Jurassic Park (Data East, 1993)

Jurassic Park

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This game got 492 approved ratings and currently scores 7.790 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.867

Artwork: 7.633

Sounds/Music: 7.45

Other Aspects: 8.004

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There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
This is a very decent family oriented machine that follows the theme of the movie very well. It's a relatively a deep & challenging game w/ the 12 modes & of coarse the T Rex himself. The greatest attribute of this machine is the T Rex toy, & when he picks the ball up & swallows ~ it was always a thrill! Though the machine plays a bit clunky it was an after thought because this title is really a lot of fun. We had JP in our limited space three pin line up for over a year & 1/2, & that is the longest a machine ever lasted in our rotation. Overall, a nice challenging machine that will keep you coming back for more.
3 months ago
It's a must to play this game with Chad's version 6.0 code update. Randomization of game modes is so nice. Other features were added as well, but that alone is worth it.
5 months ago
one of data east greatest games
7 months ago
Jurassic park the movie has always been a favorite of mine. Then I played the pinball machine. What a fun game. The shots are challenging. The toy dinosaur is very cool. Shaker motor really adds to be effect. I love it and can't get enough.
7 months ago
Love this game as I remember playing it a lot during my youth. It will never leave my house.

If you haven't done so, it's imperative you use Chad's 6.0 ROM as it completely changes the game and really increases the fun.
7 months ago
This game was almost boring me until I switched the flippers to super rubbers and suddenly the added control really opened the game up.
I am playing the fan-modded ROM and the rule improvements make this game oh so much better.
8 months ago
A ok DE game. Can be alot of fun at times and boring at times. Playfield is ugly but they did good with theme intergration
8 months ago
-- Music is terrific given that this machine was produced in 93. I think my favorite music is after tri-ball is completed. Just awesome.
-- Great sounds! The roar of the dinosaurs are always awesome.
-- The shaker motor really enhances gameplay. You can feel T-Rex walking around.
-- Playfield is laid out very well. Tons of stuff to shoot at, some very challenging shots with the side flipper.
-- Fast and smooth game that is not clunky.
-- It has a T-REX that eats the ball! One of the best features of any pin ever.
-- The rules are easy to follow. 11 mini-modes before you reach wizard mode aka system failure, plus several other mini-games that you can achieve through various accomplishments (Super Egg, Victory Lap, Mr. DNA, etc).
-- Did I mention the T-Rex!? Always a fan favorite. Wife loves it and mimics it sometimes.
-- Great DMD images. T-Rex eating the goat is fun. Would look awesome in color.
-- If you're into multiball, this machine is for you: 2-Ball, Super Egg, Tri-Ball, 6-Ball Chaos, and 6-Ball System Failure.
-- "Smart Missile" button activates all lit items. Great for rookies, since multiball is almost a given each and every game when you use it on ball 1. Makes the game easier and more fun for players at a beginner level. Great for advanced players so you can save it to help you get CHAOS! This function really gives the machine an added dynamic for all skill levels, and that's something that I cannot say about 99% of all pins out there.
-- The update by ChadH makes the machine a "must have" in my opinion. The updates are amazing, making this basically a brand new pin.
-- T-REX EATS THE BALL! I can't get over how awesome that is. When you're with a group of people who have never seen this before, their eyes light up and smiles/laughs all around. It's a great experience over and over again.
-- The biggest pro is that everyone can play it. It's an instant party hit, mixes will with both the young and old crowd, novice and pro player, and will easily stand the test of time, unlike many other games that fade away into oblivion.

-- It's well-lit, but in a dark room it's hard to see the ball at all times, even with frosted bulbs. If you turn a small lamp on in the corner of the room and play, it's perfect.
-- The back glass is "meh". I spruced it up by adding LED bulbs behind the words "Jurassic Park", but you can only do so much. It might take full LEDs to make the colors really pop, but even if that happens, it's still just looks like a movie poster and nothing else.
-- The art on the playfield is HORRIBLE. This is where I gave it my lowest rating. It looks like someone copied/traced all the characters. There's also that green mess in the middle, where the lights light up when you collect the dinosaurs that lead to multiball. I find that unorganized and ugly.
-- The cabinet is OK, but could use more yellow around the front. The main colors of Jurassic Park are black, red, and yellow, but looking at it you see 70% black, 25% red, and nearly no yellow at all.

-- It's not a pro or con because this is fixable, but make sure you set the game play on the hardest setting if you buy it. On "normal", it's a little too easy to reach system failure. If you increase the difficulty level, you'll have much more of a challenge, and the lastability will increase.
9 months ago
get the new code rom!
now best pin ever
10 months ago
Got to play one in good shape. More fun than I thought. Like the dinosaur.
11 months ago
Running the v6 code from PinballCode makes a big difference, random mode start (not always starting with stampede) alone is worth the update.
1 year ago
Another borrowed layout from WW, and one I just don't like. It's similar to MSF, which is another game I don't like. Modes are bad to play, and some tough shots, but I just can't get into it.

