Medieval Madness (Remake - LE) (Chicago Gaming Co., 2015)

Medieval Madness (Remake - LE)

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Game design: 9.12

Artwork: 9.021

Sounds/Music: 8.615

Other Aspects: 8.973

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This is "Medieval Madness (Remake - LE)".
The other versions are: Medieval Madness (regular version), Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard)

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18 days ago
Played nearly all top 100 pins. Medieval definitely belongs the top all time. This is the best themed pin ever made. Number 1: Game Design. Remake LE version. Characters. From the comical trolls to the hilarious princess to magical Merlin and the flaming dragon. Simply awesome. Number 2: Theme. Yeah....Medieval Times is 100. Amazing theme with all the humerous call outs from this lineup! You are connected to the them through the machine. Number 3: Fun factor. From blasting the castle to the Ramping the nerves of The Dragon to save the princess to smashing the trolls target to fantastic Multi-ball play. The machine is insanely fun with all the sights and sounds to match. Number 4: Playfield. Artwork themed characters are dialed in to match the Medieval theme. The playfield shines with A theme done perfectly. Number 5: Sound and Vision. Flashing lights from upgraded LED packgage. Color DMD with themed cuts. Shaker motor to rumble you through the experience. Your in a theater here, not just a game. This game is a perfect 10...Nothing tops this Pin. Still best themed game ever.
38 days ago
This game has it all! Great rules. Artwork is fantastic. The call outs are fun. Game is a blast to play, no wonder this game has consistently been high up on the top 10 list.
42 days ago
A great pinball! Easy to learn, hard to master. Especially when hitting the gate which can deflect ball straight down out of play- maybe only my machine. The castle multiball lock is a very satisfying shot. Better then original?...YES.
Is it the best?? everyone will have their own favorite. Indy still tops for me. I think we need a new way of ranking top 5- everyone just ranks their top 5 and points are accumulated. I only started playing this a few years ago, so I have no nostalgia when I say this pin has a much better feel then most of the new pins coming out. It has that balance of sound, light, playability, family fun...a permanence.
51 days ago
It is silly I have to rate the same game three times. What is even more silly is people remaking a vey mediocre game some 20 years later.

Coupled with the insane amount these machines tend to go for, and I think you have a fairly overrated machine. I have a more detailed review in my post for the original MM.

The gist? Not a bad game necesarily, but not a top 10 game either. Nostalgia has been very kind to this game. But the truth? It was never more than a fairly mediocre and simplistic bash the castle fest that gets old and tiring pretty fast — again, see my more in depth commentary for the original game.

I rated this one even less because it is the more expensive limited edition of a remake of a 20 year old mediocre game. Look, it is not a bad game. But it is nowhere near a top 10 pin of all time. There are many, many flaws with this game that readily get overlooked simply because it is “MM.”
67 days ago
Absolutely love this game. Art and play field is beautiful, callouts are humorous and is a game that everyone can play, without having to have a PHD to know the rules.
It has the right amount of toys to ensure its still plays fast and the trolls really add a nice touch. If you get a chance to play one I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
3 months ago
Not much you can say, perfect modern remake of a classic.
3 months ago
I highly recommend MMR! I love my MMR and it may be on the way to being my favorite game. It's definitely top 2 in my book at this point, at a minimum. I love the two ramps not seeming like just two normal ramps. The Catapult and Damsel aspects of the ramps make them feel like so much more. The castles and trolls are nicely implemented and don't seem repetitive, despite the fact that the castles really are repetitive, but still fun. Besides that there are also Peasants, Jousting, Catapult, Merlin, a nice mixture of multiballs, funny callouts, etc. I just added the color upgrade and 3D translight, so I feel like this is the perfect pin. I finally understand all of those old positive rankings and why it's a the top of the rankings.
3 months ago
After playing this game for the first time, I can see why its king. Great shots, great humor, trolls, catapults, awesome animation and sounds. Really the whole package.
4 months ago
Great Game must for all collections. There is a reason it is ranked #1
5 months ago
love the game . lots to do
6 months ago
Incredible game
6 months ago
So, I owned the MMrLE for a year and a half. I played it allot. Game is fun and challenging, but I found myself getting bored with it compared with all the new a great post 2005 (5+/-) games that have very deep rule sheet, amazing looks and lighting/light shows. It is clear that recent games have learned allot from MM and have stood on the shoulders of this giant game and taken best elements. But, in the end, I see a progression and MM being a leader pre-2000 and a great game post 2000, but not the single best game.

If I had a 10 or 20 game collection, I would have kept it. But I recently traded it and TZ for AC/DC prem and GBLE and am very happy. But, Ill add, I loved having MMr in the house for over a year and finally got to learn, play and enjoy this great pin inside and out.
6 months ago
What’s better than owning a 90’s MM? Owning a brand new MMr!!! Plays better than most originals with thousands of plays on them & the color upgrade is fantastic!
7 months ago
Many pinheads believe that Medieval Madness has it all. I think it has charm and a great sense of theater, but it is not the best pinball game ever made. Not by a long shot. MM looks and sounds fantastic, but it is not the highes end player's game that many people put it up on a pedestal for. The re-make feels like the original, plays like the original and has some updated animations.

