015 remake is a great option if you want new technology on older game theme. The Williams plays really nice so try them both before you buy.
3 months ago
worth playing
3 months ago
Absolutely one of my favorite pins of all time.
3 months ago
Found it on location in excellent condition so was pretty stoked. It's definitely one of the best. Great game, hard but you just want to keep coming back. Very rare to see it in Australia unfortunately. Would love to own a remake.
3 months ago
Great theme for guests and curiosity play, but doesn't have legs at home for me.
4 months ago
Top class pinball machine! So fast and fun with high skill requirements and loads of variable game play. The artwork is exquisite and the audio close to perfect. This unit deserves to be rated No:1. So much going for it and so little to detract.
4 months ago
The one that put Pinball on the map for me.
4 months ago
I can understand why the machine is so highly rated, but this is not one that I would own in my own collection. The are a variety of mulitballs you can achieve and hitting the shots can be fun, but the flow can be slowed down dramatically if wanting to complete the castle objectives. This, with the repeating music, can make for a less than stellar gameplay experience. The callouts are probably the best thing in this game, which are just funny. Otherwise, there are definitely other tables that hold my attention better.
4 months ago
So much fun, 90's Pinball at it's BEST!!
Love the theme, and everything about it! Fun for all ages, whether beginner or expert pinball player.
When I go to pinball shows this machine always has a loooong line, but it is always worth the wait.
Other newer machines have come but MM is still on top of everyone's list and seems to be standing the test of time.
4 months ago
Awesome game. Play it often on location. I understand why it is ranked #1 on pinside. Remake Just as good. Would highly recommend.
4 months ago
The number 1 of the '90! Gameplay and toys are the top!
4 months ago
Decent but why rated at 9.5 il never know
5 months ago
Well deserved #1.

5 months ago
Lives up to the rep! Bashing that gate never gets old. Fun shots all around. Yay MM!
There are 668 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 27.

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