KISS (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2015)

KISS (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 7.28

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22 days ago
The sound is what does it for me here. It's very well tied into gameplay. 4 pop bumpers are neat, and they have good color changing lights. Cool hard to hit left show. Satisfying middle ramp, challenging right ramp (very steep), smooth gameplay, a lot of fun!
39 days ago
Just a fun game. Looks and plays so smooth. The call outs by Gene and Paul are excellent.
3 months ago
I don't mind Kiss and rocking along as I play. As others have said it is kind of similar in shot geometry to other Borg games, but that doesn't stop it being fun.
4 months ago
Fun pin, played about 10 games on the KISS LE at the RailRoad/PinCrossing. Right ramp is tight, but rewarding when hit; easier modern Stern game; was getting replays a lot; through the pops on the left and around the orbit felt great...The Gene Simmons head reminded me of TFLE, ball not always registering in there, or slipping out; that wasn't great...I really didn't have a good handle on the rules, but was having a good time. Long ball times would be my one main gripe, but sound was excellent and I had a blast playing it.
5 months ago
a few setting tweaks and a code update would make this one of the best games ever.
5 months ago
all the times before I played this pin ... I hated it.
after i understand the Rules and the shoots ... I loved it

- it's an fantastic ball flow
- absolut real music
- very nice artwork
6 months ago
Not very good looking, not very fun, not very good music. This game blows.
8 months ago
Played at a pin bar and fell in love. Some was the memories and music but the fast flowing play and multiball modes were also just fun. Liked it enough I bought one. The 1.28 code made it even better.
The speed gives my kids some frustration but they are catching on!
8 months ago
Beautiful! Love the playfield artwork. Code is fun but still feels a little incomplete, but that's not really going to kill it for most people. You DO have to like KISS music though. I changed all the music out.
1 year ago
This theme *might* have been relevant in 1985. Completely not relevant any longer by 2015. I really doubt there was a pent up demand for this.

Gameplay is mediocre. In just a few years, this will be one of those titles you can pick up cheap...
1 year ago
When kiss first came out I totally hated it, bored me to tears could not understand the hype behind it, but have played it a lot now because it's in our local tournaments an honestly it's starting to grow on me a lot I thought I would never like this game but I do, sound is great playfield awsome, hate the back glass but can see why stern did it the way they did to respect the original Bally machine. Personally don't think there is much in extras between pro an Le , love guns a little different with the ball getting dropped from right ramp to love gun, an kiss drop targets for me don't make a difference, it really is a beautiful machine an plays great, playfield sorta reminds me of Harley Davidson which is another Borg game so I can see how that can sort of happen, new code is really going to make this game better, never thought I would say it but I do like this game...
1 year ago
It's better than the PRO, solid game that feels like a high end SEGA machine.
1 year ago
Definitely one of John Borg's most fluid playfield designs,; it's a great balance of "fast and flowy" and variation in shots and shot difficulty. Just like Metallica, you could not do better with the KISS theme (artwork and pinball concept). When it comes to the Rock n Roll pins, KISS is "the one" that truly puts on a rock concert under glass.

So theming, artwork, and playfield design are great, but this is a game that severely needs code. Yes, it's not meant to be a serious, deep goal-driven pin like WOZ or LOTR, but right now the ruleset is ridiculously shallow, and the rules around the wizard modes are beyond confusing. Actually trying to figure out any objectives of this game (other than hit the lit up shots) is beyond perplexing. And call-outs are too few, and way too repetitive. I know you can't do too many call outs when a pin has music with vocals, but this is way too quiet a pin. It's missing the call outs that put pressure on the player to hit a shot or complete a mode.

Pro vs. Premium\LE? Yeah, you need the upgrade on this one for the dynamically changing RGB lighting. When Demon or Love Gun Multiball kicks in, and the lighting totally changes, it just feels like a rock concert (and the ambient lighting colors they chose for the different songs work). The floating pinball on the back-wall premium feature is a one trick pony that gets old very fast.

In Summary, with more robust code in this game it will be a classic IMO. If Stern does not fix the code, the pin becomes a game with very little lastability that will be forgotten quickly. Own it? No, only if you're a KISS super-fan and a pin-head. For me, right now the game is just fun to play at a bar or arcade after I've had a beer or two. But even then I'll only play a game or two, because it gets very repetitive fast.
1 year ago
this is a must for kiss fan..very nice flow,smooth ramps,plays fast ,i like it dnt care much for kiss...great job stern!!
1 year ago
This is the third KISS I've played (out of 3) where the head feeds the ball SDTFM! I am glad I am not a KISS fan because this game sucks. It does look good and the lightshow is nice. Sound is good too with many choices, even though I only care for a couple of the songs. It just isn't fun to me.
1 year ago
Flipper average, perhaps improved in design
1 year ago
if they don't get good code for this, unfortunately I wont be much better than the 1979 Ballys Kiss.
1 year ago
Typical Borg style with a lot of randomness but also with more flow on this one. The code still needs lots of work but is better then people give it credit for. If the code comes around this is going to be a really good game. The artwork is awesome on this game and I always have a blast playing it. Sound on the spike system is great, lighting is great, just needs the code.
1 year ago
the ugly head toy is ruining everything,can not look at
1 year ago
Really cool game got to play it at a tournament a little while ago then after the tournament I play itForrest quite a bit. Really fun I like the flow and the long shot up the ramp .
1 year ago
Wow! What a great game! I 'm not a Kiss fan but the machine is absolutely awesome. Fantastic layout, superb flow and a target rich environment. The steep ramp around the head requires a precision shot to make it all the way to the top, other ramps are lower and much more forgiving. The stage in the upper left with the opposing slingshots is a cool feature but it requires some exact shot to enter.
The color selection is good and the machine is pleasant to look at. The sound, well I am not into Kiss.
In summary I would say this game is severely underrated. This is one of the very best.
1 year ago
Kiss le has some great artwork, good music, good theme, and the head is a neat toy and the floating ball is pretty cool looking when you get love gun.
1 year ago
I love KISS ...
This game is severely under-rated. It looks gorgeous and plays fast with a super satisfying right ramp/light instrument shot. 5 multi balls including the new 'Heavens on fire" multi ball
1 year ago
Love this game.. Even if you are not a fan of the band, the sound is great.. good shots.. great light show..
1 year ago
Very fast game. This is probably the fastest pin I have played. The game needs to have more game lay depth. I believe that this will be like the TWD. Not great when it originally game out, but will be a top 10 once the code is completed. Shots are difficult but fun. Art work is awesome.

The one major complaint is that the game feels cheap. Meaning the there is a hollow echo feel to the game. I am not sure if this is due to the new spike system or they have just been cutting so much cost out of the pins. Kiss was my 4th NIB from Stern in 12 months. There has been a steep price increase for new Stern pins over the last few years while the overall value/quality of the pin has been dropping. Not a good combination.
There are 44 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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