The Pros:
Good game play and goals that are reachable, but so hard to achieve... most of the time. Always a challenge. Novice players get into it and have a great time as well. One of the few games to offer fun to all levels. The theme is executed, perfectly. Stack your hurry ups and score HUGE points. A perfect example of getting the balance right so that new players can step up to it and enjoy it enough to get hooked. Deep enough to give higher end players something to aspire to. No wonder why ops won't sell their games. This game looks and sounds fantastic.

The Cons:
In tournament mode, the unbalancing strategy is to hit the castle over and over with glancing shots for bigger scores. Strong flippers are a must for the right ramp. The price these games go for are silly expensive! This is a pinball game, not a museum piece! Out of Eddy's 3 designs... this one is the one I like the least.

The Takeaway:
Get one if you can and leave it in your will to someone who will love it as much as you do. Now I'm going to go out on a limb here... but MM is the lesser of the 3 games designed by Brian Eddy. Playing this game over and over in tourneys, bashing the castle over and over... not that there are not other things to do, there is a whole lot more to do... but points is points! Medieval Madness is a good game... but out of Brian Eddy's 3 tables, this is the least of the 3 and not what I would call a truly great game or even an "A" lister. For the entertainment offered, The Shadow and AFM are both better players. Gameplay suffers from "Bash the gate" syndrome for good scores. IMHO, this game is a top 50 game, but not anywhere near the top 10 and with absolute certainty... not #1. A perfect game for rich dudes that like to be entertained by their museum pieces. I'm sure it'll look great next to their Big Bang Bar.

The reason I am rating this game so low is because it is "exploitable" and has a scoring imbalance in the ruleset that takes away from the brilliant gem that this game should be. The game may look like, but it does not PLAY like a true "A" title. That is just how I feel about this deck. This is my opinion and only that. Take it for what it is.


The more and more I play this game, the more and more the unbalanced nature of the scoring becomes apparent. All that would need to happen to make a huge difference in this game is to reduce the scoring on the castle (by half? 1,2,3,4,5,10 million a pop and KOP hits to 250k, heck, a quarter of it's current value may be an even better way to do this. .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 5= 12.5 million instead of 80!) to make this game much more balanced and bring out the rest of the layout and strategies that this game should provide to the skilled player. MYSTERY PROGRAMMER?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? You think they could have found someone to do this for the remake. At this point, I walk by this game now, when I used to line up to play it. Scores reduced accordingly.

Ah innocence, Those were the days...

Austin, this review is in your memory.

Update #2:
I go to this game in a tourney when I am looking for a relatively easy win. After you defeat the King of Payne what do you do? Well you keep on banging on that castle for 750k a hit. This never stops for the rest of the game. That is all there is to do on this game when you are looking for the big win. Rinse and repeat up and down the middle to the win.

7 months ago
I let Monster Bash go to bring this one in, so I was hoping that it would fill the void well. I feel that it is harder than MB. I like the shots, the art, and the sounds. It is very fun to play. With the trolls, it may edge out Attack From Mars.
7 months ago
Just an amazing pin all around. Super theme, great art, amazing layout. Shots can be combo'ed easy enough, but they still feel satisfying. The callouts are excellent and the theme is integrated perfectly. The castle has to be best bash toy ever. The trolls are also the best "pop" out of the play field toy IMO.

I guess I had only played MM on location and it never really resonated with me. I never found a well tuned deck and always could hardly hear the audio. I only picked this up because I found a 1 owner HUO at a reasonable price. This was never on my radar, but it's so great in a home environment and I'm so thankful I did. Haven't loved a pin this much since Tron.
7 months ago
One of the best games of all time. Brand new version with no wear? Yes please. If I only had a spare 8k!
SO much has been written about the game I have nothing new to offer other than yes, it is one of the best ever!
7 months ago
Same as the original for the most part. It "seems" better though somehow. The lighting seems better and maybe the colors or sharper graphics??? A fun pin that's a little corny. I would play it on location every time. If I had tons of money, I would probably buy this one ... but don't think it is the best pin out there.
8 months ago
Played lots of games on this , very well balanced stacks up nicely amongst the top games of he 90s . Good flow and challenging at same time , good toys gimmicks and shots . Very similar to attack from mars but a little more of a challenge ,due to tighter shots .
8 months ago
Must fun game ever!!!!
9 months ago
A brand new Medieval Madness, upgrades from original..Adjustable flippers and catapult strength, colour DMD, shaker mortor, double hard coated playfield, and a plywood base on cabinet. Just a better game than the original, can't beat it. Awesome mint game.
9 months ago
This is a remake. Can't match with the original
9 months ago
Excellent update of a classic game, really cant fault this game, its gunna take some beating to find a better machine.
9 months ago
As good as it gets. Make a new pin from the best theme. How can it fail!
9 months ago
This is the same as mm. No need of another post for a copy
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