Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997)

Medieval Madness

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Game design: 9.11

Artwork: 8.798

Sounds/Music: 8.457

Other Aspects: 9.026

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11 days ago
I own the original and it will have to pried from my cold dead hands..Love the the the the trolls..Great flow to the game...Good rule set that is not to complex..Never gets boring.
19 days ago
What can I add that other haven't already. Super fun game that I'd love to have in my collection some day. It's easy to understand of for newbies to learn. The castle toy is one of the best in pinball. I love the build up to multiball. Minor annoyance is how packed the playfield is with inserts.
29 days ago
Great game. Some of best call outs in pinball. Good design, nice layout. Easy to understand the goals, but hard to master. Just a very good game for beginners or pros. I do find destroying the castle a bit repetitive after awhile, but I know that's where the points are. It's a lot like sinking the ships in Pirates of C. Overall one of the greats.
31 days ago
Fun game. A bit repetitive and not as challenging as other machines
52 days ago
The tagline "if Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a pinball machine, it would be Medieval Madness" is vastly cliche at this point, but it is for good reason - if Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a pinball machine, it would be Medieval Madness. The game's theme is filled with wacky, tongue-in-cheek medieval humor, complete with several references to the Monty Python movie ("They took our shrubberies!"). However, the brilliance of the theme is not the full extent of the benefits of this game - even without the hilarity, the game is fast, varied, and good. There are a few strategies you can employ to progress in the game, opportunities for multiple multiballs, and benefits to hitting every shot - no matter what you hit, you're likely to advance something in the game. It has many carrots for even the novice player to follow, and enough challenge in getting all of said carrots to engage more advanced players. A wonderful, wonderful game.
59 days ago
Great WPC95 game.
67 days ago
Great theam and very funny. The lay out of the game flowes well. It is a game that I can play for a while without the ball draining quickly. Seems I get tired playing this game quickly and I then move on to other games in my collection. Art work and back glass is the best. A visual wonder.
71 days ago
I really like this game. keeps me coming back every time I see it on location. I see why it costs what it does.
77 days ago
Simply the best. Neverending fun for beginner or advanced player. Flow, humor, everything hit the point.
78 days ago
One of my favorite machines of all time.
86 days ago
Good game! But not worth it's current price tag.
3 months ago
A pin full of humour. Classic layout saved by nice toys.
(cons) Musical main theme is boring and lastability is cheap.

Keep it one year at home, happy to have play it to the bone but I didn't really cry when it leave home.

over rated pin !
3 months ago
It has good flow and few dead shots. I like the rescuing damsel feature but it can be difficult to power the ball up the ramp to that position. It's a fun pin for sure. The trolls could have used better lighting. Destroying the castle is a unique feature and the game has the feel of just one more game. I don't know if it's worth it's price.
3 months ago
A true classic !
3 months ago
I mean, what more is there to say? Medieval Madness is probably the best pinball machine ever made and will hold that title for years and years to come. It's not necessarily got the best of everything, but it's definitely the perfect example of art, sound, playfield and rules coming together in a way that does the theme justice and makes it tonnes of fun to play. The castle is a great toy and draws people in to the game. The speech is hilarious. The rules are good in terms of stacking multiballs and getting to the wizard mode (of which I have a few times, but never completed). Video mode and easter eggs like Barnyard Multiball also keep the seasoned player interested, and the flow is fantastic - love those ramps! This game is far too expensive, and that is literally the only reason I don't own's brilliant!
3 months ago
I get the appeal. The machine feels like you're playing "Army of Darkness" without the Deadites. There are goofy, tongue-in-cheek callouts and the game play is nearly unrivaled...but it feels somehow one-note to me. I like taking out the castle but it almost seems so easy. That and the callouts are 90's arcade schlock at their worst. I don't mind a game not taking itself seriously but damsels sound like valley girls and the guys (and various other characters) spout off modern pop-culture phrases and slang like "I'm gonna get medieval on your behind." Yes, really. It's cute but just not for me. I DO, however, think the playfield and toys are gorgeous and colorful with some great lighting that really pops, especially during the night. MM is Top Ten material but not a #1 table for me.
4 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!
NEVER gets old!
A true classic!
4 months ago
Never get tired of playing the medievil madness. Definitely in my top 5 of all time.
4 months ago
Favourite game excluding LOTR (I like deep rule set). I would have preferred a traditional shooter rod rather than button. Likely to be added to my collection within the year.
4 months ago
"Welcome to my domain!"

Its really amazing game, bit hyped bit still plays and works well.

Great sound and callouts , a lot of fun , great artwork nice mutliball modes and so on ...

Enjoyed to play , still few other titles fit better in my personal taste .

For every pin enthusiast collector this is a must.

i am just a fan of pins , i am not pro player, love this hobby (love to play pinballs) and every review is based on my personal feeling and emotion. I am in this game only for FUN and to have stress free ;).
5 months ago
I played this a lot on location. Do not like the theme but the shots are fun and the castle is fun to destroy -just seems a bit repetitive. Taking the theme out I think it is a great pin and a classic - I just prefer AFM a bit more as I think the table lay outs are super similar.
5 months ago
Truly one of the best pins in history. Super fun, but can become somewhat redundant. You can only blow up so may castles. The trolls really make the machine a lot of fun. I can't see how anyone would see it as a better machine than Twilight Zone, but it is definitely top ten.
6 months ago
Not my favorite..
6 months ago
I can't claim to have played every pinball machine... or even most... but of the ones I have played the only one that comes close to MM is TZ. The game is the ultimate addiction. You can never just play once. I always get drawn in for more than I had planned.

The game itself is nearly perfect. The playfield is awesome - both open and interesting. The game is also super smooth - I never feel cheated out of a ball or shot. The exploding castle is my all-time favorite gimmick. The voice acting is second to none. The art is both funny and intricate. AFM is obviously very similar, but MM has a few extra shots and just a little more interesting. If I were to only own two games it would be MM and TZ. If I were to only own 1..... ugh... I am not sure if I could handle that hard of a scenario!
6 months ago
Dont call me sir miss a lot! An all time great.
There are 681 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 28.

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