Junk Yard (Williams, 1996)

Junk Yard

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This game got 444 approved ratings and currently scores 7.763 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #79 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 7.785

Artwork: 8.006

Sounds/Music: 7.283

Other Aspects: 7.659

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There are 131 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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59 days ago
Not the best theme cause it's kind d of just wonky. Gameplay though is alot of fun. Love love the time machine aspect. When you've played alot of pins it's really some nice cameos. The bash toy is cool and I really enjoy some of the shots. The toilet ramp still makes me laugh. I like the video modes alot, good variety and entertaining. Pretty good game and really at no point to do I feel like I'm not achieving anything like in some games. You have to take all reviews as purely one person's view. I love this game
63 days ago
Used to like this game a lot at the local fun park 15 years ago. I always like bash toys. However, can't stand that awful music when returning to this machine today. The theme is meh and goal of the game is uninspiring to me.
3 months ago
The DMD interaction is neat and the wrecking ball toy is creative. I'm not convinced I would come back for more as the lasting "draw" isn't there for me.
5 months ago
Very original theme. Crane is cool but takes up a lot of room. Alot of fun building parts and doing the modes. Have not played too much but could get old with too few modes to play.
9 months ago
Great pinball...
10 months ago
The first time I played this I immediately knew that I absolutely had to have one. I honestly can't think of anything negative to say about it. It's just a great game in all aspects. I find hitting the crane ball extremely addictive and is my favorite thing to do while playing.
10 months ago
Fast fun game. Lighting is different then most games, no real on all the time, GI lighting. The action of the wrecking ball, keeps the action going. Flipping around. Toys and sounds great too. Glad I got one, much more fun than I thought.
11 months ago
Great theme, the rules drag it down a bit.
1 year ago
This is a very fun and quirky game. Real imagination at work here!!!
1 year ago
Interesting looking game with a bunch of cool looking decorations on the playfield. The field is wide open with a few ramps and the wrecking ball up top. The game play, flow and fun factors were all about average. Not a bad pin for looks, but nothing I would put in my collection either.
1 year ago
Pros: Balanced playfield with a unique layout, a fair challenge, shots to the wrecking ball are satisfying, plenty of modes and collecting junk adds a strategy element.

Cons: Playfield artwork is busy and sometimes distracting, angel and demon facet is out of place here, and the music is forgettable.

Overall: A very fun game, definitely recommended. Seems to be overlooked by many.
1 year ago
Some interesting ideas here  (the Time Machine being the best of them) but nothing cohesive.  The game is an assembly of ideas rescued from the junk heap.  And they don't work well together as a whole.  Toilets, angels, devils,   toaster guns, women in showers, hippie buses, time machines....it just doesn't present well.  The game carries many of Oursler's signature designs (raised orbit, centre bash toy) but add nothing to depth or interest.  Game often gets a pass because of the Williams logo on the speaker panel...it shouldn't.
1 year ago
A sleeper hit, and a "thinking man's" pinball machine. You need to understand the ruleset THOROUGHLY to get the most out of the machine in terms of scoring and features, particular creating items out of junk. Its more complicated than most realize, and that nearly killed it at the factory from the start. Operators did not like it, because it did poorly in "bar scenes" (really? No kidding, dumb #$@#!) Yes, you can just bat the ball around, but if you want to get out of the Junkyard, you will need to learn how to play pinball, WELL. Low production makes it hard to find in really nice shape now. Maintenance is not bad at all, but protect those PLASTICS! I sold my last one in 2007, and this time I am not letting this one go.

What collectors are going to realize fairly soon just like games similar to BSD, FT, WH20, RS, and several others, the cost of machine titles like this one are going to rocket upwards as people figure out the game does not "suck".
Unfortunately, at that point, certain game specific parts will already be unobtanium, and owners will be SOL.
You will left with a bunch of subpar quality versions of the same title and no way to restore them back to their former glory.
We got really lucky for a while when the Junkyard "Car Plastic" was repoed in PETG.
I have watched this phenomenon over and over again over the past 30 years.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Understand how to combine junk or get out of the yard.
1 year ago
I want to like this one but I really don't. The concept and theme is really nice: collecting junk to create contraptions to unlock different modes. The rules really drag it down. Multiball is shoot crane a bunch, then shoot crane for jackpot, then shoot crane for super jackpot. The modes simply aren't worth playing in terms of score. Timing them out to get to the wizard mode is the best option which is always a huge bummer. Video mode all day is one of the best possible strategies. It has increasing score every time, is a safe shot, and it collects junk! Once you make it to space you can just time out the 4 adventures again to get back to space.

