Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997)

Medieval Madness

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This game got 1,801 approved ratings and currently scores 8.858 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #2 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 9.027

Artwork: 8.725

Sounds/Music: 8.416

Other Aspects: 8.943

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There are multiple version of this game

Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Medieval Madness". The other versions are: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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12 days ago
Found it on location in excellent condition so was pretty stoked. It's definitely one of the best. Great game, hard but you just want to keep coming back. Very rare to see it in Australia unfortunately. Would love to own a remake.
28 days ago
Great theme for guests and curiosity play, but doesn't have legs at home for me.
36 days ago
The one that put Pinball on the map for me.
39 days ago
I can understand why the machine is so highly rated, but this is not one that I would own in my own collection. The are a variety of mulitballs you can achieve and hitting the shots can be fun, but the flow can be slowed down dramatically if wanting to complete the castle objectives. This, with the repeating music, can make for a less than stellar gameplay experience. The callouts are probably the best thing in this game, which are just funny. Otherwise, there are definitely other tables that hold my attention better.
48 days ago
So much fun, 90's Pinball at it's BEST!!
Love the theme, and everything about it! Fun for all ages, whether beginner or expert pinball player.
When I go to pinball shows this machine always has a loooong line, but it is always worth the wait.
Other newer machines have come but MM is still on top of everyone's list and seems to be standing the test of time.
48 days ago
Awesome game. Play it often on location. I understand why it is ranked #1 on pinside. Remake Just as good. Would highly recommend.
54 days ago
The number 1 of the '90! Gameplay and toys are the top!
60 days ago
Decent but why rated at 9.5 il never know
63 days ago
Well deserved #1.

65 days ago
Lives up to the rep! Bashing that gate never gets old. Fun shots all around. Yay MM!
71 days ago
Fun game. Funny game with the corny humor ... but that gets a little old after a while. The layout is good and fair. The rules are a little shallow, but does have a few modes that are fun. The castle rumbling around is funny the first several times you see it. I would play this a lot on location, but probably would not own it. I like the remake lighting better and feels more "modern" for some reason, even though it is the same layout.
76 days ago
Great game, great toys, good epic call outs and humor. There's a reason it's been number 1 so long
77 days ago
Timeless, elegant, well rounded pinball at its 90s best. A sense of humour is everything. Showing its age in terms of code depth these days, but it is so well balanced and thought out that that hardly matters. And who wrings everything out of their super-deep coded machines anyway? :-)
80 days ago
A classic. I prefer it's sister game Attack From Mars, but there is no denying this is a fun game with lots of great humor. The castle toy gets a little repetitive but it is an iconic part of pinball.
83 days ago
great game
3 months ago
This game is the pinnacle of Williams Pinball. It has all the right things in all the right proportions to put it and keep it in the #1 spot.

Play it every time you get a chance!!
3 months ago
This is my grail machine. I have played the original and the remake. There is something special about a Williams Medieval Madness
3 months ago
This is truly one of the best games ever, it is as simple as that. A very rare combination of instant fun and lastability. Just amazing stuff.
3 months ago
The best pinball there is
4 months ago
Ok, I know this is the "King" the Best in Show, and all that, but I just do not get it. Played it numerous times on various locations. Won repeated free games. Laughed at the sounds, but then, got bored. I just find it boring. I understand why others love it, but given the choice, there are about 35 other games on the top 100 I would add to my collection first.
4 months ago
Played this during release at excaliber in vegas,late 90's got over a hr in, loved it,classic game, very fun, fast, nice flow, great toys,played again in the wild at alameda museum recently , it disappeared fast, fortunately got more time in on it, figured I wnt get another chance to play one so waited on a review....great game not my favorite but could be...price is why I dnt care for it...keeper if you want to pay big bucks...dnt pass on playing it if you see one, not sure about remake havnt played that yet....all in all great game
4 months ago
Very overrated. I can't believe the amount of money some people pay for it. It's just a one shot pinball. Just Hit the castle...very boring...
5 months ago
Good game not my first ...
5 months ago
This could easily be the most overrated pinball ever. It is a good game. I enjoy playing it. The remake is even faithful in it's reproduction. The game tends to be expensive. It holds it's value which is good but it ties up lots of capitol which is bad. The addition of a bunch of new units will make future value interesting. The biggest drawback, for me, is it can feel cluttered. It is a good pinball. Usually in everyone's top ten. In my list maybe number 10.
5 months ago
Classic game that deserves a spot in everyone's collection. Toys and gameplay are awesome as are the humorous character call outs. Awesome for all skill levels with nice progressive rules that provide a logical path to progress through the game. Was my absolute favourite until GBLE came on the scene.
There are 653 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 27.

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