The big killer for me is Newman front and center above the flippers. BLAH!
1 year ago
This machine is very underrated. The features and gameplay make it a must own, such as pinball-eating T-Rex, raptor kickback, cracking the egg, 6-ball CHAOS multiball, memorable music, shooting dinosaurs, well-placed third flipper, shaker motor, and challenging shots. One of the best pins to mod as well. The theme will uphold the test of time and this baby will age with beauty. Get one while you can.
1 year ago
this machine was awsome wen it came out in 1993 one of DE's best, great theme ,out of all pinball machines the shaker motor works the best wit this theme,the dino follows the ball on the playfield then eats the ball, awsome!!!, on the dmd he eats the goat, all of the animations are great! this game is very fun to play, always a favorite to play by all when i owned it, great family machine, i jus had to move on,
still a great price for all this machine does...the dino will probly need to b serviced at some time in order for it to work 100 percent,the games choas is sweet 6 balls, finish all the modes for the shut down,then multi points,fast fun wizzard mode....dnt pass up a chance to play this classic DE pin.
cant keep em all damn it! i sold it only because i couldnt loop the orbit from the rt side only flaw i think...i wish they put a diverter on the rt upper loop to orbit from the rt side into the pop bumpers.....the guy i sold it to changed the roms to the new upgraded version ,he said it plays like a new machine..go figure
1 year ago
Best Data East game I have owned, but feels very similar to the others in terms of sounds and responsiveness. Upgraded my ROMs to 6.0 and it dramatically improved the overall game experience by the increased ball save time and the random start mode.
1 year ago
The six ball multi-ball is amazing!
1 year ago
Fun game but that repetitive music is awful...maybe it could be changed with pinsound board .
Same problem with most data east game's thou.
1 year ago
Its cool.

Is it fun?
no, but its cool

Is it hard
no, but its cool

does it make sense?
No, but its cool

What makes it cool?
Idk man. Its cool.
1 year ago
not a keeper on my own,this game is boring because the sound is bad and the quality of the game too
1 year ago
Great Data East machine, but can become stale after a while. Excellent multiball progression. Smart Missile is a great feature
1 year ago
My favorite DE pin. other than StarWars. JP is a fun pin to make custom mods for. I think these pins will go up in value in the near future.
1 year ago
It's frightening in the dark.

- Awesome Multiball mode! One of the best in pinball, involving a ton of strategy and some huge points.
- Great modes & wizard mode.
- Smart missile makes you think about what you want to earn with it. (hint: use it to complete the first CHAOS wave!)
- Really good music.

- 6 balls missing? Where did they go - oh wait a minute, I forgot about Data East's terrible flippers.
- T-Rex is often broken on location and won't eat the ball.
- Tough to loop the side orbit because of the weak side flipper.
- Game feels a bit clunky at times.
1 year ago
This is a fun pin. The T-Rex shot is easy, but it is fun to watch. I like the playfield layout and love the theme.
1 year ago
"Welcome to Jurassic Park", a really fun pin with a great theme. It has a good amount of depth and lots of great shots to aim at. With the recent code update, the machine has gotten even better. With a dozen unique modes to work thru, there is plenty of variety in the gameplay. The animations that accompany each mode do a great job of representing some of the best moments from the movie and the dot animations don't disappoint. The system shut down wizard mode takes a while to reach and is a satisfying experience. The multi-ball progression is awesome and working thru the shots to turn the 3 ball multi-ball into a 6 ball frenzy is really fun.

The music and call outs all enhance the great theme. Most, if not all, of the voice work seems to be done by the original actors. This is a good looking machine with a black cabinet featuring the JP logo on the sides and a cool topper. The hand drawn playfield artwork is a bit cartoony but still better than a quick photo shop job found in many pins. The fun factor is kicked up a notch by T-Rex toy that eats the ball and a shaker motor that's integrated into the gameplay.

This game seems to "borrow" liberally from Whirlwind's layout and The Adams Family's layout and rules, but those are two great machines to copy. JP doesn't play as smoothly as either of those games, but I think the theme on JP is better. The game is also a catch and shoot game instead of a flow heavy game, which is a matter of preference.

Overall, Jurassic Park is a fun game with good modes, a decent amount of depth, and one of the best themes in pinball.
1 year ago
Great game! Gets played over and over and over. Owned it for about two years and it's never boring!
There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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