It's one of those games you pick whether you're going to play completely inoptimally for "fun" or for score. I like playing pinball to beat my high scores. If you're playing for score, it flat out sucks.
1 year ago
Excellent game very quirky cool theme
1 year ago
Great different and original theme. Music and sounds are catchy. Animations are very good. Midnight Madness is fun. Recommend in a large collection
1 year ago
If you can ignore the odd objectification, this is a fantastic game with a great theme. Pick devil or saint, build your machine, hit that crane.
1 year ago
The minigames occur a bit too often and take away from the experience because of it, but it's still a very fun and unique machine -- the wrecking ball is a fantastic feature... score max "gimmick" points for that one. There are plenty of satisfying shots on this table as well. I can see why this is a bit of a love or hate machine. I really enjoy it though.
1 year ago
I really wanna love this game as the idea of a wrecking ball in a pinball machine is killer, and the flow of this one is super fun, but man, the music and speech are terrible! If I could personally go in and put my own sounds in I would own this game as I love all the throwbacks to old machines, and the idea of collecting junk to build things is perfecto. Oh well, I'll still play it, and still give it a pretty good score.
1 year ago
The wrecking ball is a good toy and provides challenging shots.
An average game over all.
1 year ago
junkyard is a cool game with a cool theme, good artwork, great music and callouts, and it also has cool toys like the crane , magic bus, the toilet, and the dog.
The only thing I don't like about the game is the magic bus is to random.
1 year ago
Junk Yard is a fun machine that has a decent theme that's plagued by slightly juvenile humor. The playfield layout is good but I'm not a huge fan of the blueprints taking up so much real estate in the middle of it. There are quite a few good shots to aim for and hitting the wrecking ball is always satisfying. I also like the time machine that allows you to play a few modes from other popular games that came out before this one.

I always appreciate an original theme and escaping Crazy Bob in his junk yard is certainly interesting. While the theme is good, some of the humor is a bit juvenile. The toilet on the playfield and the slightly juvenile noises it makes when you hit the shot are funny the first few times, but they get old quickly. Also, the video mode where you throw toast at the dog is entertaining the first few times you play it, but this mode starts to get annoying when you play it 5 or 6 times during one game. The stoner is the VW is also funny the first few times, but starts to grate on your nerves after a while. Getting to the wizard mode isn't too hard and I can usually defeat Crazy Bob at least once during a normal game. That's really saying something since I'm not that great of a player.

Overall, this is a fun machine that I enjoy playing occasionally. The theme is interesting and I give it props for originality, but it has elements that are hit or miss. Junk Yard is a solid machine but not one that I would seek out for my collection.
1 year ago
A fun late released from Williams, like the theme but doesn't have a huge amount of staying power for me personally. Has some cool gimmicks like the crane but I don't think I could own a machine with a toilet on the playfield!
2 years ago
This machine can be fun, especially for a beginner. The rules aren't too deep and the theme is a little awkward. My understanding is that the original idea was to assemble a pinball machine with parts/ideas from previous machines but that was scrapped early on. The Time Machine mode seems to speak to this.

Ultimately, it can be fun for a bit but I doubt it has much lastability.
2 years ago
I have to say that I do not love the gross-out aspects of this game... the spoiled food, the giant toilet. I get it, its funny but this and the chaotic nature of the design make it not a game I'd like to own. Much like Party Zone and Dr. Dude, this is a chaotic looking game that is nevertheless INCREDIBLY FUN to play. I wish I liked the art more because it really is crazily entertaining. A great game, even though its not one I'd put into my personal collection because of the art.
There are 131 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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