Lord of the Rings (Stern, 2003)

Lord of the Rings

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Game design: 8.853

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Other Aspects: 8.738

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3 days ago
Great looking game with plenty of depth. You just need to be in the right mindset to play it for 45 minutes or more, long ball times.
5 days ago
I love the movie and I love this Pinball. Definitely on my wishlist. I love the game play and it is a very attractive pinball machine from the playfield to the back glass. I found the game play very easy to learn and understand which made it easy to become invested in my playing ability. Highly recommend playing!
15 days ago
One of the greatest games ever designed!

It fits great to the Lord of the Rings theme.
The game is very unique.

One of the greatest shots in all of pinball is the shot into the "One Ring".
A great idea to use a magnet there. Even if that ring-magnet-fuse burns through approximately every month you play the game. For a good player, I believe, there is almost no chance, that the fuse does not burn through.

Another thing that makes this game so unique, is the amount of figures, Stern has put on the machine.

And of course, there is the "Balrog". It looks really nice. I never had any problems with mine yet. I guess I am lucky there.

The "Path of the Dead" is an addition which is very interesting, it gives the game a really pinball-like feel. First it feels like they could have put some figures on there too, but after some time you get used to it. By the way it is kind of inevitable that the "Arwen-plastic" breaks without any protector.

The VUKs on the game are very good "disguised" on this game. For example the "Orthanc-tower-VUK" or the "Shire-VUK".

Nice work done there on the code by Dwight Sullivan and Keith P. Johnson. Even if there are some bugs, like for example, that sometimes the "Destroy the Ring-insert" doesn't flash during the "Destroy the Ring-mode".
It is very difficult to get to Valinor. The Spider-man "Super Hero" wizard mode for example is far easier to reach, mainly because you don't need to complete all of the multiballs. But it is possible to get there.

The DMD-animations are great. Especially, when you compare them with those on the Iron Man or Spider-man games. They've really invested some time in that.

The sound isn't the best, though when you realize which sound-system Stern had back in the days, then that is bearable.

Overall it is a great game, with just a few problems and a great amount of fun.
17 days ago
Fun game, the best stern machine so far
23 days ago
This Pin is tied with MM for favorite of all time. There are no flaws, its just a perfect piece of art, gameplay, theme, and style for me. Deepest rule set with a holy grail wizard mode that separates the men from the boys in pinball. When I turn this game on and plunge that first ball, I play nothing else all evening. Hours I can play going for variety and challenges, enjoying the music and animations and adventure of this epic pin. GET ONE NOW!
25 days ago
My favorite stern. Keeper killed it! Great the,e.
33 days ago
This is the game that got me into pinball. I loved it until the machine started to have issues at the location I was at. The Gimli launcher started to act up and the Balrog would sometimes not register shots. This game is crazy fun.
39 days ago
Found this on location. Just found the whole game a bit pointless, couldn't understand what I was meant to be achieving. Maybe if I owned it, it might make more sense. Too dark, very stop and go. Was pretty easy too. Guess I'm not really a fantasy person.
41 days ago
The sound is a bit suspect, the shots can be challenging and repetitive. It's a fun game that will probably at some point in time leave my collection. It isn't a top 10 for me, unfortunately. Luckily, they sell well.
60 days ago
65 days ago
I really enjoy playing LOTR. The theme, toys, shots, callouts, and deep ruleset make this a table that I can push start on over and over again. The worst thing about this table is the DMD animations. On the machine I played, they had a ColorDMD installed and the animations look like they were drawn in by a 6th grader. Thankfully, it doesn't take away from the layout, flow, modes, and other things that make this table great.
74 days ago
Super deep game literally setting the modern standard that all code is compared to, some great shots but also some clunkers found game to be a little overated not as fun as simpler games but classic stop code clunk from of a Gomez design still one of the all time greats!
3 months ago
Brilliant machine! The ruleset on this machine just makes sense - right away. Most of its rules you can almost figure out by simply playing it. However, to master it you will need to combine all the different elements into one strong run. Shots feel great and come quite natural. The animations and sound-effects are top notch and really honors the movie in a good way. Not to mention, this machine (as far as I know) is the one with the highest possible multiplier in all of pinball history!! How epic isn't that?
3 months ago
Great fun. Only downside is that it reminds me Peter Jackson made Gimli a twit.
3 months ago
Better than any other Maschine.
3 months ago
A favorite 200x era Stern table for me.
3 months ago
I have owned this game for a few years now and it is still a favorite here. I loved the movies and wanted this game for a while. I really don't have any negative things to say about the game. gameplay is great and I love the play field layout. People say it is a long game but I'm not that great of a player so my games are never too long for me. I think they really nailed the theme to game play you feel like your really involved.
If you have the chance to own it I highly recommend it
4 months ago
Never gets old.
4 months ago
Lots of depth in the game-play and a great theme that comes together really well.
4 months ago
Keeps you coming back for more. Very difficult to master.
4 months ago
When I first played this game I did not really got it, but after a while it started to grow immensely. Fantastic game with great great rule set, possibly not the best shots in the world but as a total package this is just an extraordinary game that lasts. Only downside is that game play can be extensive at times.
6 months ago
The inner loop shot
Theme Integration
Good Flow
Deep Rules
Lots of Multiball
Long Games

Lots of multiball
Parts of the art package
The audio quality is inconsistent
6 months ago
Very well-designed, good-looking machine, and pretty fun to play too. It takes the best from its theme, has some very cool gimmicks and ruleset as well. But, as the Simpsons Pinball Party, it feels a bit "clunky", and doesn't give me the best feeling while playing. It lacks of... "smoothness" to me. Also, as TSPP, a lot of "ball-rolling" noise on the playfield. Not a big deal, but quite annoying.
6 months ago
This is a grail game for me. Once you play, you understand why it deserves its ranking.
6 months ago
Really fun game. Put it in my top 5 as well.
There are 560 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 23.

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